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Workplaces Turning Weird? Do Your Reasonable Best

Workplaces Turning Weird.

Workplaces Turning Weird. Do you ever feel as though you’re mountain climbing 9-5?

Workplaces Turning Weird. Sometimes, it does happen unfortunately. Especially lately.

Do you worry that all those struggles are sabotaging your personal growth. Just the opposite can be true.

Let’s go into solutions, one step at a time.

Workplaces Turning Weird. Blog-Buddies Just Updated Us.

Recent comments have arrived at this post as though Santa Claus came early. Only not carrying the usual mirth in his sleigh.

Here are their exact words, my italics.

CHLOE wrote:

I’m learning to have more discernment when meeting new people and to trust what is right in front of me in human vibrational frequencies-like if a person won’t make eye contact or pay attention to me when I’m speaking I don’t have to wonder what is wrong with me.

Then GRAHAM wrote:

Following on from Chloe’s comments, I would not say that I particularly come across people who are spaced out or who don’t appear to be listening in conversations.

However, recent events at work have left me feeling shocked by the sheer number of people who are clearly not living in reality.

Some decisions have been made at management level that beggar belief.

(I already know from RES sessions that those individuals are having energetic problems, but what makes it worse is realising the number of colleagues who accept these strange decisions blankly without apparently even being able to acknowledge how off base they are. Shocking!)

What’s with That? Why Are Some Workplaces Turning So Weird?

And not only workplaces, either….

First of all, it’s important to understand that I’m no conspiracy theorist. This year I read some of their auras. If you’ve been wondering about alternative views of reality, please check out this conspiracy theorist post. It may help you to avoid theories that attempt to explain away today’s craziness… but are no improvement.

By contrast, I’m an Enlightenment Coach. Someone responsible for bringing truth into the world, not fear. Moreover I’ve worked for years to develop rigorous skills of energetic literacy. No wonder, many of you have taken me seriously when I’ve talked about the Shift into The Age of Awakening. (A.k.a. The Aquarian New Age.)

Some of you have even read The New Strong. And/or you’ve taken my online workshops about this. Even playing with the Free Intro to the New Strong Collection of Workshops might help. It can get you thinking in a productive direction.

Workplaces Turning Weird? Yes, You Might Expect That.

Because this Age of Awakening brings a dynamic freedom in consciousness. I like to call it a new vibrational freedom. Prior to 12/21/12, it was enough to think about energies. But now it’s imperative that people who care about personal growth — or even functioning normally — know that the game is about two different vibrational frequencies:

  • Astral Vibrational Frequencies. Such as doing most forms of Technique Time, psychic development, daydreaming, and smoking weed.
  • Versus the Divine Vibrational Frequency. For instance, co-creating with God in order to do any of the skills of RES Energy READING and RES Energy HEALING.
  • Either way, we humans would notice it as energy. But many folks aren’t paying attention.

Which is why the majority of human beings now live in one of two ways:

  1. Spiritual Addiction, leading to problems like space-out and inability to finish conversations before wandering off.
  2. Spiritual Shutdown, leading to fixed ideas that may have nothing to do with reality. (And, sometimes, even leading to government shutdown.)

Probably, Blog-Buddies, you’re managing to live differently. Either Human-Based Spirituality or else — even better — The New Strong.

Meanwhile, CHLOE and GRAHAM have just highlighted what it’s like in everyday life. What is it like, dealing with people in Spiritual Shutdown or Spiritual Addiction?

They’re not making this up. In reality, they’re keen observers. And you may also be noticing the most bizarre behaviors passing for “No big deal, what’s your problem?”

Yesterday Was the Anniversary of 12/21/12.

Now We’re Six Years Into The Age of Awakening

And already the first article about it is published in a magazine. Woo-hoo, after only 5 and 11/12 years!

Granted, the lack of attention so far in the mainstream media might confuse you.

Why believe the ideas at this blog? Because they’re true. Besides, anyone who gains basic energetic literacy skills can verify those ideas. With Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you can accurately and effortlessly do what? Read auras of people in person or in ordinary photographs.

Don’t think you’re weird for noticing the weird behavior. You’re not.

Seems to me, people won’t adjust to today’s new vibrational freedom until they learn about it. Learn what to do. Which isn’t hard.

But what really, really doesn’t work any more? Doing the same old things folks did during the New Age years, 1980 until the Shift. Once you get simple skills for living the New Strong, you can evolve super-quick. Like this guy.

Yes, Many Workplaces Really Are Turning Weird.

So What Can We Do About That?

CHLOE and GRAHAM are doing something smart. They’re noticing what people do in objective reality. What do these co-workers do? What do they say?

If you’re not getting what you need to do your job, ask for it. And ask about that in terms of objective reality, rather than subjective feelings.

“When are you going to get me that project?”

Not, “Your attitude makes me so uncomfortable. Reminding me of how my mother would ignore me during my childhood.” 😉

Workplaces Turning Weird? You Still Can Keep Growing

This Enlightenment Coach assures you: Of course you can still grow emotionally and spiritually.

If possible, get a job with a better company. (Should the one you’re working for now have become weird and unpleasant and unprofessional.)

And, of course, get any new job before you quit the job you have now. Unpleasant or not….

As for everyday annoyances, take them in stride. To quote LEO, the newest addition to our Enlightenment Life List:

I’ve been fairly amazed at certain changes or shifts, not the least of which seems to be an immense increase in my efficacy of getting things done, dealing with tedious situations, and following through on annoying tasks.

Apparently Age of Awakening Enlightenment can give a boost even when playing phone tag with incompetent electric providers and sub par city inspectors, which I’ve spent more than an hour on today.

Hello! Even if you’re stuck working with people who act weird, guess what?

All the easier for you to personal growth and spiritual awakening. Simply demonstrate steadiness in your behavior.

Do your reasonable best. Act with honor. Doing this is easy when everyone else does it too.

Well, take up the glorious challenge of living this way when in the minority!

And One More Thing

Please, please don’t expect everyone to applaud you. Co-workers and supervisors may actively disrespect you, simply because you don’t fit in. Even if you’re doing excellent work. Better work than your co-workers.

Well, good! (Not pleasant, but good. At least when it comes to growing stronger.) This is how steel is forged.

Get strong. Get New Strong. Insist upon a productive life, and along the way get yourself happiness where you can.

By living the New Strong, you’re a leader. Don’t wait for others to catch on. Dare to lead.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    This is very helpful, Rose, thank you. I especially like this bit:

    “Co-workers and supervisors may actively disrespect you, simply because you don’t fit in. Even if you’re doing excellent work. Better work than your co-workers.”

  2. 2
    Graham says:

    I’d like to hazard a guess that here may be another ‘rule of life’ that has changed since the Age of Faith: work hard and/or do excellent work and that will be acknowledged by your bosses!

  3. 3
    Graham says:

    Not necessarily!

    But it’s very helpful to have the reminder that doing my best helps me grow, no matter whether other people recognise what I’m doing or not.

  4. 4

    GRAHAM, thank you for not only inspiring this article but by adding the first comments here. And very thought provoking ideas they are.

    So here’s my “ultimate compliment,” some ideas in return. Not because I know “better” than you but because I might be able to add some new perspective for you to consider.

  5. 5

    First, who is your boss? Who’s your ultimate supervisor?

    Personally, I choose God as the highest authority. You can do that no matter who pays you in human-type money.

  6. 6

    Don’t you think that God notices if we act with integrity, and if we do our reasonable best?

    Just because certain people at work are oblivious? Feh!

  7. 7

    Second, if you believe that karma is produced through all speech and action, it’s pretty smart to do your reasonable best.

    Especially when you’re living at a time when the majority of people are having a terribly hard time adjusting to this Age of Awakening. Some may even feel ashamed while they’re doing the best they can, which even they recognize isn’t great….

  8. 8

    As for the deeper question you posed, GRAHAM, I do agree that what you pointed out in Comment #2 appears to be true. But I don’t believe this will continue for long.

    A hundred years from now, or later, whenever the majority of people have learned to wisely use their vibrational freedom, we’ll have millions living in Enlightenment. And, I believe, we’ll also have far fewer people in either spiritual addiction or spiritual shutdown.

  9. 9

    Lucky us, GRAHAM, that we chose to live now and usher in The Age of Awakening.

    You’re a pioneer. Have compassion for fellow humans going through confusion and other growing pains!

  10. 10
    Graham says:

    Love these comments, Rose!

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    Love this blog post and the comments.

    I too have had the thought you voice in comment 2, Graham. Rose, I hope that time frame mentioned in comment 8 is shorter than 100 years!

  12. 12
    Chloe says:

    Thanks for writing this Rose and all great comments.

    And yes yes yes God is my boss, and I am getting better at dealing with the strange work bosses I have had thanks to RES.

  13. 13

    Thanks to sessions I’ve facilitated today, I’m remembering a couple of other ways you can help yourself — even protect yourself energetically — at work. Until the next 100 years or so. 😉

    (Although KYLIE, I’m with you about your Comment #11.)

  14. 14

    Please get out your copy of “The New Strong” and refresh your understanding of how to do the 1 1/2 minute Energy Shield.

    Then do it! And next time you have an RES session, ask to be taught the special skill of “Astral Static Prevention.” This is not in any of my books. It doesn’t take long to learn, but must be learned one-on-one.

  15. 15

    Also, what if you’re an empath? Then, for heaven’s sake, make yourself a skilled empath. For best results — such as the degree of skill really required to live comfortably in these early years of The Age of Awakening — go all the way through Book 3 of the series of Empath Empowerment® Books.

    Note: Of course, start with Book 1, then do Book 2, and only then leap forward to Book 3. These unique skills for empaths are taught in a very specific sequence.

  16. 16

    Follow the instructions for “Coming Home.” And progress to the point where it takes only 1-2 minutes per day and that doesn’t even count as Technique Time.

    These skills are essential for protecting yourself energetically.

  17. 17

    Incidentally, this next comment probably DOESN’T apply to you, but just in case: Are you thinking something like this?

    “Cool, I’ll go straight to Book 3 and won’t waste my time reading most of it because all I need is the Coming Home Technique”?

  18. 18

    Just in case you think this way, please understand the following:

    1. You’ll cheat yourself out of any results whatsoever.
    2. An approach like this is at least as disrespectful to yourself as it is to me, the teacher and author.

  19. 19

    3. RES clients and students who really aim for results know to trust me when I teach you. I never pad books or sessions. To be effective, these consciousness skills must be learned thoroughly and precisely.

    None is of these skills is hard to learn. It just takes a bit of time and patience. Unless you can muster up basic respect for learning, however, with all respect to you, go elsewhere for now. Come back when you’re ready to learn properly. Fortunately that’s true about most of my readers & clients, including every single one of you who has commented thus far on this topic. Thank you!

  20. 20
    Jean says:

    Yes I also love this post…with such great comments.

    Am thankful for RES skills that help me to help myself every day.

  21. 21
    Jean says:

    Thank goodness (and thank you Rose!) for these skill sets which enable me to live relatively comfortably

    for the most likely less than 100 years remaining of this my current human life 🙂

  22. 22

    JEAN, thank you for contributing here. Partly because of what you’ve written. Partly because you’re you. Partly because you’re one of those Blog-Buddies in Enlightenment who regularly reads the blog but doesn’t comment that often.

    So, if I may prod you… JEAN, you happen to be an expert at using good manners for dealing with anybody. Yes, anybody, no matter how weird. Can you share here how you keep yourself motivated to do this so beautifully?

  23. 23

    And my same call goes out for commenting to all you other Blog-Buddies who dress well in public. And speak politely, even if you deal with people who are routinely and cluelessly rude.

    Why do you bother to maintain social standards? Which rewards do you receive? Finally, how do you keep yourself doing your reasonable best, even if others don’t seem to reciprocate? (Or appreciate.)

  24. 24
    Explorer says:

    Such an important topic Rose. I think many of us are dealing with increasing wierd behaviour not just at work but in family interactions as well.

  25. 25
    Explorer says:

    RES helps me understand what I’m (and have been) going through and continue to grow emotionally and spiritually.

    I so wish to give the same gift, especially, to my loved ones if they’re more open to it.

  26. 26
    Explorer says:

    To respond to your comment #23

    Compassion towards my loved ones is easier. Partly because I know how they were pre 2012 shift so I don’t really take their frustrations personal. Their amnesia of being spaced out makes my attempts of any argument futile. So for my own sanity, I pick my battles.

  27. 27
    Explorer says:

    As for keeping my social standards in public, it only brings internal rewards.

    And I’ve come to accept that. RES gave me the biggest validation, probably the only one I’ve ever received.

  28. 28
    Explorer says:

    At this point, waiting for any kind of appreciation or similar kind behaviour back is just waste of time. And I so very much like to spare myself of that heart ache.

    It gets very lonely.

  29. 29
    Explorer says:

    I noticed that the times when I want to, and do, reciprocate their rudness back, it makes me feel so awful and icky.

    It feels like a forced behaviour. Not because I’m “supposed to be good by whatever standard” but there is this deep down resonance of love within me that when I reciprocate back with rudness, it feels so against my nature.

  30. 30
    Explorer says:

    I’m only talking in general situations here and not the ones where I need to stand up for myself or any dangerous ones.

    So even when no one seems to notice or appreciate , in fact I’m openly being outcasted for being different, being true to myself no matter what actually makes me happy.

  31. 31
    Explorer says:

    Yes it can be very lonely, but I can’t force anyone to anything. I can only do my best and protect myself energetically in the ways I learned in RES.

    Its humanly lonely, which makes co creating with the Divine during my technique time that much sweeter.

  32. 32
    Explorer says:

    I loved what you said. God is my boss.

  33. 33
    Explorer says:

    I also so appreciate this community. Coming here and reading the articles and all your comments blog buddies always gives me a mental boost.

    A virtual hug of knowing someone else understand me and is going through something similar.

  34. 34

    EXPLORER, brave you! Thank you so much for all of these heartfelt, wise comments.

    My favorite is #29. What magnificent spiritual wisdom! It’s one of the reasons I love you.

  35. 35
    Jean says:

    Hello all – thank you Rose for your caring words in comment #22.

    And thanks Explorer for all you have so eloquently expressed…much of which is quite similar to my own experiences and feelings.

  36. 36
    Jean says:

    Yes – as I have stated RES skills are essential for me to be able to live relatively comfortably at this time of…great change on the planet.

  37. 37
    Jean says:

    Also..resilience, skill for figuring out how much trust to extend towards each individual I interact with and just plain stubbornness…these human traits are often helpful.

  38. 38
    Jean says:

    I do like to figure things out…even if only partially.

    With the joy of my own personal knowing that between lifetimes (hopefully) I will get to figure it all out 🙂

  39. 39
    Walter says:

    I’ve learned to not expect kind reciprocity for my work and professionalism.

    I just keep doing my best even when no one is looking.

  40. 40
    An Avid Reader says:

    I appreciate all the reminders for how important keeping current with being a skilled empath is. And also how important it is to use the minute and a half Energy Shield described in “The New Strong”.

    I had to have a session with Rose to get me back on track (am so grateful!)

  41. 41
    An Avid Reader says:

    Belated wishes to all for a blessed Christmas if you celebrate it.

    I am thankful for all of you and grateful to be a member of this informal but so important community.

  42. 42
    Walter says:

    My light isn’t dependent on external validation. As a result, I stay alive and hardy in some tough environments – and the knowledge that their lack of professionalism and integrity is a reflection of only them.

    As Michelle Obama says, “When they go low, I go high.”

  43. 43
    Walter says:

    And as my grandmother used to say, “I take my fun with me!”

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

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