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New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth + My 3-19 Newsletter

New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth

New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth. Find out what’s special about the RES booth this time around!

New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth. What’s new? And what’s exciting?

Also, scroll down to Comment #3, below. You’ll see how I’m sandwiching in my usual Newsletter Announcement for “Reading Life Deeper.” (Want to subscribe? Find instructions toward the end of my last — and more typical — Newsletter Announcement.)

For years, Pathways Magazine has sponsored a semi-annual Natural Living Expo? Also, for years, there’s been an RES Booth and Workshop. Well, it’s happening again this April 7.

So what’s new about that? And seriously? What qualifies as exciting? Here’s what:

#1. New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth. Free Book Offer

Maybe you’ve heard of my how-to with 10 Secrets for Success & Prosperity. 

Just to encourage you, here’s how our special book freebie will work:

  1. First of all, please stop by the Expo booth called “Age of Awakening with Rose Rosetree.”
  2. Sample RES — maybe for the first time? Maybe to learn more than you know so far? (Because there’s a lot to explore. Four different facets of RES, right?)
  3. Maybe you’d even like to get a 10-minute aura reading with an RES Practitioner or Apprentice. Afterward, you’ll receive your complimentary copy of “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.
  4. Might I suggest? Schedule your reading early in the day. We keep good track of appointments. And that way, you’re sure to get an appointment.
  5. Also, sample the ground-breaking books I’ve published. What if you purchase one or more? That’s another way to receive a a free copy of that power-packed book — so different from Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks and the like.
  6. Just one free book per person, of course. Available only while supplies last.
  7. About that free book, did you know? I worked on it for 3 1/2 years. It’s loaded with practical ways to help with personal growth, spiritual awakening and, yes, definitely ways to help you to make more money. This book review can give you a fine preview.

#2. New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth. Brand New Expo Workshop

New RES Practitioner LEO WATTS

LEO WATTS, the newest RES Practitioner

For starters, we’ve got a new lead speaker at the Pathways Workshop: New RES Practitioner LEO WATTS. And, again, RES Apprentice GABRIELLE will be introducing him.

Such treats in themselves! 🙂 Plus, there’s a whole new topic:

$$$ Make More Money $$$ Aura Readings

Might I suggest, grab a front-row seat for this talk at 11:30 a.m. It’s in the largest of the workshop rooms — can’t miss it.

Here are the main points about this first-time ever Expo Workshop:

  • Can you live with purpose so that you also make more money?
  • Cut through the clutter of “Supposed to’s.”
  • Learn how to become more successful financially… by discovering the role of your soul in making work choices.
  • Sample aura readings are included in this lecture-demonstration.

Did you know? These Expo Workshops are the only short presentations now given under my auspices. All the more reason to come and hear LEO and GABRIELLE.

Otherwise, I still continue to give in-person workshops; they’re a weekend commitment. (And one of these days I’ll upload the detailed descriptions. Meanwhile, here’s a summary of the five new RES workshops that you’re invited to take in 2019.)

#3. New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth. Updated Choices for Aura Readings

One more advancement, Blog-Buddies! I’ve redesigned the types of aura readings to choose from at the booth.

You’ll see.

Let’s keep that part mysterious for now. 🙂

#4. And One Thing that Hasn’t Changed

Our RES Age of Awakening Booth is generously staffed. (Perhaps the most generously staffed at the Expo. Except for the huge number of Pathways employees and volunteers. They do a terrific job of running the Expo.)

Why will you find so many helpful folks standing by? So that they can answer your questions. All of the booth helpers have loads of knowledge about the Really Effective Skills of RES.

Several are RES Experts. And several happen to have crossed the threshold into Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

So they can answer your questions. As well as helping you to make a reading appointment. Or browse the books. Or buy some of them.

Have you been to this Expo before? Have you stopped by my booth? Then you know it’s the perfect place to introduce friends to RES. Go ahead, show it off! And the booth is also a sweet environment for learning, perhaps, about aspects of RES you haven’t yet explored.

Nobody staffing this booth is going to push you. Instead, these magnificent people are at your service.

Have Fun at this Expo!

For an overview, check out this link.

Or watch this video. (I appear a couple of times toward the end. Look for lots of hand gestures. And note, this was filmed maybe a decade ago, back in my silver-haired era.)

Here’s your link to get a discount off the modest price of admission.

The Expo location in Hyattsville, Maryland, is cozy, with loads of free parking. Want driving directions? Easy!

And definitely feel free to comment here with any questions. Or descriptions of your past experiences of my Pathways Expo booth.

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  1. 1
    Emily Turner says:

    Yay! Here’s to more people finding out about Really Effective Skills!!

    I’ve only attended one expo before but if you can go, make the effort! It’s a great opportunity to meet some awesome people and ask questions in person.

  2. 2
    Brittany says:

    Sounds like a great event. I wish I could come. Good luck everyone involved!

  3. 3

    Funnily enough, there’s one other type of post that I do like clockwork. Besides the semi-annual Pathways post… can you get what else?

  4. 4

    ANSWER: The monthly newsletter announcement for “Reading Life Deeper.”

    Partly that serves as a reminder to sign up, helping you newbies to subscribe. Partly it’s a comment-holder, since the newsletter itself doesn’t include any means for commenting. And you Blog-Buddies often have great things to add.

  5. 5

    Well, it’s been busy here. So busy that I haven’t gotten around to making the separate Newsletter Announcement. And since that newsletter will be going out soon, let’s have fun this time.

    I’ll note… in a comment here… when that newsletter arrives. Signaling THIS post as a place to comment about the newsletter, as well. Shaking things up just enough to keep this blog lively!

  6. 6

    Yes, today you’ve received your copy of “Reading Life Deeper.” (At least if you signed up for it. We never send spam. Ugh!)

    Should you have comments or questions, go for it… by using the COMMENT BOX below.

  7. 7
    Dancer says:

    I really, really enjoyed this month’s newsletter, especially the section on excuses. It’s a complex topic and I gained some clarity from it. Lots to think about.

    Thank you for the newsletters! 🌷🌷

  8. 8

    Big, huge thanks to everyone who made the RES booth at the Expo such a success! Practitioner LEO, Apprentice GABRIELLE, Apprentice GAVIN, Amazingly Effective (though not surprising to me, just amazingly effective) KYLIE and CHARLES.

    Thank you so much for helping to bring RES to new people, and doing it so powerfully, so open-heartedly.

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    Thank you Rose!

    It’s the least I can do to give something back to a healing modality that has changed my life permanently in amazing ways, and to help other people find RES.

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