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Forging Steel. 3 Tips for Gaining More Power

Forging Steel.

Forging Steel. Three tips for personal empowerment during these troubled times.

Probably you don’t do this at home. Since forging steel requires quite a bit of equipment. For thousands of years it’s been made, beginning with the crucible process.

Even today, there’s nothing casual about making steel. If you think the process is easy, I’ve got two words for you: blast furnace.

Yet all that work proves worthwhile. Because there is nothing else quite like steel. Probably it’s the most important material in the world for engineering and construction, due to its exceptional strength and durability.

Forging a Different Kind of Steel

Now let’s talk YOU. For starters, have your first months of 2019 been peachy keen? Like tasting some lovely new flavor of ice cream?

Maybe not.

Many of my RES clients have been going through difficulties.

Sure, I’ve been able to help them. But something different has been happening lately. Never before, when working with clients, has the emphasis for so many people been so clear.

They’ve received invitations, as it were. Invitations to do one complicated-but-possible thing: gain more personal power.

Let’s Be Clear

In general, RES clients are tough. They think for themselves. When necessary, they’ve developed staying power, grit.

Only here’s the problem: The times in which we’re living demand new strength.

Why do I think so? Just what I’m going to share in this article. Also I aim to give you the benefit of three what-to-do’s. They just might help. Especially if you, too, have been going through tough times. Times that demand greater toughness from you — the human equivalent of turning iron ore and miscellaneous bits of scrap… into steel.

Forging Steel During Transitional Years of The Age of Awakening

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know about the Shift into The Age of Awakening. And probably you’ve read my empowering how-to, “The New Strong.” And/or you’ve taken my online workshops on The New Strong.

Largely, the problems you face occur because most people haven’t followed your example. They have no clue what’s going on, with our amazing new vibrational freedom.

Consequently, they’re not functioning well with objective reality and/or subjective reality. Because doing nothing about that new vibrational freedom practically guarantees certain problems. Quite unintentionally:

  1. Folks in Spiritual Addiction are squandering their new vibrational freedom by relinquishing their human power. Living in a candy-coated, astral-flavored fantasy land.
  2. Folks in Spiritual Shutdown are abusing their new vibrational freedom by hunkering down into objective reality. Despising human sensitivity and vulnerability. Losing their human curiosity; turning tribal in their adamant loyalties and beliefs.
  3. Folks in Extreme Spiritual Addiction are surrendering their new vibrational freedom to make one energetically-compromising choice after another. Perhaps seeking more fame, power, and/or spiritual specialness. Or adamantly insisting that life deliver something impossible and, when that doesn’t magically happen, losing their grip on reality… until a change happens within them, a bit akin to the Faustian bargains described in a Christian context.

Once in Extreme Spiritual Addiction, people lose charge of their own lives. Instead, they gain an astral form of strength. It comes from taking orders from the particular group of astral beings — who wind up running them. Subsequently they may appear strong. But, aurically, they operate more like puppets.

Yes, I probably have just put things more plainly than previously. Because many of you have gained energetic literacy by now. So the truth of all this is evident to you.

We Need Extra Strength Why? To Deal with All the Human Casualties

Adjusting to The Age of Awakening is hard. Especially if people don’t even know it began on 12/21/12. And it ain’t going away. Mostly, that’s a good thing, provided that we adjust.

Once we humans sort this out, the potential is magnificent. For example, in The Age of Awakening, millions of people living right now can move into Enlightenment. After Enlightenment, and even before, our personal growth and spiritual awakening can accelerate greatly.

But many of the people around you have no idea of the different consciousness dynamics that prevail now. For example,  most public figures today are badly messed up. So messed up that they don’t have a clue how messed up they are.

In terms of famous people whose actions and auric modeling may confuse you:

  • Witness the “beautiful people” nominated for Academy Awards. How well are they doing, regarding their level of consciousness?
  • Also, what a holy mess is happening with today’s influential politicians. As always, they appeal to voters with a similar level of consciousness. Only now in America we’ve got maybe 40% of the population living in Spiritual Addiction. And 45% in Spiritual Shutdown. And 5% in Extreme Spiritual Addiction. (Yes, those are my current stats, in 2019.) With 10% living either in Human-Based Spirituality or The New Strong or Enlightenment.

So which states of consciousness do these politicians have? Witness yesterday’s short aura readings of key American politicians: Comments #2900-2921. Not a pretty picture, is it?

A Timely Example, Inspiring Steel Forging for Many Americans

For example, yesterday I researched Attorney General Barr, reporting on his Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Later that day, he “masterfully” repudiated precedent. Rather than authorizing the Mueller Report to go next to Congress for evaluation and summary, no no! He took it upon himself to give the nation his summary. Quite likely a distorted version of the truth, attempting to suppress the truth of what Mueller found. Maybe even an outright lie.

You might wonder, where did Barr get the nerve to do something so outrageous? What gave him the “strength”? Entities. Entities running him. Discarnate beings control all the people in Extreme Spiritual Addiction, using them like puppets. Consequently, a person like Barr or Trump may seem extremely masterful, but it’s an illusion.

Fact is, humans have sovereignty over all life forms on earth. It breaks a spiritual law to influence human beings, for instance, in the manner of Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Eventually we can expect these opportunistic entities to pay quite a price, karmically. Likewise, eventually the truth will out about the Mueller Report.

Meanwhile, it takes human strength to deal with the temporary triumphs of people who aren’t functioning well humanly.

Human strength often is lacking in plenty of non-famous people as well — the “little people” like me and you, the folks we encounter in everyday life. Since, just like the A-list actors and politicians, most are struggling to use their new vibrational freedom. Most of them aren’t doing well, regarding their consciousness lifestyle.

Why does that cause problems for you and me? Because we must deal with them at home or at work or in friendships.

What do we need? The human equivalent of steel. Well, here come three ways to get it.

Forging Steel Tip #1. Use Discernment

When with other people, don’t assume they’re in good shape. Maybe they’ve been to the gym. And maybe the ladies have “starved themselves to near-perfection.” (Credit the late novelist Tom Wolfe for that commentary on the Anorexic Ideal.)

Although they may look good, don’t assume they’re making contact with reality.

From your side, keep bringing the conversation back to objective reality:

  • Facts
  • Figures
  • What to do’s
  • What a person actually said

In contrast to what? Subjective reality, such as:

  • Interpretations
  • The language of pop psychology
  • What a person “obviously meant”
  • “His problem is….”

Steer clear of responding to subjective reality. Instead, choose to steer the conversation back to shared objective reality. Whew, quite some difference!

Sure, consistently doing that takes strength. But in using your human strength, you’ll increase it.

Forging Steel Tip #2. Solve Problems Through Actions in Objective Reality

Please don’t go all “Love and Light.” That’s so typical of the New Age Years, 1980 until the Shift into The Age of Awakening.

Instead, support your love and light with your POWER. It’s time. Learn skills that help. Because conflicts often happen because there’s some new human-type skill that it’s time for you to learn.

First, find out what’s needed. Then learn that skill. So annoying, I know! But worthwhile anyway.

What if you feel lost? Like you have no idea where the skill gap is! Might I suggest a personal session of RES Energy READING or RES Energy HEALING?

Also, this year I’m giving new workshops that are all about helping you to solve problems in objective reality. (Thereby forging steel.)

  1. The Creative You! Workshop. Helping you to solve problems that limit your creativity. May 4-5, 2019.
  2. The Spot Liars, Cheaters, and Saints Workshop. Awakening a practical, and much-needed discernment. As in Tip #2, offered today. June 29-30, 2019.
  3. The Your Sacred Body Workshop. So far, the biggest enrollment for my 2019 workshops. Understandably, since this workshop aims to help you to improve the inescapable relationship with your physical self. July 27-28, 2019.
  4. The Socially Savvy Empaths & HSPs Workshop. August 10-11, 2019. This one aims to fill in gaps regarding social skills. Gaps that are all too common for highly sensitive persons. Such a different approach than you’ll find in mainstream offerings to “help HSPs cope because (supposedly) they’re so gosh-darned defective.” Ergggg!
  5. Finally, the Spiritual Clarity on Your Enlightenment Path Workshop. September 14-15, 2019. Help for solving tricky problems if you’re seeking Enlightenment. And likewise, helping you to solve the different tricky problems if you’ve already crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.

Practical note: What if you’re interested in reserving one of the limited spaces for these one-time offerings as an in-person workshop? Until I learn more human-type skills called “LearnDash” and “WordPress,” the usual shopping cart buttons aren’t available yet. So, for now, just send an email to Workshop Manager Mitch, Then he’ll help you to register.

Forging Steel Tip #3. Live the New Strong

Probably this resource is right in your home, your personal copy of “The New Strong.” If not, please get it. Then read it.

And if you’ve read this how-to a while back, please, read it again. Because the knowledge and strategies in that book are apparently way ahead of their time. Collective consciousness doesn’t yet support retaining the information. Thus, many really smart clients have lost what they once understood. (Common example: Completely forgetting what’s in the key chapter called, “Reinsert Yourself into Reality.” And for this skill, a near-miss is as good as a mile.)

It’s hilarious in a way. I’m used to having my books imitated within a small number of years. But that hasn’t happened yet with this book for “Stop Fixing Yourself and Actually ACCELERATE Your Personal Growth.”

Just one example of what I’m used to with my other books: After I published the first how-to for empaths in the English language, “Empowered by Empathy,” what happened? Later I published the four much-improved books to replace it, with “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days” as the first book in the series.

Meanwhile, so many other empath books appeared. Check out the 1,000 books for empaths now being sold now at Amazon. Or, if you’re reallllly strong of stomach, check out how many people are using the name of my trademarked system, Empath Empowerment®. Only they’re blithely offering imitations under that name. (Evidently, lacking the ability to even think of an original name for their imitations. How sad is that?)

By contrast, when it comes to knowledge about the biggest shift to consciousness that has happened on earth? Probably the closest you’ll come is the idea that “vibrations on earth are rising.” That being how New Agers completely misinterpret the Shift into The Age of Awakening. IMHO, so many ideas about “The Aquarian New Age” completely miss the point.

See what I mean by waiting for other writers and spiritual teachers to get a clue that we’re out of the Age of Faith? And into something decidedly not New Age? Instead, we wind up with highly acclaimed New Age healers like Christie Marie Sheldon and medical medium Anthony William.

Nonetheless, You Can Still Live the New Strong

Just don’t wait for people around you to do it. Be a leader in your community. Share some of the ideas with friends who are receptive. Otherwise, go it alone.

Because living The New Strong can help you to forge steel. Under the pressure of these politically tumultuous times. And despite the human casualties around you, with so many people exploring life with distorted consciousness. (For now, at least)

Dare to be you. Dare to live The New Strong. Solve problems and triumph.

As a nice side effect, your auric modeling and stand-up actions can help to bring truth into this world.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Thanks for this very clearly written post. I love your metaphor of forging steel. I also especially like this part: “Instead, support your love and light with your POWER. It’s time. Learn skills that help. Because conflicts often happen because there’s some new human-type skill that it’s time for you to learn.”

    Yes it is annoying! But so true.

  2. 2
    Diana says:

    I second Kylie on this-the metaphor is amazing, and I didn’t even know how many human-type skills I lacked until recently, i’m so grateful to learn these skills and better my life.

  3. 3
    Zaybe says:

    I agree – great post! And very timely.

    I have been experimenting with using my power in ways that are new to me – saying things and doing things to get what I want. It feels like starting to play with a new toy!

  4. 4
    Brittany says:

    It’s been quite daunting at times, engaging with others whose consciousness is at a different level than my own.

    What a helpful post. Thanks for reminding us all to forge ahead. It’s worth it!

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    Thank you for this well timed post.

    This line got my full attention: “Collective consciousness doesn’t yet support retaining the information.” Looks like I will be reading The New Strong again, starting today.

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    I thought it was a weakness that I wasn’t able to retain the information, reassuring to know otherwise.

    I do know this…
    Each time I read The New Strong, or any other Rose Rosetree book, I learn at a deeper level what I thought I already knew; or I learn something new altogether.

  7. 7
    Liane says:

    Having survived a few figurative blast furnaces, I know deep down that thanks to all things RES I’m better prepared and equipped to navigate my life.

  8. 8
    Emily Turner says:

    Thanks Rose for this timely reminder.

  9. 9
    Bob says:

    Great topic and metaphor!

    Nerd alert: steel, particularly Viking swords made from steel, is one of my special interests.

  10. 10
    Bob says:

    There are two processes to the art of making steel that can apply to your metaphor: the removal of impurities and what I call the “put-in” phase.

    Both of these phases are critical to the quality of the final product and both are heavily dependent on human skill and practice in objective reality.

  11. 11
    Bob says:

    To remove impurities in steel, the iron ore needs to be heated to the point that the impurities, or “slag”, are removed from the raw iron. What is left is raw iron and depending on what is put into this iron determines the quality the steel will become.

    This could metaphorically describe the removal of “stuff” and the appropriate “put in” during an RES healing session.

  12. 12
    Bob says:

    Damascus steel is my favorite steel.

    It was ahead of its time; it was created during the Iron Age.

  13. 13
    Bob says:

    For centuries Damascus Steel was the rarest and strongest steel forged on earth.

    The original method to create it has been lost to history. However, surviving swords have been atomically studied.

  14. 14
    Bob says:

    The results of those studies disclosed that the specific “put in” created a sword that was superplastic and hard at the same time, thus making it nearly impossible to break or fracture on a molecular level.

    The only way to produce such superplastic steel is under significant heat, so the “put in” ingredients must be able to withstand or exceed the temperatures that the iron endures during the process.

  15. 15
    Bob says:

    Today, Damascus steel is replicated and perhaps the modern versions are stronger than the original; however, it wouldn’t be possible without the ingenious creations of ancient blacksmith alchemists of yore.

  16. 16
    Bob says:

    I see RES as a type of modern Damascus steel. Ahead of its time and created during the Age of Faith.

    And the strength and quality of its results are unquestionable and unparalleled.

  17. 17
    Bob says:

    RES practitioners and clients are forged in the trying fires of Earth School and their decisions are rooted in integrity and truth, thus making them more flexible and stronger than most people.

    The “put in” that RES delivers helps us endure hardships past most people’s breaking points. Rose, I believe that unlike Damascus steel, RES skills and techniques will not be lost to time thanks in large part to your books and website.

  18. 18

    Fascinating, Bob. Thank you.

    Regarding your Comment #17, and the last paragraph, from your lips to God’s ears!

  19. 19
    Living on Earth says:

    Bob… wow the nerd in me is so enjoying all your comments. Thank you!

    I’ll always remember the visual you provided in your comparison to the ” removal of STUFF” and the appropriate “put-in” in both processes. Just brilliant.

  20. 20
    Brittany says:

    I love this metaphor. Great comments!

  21. 21
    Living on Earth says:

    Rose thank you for the reminder! I love going back and reading the knowledge you provide with a beginner’s curiosity and open mind.

    I either learn something new, or the knowledge really settles in my conscious awareness.

  22. 22
    Angie says:

    So true ! We are barely in 2019 and yet my personal strength has already been put to the test in quite the manner.

    And I heard similar tales from family and siblings.

  23. 23
    Angie says:

    It feels like time is running out for some of the “stuff” out there and it knows so, acting out stronger and pushing us, forcing us to be more ourselves and to have stronger positions on our core values.

  24. 24
    Angie says:

    And indeed, the more you play nice, the worse it seems to get.

    As if an invitation to really speak out and affirm who we really are. Spot on Rose ! As always.

  25. 25
    Jean says:

    Thank you Rose for this way helpful post.

    Yes indeed quite timely!

  26. 26
    Jean says:

    After reading this – including all the great comments – am feeling better about….me.

    Such an apt metaphor…the forging…

  27. 27
    Lindsey says:

    Thank you Rose for this mentoring post! Love the extra clarity I gained! I love the steel metaphor as well, especially Bob’s intelligent contribution with fascinating historical information about Damascus Steel. Nice!

    Also, I am looking forward to some more RES workshops. 🙂

  28. 28
    Jayman says:

    Great metaphor 🙂

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Last night I couldn’t stop reading an article about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Years ago, I read his aura for my newsletter and found him highly unusual, barely human, but still human. (Aura readers, you might wish to check out this Bezos photo from 2010.)

    More recently, he’s moved into Extreme Spiritual Addiction. (Here’s a photo, in case you’re in the mood for researching him. Perhaps you’d rather take my word for it.)

  31. 31

    Anyway, there I am, reading about the horrific ways that Amazon is helping but mostly hurting businesses. Fabulously detailed, powerfully written New Yorker profile!

    And I come upon the following statement:

  32. 32

    “It was like Jeff had been abducted by aliens and replaced,” according to somebody who knew Bezos well.

    Well yes, essentially yes. More like reduced to 2% — super minority shareholder in his aura — and inhabited by a large group of astral entities. Still, this is the first description I’ve seen in the media, other than, say my recent article for Pathways Magazine, detailing Trump’s version of extreme spiritual addiction.

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