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First Full RES 2019 Workshop Description Goes Live Today

First Full RES 2019 Workshop Description

First Full RES 2019 Workshop Description. For your benefit, which one did I choose to start with? And why?

First Full RES 2019 Workshop Description. Now that the first full description’s complete, the rest will come into life quicker. Blog-Buddies, I’m so grateful that today I can announce to you….

A detailed description of one of my new workshops: Spot Liars, Cheaters, and Saints.

Okay, you’d guessed by now. But still, hooray!

Since Now We’ve Got a Full RES 2019 Workshop Description

Here. Online. NOW.

Which means what? Just last night I got an email from an eager workshop participant. JOE was puzzled. “How do I sign up?” He asked.

Definitely a good question! Because all I’ve provided so far has been an omnibus blog post describing all my five RES in-person workshops this year.

Good as far as it goes, but not as good as the detailed descriptions I’m used to providing for you every year.

Now we’ve got the first one. The newbie. #1 of 5 starts with a cute and clickable button right here, under the category of RES Energy READING Workshops.

Looks cute as a button. Because it IS a button.

  • Immediately it will take you to a detailed introduction to Spot Liars, Cheaters and Saints. 
  • And, from there, to a page with more practical details.
  • Including, if you like, a REGISTRATION button.

That First Full RES 2019 Workshop Description Is Pretty Complete

However, it does have one limitation. Typical for website pages: No opportunity to comment or ask questions!

For that, we have today’s post. Haha!

Spot Liars, Cheaters, and Saints Workshop

Spot Liars, Cheaters, and Saints Workshop. Learn more about my most advanced aura reading workshop ever.

Maybe You’re Wondering, Why Start with a June Workshop?

Because the first one, Creative You!, starts in little over a month.

Right. I know that.

But here’s the thing. That RES-style creativity workshop has no prerequisites. This one does. Making it, IMHO…

The Most Advanced RES Workshop Yet in Aura Reading

Yes, there are a few prerequisites. But there’s the beauty of it all. You can learn to become an Aura Detective, gaining precision skills for accurately spotting certain kinds of people.

The kinds of people that all of us want to be able to discern.

So, go forward, intrepid aura readers. Read all about that scrumptious new workshop. And get started soon in completing the Free Intro, then Aura Reading 101, and the Aura Reading 102.

Meanwhile, Questions Anyone?

I’m here for you. What would you like to know about this leading-edge workshop?

In signing off from today’s post, I’ll just mention. This how-to book about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. Check out some of those chapters and that will give you a fine (though diluted) preview.

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