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Enlightenment Status Games? Don’t Play.

Enlightenment Status Games

Enlightenment Status Games. When you’re happy, green, and growing… why play silly status games?

Enlightenment Status Games bothered my client Chris. He wondered, “Rose, why did you bother to make a big deal over nine RES clients who moved into Enlightenment last year?”

Understandably, he worried. Was I setting up some repulsive kind of status contest here at my blog? Like “Nyah, nyah, they’re the cream of the crop. Since you’re not on the list, you count for nothing.”

During his session with me, Chris wanted answers. And after I supplied them he kindly gave me permission to share what follows.

Enlightenment Status Games, Is That Why I Keep an Enlightenment Life List?

Definitely not, Blog-Buddies.

For a detailed answer about why I maintain an Enlightenment Life List, see the video here. (Scroll down to the second video. Although everything at that last link might prove helpful.)

History. I aim to keep a historical record.

Reminds me of when I served my guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Back in the 1970’s, he declared the “Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.” Referring to the time we were in. And with typical stubbornness, refusing to acknowledge that the Western Age of Enlightenment had already come and gone.

Even weirder, who was feeling it? During the 1970’s, thoughtful people felt discouraged. Politically, socially, you name it. Supposedly, “Life is so bad now. It can’t get worse.”

Sigh, perhaps a good thing for us to remember as the American government shutdown progresses.

Still, Maharishi Was Right to Celebrate that Dawn

Given how I remember his words, here’s the gist: Any fool can see the sun in the sky at noon. It takes a wise person to recognize that first spark of dawn. Recognize it long before dawn lights up the sky.

Back in the 1970’s the Shift was in progress. And that thinning of the psychic barrier would continue to accelerate for decades.

By 12/21/12, bam! No more psychic barrier or veil. The Age of Awakening had finally begun.

Granted, only one magazine article has reported it so far… Nearly six years after the fact.

Still, that counts as a something. And one of my roles in lovingly tending this blog is to make a historical record. That includes recording the appearance on earth of the new kind of Enlightenment possible now. Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

Enlightenment Status Games Won’t Matter Much Longer

Who will need to play them? Who, when millions of people have moved into Enlightenment? And done it with the new kind of Enlightenment on earth:

  • Age of Awakening Enlightenment
  • In Contrast to Traditional Enlightenment

But it’s early years yet. And you Blog-Buddies are helping me to wake up knowledge and experience. What is Enlightenment now? Why does it matter?

To quote one of my favorite questions, “What does it smell like?”

Enlightenment Status Games Are Foolish. And Unnecessary

As an Enlightenment Coach, I assure you. What matters isn’t who moves into Enlightenment and gets onto my list.

Instead, what matters is who improves.

For example, back in fourth grade, I began attending a new school. (Oboy, details galore are in my memoir of spiritual awakening!) At the end of the year, our teacher looked over test scores and told us who was the top student. One of the two class bullies, Jennifer!

I raised my hand and asked my teacher, “How about which of the students improved the most?”

That silly fourth grade teacher didn’t think that mattered. How about you? Don’t you think improvement means more than getting some grade or title?

I sure do. And the fact is that you regular RES clients are making magnificent progress. Whether you seek personal growth or spiritual evolution, or both. You’re aces. (Chris included.) Please know that matters far more than who gets on some silly list.

Enlightenment Status Games? Maybe Mostly a Fear.

Oh my, there’s one more aspect to the session I had with Chris. Most important, seems to me.

And for now, questions, anyone? Have any of you felt icky that I’ve made a big deal about people moving into Enlightenment? Possibly you squirm a little inside every time….

If so, I’d greatly appreciate if you’d comment below. (Anonymously if you wish.)

Back when I taught Transcendental Meditation (TM), I suffered plenty through such status games. Perpetual status games — I know how much they hurt.

By now, I’m a very different kind of spiritual teacher. Altogether different from Maharishi, of course. Incapable of acting like any kind of a guru. Also, I believe in  discussing problems honestly.

So I’m very thankful to Chris for telling me about the problems that roiled him. And I’ll be grateful to you as well, if you need to clear the air. Send any gripes to the COMMENTS section below.

You know, I just might be able to help. Give me a chance.

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  1. 1
    Brittany says:

    I’m very happy for Chris, speaking his truth, bringing up something that was really bothering him.

    That isn’t always easy to do, and, as Kylie so wisely reminded us all at a recent blog post, is vital for our healing sessions and growth. Also, thanks for allowing Rose to share this with us, Chris!

  2. 2
    Brittany says:

    However, for me, the Enlightenment lists have served as proof of what’s possible.

  3. 3
    Brittany says:

    During my journey, at times, I would feel jealous and want the status of those who already achieved this higher state of consciousness. But, I think this jealousy served as a reminder of more STUFF to heal!

    I knew that my persistence with RES healing sessions, online workshops, and living the New Strong (which I’ve read approximately 3 times), would get me to Enlightenment, if that’s what my soul was seeking this lifetime.

  4. 4
    Brittany says:

    If it wasn’t my soul’s calling, what did I possibly have to lose?! The effects of healing sessions are meteoric and permanent.

  5. 5
    Brittany says:

    I love the reminder about improvement.

    I also think it’s a common fallacy believing that Age of Awakening Enlightenment is the apex of spiritual life.

  6. 6
    Brittany says:

    For those who are called to Enlightenment this lifetime, I know from experience, the progress after Enlightenment is virtually infinite.

    Suffice it to say, I believe progress is infinite for those whose souls aren’t called to Enlightenment, too.

  7. 7
    Brittany says:

    Now, for me, the Enlightenment life lists serve as hope, history, and proof.

    It crystallizes the Age of Awakening, and the potential for spiritual and emotional growth that exists.

  8. 8

    Thanks, BRITTANY, for sharing your reaction to all the Enlightenment talk around here. When this blog is still about Aura Reading, Face Reading, Skilled Empath Merges, and loads of skills you can learn for personal growth. We do sometimes have blog-style conversations about Enlightenment.

    So I’m so curious to hear from more of you about how you react to posts like the RES-flavored Enlightenment Life List. Surely you do have some kind of reaction.

  9. 9

    A new form of Cheese Whiz? Now I get how that might not register a whole lot. But this occasional topic here?

    Oh, it’s very likely that you have some kind of reaction… if you think about it a bit. And it might be helpful if you’d share it. (Helpful for you and also others.) Whether a positive reaction, a negative one, or a mixed one. Do tell!

  10. 10
    Diana says:

    I’m always happy for those who achieve this state of consciousness, and I can understand that it isn’t “the only game in town” yet who wouldn’t want to have this going for them?

  11. 11
    Diana says:

    RES has opened my eyes to all the sweet and not so sweet parts of life-this is painful at times.

    To have the full gifts of my soul working for me while i’m in this human life? Yes please.

  12. 12
    Diana says:

    Maybe this is STUFF talking but it is also intimidating to imagine God wanting to be on this ride with me-especially when i don’t have it all figured out.

    I do somewhat envy those who have done all the right things and made all the important choices to achieve enlightenment.

  13. 13

    DIANA, thank you so much for stepping up to this conversation, since I had a hunch that comments might lead to some positive learning opportunities. (And also help people’s feelings from being hurt — hurt for different reasons.)

    Two responses to your honest expression of hurt (along with clearly also being a good sport). First, from what I understand and have witnessed, God loves you totally, as in every bit of you; loves you all the time; loves you no matter what. Enlightenment does not mean God prefers certain people.

  14. 14

    Second, it’s so totally not true that those in Enlightenment have “done all the right things and made all the important choices.”

    I know of people in Enlightenment who have taken a LOT of recreational drugs. Who have been sex addicts. Who have had nervous breakdowns and been hospitalized. Who have seemingly made all sorts of “wrong” choices.

  15. 15

    And these good people probably have a lot in common with you. Such as always having been good people, deep down. Also, having done their human best, even when it seemed that they fell short of their own ideals.

    Enlightenment is mysterious, DIANA. As an Enlightenment Coach, I can tell when some clients are getting close. But that doesn’t tell me why. As in “Why do some people move into Enlightenment while others do not?”

  16. 16

    Maybe we can be content to consider it a sacred mystery. The closest I can come to comprehending it is this: My certainty that for EVERY good thing that a person gets in life, that person has paid the price.

  17. 17
    Diana says:

    Thank you Rose for those comments.

    And really it helps collective consciousness when people do achieve this so hooray for that, and I’m always grateful when i’m in the presence of blog buddies who have this-it is real and inspiring-and they are totally real normal people to boot.

  18. 18
    Delphine says:

    The blog posts about people crossing into enlightenment are my absolute favorites.

    Yes, there’s a first “but, when me? ” but that doesn’t last. The thought of all these wildly different people with such different paths fills me with so much hope. Please don’t stop celebrating each one.

  19. 19
    Delphine says:

    Comment #13 is beautiful!

  20. 20
    An Avid Reader says:

    Hi Rose, I have an enlightenment question that is not directly related to this thread. I am not sure if this is a topic for this blog or not, but what happens to the people who have taken a vow not to become enlightened until all other sentient beings become enlightened as well?

    Could this be a reason people near enlightenment but do not reach it? Would the same hold true if they made this or other such vows in past life times?

  21. 21

    Excellent questions, AVID READER. Here’s a fine place to ask them. I’ll answer one at a time, starting with:

    1. “What happens to the people who have taken a vow not to become enlightened until all other sentient beings become enlightened as well?”

  22. 22

    Delighted to answer that one, AVID READER, because I was one of those people. Not quite a formal vow, but still, pretty much aiming for that.

    Somebody in Enlightenment pointed it out to me and proposed an alternative, which I accepted.

  23. 23

    If you’re in session with me and I think it’s appropriate to mention such a thing (or if you bring up the possibility), either way I’ll be able to help.

    Aiming to facilitate that delicate shift away from a past vow etc…. is part of the job of being an Enlightenment Coach.

  24. 24

    Your Question #2, AVID READER: “Could this be a reason people near enlightenment but do not reach it?”

    Since I am an Enlightenment Coach I know better than to have any conversation whatsoever about this as a hypothetical topic. I help individual people to move into Enlightenment. See Comment 23.

  25. 25

    Finally, your Question #3, AVID READER: “Would the same hold true if they made this or other such vows in past life times?”

    Here’s a fun fact about RES sessions. If any kind of vow is holding you back, a vow from this life or a vow from other lifetimes, if it comes up in a session I can definitely co-create freeing you up from that. (Including locating it, if it’s hidden from your conscious mind.)

  26. 26

    Essential for this is having a client who aims to grow in an RES session — like delightful you, AVID READER — co-creating with that client’s choice of Divine Being, and then using the skills I’ve learned along the way as an Enlightenment Coach.

    Biggest takeaway point, from my perspective? Don’t worry about a thing. Keep living your life, doing your reasonable best, and have sessions when you can arrange them (and want to).

  27. 27
    An Avid Reader says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you so much! I continue to be in awe when I read that vows can be located in an RES session even if you do not know you have them! Very cool and also very good to know!

    Thank you!

  28. 28
    Becky says:

    I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve had the kneejerk reaction of feeling like I wasn’t one of “the cool kids” after reading comments here at times.

    But, upon reflection, I think mostly it was just me being hard on myself. There have been far more supportive, encouraging, thought-provoking and relatable things that keep me coming back. Thanks!

  29. 29

    BECKY, thank you so much for what you wrote… All of it.

    Personally, I suffered considerably prior to my mid-forties, due to never being considered one of “the cool kids.” When, thank God, I outgrew it. I’m glad you (and others) have had a chance to read the main post. There I was aiming to illustrate how all of us, whatever our state of consciousness, are pioneering The Age of Awakening.

  30. 30

    That pioneering is a choice. And one I believe that each of us can be proud of. How many people know about The Age of Awakening, or know that “energetic literacy skills” really are not just some fancy kind of branding for old-fashioned psychic readings?

    The fact that you’ve come back on your own, using your own judgment about what was supportive, encouraging, thought-provoking, relatable… That’s pioneering. Because you weren’t searching for what was most popular, celebrity-driven, bringing the biggest crowds and the highest status. You searched for a truth that meant something to you. Spiritually, that’s pioneering.

  31. 31

    Seems to me, as an Enlightenment Coach, none of us can really choose whether or not we cross the threshold into Enlightenment. We can just do our best to live with integrity, pursuing whatever path we believe to be true.

    However, every one of us can choose to pioneer. You have. Among other things, that choice requires uncommon tenacity in your pursuit of truth. Thank you for helping to create this informal community; thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  32. 32
    Chris says:

    Thanks for writing this post, Rose.

    I am just going to admit that I still find it hard to hear that ‘millions of people can move into Enlightenment in the Age of Awakening’ while suspecting that I am not one of them, even though I have been having sessions for many years, longer than many of those who move into Enlightenment! That is not easy.

  33. 33

    CHRIS, thank you for voicing your concern. Please feel free to disregard whenever you read that here, and I’ll do my best not to say it to you either during personal sessions.

    To a large extent, RES is a la carte, you know. Where I draw the line is when people pursue psychic development and still want to take RES workshops in aura reading, etc.

  34. 34

    Probably all you Blog-Buddies have favorite areas within this huge field, and also areas that don’t speak to you that much right now.

    No worries!

  35. 35

    Also, regarding your Comment 32, with all respect, this part is ridiculous: “even though I have been having sessions for many years, longer than many of those who move into Enlightenment!”

    Even if this were true, which I doubt (and I just might know more about who’s been having RES sessions than you do), you might wish to stop comparing yourself to others. Since that’s one of the most unhelpful things you can do to yourself. And guess who’s in charge of that one? 😉

  36. 36
    Edward Grant says:

    Great post Rose!

    I have mixed reactions when you (Rose) announce someone has moved into enlightenment within the RES community; even more so if I have met them.

  37. 37
    Edward Grant says:

    My initial reaction recently was a feeling of anger and frustration with a wanting and impatience for me to move into enlightenment.

  38. 38
    Edward Grant says:

    I then reminded myself to be grateful for where I am now as my life as changed so much for the better over the last few years.

  39. 39
    Edward Grant says:

    Also to be grateful towards the people who are crossing the threshold of enlightenment.

    It brings so much hope and it’s much more fun to celebrate enlightenment than to be resentful about it.

  40. 40
    Edward Grant says:

    I have renewed hope that one day I will cross the threshold of enlightenment.

  41. 41
    Edward Grant says:

    My relationship to what enlightenment means has changed a lot over the last few months.

    I think largely because some of my friends are in enlightenment. Also having sessions with Rose helped too.

  42. 42
    Edward Grant says:

    A few years ago I used to think someone had to be extremely special or accomplished to move into enlightenment.

  43. 43
    Edward Grant says:

    I used to think I wasn’t worthy to be in the company of people in enlightenment, like being in enlightenment was being of higher status.

    How ridiculous that sounds now.

  44. 44

    EDWARD, that’s a lot of growing in a shortish amount of time. Personally I can totally relate to what you wrote in your comments.

    And phew! Such a relief that you’re onto us all, the RES folks in Enlightenment. Haha. We’re not all that special or accomplished. Haha. We’re just people. On my personal blog, I’m sure not to pretend otherwise and get all snooty on you. 😉

  45. 45

    In case it’s helpful, let me share this you and others reading this thread. I used to be “hell bent” on getting to Enlightenment as soon as possible. If physical whipping would have accelerated my progress, I’d have done that gladly.

    As it is, I did plenty of emotional whipping, nagging, etc.

  46. 46

    Yet as I grew closer to crossing that threshold into Enlightenment, I stopped caring about it. Not that I wouldn’t accept it, no no! More like, I didn’t think about it. At all.

    And that’s because, as I grew closer, I was enjoying my life. Enjoying my life too much to care.

  47. 47

    So, might I suggest? One of the best ways to evolve spiritually is to enjoy your life, your human life.

    Don’t worry yourself about your level of consciousness. I assure you, if we’re ever in a session after you’ve crossed that threshold, I’ll turn that session into Enlightenment Validation. As an Enlightenment Coach, I’ll be able to tell; and then tell you — that’s my job.

  48. 48

    In addition, how can you accelerate your personal evolution?

    1. Act honorably, with integrity.
    2. Take good care of yourself physically, like getting enough sleep at night.
    3. Use your 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Keep it fun; keep it interesting.

  49. 49

    4. If you’re an empath, read and do “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days.” Then follow up with “The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy.” And maybe also the other two books in that series.

    5. Read all my other books that interest you. Even single one of them took between 3 1/2 – 9 1/2 years to write. They’re packed with help for you. To those who can learn from books, these are incredibly individualized resources for personal growth. Ridiculously inexpensive, as well.

  50. 50

    6. Give yourself the benefit of RES sessions, as finances permit.

    Some folks even have a standing appointment weekly. Or monthly. Others just have sessions as needed. See, you’re in charge of that. Like all the RES Experts I’ve trained, my job is to support you. Never tell you how to live. (For many reasons, that last part. Including how, as an Enlightenment Coach, I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

  51. 51

    7. Get more RES skills! Take some of my online workshops and in-person ones. Every one has been lovingly designed to be of service to you.

    And those of you who take any of the online workshops know that every lesson from a 101 workshop onward includes a Forum. A bit like our blog community, only about learning. I take an active role there to be of service to you.

  52. 52

    In conclusion, EDWARD, these are things you can actively do to accelerate your spiritual evolution and emotional growth.

    But none of them is more important than enjoying your life: every single funky, sometimes annoying, potentially spiritually gorgeous, human day.

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