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Face Reading Betty White. Childlike Joy!

Betty White Face Reading

Betty White Face Reading. So many decades as a TV star, so much fascinating face data!

Betty White Face Reading. Today we’ve got a seriously challenging task: To use physiognomy to solve a mystery. What about the ridiculously popular actress’s face… reveals her ability to evoke childlike joy.

Do you remember BECKY’S contest entry for our Smile Bringers Contest? I think she had it exactly right. When nominating, BECKY wrote:

I’d like to nominate Betty White, the actress.

She just seems to have such a childlike joy about her. Always makes me smile.

First of All, How Have YOU Reacted to Betty White?

Has she stood out for you? American Blog-Buddies, please comment below to share your impressions of her. And Blog-Buddies everywhere, please share your reaction to the phenom that Betty White has become in her eighties.

Here’s my story. Back in the 1960’s I watched a lot of television. Betty White did a lot of quiz shows during that decade. 

By the 70s, she appeared on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

And always, always, she made me feel happy. There was just something about her. Looking back, this actress always had a singular appeal. Really, the younger I was, the more I felt it. Yet I’ve always been susceptible to this performer’s… childlike joy.

Second, Background. Helping You to Make Sense of this Face Reading

Face reading means discerning truth about people through thoughtful interpretation of facial characteristics. It’s a 5,000-year-old art. Personally, I specialize in using the system of Face Reading Secrets®.

Here’s an introductory face reading video I’ve made about it. (Consider that I made it just for you. 🙂 )

How can you learn this way to help you understand people better, communicate better?

Finally, this description of RES Face Reading Sessions can preview for you… Preview how many different ways a personal face reading session can bring a smile to your face. And help with self-esteem, career success, and more.

Which photo will I use to celebrate Betty White? This one, from her early days in television.

And, of course, I recommend that you pull out a small hand mirror. Check out your own face.

As I describe five important items of face data, see if you have any of them. If you do, the meaning is the same.

Also, please be sure to read the conclusion of today’s face reading. It’s unusual.

And Speaking of Unusual

Finding a good face reading photo of Betty White –how hard do you think it was? Pretty impossible! At least doing this in a reasonable amount of time.

Granted, she’s been a TV star for 80 years.

How come? She’s such a ham. Check her out on Google Images.

Always smiling. And I mean, always.

Also, tilting her face inventively. So creative! So coy!

Even this photo of her when celebrating her 97th birthday. Take a good look: She’s smiling.

You may know, the best photo for a face reading isn’t smiling. And isn’t tilted at an angle. So I did the best I could.

Definitely admiring Betty White’s spunk, her commitment to working as an entertainment. And yes,definitely  admiring her persistence at bringing joy.

Face Reading Betty White #1. VERY Big Dimples

How to Recognize this Face Data

In this case, I’m oversimplifying about the kind of dimple. (Yes, you can read about many varieties of dimple in “Read People Deeper.”)

But smiling distorts the face data, for learning about character. And as previously noted, Betty White always smiles for the camera. Usually a performer’s fake smile, of one variety or another. Nonetheless, it’s a dimple-popping smile.

So I’m simply asking you to take the skill you had learned by age five. If not before. Can you tell that Betty White has dimples?

It’s her biggest VERY.

Corresponding Talent

Doing a generic dimple reading, what’s the talent? Charming people. Making them smile. Maybe even making them laugh.

Blog-Buddies, take a good look at TV performers. And, to a lesser degree, movie performers. You’ll find a much higher rate of dimpled people than when simply walking down a city street.

Dimples give any performer an advantage. So no coincidence there.

Potential Challenge

Locking herself (or himself) into the role of a charmer?

Recent example of having this challenge? Consider the VERY dimpled movie star Matthew McConaughey. And his VERY panned latest movie, as reviewed in the Washington Post.

Face Reading Betty White #2. VERY Curved Chin Bottom

How to Recognize this Face Data

Look at the shape of the chin bottom. Is it like part of a circle?

Count that as curved.

Corresponding Talent

Making life choices based on how other people feel. Especially for somebody with a VERY version of this face data… consideration for others can be a defining characteristic.

Potential Challenge

Being very, very social? As in, inwardly empty unless people are around to make the chin owner feel alive?

Face Reading Betty White #3. Big Face

How to Recognize this Face Data

The person just has a larger, wider face than others. For the easiest way to recognize this, find a comparison photo of the person you’re curious about — that is, a photo with other people’s faces nearby.

For example, here’s Betty in a YouTube video from “Hot in Cleveland.” Scroll to about 1:15 and you’ll have a good view.

Corresponding Talent

Attention getting. Big time!

In life, it’s like having a big, colorful arrow pointing to the one with Big Face.

In an acting career, Big Face an enormous advantage.

Read more about Big Face here, if you’re curious.

Potential Challenge

Craving attention from others? Constantly needing to be the center of attention?  (Even if good at hiding this.)

Face Reading Betty White #4. Muscular Lip Texture

How to Recognize this Face Data

Developing an eye for lip texture does take some practice.

To get started, look at Betty White’s lips as if emphasizing how the photo shows you three dimensions.

Then check out muscle tone. You’ll see something separate from Lipfulness or Lip Proportions or the shape of each lip. Most lips don’t have much muscularity… so don’t expect to see this on yourself. But you can, with practice, recognize this face data on Betty White.

Corresponding Talent

Passion available when communicating. Selling the humor in a scene, for instance.

Potential Challenge

If the speaker with Muscular Lip Texture isn’t doing comedy, might that speaker appear strident? Or nasty? Or even vicious?

That potential arises because the extra communication oomph will emphasize the speaker’s intent.

Face Reading Betty White #5. Long Canine Tooth on the Right

How to Recognize this Face Data

First, look at the upper row of teeth.

Then cross over, as if shaking hands, so you can look at Ms. White’s teeth on the right.

Find that right front tooth. Go one over. (That’s some other kind of tooth? What kind? Ask a dentist, not me.)

Next over is the pointy one. And in Betty White’s mouth, it’s sticks out below the surrounding upper teeth. Interesting, huh?

Corresponding Talent

In career only, not personal life, there’s the strongest facial sign of aggression I know. As in, determination to succeed.

And hasn’t she! That Betty White keeps going, bless her heart.

Potential Challenge

The pushiness tends to be hidden. Whether in President Reagan or President Obama. My favorite example of a public figure with this face data is the actor Jimmy Stewart.

Maybe one of the most charming leading men ever. But in World War II, he served his country as a bomber. Not just a pilot, a bomber. (Have I thanked all you Vets lately. Serving one’s country has to be one of the very best ways to use aggression, IMHO.)

In Conclusion

In today’s face reading, I’ve learned a lot about Betty White. Hope you have, too.

Yet, as you may have noticed, I didn’t find childlike joy.

Why not? Faces don’t show that. Auras do. (Certain things are easiest to research with Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. Although other things are easiest to research with Face Reading Secrets. And still others show up with doing a Skilled Empath Merge. (Available only after a person has developed the other skills of Empath Empowerment®.) While other aspects of a person don’t show through any of these skill sets. One of so many reasons why this face reader often tells clients, “I know some things. Not everything.”

So don’t be surprised, BECKY and friends of BECKY, if I treat you to a follow up article for Reading Betty White Deeper. An article with a comparison aura reading.


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  1. 1
    Zaybe says:

    Thanks Rose, I always so enjoy reading your posts about face reading. Not being American, I had never heard of Betty White, but just looking at those photos of her on google images made me smile!

    I also have a ‘Big Face.’ I can’t wait for the aura reading too :).

  2. 2
    Brittany says:

    I’ll never look at my long k-9 the same again. Ha! 🙂

    Thanks for the reading, Rose.

  3. 3

    You’re welcome, ZAYBE and BRITTANY. I sure hope I get to see each of your faces in a workshop this year, even though both of you live a (cultural) world away.

  4. 4
    Brittany says:

    I’ll be at two workshops so far. Can’t wait!

  5. 5

    Hooray, BRITTANY. Bring your teeth… and all the rest of you. 🙂

  6. 6
    Erica says:

    I love Betty White! I used to watch Golden Girls with my grandparents a lot when I was a child and she was always so sweet and hilarious 🙂 And i loved that snickers ad – what a brilliant comedian she is 🙂

    Thanks for brightening my day with this reading of her lovely face, Rose!

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting reading, I am looking forward to an aura reading of her if you choose to do one.

    I also have a Curved Chin Bottom.

  8. 8
    Kylie says:

    Also, I’m looking forward to meeting you in the workshops, Brittany!

  9. 9

    Yowza, Blog-Buddies, in only 14 more comments we’ll cross over into 49,000!

  10. 10
    Brittany says:

    Aw thanks, Kylie.

    I can’t wait to meet you as well! I really appreciate the warm welcome.

  11. 11
    Diana says:

    Thank you Rose for doing this Face Reading of Betty White-it was so interesting and informative.

    I always look forward to reading these blog posts.

  12. 12
    Becky says:

    Thank you, Rose! So fascinating the layers of information that facial characteristics reveal about one’s gifts for a lifetime.

    It doesn’t appear that she has changed too much through the years, but I am clearly not a trained physiognomist!

  13. 13
    Becky says:

    That canine tooth isn’t nearly as long now, though.

  14. 14
    Becky says:

    I am so looking forward to yet another nuanced glimpse into the life and career of this Hollywood icon.

  15. 15

    BECKY, I appreciate your comments. You’re welcome.

    Regarding your Comment #13, I checked out the link you supplied. You’re right. Only I wouldn’t call that canine tooth less long. I’d call it altered by dentistry. (Also, technically, as a face reader, I find that there’s now nothing remarkable about Betty White’s teeth.)

  16. 16

    We can be reasonably sure that this actress has had a great deal of cosmetic surgery. That’s the main reason her face hasn’t changed.

    By contrast, if you look at faces of most British and French actors, they are far more likely to not artificially alter their faces significantly — making them stuck and stunted inside, compared to how they could evolve. Paying the price for vanity surgery!

  17. 17

    I did have a bit of a giggle when reading, in Comment #12, how you expressed a common (and untrue) idea about face data: “facial characteristics reveal about one’s gifts for a lifetime.”

    One of many reasons why I trademarked Face Reading Secrets® is that — unlike other systems of physiognomy — is to acknowledge and study how faces change over time. For instance, consider the different types of face reading that I make available. (Scroll down to the purple box for details.)

  18. 18
    Olivia Swan says:

    I enjoyed reading this post very much Rose!

    It never ceases to amaze me how different the outside of a person can appear compared to what’s going on inside!

  19. 19
    Liane says:

    Can’t wait for a Betty White aura reading! Seems to me the roles she chooses as an actress are almost always sweet but ditzy. Maybe she was type cast and those were the only roles available.

    Or, maybe she simply preferred working on the lighter side of a character. Her face reading doesn’t imply ditz, especially that long right canine tooth!

  20. 20
    Pat says:

    I like some of her acting, especially on the Golden Girls (one of my all time fav shows), but she’s never struck me as a super nice person in real life.

  21. 21
    Pat says:

    She’s always rubbed me as someone who knows how to acting charming and polite in public at all times like a true performer or a 1950’s lady.

  22. 22
    Pat says:

    Or an old Southern white woman with their particular sensitivity to social class laced with an air of *gasp* veiled racism because “that’s just the way things were for so long.”

  23. 23
    Pat says:

    For instance, there was a trend a few years ago when active duty service members asked celebrities to be their guest at their military balls.

    Every single celebrity said yes except Betty White. She said no to a young African American marine stationed in Southern California, and I was not surprised. And I wouldn’t be surprised if her aura reading isn’t childlike, either.

  24. 24

    PAT, I’ll admit I agree with your sentiments. Not to detract from Betty White’s talent and hard work as an entertainer. But aura reading reveals a lot more nuances.

    And it will especially be fun to compare the same chakra databanks, using younger and older photographs. Because, related to BECKY’S Comment #12, cosmetic surgery can hide facial changes. But nothing can hide auras — both the sweet… and the talented… and the qualities in this famous photo of Ms. White.

  25. 25

    PAT, I also thank you for posting our Comment #49,000 at this blog.

    Yes, Blog-Buddies, together we’ve passed another milestone. Thanks to one and all who have enlivened this blog with your comments.

  26. 26
    Pat says:

    Thanks, Rose. I must add that Bea Arthur was my favorite actress on the Golden Girls. I just admire Ms. Arthur and it’s been well documented that Betty and Bea were at odds.

    Bea Arthur was a Marine as well and Betty White’s seeming distaste for Marines leaves me with a bad impression of her.

  27. 27
    Brittany says:

    Bea Arthur is my favorite Golden Girls actress, too.

    What fascinates me about Betty White is how she has managed to stay relevant for so many years.

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