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Aura Reading TV Reviews. How I Do Them

Aura Reading TV Reviews

Rose Rosetree, inviting you to enjoy some Aura Reading TV Reviews.

Aura reading TV reviews — how does this Energy READING Coach do them?

Energetic literacy has many practical uses. This one may not be so practical. But it will fascinate anyone seriously interested in big acting. Over the small screen! Even the phone-small screen!

Aura Reading TV Reviews. When Everyone’s a Critic

Sure, you might wonder “Why bother?”

Well, here’s why. How many experts at energetic literacy work as occasional TV critics?

This one, that’s who.

Thank my interest in “Deeper Perception.” As well as my passion for showing you how to Make It Practical!

How Is It Even Possible to Do Aura Reading TV Reviews?

First of all, it helps to have good energetic literacy.

In case you’ve heard the term “aura reading” bandied about… Probably folks are talking about psychic readings. This is completely different. Hint: I don’t call them psychic readings. Instead I call this either energetic literacy or aura reading.

Here are some of the defining characteristics of this kind of energetic literacy. All of this will be true of you, too, if you become an aura reader by developing Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, the minimum for reliable aura reading:

  1. You can read auras accurately from regular photographs. (Like the picture I’ll use for today’s aura reading of )
  2. Beyond generalizing about auras or chakras… you can read chakra databanks. (This YouTube video can give you a quick view about reading chakra databanks.)
  3. And you’ll research a sample of chakra databanks that’s relevant to the particular aura reading.
  4. Accuracy and insight come from using systematic skills.
  5. And those skills include co-creating with your choice of Divine Being. Never spirits (Incidentally, working with spirits is one of the defining characteristics of psychic readings.)

If you’re not sure what to expect from this kind of aura reading, here’s a fun resource for you: Click here to find hundreds of Aura Reading MOVIE Reviews.

So, What Happens in Aura Reading TV Reviews?

I’ll select a performer.

Important disclaimer!

Quite likely I will not have seen that performer in action, in the role under consideration.

Look there are already plenty of TV Critics. I’m an Aura Reading TV Critic.

All I need for researching is the following truth-packed procedure.

  1. As a basis for the research, I’ll use two different photos.
  2. One photo will show the actor in the role of interest.
  3. The other picture will show the actor in the role of “being myself, a person.”
  4. Then I’ll choose an array of chakra databanks.
  5. When researching I’ll do the complete set for each actor. (Keeps my mind from getting scrambled.)
  6. However, I’ll format my work like comparison aura research: Apple chakra databank, both versions. Then Orange chakra databanks, both versions.
  7. Finally, after comparing each pair of aura readings for that particular chakra databank… Then I’ll award a score for “Aura Change Points.” By the end of the Aura Reading TV Review, I’ll tally up those points and summarize my review.

Probably all this will be easier for you to read, when I do it. Versus trying to make sense of it now.

But after you’ve read at least one such article, you’ll see. It’s gonna make sense for you.

Three Extra Resources

Both of these may add to your fun, Blog-Buddies.

Here’s a post that explains how you may nominate your faves for me to research. Current TV shows only. Entering is no promise that I’ll do it, but I will choose from what you’all request. So I just might choose YOUR comments.

And once I’ve begun doing this sort of article, I’ll be listing that actor’s Aura Reading TV Review on a dedicated list. (Link will come on the day that I do my very first Aura Reading Movie Review.

Finally, I’m planning to cross-post that review url on an ongoing list of Best Celebrity Aura Readings. Enjoy!

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