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Jordan Peele Face Reading. Contest Winner!

Jordan Peele Face Reading. So much talent is squooshed into that adorable face. Read all about it!

Jordan Peele Face Reading. Let’s explore what makes his face such a perfect expression of his soul.

(True for us all. Except that all of us are not equally funny.)

First Winner of Our Smile Bringer Contest

Contest nomination came courtesy of EMILY TURNER. Then ISABELLA CATES seconded it.

And so why did I choose this for the first of three contest winners? Because I wanted to explore a man of firsts.

Not first to have a face. (But you knew that. Still, did you know about Jordan Peele’s remarkable first?)

Peele wrote the screenplay for a wildly creative social thriller, Get Out. Thereby becoming the first African American to win the Best Original Screenplay Oscar.

He also directed the film, which was made in just 23 days. Yes, you read that right.

And Jordan Peele was nominated for an Oscar for directing, too.

What about his face helps us to appreciate Jordan Peele’s talent?

Before We Start this Face Reading

Let’s be very clear: Physiognomy (or face reading) has nothing to do with expression reading.

With the excellent, spirited contest nominations… I wasn’t sure that all of you knew that. Several of you Blog-Buddies pointed out how nominees had interesting expressions.

If you’d like to learn what face reading IS, in contrast to what it isn’t, hey! I’ve got a couple of resources for you.

“The NEW Power of Face Reading” will give you a solid foundation. While its unusual way of using illustrations may make you smile.

For more advanced, and different face reading, check out Read People Deeper“.

Finally, this description of RES Face Reading Sessions can preview for you… How much depth comes with a dedicated personal session devoted to your physical face. Consider that gift to your self-esteem!

And, of course, I recommend that — while reading what follows here — you pull out a small hand mirror. Check out your own face.

Here I’ll describe five important items of face data on Jordan Peele. Why not see if you have any of them, too? If so, the meaning is the same. Which photo will we use for today’s fun? This fine Jordan Peele Photo.

Jordan Peele Face Reading #1. Imagination’s Peak

How to See It

Imagination’s Peak is a certain hairline shape. Like the letter V!

The Corresponding Talent

Exceptional imagination!

And, yes, examples for Jordan Peele include the movie he wrote. “Get Out” birthed a whole new genre combining horror movie, social satire, and comedy. Also, I have a hunch he had to use considerable imagination to direct that movie, on a low budget, in less than a month.

And the Potential Challenge

This possible challenge involves feeling discouraged that other people won’t like your creations. Or understand them.

Did you know that Jordan Peele stopped writing the script for “Get Out” about 20 times???????

Jordan Peele Face Reading #2. Nose Length

How to See It

Check out Nose Length by comparing it to other proportions on a face. That’s when you’ll discern that Jordan has VERY Short Nose Length.

The Corresponding Talent

Working harder than most people manage to do.

And the Potential Challenge

Being taken for granted by others? Having others belittling his accomplishments? Maybe having them think, “He just works hard and that’s no big deal.”

Jordan Peele Face Reading #3. High Right Ear

How to See It

Fortunately this photo shows Mr. Peele’s face on the level. That’s essential for seeing this face data accurately.

Now, cross over to see the right ear. As if shaking hands. Because only his right ear has High Ear Position.

See the ear top sticking up, past his eyebrow?

Seems to me, Jordan Peele’s left eyebrow is barely, barely in the category. Thus, it’s not worth reading. By contrast, his right ear definitely qualifies as a high ear.

The Corresponding Talent

Jordan Peele is fast on the uptake. Ahead of his time. Understanding things long before most others do.

Note: Since this is a RIGHT High Ear, what’s the context? What I’ve just described applies to his career, not his personal life.

And the Potential Challenge

Self-doubt? Being ahead of his time?

Jordan Peele Face Reading #4. Cheek Emphasis: Close Set

How to See It

Look at Jordan Peele’s cheeks. They have an emphasis, a fullest part. And it’s close to his nose. Not in the middle. And not out to the side.

Therefore, he qualifies as having Close-Set Cheeks.

The Corresponding Talent

Performing beautifully when under pressure. Rising to that occasion. (Such as the crazy-short shooting time for the movie he directed.)

And the Potential Challenge

Putting himself in situations where it will be a crunch? And then he’ll prove his amazing ability to perform under pressure. However, is this good for anyone’s physical health? Nope.

Talent or no talent, nope.

Jordan Peele Face Reading #5. Fancy Upper Lip Face Data

How to See It

Jordan Peele has a Natural Lip Liner. It’s on his upper lip, only.

See that fleshy line that isn’t lip-colored but still quite visible?

The Corresponding Talent

Communicating about people’s feelings and thoughts — for instance, their hidden fears!

That’s an exceptional kind of eloquence to have.

If you’d like a fun project for today, helping you to explore the Power of Face Reading…

  1. Pause to take a good look at every face you see today.
  2. Whether in person or on a photo or in streaming entertainment
  3. Zoom in on Upper Lip Definition
  4. Will you find Natural Lipliner?
  5. By all means, report back here by using the COMMENTS Box.

If a single one of you sees a single person with this face data, I’ll be very surprised. At least, a person other than Jordan Peele.

And the Potential Challenge

Making people uncomfortable because of what he chooses to communicate?

In Conclusion

What kind of humor would you expect from Jordan Peele?

Edgy content. Irreverent observations. And not just clever twists on the jokes that others have made

Between the high degree of imagination + the perceptive communication + seeing things before others do…

Note that all this involves a highly focused talent for finding humor.

But making it stand out in the tough field of comedy? To become an extraordinary achiever in that ultra-competitive field?

It sure helps that he works hard and always comes through under pressure.

Yes, faces can fit together like that. And none of that about his horoscope or his numerology or even his aura. If you use a quality system of face reading, you can get really good insights. Accurate knowledge! And get good at this really fast!

You know, I definitely recommend Face Reading Secrets® as a way to start exploring deeper perception. That’s what I did, before developing my energetic literacy skills.

Blog-Buddies, please share what has impressed you the most about Jordan Peele’s work. (His work so far. Because surely more great accomplishments are coming.)

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  1. 1
    Brittany says:

    I feel compelled to watch “Get Out.” I’d like to try on high ears for a week or two, just to see what it’s like being so quick to understand things.

    Kudos to him for seemingly embracing that high right ear. Thanks for the reading, Rose!

  2. 2
    Olivia Swan says:

    I’m also inspired to watch “Get Out”. I want to see what this talented artist has created!

    How wonderful to have a face that perfectly expresses one’s soul.

  3. 3

    And the wonder of it, OLIVIA, is that we all do. Every adult’s face clearly and perfectly expresses that person’s soul.

    As we evolve, our faces change.

  4. 4

    Speaking of how faces change over time, corresponding to how we inwardly change, BRITTANY I checked my own ear position after reading your Comment #1.

    Thought I’d make a comment about my own High Ear Position.

  5. 5

    Except, ha ha! I’ve changed, both inwardly and facially.

    Back in the day, I also had my right ear quite definitely High Ear Position, and my left ear just barely in that category. But now, some 40 years after I used to read that face data, guess what? Right ear is in Average Ear Position (on the high side) while my left ear has achieved Low Ear Position. As for the significance of what I have now, it totally rings true.

  6. 6

    For face reading purposes, Blog-Buddies, might I suggest?

    Take a mug shot on the level each New Year’s Day — or whichever important date you choose. Then have your friendly photographer also check out your right profile and left profile. Great basis for your own comparison face readings over the decades! Hey, I’m going to start doing that. At 90 I may well admire how I look as a kid of 71. Haha.

  7. 7
    Emily Turner says:

    Yay thanks for this Rose!

  8. 8
    Emily Turner says:

    I know expression reading isn’t face reading, but I do love when people have such a a wide range of facial expressions, it’s like another skill!

    I also think then it can make it hard to pay attention to the actual face data when they have such a range, because I tend to just pay attention to the expressions. So it’s great to drill down into what face reading actually tells us about them instead!

  9. 9
    Emily Turner says:

    And by ‘them’ I mean, the person.

  10. 10
    Emily Turner says:

    I really like the name Imagination’s Peak for that piece of face data!

  11. 11

    Wonderful comments here, EMILY. Thank you.

    And here’s a remarkable coincidence, EMILY and other Blog-Buddies. Jordan Peele has just come out with a new movie, “Us.” Before you go, it might be good to check out the scariness factor.

  12. 12
    Kylie says:

    Thanks for this very interesting reading. I admired Mr. Peele before, now even more.

  13. 13
    Kylie says:

    I’m excited to start watching for some of these facial features.

    I have a short nose–I understand that challenge.

  14. 14
    Kylie says:

    My ears are set decidedly low. It was very helpful for me when I learned about that from a face reading with you, that I need time to deliberate.

    It is ok to say, “I need time to think about that. Can I get back to you tomorrow?

  15. 15
    Liane says:

    This was so interesting! My first read-through I compared every feature to my own. I have close-set cheeks in common with Jordon Peele, and a smaller imagination peek.

    Second time through I concentrated on what these signify for Jordon, his chosen path, his personality. His face tells a unique and intriguing story. Now to watch Get Out!

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