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Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. Fast Emotional & Spiritual Growth

Virtual Reincarnation Triumph

Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. On a snowy day, here’s a story to warm your heart.

Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. RES helps people to grow emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes they grow so much, it’s like a new lifetime within this life. And this just happened to my client “Beatrice.”

For years, I’ve seen it in certain clients. But it has been years since I’ve done a blog post about virtual reincarnation. Such an amazing personal achievement — a privilege to witness! Because what does Virtual Reincarnation mean in practical terms?

You get to keep your body. And mind. And talents. Yet you’ve progressed so far along your original path… You get a new chance to keep moving forward, more like starting off a new lifetime. Like signing a new Life Contract.

Almost as if you’d completed the Life Contract originally signed! Like this: you’ve exceeded expectations so much that you win this very cosmic prize: To progress way further than you ever dreamed. No longer wrestling with the same old, same old problems that used to hold you back.

Due to a combo of expert help and your persistent use of free will, yes, it virtual reincarnation can happen.

In fact, does happen sometimes to clients for sessions of RES Energy HEALING!

Some of you may think that Enlightenment is the only way a person can pass a personal milestone. Well then, it’s time you learned about this other kind of triumph. Graciously, Beatrice has given me permission to tell her story (while changing some details to protect confidentiality).

Get ready for some inspiration. And also a story that puts flesh on the bones of how it’s possible to grow so much… You might even move into a virtual reincarnation.

Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. Introducing a Trooper.

Beatrice is a dental hygienist in Los Angeles, land of beautiful teeth. For several years now, she’s had occasional phone sessions. What’s one thing I could always count on with Beatrice? Such a trooper!

If I gave her optional homework, she’d always do it. (Smart!)

Also, I could always tell her — directly — the truth about ways that she held herself back. Not only could she handle it. Beatrice would learn from it. Maybe pick herself up from feeling icky for a short while, but then move forward courageously.

Talented Beatrice has always been determined to use her full potential. Quite simple, really….

Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. Such Boring Problems!

Beatrice came to find certain problems boring after a while. Because they came up, session after session. Here’s a summary of what she’d been struggling with ever since childhood. (Struggling through no fault of her own.)

Beatrice is strikingly beautiful. And hasn’t she paid the price.

Not only has she turned heads. Her own head got turned.

Vanity became a way of life. In ways big and small, she arranged her life around looking good to others.

How special she had to seem. How exquisite! Just like a movie star!

Would she be famous some day?

No hypothetical anything about it: Beatrice had to be famous some day.

In every conversation… Even while driving her car… Or walking down the street…

Beatrice had one big goal in the back of her mind: Everybody must find me impressive. Like me. Admire me. Maybe be jealous of me.

Beatrice’s Virtual Reincarnation Came as a Big Surprise.

To both of us. I never expect it, of course. Who can predict a virtual reincarnation? Who would be foolish enough to try.

Yet there we were, in our first session of the new year.

And the transformation became obvious.

Trust me:

  • Virtual reincarnation is a unique kind of triumph for personal evolution
  • Nothing like moving into Enlightenment
  • And nothing like being a walk-in either, incidentally.

Clearly, Beatrice had moved on from playing the usual games. The same old, same old vanity games.

I knew she’d been doing her homework. Also, Beatrice was living the New Strong. She’d adjusted beautifully to living in The Age of Awakening. Consequently, she’d been doing well.

Turned out, one particular choice of hers… is what clinched it. And virtual incarnation became inevitable.

Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. Thank You, Omarosa

It didn’t happen until towards the end of our session. Beatrice told me she’d watched a certain YouTube video with Omarosa.

You see, Blog-Buddies, I’d given her a bit of YouTube-based homework. Very bold homework!

It’s always touchy, when a client has become a slave to vanity. Probably that happens more often today than in previous generations. And dear Beatrice certainly lived that way.

So in our previous session, I took a deep breath and mentioned one of America’s vanity celebs. Not only is she mostly famous for being famous. Beyond that, Omarosa has perfected the art of body language and expression, plus stilted talking… all in service to “Look at me. I’m sooooooo beautiful and important.”

In my life, I’ve seen many a slave to vanity. So have you, Blog-Buddies, if you’ve thought about it. But nobody else displays studied vanity so nakedly. At least, to my perception.

Well, brave Beatrice watched one of those self-aggrandizing Omarosa videos. It made Beatrice squirm. And flinch in self-recognition. Enough already!

I’m convinced that’s what clinched her Virtual Reincarnation. Fascinating, right?

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  1. 1
    Brittany says:

    So fascinating and so inspiring.

    I really enjoy reading about virtual reincarnations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2
    Emily Turner says:

    Wow congratulations Beatrice, very inspiring!

  3. 3
    Liane says:

    Beatrice, how wonderful for you for experiencing Virtual Reincarnation.

    It’s as though suddenly (suddenly being relative) you are a better version of yourself, without manipulation or tricks, just you – and all because of free will and self-authority.

  4. 4
    Isabella Cates says:

    I never thought of Omarosa as beautiful, but she IS the perfect example of that kind of thing! Spot on!

    Good job, Beatrice. That old game sounds like one you never really win.

  5. 5
    Zaybe says:

    Congratulations, Beatrice! Wonderful to hear a story about the triumph of free will.

    And thank you, Rose, for this post.

  6. 6
    Diana says:

    Free will with a positive outcome-a wonderful story for a cold dreary day:)

    Thank you Rose and Beatrice.

  7. 7
    Anchie says:

    Congratulations, Beatrice!

    What an inspiring story! I admire Beatrice’s courage!

  8. 8
    Edward says:

    Congratulations Beatrice! I love this inspirational story!

    Thank you Rose and Beatrice for sharing this story!

  9. 9
    Mel says:

    That’s amazing, Beatrice!

    Virtual Incarnation is really inspiring to know about from the outside, I can only imagine how cool it is to experience from the inside.

  10. 10
    Mel says:

    That Omarosa clip strikes me as what a person looks like when they are trying to emulate charm (through objective reality skillsets) without having the actual gift of charm.

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