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Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review

Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review.

Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review. This comparison aura reading includes a performance that’s both scary and hilarious

Jean Dujardin Aura Reading TV Review. You may know him from his Oscar-winning role in “The Artist.” But how about his role as a crazed chewer of raw rabbits? An actor gone gonzo after playing a role in a survivalist French film (akin to Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Revenant.”)

Just last night I was watching Dujardin on the incredibly entertaining Netflix show, “Call My Agent.” After the episode, my husband Mitch reminded me that the guy in the filthy, stinky, survivalist garb was Jean Dujardin.

Yes, THE Jean Dujardin. Also known as the French answer to George Clooney. Dujardin starred in “The Artist.” Remember that black-and-white movie from 2012? Creatively shot as a silent film. A movie loaded with Jean’s great dancing! A movie I enjoyed so much, I saw it twice, twice!!

As for this morning, my plan was to do my second Aura Reading TV Review. Preparing to select the star for today, such a delightful shock….

You see, ISABELLA CATES had nominated this very actor in her Comments #18-21. Ha, I’d forgotten all about his nomination. Over here, at our ongoing blog post for adding your ideas about actors I might research. Like a contest with open-ended entry!

But enough about me and today’s fun synchronicity. On to what you’re going to get, Blog-Buddies….

First of All, Why Do Aura Reading TV Reviews?

Because auras change constantly, depending on how we’re living. Thus, the interesting question for TV lovers: What happens to an actor’s aura while playing a role?

Often, nothing changes at all. Or very little changes. And I mean, changes at a subconscious and astral level — which happens to be where auras can change constantly.

On the surface nobody can tell. Acting is show business. For a good performance, the actor’s changes must show on the surface of life.

But how about deeper, when you’re reading the full details? Inside info that shows to somebody using good skills at energetic literacy. Yum, that’s where things really get interesting.

Does the actor change all the way down to his aura? Especially, that subconscious level of “chakra databanks”?

Inquiring minds can develop deeper perception skills. Since I’ve done that, I can give you a detailed comparison aura reading to tell you all the juicy details. So here’s background on the roles the actor aims to inhabit.

Next, What’s the Plot for Today’s Aura Reading TV Review?

To begin, here’s some good backstory about aura reading. Noteworthy: to me this is a form of energetic literacy, that’s all! Quite different from what you’ve probably encountered so far about auras. The Really Effective Skills of RES are altogether different from psychic readings, energy readings, or chakra readings.

Today, I’ll be using the only trademarked system in America for energetic literacy, Aura Reading through ALL Your Senses®.

Merrily moving through different aura parts, we’ll compare one chakra databank at a time, within the Sam Rockwell’s aura.

Maybe you’re wondering. Is it possible to read the actor’s aura from regular pictures? Definitely. When you’ve got skills, every photo is an aura photo.

Final Prep — The Different Roles I’ll Research for You

Jean Dujardin playing The Artist

Here’s a still showing his role in that fabulous movie. Note that it’s black and white! (Not relevant for aura reading, because energetic literacy isn’t about colors. Not aura colors. Nor photograph colors.) But it’s a rare treat to see a photo or film shot that way.

In an interview, Dujardin described the role like this: “Valentin is the silent Hollywood idol who thinks he’s too big for the new fad called ‘talkies’. He is effortlessly charismatic.” Unlike himself, he claimed. 😉

Hmmm, we’ll see.

Jean Dujardin playing a Crazed Actor

Even within the same episode of “Call Your Agent,” the actor has to show tremendous range. During much of the episode, he’s unable to separate himself from his survivalist role. Which is where this picture comes in. And that’s the persona I’ll research for you here.

Although later in that episode, he cleans up remarkably. Delicious transformation! In a sense, it brings hope to us all.

Jean Dujardin playing himself.

Click on this link to see the aura photo  that I’ll use for the actor. It’s a picture from 2017.

Aura Reading TV Review. Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Physical Reality

Jean Dujardin playing The Artist

Symbolic Size: Normal range, 29 feet.
What strikes me is how athletic he is, very much a dancer. Also, this character’s presence suggests he’s quite full of himself, and stubborn to boot.

Jean Dujardin playing a Crazed Actor

Symbolic Size: Extremely over-functioning, out to the moon.

The actor lives in his dreamworld — Where he is a happy hero, capable of living at one with nature.

Incidentally, I’ve read auras of people who really are one with nature. This is not the same thing. The character has convinced himself that he lives at one with nature. And he’s totally convinced himself. But, of course, that doesn’t make it true.

Jean Dujardin as Himself

Symbolic Size: Slightly over-functioning, at 80 feet.

Such a ham! In this picture he’s “playing himself” before an audience. And he loves all the attention.

In Dujardin’s role as an A-lister, he’s got:

  • Both amazing skills for acting
  • Exceptional imagination and resourcefulness
  • And a degree of talent that never lets him down… while acting

For him, at the time of this photograph, Jean Dujardin could be the poster boy for dharma. He’s doing the kind of work that lights him up, energizes him, and provides deep fulfillment.

Each of us has dharma for different aspects of living, including work life. We can even research it in this elegant way.

Of course, most of us won’t become rich-&-famous for doing our dharma. We’ll just evolve extra fast. And be of greatest service to others. (Not too shabby.)

Aura Change Points:

2 out of 2 possible points. And wow!

Aura Reading TV Review. Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Jean Dujardin playing The Artist

Symbolic Size: Totally fills the room.

Astounding charisma. Like if he actually walked into the room, you’d notice. Regardless of how crowded the room.

And you’d start responding to him as if he were gently caressing your face. Fulfilling your tremendous spontaneous desire for him to touch you, please-please-please.

Jean Dujardin playing a Crazed Actor

Symbolic Size: Nearly shut down, only 1 inch.

What need has he for sex? This chakra databank reminds me of how Freud characterized children. Calling them “polymorphous perverse.

Or, to put this more in the language of RES, joyful verging on ecstatic. Not needing sexual activity in order to have full-body enjoyment of life. Thus, no sex appeal needed!

Three-year-olds don’t have it. Why would he?

Jean Dujardin as Himself

Symbolic Size: Moderate functioning, 30 feet.

For Jean Dujardin, sex appeal isn’t for show. I know he’s an actor, but bear with me as I try to describe what I’m finding here.

Like, he’s got plenty of sex appeal. But ordinarily he doesn’t push it on people. Instead, he saves his sexiness for a relationship that matters to him.

What a rare way to live for an actor. Such a great role model, at a time when weird notions of sexiness dominate our culture. (One of many motivators for my upcoming workshop on Your Sacred Body.)

Aura Change Points:

2 out of 2 points. Just superb!

Aura Reading TV Review. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using My Power

Jean Dujardin playing The Artist

Symbolic Size: Also within normal range, 29 feet.

Like a traditional man, old school, this character takes care of things. He solves problems. You can depend upon him to stand up and fix things.

As for the more common doubts around using personal power? (Such as I often help clients to overcome!) Valentin doesn’t have even a smidgen of hesitation. Of course, he’ll do what needs to be done.

Jean Dujardin playing a Crazed Actor

Symbolic Size: Nearly shut down, 1 inch.

Here’s an incredibly creative choice by the real actor, constructing this role.

In his crazed state, the movie star feels powerless, stuck, totally lost. No wonder he remains stuck in his smelly illusion. As if terrified to step outside it!

Imagine trading the bliss of his illusion with living as a post-post-modern man, rather than a back-to-nature hero!

Jean Dujardin as Himself

Symbolic size: Somewhat over-functioning, 90 feet

Without acting pushy, Dujardin has power in reserve. If somebody tries to step on his toes, Dujardin will move nimbly.

Using power isn’t a struggle for him. This chakra databank suggests a quiet confidence, well founded.

Aura Change Points:

2 out of 2. Such creativity in the roles he has masterfully constructed!

Aura Reading TV Review. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Jean Dujardin playing The Artist

Symbolic Size: Nearly completely shut down, just 2 inches.

Secretly ambitious, and I mean wildly ambitious (even for a professional actor)! He’ll say anything to get what he wants.

  • Not in a cruel way.
  • Not in a sneaky way.
  • Nope, in the way of people who live for their fame. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get more.

Jean Dujardin playing a Crazed Actor

Symbolic Size: Totally shut down at the time, 1/8 inch.

Verbal integrity can’t exist when you’re refusing to make contact with reality.

In theory, this makes sense. But what I’ve just described for you isn’t some theory. It’s his way of being shut down, the quality of the character’s chakra databank for telling the truth.

Jean Dujardin as Himself

Symbolic Size: Somewhat over-functioning, 80 feet.

This Throat Chakra databank suggests a passion for truth, and also great curiosity about truth when playing different characters.

As an acute observer of human beings, evidently Jean Dujardin has great flexibility at taking on a character, then speaking truth… given who that character really is.

Aura Change Points:

2 out of 2. Once again, so impressive!

In Conclusion

Winning 10 out of a possible 10 Aura Change Points, Jean Dujardin has inspired me. How about you?


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  1. 1
    Isabella Cates says:

    Awesome, Rose! Later on in the series, Jean re-emerges as one of the guests at an agency party. That’s when I really saw his star power, and said, “Wait, is that really the same guy???”

    He’s very talented!

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Very inspiring! I haven’t seen him in anything yet.

    I love your description of him as ” doing the kind of work that lights him up, energizes him, and provides deep fulfillment.”

  3. 3
    Leo Watts says:

    What a fun reading!

    When I opened the picture of Jean as The Artist, I smiled, as I found that photo alone highly entertaining!

  4. 4
    Emily Turner says:

    Wow! I started watching Call my agent last night after I read this! Can’t wait until I reach the episodes he is in.

  5. 5
    Angie says:

    Like Jean Dujardin. He had a wide range indeed, and the craziest is that he started out as a comic gig (and the image stuck to him for a long time, even though it gave him his breakthrough and I think at one point it kinda got in the way of anything else – like a serious role – coming to him).

    Very nice to see the guy has raw talent, when read out 😉

  6. 6
    Liane Sewell says:

    Amazing aura research! The complexities of each separate charactor seems so natural to Jean Dujardin.

    I especially like that he, the actor, ‘… saves his sexiness for a relationship that matters to him.’ Refreshing.

  7. 7
    Liane Sewell says:

    Every once in a while, and this is one of those times, I’m struck by the sheer volume of information available to anyone who cares to learn how to research auras. Or read faces.

    There’s so much more to discover than first impressions or passing judgements. Everyone has a deeper story.

  8. 8

    LIANE, I’m very moved by what you’ve written here. Isn’t it interesting? In your past, or mine, there might have been times when we prayed for “a sign.” Then we’d wait. And wait.

    Now with skills of energetic literacy… And/or face reading… We can find information whenever we seek it. (Assuming that we’ve still got some Technique Time left for the day. 😉 )

  9. 9
    Liane says:

    Laughing. I’ve prayed for many a sign. Having aura reading skills is much better!

    And face reading is a whole lot more interesting than looking for a sign…. unless the sign is on a face : )

  10. 10
    Erica says:

    What a lovely reading!

    Jean Dujardin is also excellent in the OSS 117 movies – French spy comedy, something between James Bond and Austin Powers 😀

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