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Javier Bardem Aura Reading for “Villain Talent”

Javier Bardem Aura Reading

Javier Bardem Aura Reading explores why the Oscar-winning actor’s so good at playing villains.

Javier Bardem Aura Reading will explore a curiosity question that strikes me as hilarious. How come this good-looking movie star is so good at playing villains?

If we didn’t have aura reading to help us we might be reduced to guessing. Such as:

  • Sob! Bardem’s mommy didn’t love him enough.
  • Handsome guys have a distinct advantage over others playing movie villains. So Javier Bardem chose to play up his competitive advantage.
  • Back in Spain, the actor comes from movie royalty. Maybe he wanted to find a distinctly different way to brand himself. In which case he’s succeeded wildly. For example, he’s the first (and only) Spanish actor to win an Oscar.

Other than making up theories like these, hmmm. How else to answer our prize-winning Curiosity Question? Maybe we’d turn to sociology. Perhaps write a Ph.D. thesis o,n “Relationship between traditional machismo and questionable ethics. Statistical exploration of popularity variations in movie ticket revenue. Emphasizing female demographics. Predictable patterns revealed in box office statistics for Javier Bardem.”

But no, we’ve got something way cooler. Because auras reveal so much about a person’s who-you-be.

Being quite experienced at energetic literacy skills, I know exactly how to approach this topic. And I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be very revealing.

Javier Bardem Aura Reading Is a Contest Prize

Why did ANNA PATRICIA win this first of three prizes? Because she asked an excellent question in her Comments 114-116. (Over at our Curiosity Questions Contest.)

First of all, she cited a face reading article I wrote on this actor. (He co-starred in this article along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Thanks, ANNA!

Next, ANNA PATRICIA made several interesting observations. Including this:

You mentioned that Javier Bardem plays villians mostly. Is there anything about him/his aura that would make him particularly good at playing villains?

What do you think, Blog-Buddies? Let’s put on our Sherlock caps and explore.

Here’s the photo I’ll use for today’s aura reading.

Incidentally, you do know that every photo is an aura photo. At least, that’s true once you’ve gained energetic literacy. And also, you do understand that there’s a world of difference between psychic readings and what I do here, correct? That’s important.

Speaking of technical cool things about reading auras, what else, before we get going….

Ready to Learn Something Funny?

Perhaps you know, this is Workshop Announcement Week at my website. Beginning with the release of my newsletter. (Aiming now for Friday. Around here, it has been a very busy week. Despite all the snow.)

Well, ANNA PATRICIA has inspired me to include Javier Bardem in the second workshop. (That will make sense when you learn the title. Which workshop will be #2 of 5? Ooh, learning suspense.)

So extra thanks, ANNA. You’re the first winner of an Energy Spirituality contest to inspire part of an in-person workshop!

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Just think, this year you could become confident enough reading auras… Confident and skilled enough to write your own aura reading guest post… like one coming up later this week.

Javier Bardem Aura Reading. Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Physical Reality

Why did I choose this chakra databank to answer ANNA’s curiosity question? Because every person — actors included — lives in a unique version of reality. What’s his like?

Gift of Javier’s Soul

Yes, today I’ll include this. Usually I don’t. However, I want to point out the gap between Javier’s potential and how he’s doing. Specifically, how he’s doing at the time of our aura reading photo. When was this one dated? Last year, when the actor was 49. Which means he’s made a lot of choices. Bringing consequences that shape his ever-changing aura.

Fascinated by the sensual beauty of life. Both people and nature, material possessions, food.. you name it.

Symbolic Size

7 feet. Quite under-functioning.


Surprisingly brittle. By this time in the actor’s life, he relates to physical objects as if they props. Cheap props. Convenient things that he might use effectively in a scene. Adjuncts to his so-important public persona.

Don’t expect Bardem to sing, I like the flowers, I like the daffodils.”

Instead, physical life around him is more like an ego accessory. By now, anyway.

So yes, using people and things as props that help Javier to get what he wants? A habit — well established in him by age 49 — could help the man to play villains, right?

Javier Bardem Aura Reading. Root Chakra Databank for Connection to His Physical Body

Why did I choose this chakra databank to answer ANNA’s curiosity question? Because the relationship to one’s own body is always revealing. Even helping people to act like pretend baddies (or real ones).

Maybe we’re not used to thinking how famous sex symbols pay the price for that. But thanks to insights from energetic literacy, maybe we could…

Gift of Javier’s Soul

Strong, healthy, attractive, physically confident. Also, possessing physical intelligence. (So helpful for an actor.)

Symbolic Size

5 feet. Considerably under-functioning.


Consequences show up in this chakra databank. More than with other parts of one’s aura! Basically mistreating our physical health can come back to bite us.

It isn’t clear to me which ways Javier Bardem has challenged his physical system. However, it’s evident that he’s placed too many demands upon it. Has it been alcohol? Drugs? Way too much sexual activity?

Any of this has improved the actor’s ability to play villains. Meaning, to play people who make questionable choices in life. People who learn from making mistakes, until suffering shows plainly in their auras. As his has.

What I can tell you is this. To Bardem at the time of this picture, his body is a thing. Like a commodity. (After all, he is a star.) And he’s quite disappointed in his body’s inability to keep up. Really! To keep up with all the demands that body’s owner makes upon it.

Javier Bardem Aura Reading. Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Why did I choose this chakra databank to answer ANNA’s curiosity question? Considering how sexy and attractive this man is supposed to be, of course that would matter.  For instance, when playing the role of a seductive artist.

I may as well admit this right here, Blog-Buddies… Personally I don’t consider this man to be either handsome or attractive. (Feel free to ask why in the COMMENTS section below. And definitely consider yourself invited to share whether you find the photo we’re using here… Shows a man you’d consider handsome.)

Hint: Here’s a photo of Javier Bardem when making his debut in American movies. Was he handsome even then, by your standards? Or more like a sexy young man?

Gift of Javier’s Soul

Significant talent for sex appeal. Without having to do a thing, he interests people sexually.

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Definitely over-functioning.


Although he’s got sex appeal talent, and depends upon it while in public, what then? Seems to me, he’s torn in two directions. Enjoying the effect he has on lovers. And also repulsed by how he can’t stop enjoying that effect he has.

Too much sex. That’s another way to put it. And, if I’m accurate about this, wouldn’t that whole combo of talent and over-emphasizing sex in his lifestyle, create problems?

Problems that the actor could, however, draw upon, to play villains who are seductive and sexually confident .

Javier Bardem Aura Reading. Right Elbow Chakra Databank for Handling Criticism Related to His Career

Why did I choose this final chakra databank for today’s blog post? Criticism is hard for anyone to take. But nobody risks more, through public criticism, than famous people. Especially celebs who’ve been famous for a very long time. And Javier Bardem started acting professionally at age six.

According to Wikipedia, “Bardem comes from a long line of filmmakers and actors dating back to the earliest days of Spanish cinema; he is a grandson of actors Rafael Bardem and Matilde Muñoz Sampedro, and a nephew of screenwriter and director Juan Antonio Bardem. Both his older brother and sister, Carlos and Mónica, are actors.”

Talk about fame pressure! And also pressure to always look good in public.

Gift of Javier’s Soul

An inner nobility of character can help this actor to view his public role as a form of service. Given that, criticism is just part of the price he pays for that life of public service.

Of course, Blog-Buddies, gifts of the soul are lifelong. But they’re purely potential. Only in Enlightenment does a person effortlessly and naturally, use all gifts of the soul. Before then? Free will choices make the difference.

Symbolic Size

7 inches. Quite close to shut-down.


Evidently Javier Bardem needs to insulate himself against criticism. At the time of this photo, his sense of superiority and personal greatness dominate in many of his chakra databanks. Including this one.

Since life is all about him and his somewhat exaggerated sense of self-perfection, ouch! How criticism could sting.

Based on the quality of this chakra databank, I’d expect Bardem to protect himself against criticism in two ways:

  • Help from servants, handlers, whatever they’re called.
  • Inevitably, criticism will sometimes arrive anyway. And then, maybe, the actor uses alcohol to recover from the “terrible hurt.”

In Conclusion

Overall, what makes the biggest impression on you from today’s aura reading?

For me, researching these four chakra databanks leaves this vivid impression: To me, Javier Bardem seems inwardly lost and confused.

Who is he really? How important is his screen persona? And how can he feed his insatiable craving for fame?

To put all this another way, personal suffering is a signature quality of his aura.

Making questionable choices, then suffering as a result. Aurically, that shows, of course. So yes, it makes sense to me that this actor can play villains effectively.

What’s most interesting to think about in this context? Physically handsome or not, when somebody acts as a villain… That person’s aura turns ugly.

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  1. 1
    Anna Patricia says:

    Thank you so much, Rose! This is really interesting.

  2. 2
    Leo Watts says:

    I will say I’ve quite liked Javier Bardem in some of his roles. Two that stood out to me were his roles in No Country For Old Men and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

    In the first he played an assasin and in the second a self absorbed philandering artist. This aura reading doesn’t particularly surprise me though. Fascinating stuff indeed!

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting reading Rose.

    Even in the photo of him as a young man, he looks detached and blasé, something I don’t find attractive.

  4. 4
    Anna Patricia says:

    This is absolutely fascinating! I had so many reactions while reading. I’ll start with the first one. 🙂

    You wrote of Javier “using people and things as props that help Javier to get what he wants”.

  5. 5
    Anna Patricia says:

    When I read this, it was like doing a mind bender. Because… what I want… is pretty inextricable from authentic connections with other people.

    How could what you want just be about using people? It.. makes.. no.. sense!

  6. 6
    Anna Patricia says:

    Of course I DO understand it, having read the auras of people who are very different from me in this way, like Javier Bardem.

    But still!! 🙂 It remains a bit shocking, somehow.

  7. 7
    Anna Patricia says:

    An impact of this powerful aura reading, for me, has been greater acceptance of who people are now, versus their potential.

    Probably understanding myself better in this way, too.

  8. 8
    Anna Patricia says:

    That has often been a challenge for me.

    Seeing someone’s potential and valuing it, in a practical sense, as much as I value who they are now, how they behave now, the choices they make now, the way they treat me now.

  9. 9
    Anna Patricia says:

    Spiritually, a person’s potential is valuable. And it’s not really something I can stop seeing, or want to.

    But making practical decisions about my personal life, based on how much I see the Divine shining through that person? Not exactly wise. 🙂

  10. 10
    Anna Patricia says:

    This aura reading has helped me sort things out.

    Many people are not living their potential. And we make human decisions about what to do with our human time based on human information. Not necessarily on the Divine we see shining through. (Though of course that is lovely, when you can get it.)

  11. 11
    Diana says:

    What strikes me is the lost chance to be of service.

    Yes- he has been given good looks-I think the younger photo is more sweet and handsome compared to him at 49-the bad guy thing isn’t doing it for me.

  12. 12
    Diana says:

    I also wonder that since his habits and choices make him perfect for a villain, then I’m curious if say, for example, Dwayne Johnson -who seems to always play nice endearing characters- has a habit of making good choices in his life as well.

    Thank you for this aura reading insight-much more interesting to read than a Ph.D. article:)

  13. 13
    Graham says:

    I also really enjoyed watching Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men.

    I suppose, on reflection, that the character he played was compelling and interesting to watch in the same way that psycopaths are “interesting.”

  14. 14
    Karen says:

    I’ve never found Javier Bardem handsome. When I see one of his movies on I immediately change the channel.

    I’ve seen and experienced enough people using others for their own gains to satisfy a lifetime. I certainly wouldn’t want to watch that for “entertainment”!

  15. 15
    Diana says:

    Rose-I am curious why you don’t consider this man to be either handsome or attractive. 🙂

  16. 16
    Constance says:

    Rose, your blog is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s so helpful for me to have the point emphasized that whatever one’s potential, it’s one’s choices that determines whether a person’s aura turns ugly or not.

  17. 17
    Constance says:

    If I get a glimpse of someone’s potential, I tend to generously think there will be more of that. But I am learning to accept who someone is right now, based on the choices they have already made in their life.

  18. 18
    Constance says:

    I didn’t find the photo of the young Javier Bardem handsome, but definitely sexy.

  19. 19
    Emily Turner says:

    I don’t find either photo of him particularly attractive. But I remember thinking he was attractive before in films I’ve seen in the past. I think the Spanish helped… and perhaps his auric modelling in different films did too.

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