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A Writer’s Enlightenment Validation. Congratulations, BRYAN PATRICK

A Writer's Enlightenment Validation

A Writer’s Enlightenment Validation. Fun and unique — predictably, yet not so predictably.

A Writer’s Enlightenment Validation, today, can bring you extra inspiration. Could you use some?

Welcoming BRYAN PATRICK to the Enlightenment Life List, here are some juicy details.

Granted, from my perspective, the details of every RES session are juicy.

  • The various skill sets, those Really Effective Skills, are all juicy.
  • Results that clients report are juicy.
  • Especially, co-creating with the Divine makes each session juicy.

But what if I had to choose which type of session is the most fun of all?

Then I’d have to choose a session like the one I had yesterday. Where, surprisingly (but also not surprisingly) our Healing Centerpiece consisted of Enlightenment Validation.

A Writer’s Enlightenment Validation. Introducing that Particular Writer

BRYAN PATRICK is a writer. And an excellent one.

A couple of years ago he discovered RES. When I first met him, BRYAN had driven a considerable distance through horrential rain. (That’s torrential-and-horrible rain). Undeterred, he insisted on taking the workshop I was giving then. It was a workshop on Empath Empowerment®.

Last year, just so happened, his second RES workshop was “Accelerate Enlightenment.”


This Writer’s Enlightenment Validation Started Almost Comically

Writers tend to have busy minds. Usually BRYAN brims with ideas at the start of a phone session. Soon we sort things out and arrive at an intention for his session.

But yesterday he surprised me a bit. Since he told me something like this:

It’s really hard to find an intention today. Life has been so good. And I’ve felt so good.

I’m not sure what remains.

“Okay, then I’ll help to give you what remains?” We made that our little joke.

However, I still didn’t know that BRYAN had crossed the threshold into Enlightenment. Not until I did a Skilled Empath Merge. Then came that Enlightenment Coaching centerpiece. Yum!

A Writer’s Enlightenment Validation. Here’s an Example.

With BRYAN’S permission, I’m going to share something with you. Personally, I find this fascinating.

Researching his Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Anger, I described how well it was doing. After thinking about this, BRYAN told me:

Come to think of it, my relationship with anger has been changing, and I see it as a path to truth.

Of course, Age of Awakening Enlightenment is like that. All your chakra databanks work well. Using your full potential in life, those chakra databanks work as the magnificent resources they are.

You heard it here, Blog-Buddies. Hearing it now for the first time ever:

Your complete set of chakra databank is the ultimate in human resources.

A Writer’s Enlightenment Validation, Sweet as Always

Of course, it’s fun to validate Enlightenment: Equally enjoyable for the Enlightenment newbie and for the grateful Enlightenment coach.

Not that you can tell what has changed, seeing BRYAN walk down the street. I didn’t give him a superhero costume, in honor of the occasion. You have to read auras to tell what’s special now.

Although, of course, there’s always Enlightenment Eye Flash. 😉

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    Brittany says:

    Congratulations, Bryan! How wonderful. ?

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    Congratulations Bryan!

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    Congratulations Bryan!!

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    An Avid Reader says:

    Such wonderful news! Congratulations, Bryan!

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    Dana W. says:

    Congratulations, Bryan! So happy for you!

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    Congratulations Bryan!

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    Congratulations Bryan!

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    Liane says:

    Congratulations, Bryan!

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    Jean says:

    Lovely – congrats Bryan.

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    Constance says:

    Congratulations Bryan!

    And I just loved your statement about how you now see anger as a path to truth!

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    Logan says:

    Congratulations Bryan!

    Such nice and uplifting news!

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    Kathleen says:

    Congratulations Bryan!!!!

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    Sandra says:

    Congratulations Bryan!!!

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    Explorer says:

    “Your complete set of chakra databank is the ultimate in human resources.”… I love it!

    Congratulations Bryan!

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    Isabella Cates says:

    Congrats, Bryan!

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    Erica says:

    Great news, Bryan – congratulations! 🙂

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    Edward says:

    Congratulations Bryan!

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