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Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER. Guest Post.

Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER

Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER. What a sweet guest post about moving into a higher state of consciousness. Have a look!

Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER. Recently she moved into Age of Awakening Enlightenment. And a recent blog post celebrated her Enlightenment Validation.

Thanks to all who gave an enthusiastic response to our latest Blog-Buddy to move into Enlightenment.

In today’s guest post, EXPLORER shares the secrets of her personal path to Enlightenment. What helped her to cross that threshold?

Here’s her story. (Plus some headings and links.)

A Very Personal Enlightenment Path

Its not like I’ll be announcing this milestone in my “real life” to family and friends. So feels extra special to be able to acknowledge and celebrate it with you here. ❤

I wholeheartedly agree with ISABELLA. At the article about Enlightenment Validation, ISABELLA wrote:

“Learning the demographics of people moving into Enlightenment is a funny thing. Seems like it’s necessary to knock down illusions.

“If you read the auras of all the people on the RES Enlightenment list, I think you’d find that we’re all ridiculously, wildly unique and different from each other in a million other ways.”

I grew up deeply seeking spirituality. But I’ve never been necessarily involved in an organized religion. Or even actively seeked Enlightenment, for that matter.

Actively Changing My Enlightenment Path

Beginning of the year, I had this sudden strong urge to completely live The New Strong. And to keep strengthening my Empath Empowerment®. And I really meant it this time, to commit to this no matter what!

So I started diligently re-reading Rose’s book on “The New Strong.” Also I began to re-take her Online Workshop for The New Strong. I was determined but also relaxed with my approach. Just doing my very best, really.

Setting Goals for My Enlightenment Path

Part of the workshop was to write down our goals. I remember vividly, Rose encouraging us to not be afraid to write down something big.

That’s when a sudden thought came to my mind. Maybe I could reach Enlightenment by the end of May.

Although it felt so awkward to write it down. I remember thinking this:

“Who am I to put a date to such a thing? After all it’s not in my control at all. But living The New Strong is within my control.”

Such a Surprise Followed!

A few days after that, I did my usual Advanced Coming Home technique for Empaths. Did it first thing in the morning. Words cannot describe the joy and surprise I got. It was fireworks and pure magic. Nothing flashy at all. But oh so potent and pure.

I knew something had changed. But I assumed, “So THIS must be how it feels like to live The New Strong!”.

And Now I Know My Enlightenment Path Means Growing WITHIN Enlightenment

I love it. I became even more determined to continue living this way.

Two weeks after that, I had a session with Rose completely unrelated to it all. It took me by a big surprise when Rose announced it.

Because Enlightenment has never been in my radar or purpose in my life.

Calling my experience “Enlightenment” only became real for me when Rose actually validated it.

I’d love to thank Rose, and you Blog-Buddies for all the previous articles, stories and comments on the topics of Enlightenment, Virtual Reincarnation and even changes after going through Name Alignment.

I’m reading all of them with a complete focus and bigger smile this time around.

KYLIE and ISABELLA, I just finished reading your experiences. And they’re so inspiring and encouraging.

I’ll continue to read them all by Everyone. They’re all so fascinating.

Big THANK YOU for sharing and leading the way for us ? ❤

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    What a treat explorer!!! Thanks so much for sharing this and so quickly, I know you will inspire many.

    And thank you, it makes me happy that you read my posts. The power of setting an intention is really amazing isn’t it?

  2. 2
    Cassandra says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Explorer!

    I also remember writing down Enlightenment as a goal and wondering if it was allowed… but doing it anyway. 🙂

  3. 3
    Cassandra says:

    It’s really somewhat rare for others to describe their experience in Enlightenment and for me to relate to it very much. But I recognized some of my own experience in these phrases that you wrote, Explorer:

    “I was determined but also relaxed with my approach”
    how you described having “a complete focus” rereading things at the blog.

  4. 4
    Cassandra says:

    I get it! Thank you for writing. You’ve given me some comfort.

  5. 5
    Explorer says:

    Kylie, yes it’s quite the experience realizing that!

    Cassandra, thank you! Everything happened in the blink of an eye. And I kind of love that I don’t necessarily need to know how or why it did. Otherwise life goes on and I continue dealing with my human type struggles with human based solutions.

  6. 6
    Leisa says:

    I find it really interesting (and inspiring) that you wrote down Enlightenment as a goal.

    And I love your description of Enlightenment as potent and pure.Thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. 7
    Explorer says:

    Thank you Leisa.

    I’m very familiar with how it is to be so confused in despair or lost in different types of pain. Trying so hard to make sense of it all and get out of the fog only to sink in deeper. That’s why I love it when people share here and reading so many unique experiences. So if my words spark hope to whoever needs it, then I’d be so happy and paid it forward.

  8. 8
    Liane says:

    Explorer, thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I espicially like the part of adding Enlightenment to your list of goals.

    Why not? It’s clear you did your part, the rest was gifted to you. Such a sweet, delightful mystery how and when this happens – so different for each of us.

  9. 9
    Explorer says:

    Liane, thank you so much! I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Rose and RES.

    Especially surviving, let alone thriving, in the early years after the Shift into the Age of Awakening. It’s a different world now and knowing the new rules certainly helps navigating it better.

  10. 10
    Liane says:

    Even though our journey’s are different, they are similar in the ways you mention in comment #9. Yes to all of it.

  11. 11
    Isabella Cates says:

    Explorer, I love what you wrote here. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! You shared it really beautifully, and I relate to parts of your story.

    I also wrote down Enlightenment as a goal, many times, even though I was sure if it was really allowed. 😉

  12. 12
    Isabella Cates says:

    And I’m so glad you liked something I wrote, probably a bajillion years ago. 🙂

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