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Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. Inspiration!

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. Inspire yourself with a peek at singing greatness.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. Are you seeking more sense of family and sweetness during this Christmas season? Then I’ve got such a holiday gift for you.

Because today I’m giving you a new chance to see one of my favorite performances captured on YouTube. Afterward, join me as I seek answers to one of my Curiosity Questions about a public figure.

Why Do So Many People Love the Late Russian-Born Singer?

Dmitri Hvorostovsky was known as The Russian Elvis. And also as The Siberian Wolf.

Why, why, why?

Sure, we could find some human-type answers to explain his popularity:

  1. Hvorostovsky had a glorious voice, which he used magnificently.
  2. He studied hard to learn vocal technique, winning a prestigious vocal competition at an extraordinarily young age.
  3. Throughout his career he worked hard, taking far better care of his instrument than the beloved American Elvis.
  4. Also, Dmitri had the karma to become an international A-lister. Succeeding in the highly competitive world of singing opera? There are too few open slots for anyone to believe that it’s only due to all the previously mentioned factors.

One reason to read auras is to answer my questions. What made this Russian superstar so lovable?

Another is to understand the magic of this love song.

Half a World away from Elvis

Here’s the video still that I’ll use for today’s aura reading. Pause at 1:01 and you can research Dmitri too, exactly at that moment in the life of his aura.

Also, in case you’re wondering what the lyrics describe, here’s a translation of this beloved folk song. Or simply read it below.

Note to my fellow East-Meets-West Blog-Buddies: Although Moscow is located in Europe,  3/4 of the landmass of the former Soviet Union was in Asia. The “Siberian Wolf” comes from Asia. And to me, the words of this folk song feel very Asian. How about you?

Not even a whisper is to be heard in the garden,
Everything has calmed down until dawn.
If you only knew how dear they are to me,
The evenings near Moscow!

The river is moving and (sometimes) not,
All made of the moons silver.
A song sounds and is not to be heard
In those quiet evenings.

Why do you, darling, look at me from the side,
Bending your head so low?
It is not easy to tell
All the things that are in my heart.

And dawn is getting more and more visible.
So, please, be so kind:
You, also, don’t forget
These summer evenings near Moscow.

If You Watch this Performance

Listen for the so-Russian balalaika, hidden within the orchestra. And watch so many shots of audience members singing along.

People of all ages. Wearing everything from business suits to teenage cute clothes.

And so many of them singing along to this tender, subtle, unforgettable song of love.

Blog-Buddies, I long for a world of love. Don’t you?

Many kinds of love, including very human love. Also including very human love that’s still spiritual.

Every day I long for people to get together and remember our capacity for love. To me, that’s Christmas. And it brings hope to this world.

Anyway, here’s our exploration for today… inspiration through energetic literacy.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. Root Chakra Databank for

Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size

Fills the room completely. (Including your own room, if you’re listening. And whatever the size of that room.)


Intense, compressed: “I am 100% with you now. No distractions.”

Also physically strong, sexually virile, and proud to be who he is. Never arrogant. More like an example for all the audience about how to have those qualities.

Opposite to wearing a superhero outfit. Nothing fictional about this presence. While performing, at least, Dmitri Hvorostovsky was able to live this way. And live it so authentically that it radiated out through his aura.

Incidentally, let me know, if you’d ever like me to research these same chakra databanks on the American Elvis.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Symbolic Size

Completely fills the room.


Yum! This is the sex appeal of a man who is an appreciative, enthusiastic, generous lover.

Thanks for the role modeling, dude! Many a time, including recently, I’ve helped clients by reading auras of players in their lives. Unsuitable lovers, with no generosity. And no real interest in the sex object.

(Not to frighten you away from having me do this sort of research on your sweetheart, sometimes the results really are good. Just not always.)

Refreshingly, then, what a perfect quality of sex appeal shows in Dmitri’s aura. Perfectly calibrated to go with this tender love song!

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for

Using Power

Symbolic Size

Again, fills the room completely.


Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s auric modeling here is an inspiration. Because he conveys a mature, manly way of accomplishing what’s needed. Clean and proportionate use of power.

A protective power. Dependable and reassuring.

Nothing here seems cruel or vicious or any of the other qualities that people fear about power. Very in keeping with RES, where most Rose Rosetree books contain the word “power” in the title. One way or another.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. Heart Chakra Databank for

Emotional Giving

Symbolic Size

Guess what? Entirely, snugly, this chakra databank fills the room.


Imagine, a confident, strong man who also cares about people deeply! Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s intent is clearly to help every person in the audience to feel love.

And feel love because he’s sending it out like a power-washer hose. Sending so much love, and totally committed to inspiring everyone!

No wonder this crowd of adults responds like young children with a favorite family member.

Note: Anna Netremko does her part, too. What a heart.

Would you’all like me to research her as well at the blog? Let me know.

Out of necessity, my policy is to not accept requests for auras to read, outside of contests… Like this contest, which is open until the end of the year. But one exception is if I invite you to comment with a YES. As with my offer to take up your invitation to research this great Russian-born diva and also a certain Elvis Presley.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Aura Reading. High Heart Chakra Databank for

Soul Thrill (Making Himself Happy, Humanly Happy)

Symbolic Size

Out to the stars. Trillions of miles.


Divine blessing fills up this chakra databank. At the time of this video still, Dmitri Hvorostovsky is fulfilling his heart’s desire.

And that would be helping people.

Not the desire to be famous. Or rich.

Simply a desire to give a big blessing, to help.

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  1. 1
    Heartbreak Hotel says:

    Wow what a performer he is! I hadn’t watched him before but he was wonderful.

    I also wish for more people to find their way back to love. I have come to realize my capacity for love, but I am sorely disappointed by others who don’t care. I am very curious about Elvis Presley-who has a similar appeal as Dmitri-let’s see how their auras compare!

  2. 2

    Aw, HEARTBREAK HOTEL. It is sad that you’ve had bad experiences in your love life so far. But you know that you’re growing a lot through RES sessions, and that really can include better social skills for relationships.

    So keep the faith!

  3. 3

    To be clear, I doubt that Elvis’s appeal is the least bit similar. Being likened to Dmitri doesn’t make them comparable, except for how they both were loved. For a preview of the difference, how about this? Just compare the subtly alluring lyrics of “Moscow Nights” to the subtlety of “Love Me Tender” or “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog.”

    But different cultures, different celebs, right? I will follow up on your request, oh MAGNIFICENT HOTEL, BUILT FOR HAPPINESS!

  4. 4
    Jnana says:

    It is as moving to watch the Russian audience as it is him.

    Beautiful, beautiful soul. Rest in peace.

  5. 5
    Jnana says:

    Yes to an aura reading of Anna Netrebko.

    Elvis too.

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    What a beautiful song–a treat for this Christmas morning.

    Thanks Rose, and yes, I’d love to read aura readings of Anna and Elvis. How anyone could compare Elvis to this singer is beyond my comprehension.

  7. 7

    Merry Christmas, JNANA and KYLIE.

    Oh, KYLIE, your last sentence there did make me laugh out loud. Two waves. So far. Regarding Elvis, I was never quite a fan. But both men did appeal to millions of people in their society as sexy. Beyond culture, gauging sexiness is always a matter of personal taste.

  8. 8

    Ha, guess what, Blog-Buddies. I’ve already done a very thorough reading of Elvis Presley’s aura. You can find it here.

    So what remains is just reading the aura of Anna Netrebko. Whew!

  9. 9
    Brittany says:

    A world of love. Heaven on Earth.

    How wonderful that would be!

  10. 10
    Brittany says:

    What a beautiful aura reading. Dmitri definitely reminded that audience of their capacity for love, even if only during that song.

    The genuine happiness that lit up all the faces, young and old…how amazing he was at touching most everyone!

  11. 11
    Brittany says:

    I can’t wait to learn about Anna. Thanks Rose.

  12. 12
    Emily says:

    Omg Rose what an awesome guy. I have now listened to the song three times!! LOL

    I also love how he is holding the hand of the other singer. And wow all the faces in the audience – they are clearly basking in his auric modelling and all the love he is sending.

  13. 13
    Steve says:

    Emily, that’s so great. Rose, was Dmitri in Enlightenment? Is that why he could send out so much love while performing?

  14. 14
    Graham says:

    Watching this clip, you only need Stage One Energetic Literacy to see that Dmitri has quite an effect on women 😉 !

  15. 15
    Isabella says:

    I love the lyrics. Here is a better translation:

    Stillness in the grove, not a rustling sound
    Softly shines the moon clear and bright.
    Dear, if you could know how I treasure so
    The most beautiful Moscow night.
    Dear, if you could know how I treasure so
    The most beautiful Moscow night.

    Lazily the brook, like a silv’ry stream
    Ripples gently in the moonlight,
    And a song afar fades as in a dream,
    In the spell of this summer night.

    Dearest, why so sad, why the downcast eyes,
    And your lovely head bent so low?
    Oh, It’s hard to speak—and yet not to speak
    Of the longing my heart does know.

    Promise me, my love, as the dawn appears
    And the darkness turns into light,
    That you’ll cherish, dear, through the passing years
    This most beautiful Moscow night.

  16. 16

    STEVE, in response to your excellent Comment #13, many people lead spiritually amazing lives without being in Enlightenment. Seems to me, Dmitri Hvorostovsky was one of these.

    Another is Mother Teresa of Kolkatta, who has been canonized by the Catholic Church. Here’s a pair of aura readings I did of her: One about what I call her “self-imposed crown of thorns” and the other about how she did miracles.

  17. 17

    Agreed, that I would research the aura of Anna Netrebko as well. Here’s your link to today’s energetic literacy profile of the renowned opera singer.

    Quite different from Dmitri, I’ll warn you. Nonetheless pretty fascinating.

  18. 18

    Regarding your question, MEL: Is the “best version of self” that people put forward when they’re dating/courting a version of personality projection?”

    Not at all. That’s a behavioral thing. Not an aura thing. Like using daintier table manners, etc.

  19. 19

    As for what you call “oomph,” that isn’t a factor either.

    Sending out a Personality Projection is a talent that some people have. It shows at aura level. That’s the deal!

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