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Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading. Meet one of my heroes, seen through the face he wears.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading. Dr. Gates is the host of “Finding Your Roots.

What does his face reveal? Insights altogether different from genealogy theories: Like “My grandpa Joe was strong and brave. That’s where I inherit these qualities.”

Watching Gates’ TV show fascinates me. Especially watching Henry Louis Gates Jr. Even more than the celebrity guests that he amazes every week! Unassuming and friendly, he wears his credentials lightly:

  • Historian
  • Filmmaker
  • Teacher
  • Editor
  • Academic
  • Literary Critic
  • Scholar, specializing in African-American literature and African Diasporic studies

Delightfully Subversive

Every show features the same format. Two or three guests receive insights into their ancestors. Along the way, Gates is such a treat to watch. By turns, he’s:

So Nurturing. As when asking questions like, “Now that you finally know the name of your mysterious grandfather, how does that make you feel?”

Highly Persuasive. A constant premise of each “Finding Your Roots” episode is this idea: “Now that you can see your complete family tree, finally you know who you are.”

Blog-Buddies, feel free to comment with your reaction to that one. Knowing the names and stories of your ancestors is fascinating. But do you also consider it the most important way to know who you are?

What do you think? Although I really enjoy Gates’ show… And admire him greatly… I couldn’t disagree more. But then I’m an Enlightenment Coach. Not a genealogist.

Gently Subversive. As when asking questions like, “Now that you know that your grandfather murdered 12 people just for fun, how does that make you feel?”

It’s a wild show to watch. Quietly suspenseful! Today I’ll turn the tables and create an article to star Mr. Gates himself.

Background on Face Reading, Just in Case

So here’s a quick intro to the ancient art of reading faces for character.

First of all, an introductory face reading video.

A specialty of my system, Face Reading Secrets, is interpreting every item of face data two ways: In terms of a talent and also a potential challenge. In rare cases, instead of a potential challenge, there’s one that has already occurred. Giving rise to what I call a “Compassion Awakener. Today you’ll find an example of that.

Yes, did you know? Face Reading Secrets® is one of the 10 trademarked systems of RES.

Want to learn how to read faces on your own? Physiognomy insights aren’t just due to some “talent.” It’s a skill. You learn it, bit by bit. Among all the RES skills, face reading is easiest. So many of my students start there, before going on to read auras or learn to do Skilled Empath Merges.

“The NEW Power of Face Reading” will give you a solid foundation. While its unusual way of using illustrations may make you smile.

For more advanced, and different face reading, check out Read People Deeper“.

Finally, this description of RES Face Reading Sessions can preview for you… How much depth comes with a dedicated personal session devoted to your physical face.

For today’s face reading, this is the photo you can open up. See the same picture as the one I’ll use to research Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

And, of course, I recommend that you pull out a small hand mirror. Check out your own face.

As I describe five important items of face data, see if you have any of them. If you do, the meaning is the same.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading Data: Hard Nostril Edges

How to see it

Okay, you probably don’t have this one. I’ve only seen it on one other person, the late Senator John McCain. Still, this rare characteristic is worth learning to spot.

Look at the part of each nostril where you first see flesh. Because each Nostril Edge frames the darkness of any nostrils. Especially, Nostril Edges show clearly when somebody has Large Nostril Size. So you see the nostrils clearly.

Notice the texture on the Nostril Edges belonging to Henry Louis Gates Jr? It’s muscular and strong. Contrasting with what most people have, which is a fairly soft border of flesh.

The talent

Knows what things costs. Deeply understands the importance of living within your means. Overall, takes money seriously.

The challenge — a Compassion Awakener

Basically, a Compassion Awakener helps to wake up your own heart of compassion. Because a particular item of face data reveals something that the person has already gone through. Literally, it left its mark on the face.

This particular one suggests that Dr. Gates has gone through considerable financial challenge. Especially having long periods of poverty where it was hard to buy what was desired.

  1. Either he experienced this personally…
  2. Or else he has strongly identified with people having this problem. (Remember what you read early on in today’s blog post? Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. specializes in African-American literature and African Diasporic studies.)
  3. My money is on the second of these possibilities. Although I don’t know for sure.

Curious to learn more about Compassion Awakeners in general? Read “The NEW Power of Face Reading.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading Data: Lip Framer Mustache

How to see it

Behold the contours of Dr. Gates’ mustache. It clearly reveals his upper lip.

By contrast, many mustaches cover up all or part of that lip.

Bet you can figure out why I named this kind “Lip Framer.”

The talent

Able to express his personal feelings without embarrassment. Also, able to listen to personal comments from other people, and do it without cringing.

The potential challenge

Considered a “sissy”? Otherwise criticized for being too interested in people’s personal business?

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading Data: VERY Muscular Lip Texture

How to see it

One of the joys of face reading is developing discernment about a person’s lip texture. Without having to kiss the person!

Take a good look at the texture of Professor Gates’s lips. Aim for a three-dimensional perspective.

I can’t fast-track you to this kind of discernment. But eventually you’ll be able to tell when lips have significant muscularity. His do.

The talent

Passionate expression of things that matter to him. Not necessarily loud expression. Nor conveying a big sense of drama, like the actor on a soap opera.

Rather, Henry Louis Gates Jr. has passion around his convictions.

The potential challenge

Sometimes considered “too hard to take”?

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading Data: Straight Chin Bottom

How to see it

Check out the shape at the lowermost edge of Dr. Gates’ chin.

It’s like a straight line, only made by a beard rather than a ruler. 😉

The talent

Makes choices in life based on his sense of right and wrong. (Not other motivations that correspond to other Chin Bottom shapes.)

The potential challenge

Strong sense of right or wrong… about everything?

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Face Reading Data: Ears Angle out at Tops Only

How to see it

Always look at a face from the front, in order to see Ear Angles.

On Dr. Gates, only the ear tops stick out. Not the middles or bottoms.

This, he has Out-Angled Ears… at the ear tops only.

The talent

Makes a strong impression socially, saying or doing surprising things. Just at the start of the conversation or meeting!

Because, further into the conversation, he adapts more to the kind of behavior that the other people expect.

Personally, I consider this talent to involve courage. It’s one of many ways that leadership talent shows in the system of Face Reading Secrets.

The potential challenge

Annoying people? Especially annoying very conventional people, who don’t like social surprises?

In Conclusion

Face reading is a meaningful alternative to genealogy. Of course, we can do both.

But the power of face reading does more than give you a sense of self based in history. By learning to read faces in detail, and with accuracy, a world of insight opens before you.

Instead of seeing history or racial stereotypes, behold! Every adult’s face reveals who the person is right now, related to:

  • Thinking patterns
  • Sex
  • Other forms of communication
  • Using power
  • Making money
  • And so much more.

And not because of ancestors. Rather, your face is a triumph of free will. Since it changes over time in ways that are meaningful.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    What a delightful person and reading. This part made me smile: “Able to express his personal feelings without embarrassment. Also, able to listen to personal comments from other people, and do it without cringing.”

    On the tv show, the Good Place, there is a character who anytime someone is speaking in an emotional manner, immediately seals himself up in a protective green pod. It would seem that Henry Gates Jr. is not like this!

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    As to this: “Knowing the names and stories of your ancestors is fascinating. But do you also consider it the most important way to know who you are?”

    Definitely not!

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    There was a time when it seemed much more important to me. A time before RES, and a time before I changed my name, when I had a lot of “stuff” related to growing up in my family.

    And a time when I had different beliefs, beliefs that of course I must be like my mother or father. It is such a strong belief in so many cultures and many people do see their family history as destiny. But too me now this is just a bewildering concept, so untrue.

  4. 4
    Leo says:

    I find genealogy to be interesting. I went down a rabbit hole researching my own DNA genealogy a month or so ago.

    I took the DNA test and then downloaded the results and then uploaded the data to a an open source project that can put out different estimated reports on the geographic location of ancestors.

  5. 5
    Leo says:

    Many of the reports came back with different information.

    As I dug deeper into why, I started to understand how these DNA companies “figure out” where your ancestors came from.

  6. 6
    Leo says:

    Suffice it to say, a lot of it is art not science, because if you track back to a specific region (Europe in my case) the amount of war, migration, displacement, conquering etc is off the charts.

  7. 7
    Leo says:

    What’s the different between a German, a French, a Spaniard, a Pole, a Czech, when it comes down to DNA?

    Are they distinct groups or comprised of a hodgepodge of prehistorical tribes mixing in various amounts over different time periods? The fatter back you trace the “origin” over your DNA, the more muddled but also fascinating (in my opinion) it becomes.

  8. 8
    Leo says:

    It’s kind of fun to think about, your generic material being the result of a long string of human history, although I don’t find it particularly meaningful “to be” x% this or y% that, as, like Kylie, I find character and one’s “who you be” to be much more significant than an estimated DNA profile.

  9. 9
    Diana says:

    If I think about reincarnation well I’ve been many people with so I have lots of ancestors 🙂 , to know about this particular lifetime hasn’t interested me much even though I’ve heard some stories-i’m not overly inspired.

  10. 10
    Diana says:

    I can relate to what Kylie said in her comment #3.

    I also changed my name so there is no longer this importance to a surname I once had that “meant something”.

  11. 11
    Diana says:

    Where I live the indigenous people are very connected to the myths and legends of their ancestors, and at a recent Black History Month event they performed a ritual libation ceremony to call the ancestors.

    So still very important to most folks that ancestors be honored and respected.

  12. 12

    So many interesting points! Thanks to all of you who have contributed so far.

    Personally, here’s my perspective on the importance of staying connected to ancestors. Or to gain a sense of self through genealogy. It’s an Age of Faith value.

  13. 13

    In the Age of Awakening, we can function differently. We can draw a sense of self from who we are and also by gaining “Family of Choice.” (As described in “Let Today Be a Holiday.”)

    To understand better the new rules for functioning well now, in this Age of Awakening, I recommend “The New Strong,” of course.

  14. 14
    Emily Turner says:

    I remember as a child I created an extremely detailed family tree for a School project, interviewing relatives in their 90’s, managing to track down the names of all 13 siblings here… (Irish families) and 6 siblings there.

    While it was an interesting project I have never felt the pull of family history. Feeling very different from my parents from as far as I remember was certainly a factor!

  15. 15
    Emily Turner says:

    I have always felt so very drawn to the Irish language and Irish mythology but I have found in Soul Thrill research sessions that the pull is very much due to past lives where I loved speaking the language.

    I am also very interested in Spanish and Swahili and I certainly have no blood relatives in Spain or East Africa.

  16. 16
    Christine P says:

    I know you say you’ve only seen it on one other person, but I think I’ve seen these nostrils on one or two people while on my large college campus. Or am I confusing them with having large nostril size but not necessarily hard nostril edges?

    Also, now that I know about past lives, my history as a soul interests me more than geneology.

  17. 17

    Thanks for your Comments, EMILY TURNER and CHRISTINE P.

    Regarding your question in Comment #16, I really have no way to answer your question. And let’s all remember that my blog is not a personal tutoring service. Mentoring sessions are available by appointment, though.

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