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Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon. What helps this psychic and healer make buckets of money?

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon, why? To help us gain closure on some rather shocking research we published recently.

Did you see that post yet? How I wrote about “Purposely Feeling Emotional Pain“? Highly controversial! Shocking, even.

Really, shocking. Because so many of us have been taught to reflect on our pain. Like that’s supposed to be good for us. Maybe we’ve even been told that “resolving our pain from the past” is our only true way to move forward.

Even reading that aforementioned blog post can be educational. For higher impact, that blog post includes something even more striking: a recording that Goldie and I made together. That’s where I pulled out energetic holograms of before-and-after. Did the “meditation” from Christie Marie Sheldon improve things at all for Goldie? Quite the opposite!

Like me, did that blog post make you curious about the New Age guru whose promises didn’t quite pan out? A woman who promises to help everyone make more money just by letting her “remove your abundance blocks.”

Are You Curious, Too? Let’s Explore a Bit More

Why were the results so awful for Goldie?  Why not explore the aura of the meditation creator? That would be New Age celeb, Christie Marie Sheldon.

Specifically, what is going on in Christie’s auric modeling ? (Short version, auric modeling is a kind of life force signature within each person’s voice,) What was the energetic truth of who Sheldon really was while making that recording? Goldie heard, and reacted to, that. Because auric modeling appears in every sentence of this recorded inner exercise.

Researching Christie Marie, to find a photo to use for this article, interesting! I found a page about 24 Abundance Blocks Holding You Back. Many of the ideas struck me as pretty similar to other Law of Attraction-type resources. Like those I researched for the very practical, counter-culture book I’ve written about success and making more money. (Note: After I pointed out certain problems in Abraham-Hicks, etc., of course! Yes, of course! I crammed my how-to book with loads of understandings and skills. Ones with a better likelihood of helping people get results, like the folks who have commented here.)

What did pique my curiosity? Seems to me, Sheldon’s website is severely sophisticated. Designed with flashy graphics, a progressive sequence of sales pitches, and every slick enticement imaginable. Basically that website seems like a state-of-the-art production,  professionally designed to deliver a very hard sell.

So this made me extra curious: If Sheldon believes that success comes from “clearing” abundance blocks, why has she created that sort of website? Why did she think that she needed one of the most sales-ey websites I’ve ever seen anywhere?  Gave me all extra motivation to do the following energetic literacy research!

Hey, There’s One More Point I Want to Make Before Doing this Aura Reading

“Rose, you do psychic readings. That’s what your aura readings are. Realize, that’s what everybody thinks you do. Face it. ”

Yes, I’ve recently learned that one of my clients believes this kind of thing. So I’ll say right now — loud and clear — to everybody reading this article:

RES is a system for personal growth and spiritual awakening. Neither psychic work, nor New Age energy healing, nor psychological work.

It’s different. Witness the 10 trademarked systems within RES.

In workshops and personal sessions, I aim to help people to grow faster. Using energy HEALING skills that work now, in The Age of Awakening. (For instance, at that link just provided, you can see a little video I made to explain why IMHO energy clearings no longer work.)

Please don’t think that RES experts are psychics in disguise. We’re not.

By Contrast

Clear example of contrast: Check out this quote from Ms. Sheldon’s website:

Trust me – this is NOTHING like your typical personal energy clearing session.

For one, you can actually feel Christie working with your energy.

20,000+ people took part when Christie hosted a similar session earlier this year, and many have reported “weird” and “phenomenal” results.

In Case You’re Wondering, I’m Happy to Report

RES clients don’t feel me working with their energy.

And when I give workshops, nobody reports weird results.

So, yes, let’s explore what is going on with the personal energies of Christie Marie. As shown in this fine aura photograph.

Which particular photograph? It’s a still from her YouTube video, “How To Attract Abundance With Energy Clearing.”

Simply fast-forward to 20:16, Then you’ll find exactly the still shot that I used for today’s aura reading.

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon. Root Chakra Databank for Making Money

This chakra databank reveals how Ms. Sheldon relates to personally making money, at the time of this photo still.

Symbolic Size

29 feet. Refreshingly normal. (Maybe surprisingly, this isn’t often the case with success coaches.)


“No matter how much I make, it’s never enough.”


Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon. Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Physical Reality

I’m curious to sample how this psychic relates to reality. For instance, what will I find about her subconscious “abundance mentality”? How does she live this in everyday life?

Symbolic Size

2 inches. Almost completely shut down (at least at the time of this video).


Scant interest in human anything. Rather, an interest in spirits. Quite a passionate interest. But which kind of interest?

  • What they tell her to do.
  • What they tell her to say.
  • How they teach her to “understand what is really going on” in human life.

Note: Now that we’re into the early years of The Age of Awakening, guess what? Among psychics, this shift in human loyalties towards revering discarnate spirits… is no longer unusual.

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Seems to me, telling the truth is important for being an ethical person. Sadly, it’s not necessarily found in people who make buckets of money. Often, big moneymakers aren’t too great at telling the truth. What will we find here?

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Currently, this flat-lines. (As in, her verbal integrity doesn’t work. Not at this time.)


Seems to me, Ms. Sheldon acts like a good girl. Doing what she is instructed to do. Taking it on faith, in a way that has become habitual for her.

  • And who instruct her? Spirits.
  • Not her own self, undoubtedly sweet deep down.
  • And not a Divine source of inspiration, like God or Jesus or Kwan Yin. Nope, simply a smallish team of astral entities having some fun gaining influence over Christie Marie. And using her to influence those who take her free meditations and other events.

Funny, when it comes to “free.” At this blog, we’ve got an ongoing theme about paying the price for what we get. I wonder, how free are these events for people who participate?

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

Here’s another important kind of integrity: Concerning whether she follows up on her promises. Even when nobody else is looking. After all, Christie Marie Sheldon doesn’t always wear a perfect little black dress, with a great hairdo, subtle makeup, plus excellent lighting. But even when she does, what shows energetically and subconsciously?

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Again, you’re learning about a chakra databank currently in shutdown.


Surrender! And this form of surrender feels very flat. It’s a surrender to astral beings.

Reminds me a bit of the surrendered quality of life for opioid addicts, as I’ve researched here.

Detachment from her own humanity seems very extreme.

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

Yep, it’s another form of integrity.

You know what, Blog-Buddies? Before I allowed a healer like Christie to go in and move around my energies, hello! I’d sure want to know about her highest authority. How about you?

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Yet again, a shutdown human capacity. Currently not being used.


The quality here reminds me of a Halloween haunted house. Not much about Christie Marie’s human life really remains. Notably, there’s no discernible connection to the Divine.

  • BTW, Blog-Buddies, whenever you selflessly help others… just because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Or you simply make choices in the direction that’s authentic for you. (Like using power versus obedience.)
  • Whenever you do a simple act of human-type kindness, like smiling at a lonely-looking stranger. Somebody walking towards you on a city street…
  • Any little human thing like that can light up this chakra databank.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Christie Marie has time for that sort of thing right now. Rather, she’s heeding instructions from “angels,” a.k.a. spirits who enjoy making human beings dance.

Aura Reading Christie Marie Sheldon. In Conclusion

What would it be like to make buckets of money, yet feel hollow inside?

A sample of that! Is what I’ve just read for you, Blog-Buddies.

Most important, to me, about this aura reading… It’s this practical tip.

Please use discernment when anybody offers you energy healing. Especially when it’s supposedly free.

By opening up to energy healing, you’re allowing that healer access to your aura. With consequences that may last a while.

So, please, consider the source. And I mean the genuine source. As shows clearly in chakra databanks like the last one I’ve read for you today.

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  1. 1
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thank you for writing this, Rose.

  2. 2
    Olivia Swan says:

    I enjoyed reading this Rose, very interesting.

    And I really love that my spiritual integrity chakra databank lights up when I selflessly help others or show kindness!! Sweet!

  3. 3
    Goldie says:



  4. 4
    Goldie says:

    I suspected she was more than just using astral beings but that they where using her.

  5. 5
    Goldie says:

    My experience with Christie Marie Sheldon is why when Rose asked me in my first session with her about deferring to a higher intelligence.

    My response was -paraphrasing here- “External intelligence no.” (Meaning to me Christie’s spirit guides and angels) no! Definitely not!

  6. 6
    Goldie says:

    It seemed very important to express to Rose that I have been deferring to my own internal intelligence.

    (Meaning to me my natural intuition.) It may have seemed like nit picking at the time but it was very important to me to make the distinction. Now I understand why!

  7. 7
    Goldie says:

    I knew instinctively that CMS was taken over by astral beings but I didn’t know it, know it… ya know?

    If you listen to The Feeling Pain… reading you will hear Rose touched on this a few times in the reading, when she read an underlying sense of disgust in my data banks.

  8. 8
    Goldie says:

    It is so so true the thought of letting astral beings in to my energy truly disgusts me to my core.

  9. 9
    Goldie says:

    I spent more than an hour in an Unskilled Empath Merg with this woman! ??‍♀️

    I half wonder if because I was in an unskilled empath merge with CMS in the slice time Roses took a hologram of, is it possible that the parts of the reading (and you can hear in my responses) that I could not relate to what Rose was seeing. Was Imported Stuff…

  10. 10
    Goldie says:

    Because few times I had a very confusing feeling like I was being called out on someone else’s crap…

    One example: The part about “Down into the earth” that is actually part of CMS’s meditation prep before you begin block removal, but I could never get the jist of it I always felt like I failed in that part of CMS’s meditation.

  11. 11
    Goldie says:

    So my uneducated hypothesis is that the “Down into the earth part was Imported STUFF stuck in my aura from CMS.

    Is that possible???

  12. 12

    Thanks so much for your comments, ISABELLA, OLIVIA, and GOLDIE.

    Regarding Comments #9-11, I really discourage people (myself included) from speculating on theories like these. For one thing, when we feel things it is generally with our conscious minds. By contrast, reading chakra databanks reveals what is going on — with feelings, thoughts, and energies — at a subconscious level. And our conscious minds aren’t reliable sources for subconscious info — we can’t get there as cleanly as by simply using skills of energetic literacy.

  13. 13

    And I’d also discourage any of us empaths to start thinking about when we were — or weren’t — involved in unskilled empath merges.

    Far more productive? Put attention on learning empath skills, for a very short amount of time every day — and, of course, keep all Technique Time to 20 daily minutes or less.

  14. 14
    Living on Earth says:

    This reminds me of the 40 Day Prosperity Plan I did years ago. Provided by John Randolph Price in his pocket size book titled ” The Abundance Book”.

    It was basically the reader meditating on certain affirmations listed in the book for 40 days.

  15. 15
    Living on Earth says:

    Being green to all the energy talk and Law of Attraction type “healing”, it was interesting and promising back then.

  16. 16
    Edward Grant says:

    Thank you Rose! Every aura reading post you write on your blog reinforces how much your aura reading skills are needed in the world and the need for me and others to learn RES skills of aura reading fluently.

  17. 17
    Living on Earth says:

    After learning so much from Rose and many RES sessions, I’ve gained a much stronger and clearer sense of self.

    Now looking back, I cringe when I read the ideas proposed in similar books. They tend to direct their readers to give all of their power away to “random spirits”.

  18. 18
    Living on Earth says:

    This surrendering act leaves them even more disconnected from their own human life and from the things they can actually say/do in the objective reality to get the financial gain they seek.

  19. 19
    Living on Earth says:

    RES is the only system where I became aware of my own Self Authority and the power of my human self here on Earth.

    As always thank you sooo much Rose for shedding light to these type of healings out there, in return helping us to use our discernment and be a smart consumer. Thank you thank you thank you!

  20. 20
    Brittany says:

    Wow! So grateful for energetic literacy! Thanks, Rose.

  21. 21
    Graham says:

    Super interesting!

    These comments are also reminding me of Rose’s recent post about Power versus Obedience.

  22. 22
    Goldie says:

    Re: #12 & #13 Understood ❤️

  23. 23
    Graham says:

    Back when I too was very influenced by New Age Law of Attraction thinking, it appealed to me because I didn’t care whether I was dealing with God or ‘spirits,’ I just assumed that anything I couldn’t see was ‘higher,’ and that the best, highest thing I could do was to ‘surrender.’ Ugh!

  24. 24
    Graham says:

    So glad I know better now!

  25. 25

    GRAHAM, GOLDIE, and other Blog-Buddies, regarding that Comment #23, isn’t it ironic? I’ve been there too, so eager to search and surrender to what isn’t human!

    So avidly seeking the meaning of my life!

  26. 26

    And all along, disgusted with being human. Unwilling to care about my human life. Euwww, I’m glad that’s history! It does make life better to co-create with God, and use skills that work to make human life better. Still, the emphasis in RES is always about being human.

    Can any of you Blog-Buddies remember when you realized that living your human life… IS the purpose of having your human life?

  27. 27
    Jenny says:

    My first session with Rose, I was worried about finding out my “purpose in life.”

  28. 28
    Jenny says:

    Rose, as she always does, eloquently shared that just living now IS the purpose.

    I tried to believe and integrate that knowledge, but my human life still felt awful. I had a profound healing centerpiece that session, which brought me back time and again.

  29. 29
    Jenny says:

    After reading “The New Strong” and gaining Empath Empowerment (through the book series and online workshops), I started enjoying my human life.

  30. 30
    Jenny says:

    I don’t remember the timeframe exactly, but sticking to 20 minutes technique time per day and staying consistent with RES healing sessions are tantamount to my success at enjoying and valuing my human life.

  31. 31
    Graham says:

    I don’t recall any precise moment when I realised that the purpose of my life was to live it.

  32. 32
    Graham says:

    I remember something more like a slow dawning, a gradual realisation, and I seem to remember it began with reading some blog posts on this topic here – or rather, I had come across the ‘concept’ that life had no particular purpose before finding RES, and I had no problem with that, but I was still thoroughly convinced that I had a particular vocation – if only I could figure out what it was!!

  33. 33
    Graham says:

    It was RES sessions and blog posts that helped me drop those unhelpful notions…

  34. 34
    Lisa says:

    She has a flashy website because she knows how to market.

    It’s a skill like anything else.

  35. 35
    Lisa says:

    I had a session with her years ago and she and the entities she used, were able to go down and validate a lot of things that have happened in my life and why I’m in the current state that I was at the time and why certain things were happening (some Karma).


  36. 36
    Lisa says:

    I’ve been reading through these blogs on and off for years, and I just wonder if you have to be in a healthful state energetically in order to affect people positively.

  37. 37
    Lisa says:

    I’ve had healings with others, them validating certain things..applying healing.

    I dont know, but I do question it.

  38. 38
    Lisa says:

    Maybe her entities were just playing around? For what purpose?

    Why did they know so many things associated with my life path then?

  39. 39
    Lisa says:

    Was the healing effective?

    I don’t just question her, but all healers really.

  40. 40

    LISA, I’m so glad you’ve found RES because I offer a true alternative to working with spirits. To learn more, go up to the ABOUT section and read articles there.

    Many people who comment at this blog have been in your same boat. They stopped doing psychic development, Law of Attraction, and types of energy healing that have caused confusion more than results.

  41. 41

    Regarding your question in Comment #36, it certainly isn’t true of Rosetree Energy Spirituality that you have to be in a “healthful state” to benefit from personal sessions.

    I had to read that comment of yours a couple of times because to be the idea is absolutely preposterous. Like going to a dentist and all the fillings that you’re given fall out, and supposedly it’s your fault — because your teeth weren’t perfect enough to begin with. A competent dentist can drill out cavities and give you fillings that last, right?

  42. 42
    Truth says:

    Rose, what if you are making all these comments because you are in competition with Christie. She is taking your business away?

    In life there are multiple solutions for everything.

  43. 43

    TRUTH, you and I have something in common, even though you’re disagreeing with my right to pursue my own ideas at my personal blog.

    What do we have in common? Both of us, evidently, care about the truth.

  44. 44

    Taking each of your three ideas in turn, TRUTH:

    I don’t find myself to be in competition with Christie. She has her clients and I have mine.

  45. 45

    Likewise, she is not taking business away from me.

    However, Energy Spirituality is not just “a business.” I provide a service, plus educational opportunities for people who are interested. And, personally, I am interested in the truth about personal growth.

  46. 46

    Also I care about that the truth that shows in auras, once people have essential energetic literacy. (Requiring a minimum of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.)

    This article follows up “Purposely Feeling Emotional Pain.” Where Sheldon’s technique brought consequences that were quite opposite to what was promised. That’s worth noticing, seems to me.

  47. 47

    And so I followed up by researching the truth about Sheldon’s aura.

    If you’re a seeker of truth, you might wish to develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy for yourself, too.

  48. 48

    As for your final point in Comment #42, “multiple solutions for everything”?

    If you have low standards, sure. I happen to believe that some techniques for personal growth work better than others. And live accordingly. (And teach accordingly). You’re entitled to believe in “whatever,” but — fair warning — you’ll get to live the consequences.

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