Deeper Perception Made Practical

Corrupted Enlightenment Coaches. What to Believe?

Corrupted Enlightenment Coaches.

Corrupted Enlightenment Coaches. In praise of discernment rather than blind trust.

Corrupted Enlightenment Coaches. Unfortunately some – not all! – Enlightenment teachers can lose their way, particularly Non-Duality teachers.

Today I begin a series of articles. Aiming to bring you consumer smarts for seeking Enlightenment.

First, Though, Perspective

Overall, sweet RES sessions are the norm. Helpful results, short term and also long term.

What’s the purpose of RES? To bring emotional and spiritual growth, using energy healing techniques that work now, in The Age of Awakening.

When I work with new clients, occasionally, what will that client request? Consumer perspective. Asking me to evaluate a growth practice that my client’s been doing. Such as a recent session I did for ANDY.

He asked for perspective. And he got it. Unexpected info! It shocked him, shook him.

Look, if you ask me about an Enlightenment Coach or other spiritual teacher, I’m going to tell you the truth as I know it. Simply put, consequences of any growth practice will show in a person’s aura. As it happens, I’ve spent decades researching such things. Using Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, not simply vibing people out. (Which is notoriously unreliable.)

Clients — ANDY included — usually welcome the truth. Let’s start here:

An Exception that Proves the Rule

Out of necessity, I’ve developed a Survival Policy:

Talk with me during your session. Only.

Between your sessions? I’m off limits.

Please do not tell me your story in emails. Or treat me like your new pen pal.

If you have a heart, or if you can count to 24 (meaning, total hours in my day), hello! You can understand. I need that policy to live in balance.

Consider, I’ve been helping people as a spiritual teacher, etc. since 1970. Not burned out yet. And not dead, either. A major reason why? That’s my Survival Policy. I need it in order to keep my balance as an Enlightenment Coach. Plus, all the other facets of RES.

So What’s the Exception?

As an exception, I am going to share what ANDY wrote me following his session. Granted, my first reaction was, sigh! Once again, I emailed back a warm-hearted new client; breaking the news of my Survival Policy. Later though, I told him I’d respond to what he wrote. Provided that I could do this at the blog. And if he’d give permission. (Which he did). You see, ANDY asked some excellent questions. What follows in this article and ones to follow are his questions, with a small amount of discreet editing.

Corrupted Enlightenment Coaches, Question #1. What to Believe?

I truly appreciate your honesty, and could feel a lot of compassion as well coming from you. It is clear to me that you are coming from a very authentic place. I appreciate you very much and hope you live a long life (selfishly)!

To be honest, I am still shell-shocked. And confused. And don’t know what to believe. There is also a lot that has happened in the past year that I haven’t had the time to explain to you.

Knowing what to believe NOW doesn’t have to depend on your past. It’s a present-time kind of empowerment. Whether evaluating an Enlightenment Coach or dance teacher or date, what to do? I recommend the following five tips.

Tip #1. Keep your sense of self. But let go of beliefs that might cloud your vision.

There’s a name for making choices that support you: Self-authority. That means, letting yourself be the authority in your life. Rather than somebody else.

Beware any belief system that becomes a security blanket. Like Yoga is good for everyone.” Or “A vegan diet will help me evolve.” Really?

Better to ask some good questions. (As ANDY has done, and you can too.) For instance, a productive question to ask might be, “Can this Enlightenment Coach really help ME?”

Tip #2. Discount how popular or famous that Enlightenment expert may be.

Ever notice? We live in a celebrity-vanity culture. “The size of the following matters. The degree of fame matters most. Only the best people become famous.”


Since the Shift into The Age of Awakening, 12-21-12, many celebrities and spiritual teachers have became corrupted. Energetically corrupted. I say that because their auras show either Spiritual Addiction, a strong astral influence, or Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

During the New Age Years, like millions of others, I became a fan of Louise Hay. Embarrassing or not, once I wrote her a letter. I loved “Heal Your Body” so much, I offered my services to record the tunes I made up for them. Just to help her other readers.

Haha. So true!!!! Squirmmmm. Especially since I don’t have the greatest voice in the world.

Anyway, what happened to Louise Hay’s aura in The Age of Awakening? She moved into Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Moreover, what about her top authors at Hay House? Over the years I’ve researched many of them for different clients. Or that ongoing free service, my  Enlightenment Life List.

So far, since 2013, every single Hay House author I’ve researched… Has been in Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

Yet, hello! Many of those authors and teachers are beloved. World famous! Including Enlightenment Coaches like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. Ever hear of them? 😉

How nice for them that they have this wealth-and-fame karma! Unfortunately, this hardly has kept them from becoming corrupted Enlightenment Coaches. Among countless casualties in these early years of The Age of Awakening!

Does that sadden you? Me, too. 

But many transitional times in history have produced terrible human tragedy. Now just happens to be one of those times.

Tip #3. Pay attention to what the person says and does.

Speech and actions — do they match up? If the Enlightenment Coach offers promises, do they really make sense to you? Or do those promises sound more like what you wish would happen… Like in a perfect world with rainbow colored fairies and flying horses.

Some of us do aspirational trusting of spiritual teachers. Kind of like aspirational shopping.

You know, aspirational shopping is where you see a cute pair of jeans. Yeah, they’re a bit tight. But if you would only lose 10 pounds, those jeans would fit perfectly.

Unfortunately, keeping those pants in your closet doesn’t help you to lose the 10 pounds!

So, what’s aspirational trusting of an Enlightenment Coach? With Traditional Enlightenment, the expert seems so blissful. So happy and positive always. Never once annoyed or petty….

It’s very human to want to be that way. Only that “perfection” is often a great big illusion.

Tip #4. Use dependable aura reading skills

In The Age of Awakening, human consciousness functions differently than before. Unlike back in the Age of Faith, now we’ve got a new vibrational freedom. Learning how to use this makes a huge difference for gaining Enlightenment. (And also for staying in Enlightenment.)

One of the advantages of living now is that everybody can develop today’s new kind of literacy: Energetic literacy!

In a later article, responding to another of ANDY’s questions, this topic will come up more. For now, I’ll just state the practical point: Use your Stage 3 Energetic Literacy to read an Enlightenment Coach’s aura. That way, you’ll learn the truth about who that person really is.

Especially for an Enlightenment Coach, insist on somebody whose aura is in really good shape.

Tip #5. Choose an Enlightenment Coach who can help you now, in The Age of Awakening

As a smart consumer of Enlightenment Coaching, you have the right to ask questions. Maybe not by sending pen-pal-type emails. But look at the expert’s website. Or books. Or maybe even, that person’s blog.

Concluding this answer to the first of ANDY’S excellent questions, what follows? I’ll share a rather poignant, personal illustration about the importance of understanding the Shift into this Age of Awakening. Fact is….

Gurus from BEFORE the Age of Awakening

Couldn’t Anticipate What We Have Now

It’s not about whether they were really in Enlightenment. The Great World Gurus were in Enlightenment. (At least, until they got corrupted by fame, wealth, and power.)

Living near the end of the Age of Faith, they had a sacred job to do. And they did it, best as they could. But they couldn’t imagine what it would be like, having the veil lifted. Here’s an example of being unable to anticipate what would happen. And where it gets personal, as part of my story.

As you know if you’ve read my teaching tale of spiritual awakening, I studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Then worked for him until 1986. First as one of his Initiators. Later, as one of his “Governors of the Age of Enlightenment.”

Yes, Maharishi predicted that a different time was coming. His name for this was the “Age of Enlightenment.” And he talked about it plenty.

Except, Maharishi Got It So Very Wrong.

I write that as somebody who literally spent a year at his feet, on courses. Plus, hearing — and kind of worshiping — his recorded lectures. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

Just one example — because the totality is a very long story — Maharishi taught that anybody in Enlightenment would soon progress… to spontaneously reading auras. (In his terminology language: Over time, Cosmic Consciousness would turn into God Consciousness. Automatic seeing auras!)

Has that Worked out for People in Enlightenment? (Enlightenment Coaches Included)

Nope. I’ve had friends in Enlightenment, including several Enlightenment Coaches and a highly influential Energy Healer. Guess what? They’d ask ME to use energetic literacy skills for them.

Like Rick Archer having me read his aura when he interviewed me about Enlightenment. (Hear and see this as part of our very long Buddha at the Gas Pump interview.)

Because whatever they had, it wasn’t Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. And I’ve been able to teach these essential aura reading skills to plenty of folks not in Enlightenment yet, either!

With three of my pals in Enlightenment, I offered to teach them how to read auras. Partly because I worried about their bliss-driven, old-time guru-encouraged, lack of discernment. Well, they refused. And now they’re all in Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Saying “I told them so” brings me the complete opposite of joy.

What Corrupted These Loving, Talented, Honest, Brilliant Spiritual Leaders?

Unwillingness to adapt to this Age of Awakening.

Not corrupted because they were bad people. Oh, they were very good people. I loved and had close friendships with them.

When we hung out, they asked me to read auras for them. Repeatedly. Always I said yes. But they never respected the skill enough to bother to learn for themselves. They didn’t learn about The Age of Awakening, either. Never believed a thing I said about that. Unlike ANDY, they insisted on staying put in their favorite beliefs. Quite sure about what to believe.

In my opinion, how much sense does it make to ignore the transitional time when we live? Especially for an Enlightenment teacher?

That’s like running a factory 10 years into the Industrial Revolution. And still thinking that new-fangled machines like the Spinning Jenny are a hoax. Also, that “assembly line” production isn’t soulful enough.

Ouch, Right?

Life on earth now… it’s about way more than ever-fancier mobile phones. Haven’t you noticed?

On a course with Maharishi, he had us sing a little song:

“This is the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. Life on earth will be happy and gay.”

Blog-Buddies, I’m very glad to live now. We’re in that different age, whatever we call it.

Living now, my personal life is enjoyable, although Enlightenment hasn’t removed all my problems. As for the work I do, it’s a great honor to serve as an Enlightenment Coach.

But I read the newspapers. Real ones: The Washington Post and sometimes the New York Times. Accordingly I’m not so sure about Maharishi’s prediction of “happy and gay.” Are you?

Please comment below. Or ask questions. Or share YOUR stories about how you have learned what to trust, what to believe.

From my side, I will be doing some follow-up posts. Aiming to do justice to ANDY’S other important questions on Enlightenment Coaching.

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  1. 1
    Dancer says:

    It seems so much easier to live as a lemming, following the socially accepted teachers and philosophies. Taking a look at what is being taught and by whom, and then questioning that takes courage. Observing that Earth is not flat. Bacteria-invisible things that can make you sick.

    It’s the equivalent going on now, with you, Rose, leading. Congratulations to you Andy for finding RES. It is groundbreaking and it makes the world, as it is now, make sense.

  2. 2
    Emily Turner says:

    Thank you for this important post Rose.

  3. 3
    Kylie Sparks says:

    Once upon a time I also loved so many of those enlightenment coaches. I read books by all of those new age authors, and before 2012 those books were so helpful and meaningful for me.

    But I’m so glad I found your work Rose, because things have changed so much. I like your example of the industrial age. It is sad to me when I see people taking up New Age practices now, knowing how very unhelpful and even actively harmful they are in this time.

  4. 4
    Kylie Sparks says:

    But your example of the spiritual teachers you knew who took advantage of free aura readings, but did not respect your teaching makes me feel better.

    People do have choices and many people who choose to ignore the changed energetic reality of life on earth do so even when presented with new information. Everybody who is on this earth today incarnated with the knowledge of the time they would be born into and chose to do it.

  5. 5
    Kylie Sparks says:

    Something that I understand much better than before, as a result of RES sessions, is that the purpose of life on earth is to evolve, and we can’t do it for anyone else.

    Doing things for other people, fixing other people, taking care of other people (once they are no longer children) is not helpful. Even if that person’s life experiment involves heading towards extreme spiritual addiction.

  6. 6
    Kylie Sparks says:

    You can present information, once, clearly and non-coercively but if someone doesn’t respect the information it’s time to move on. Focus on your own evolution.

  7. 7
    Diana says:

    Thank you for this post Rose and Kylie-wow! great comments.

    I agree with all you said and can relate.

  8. 8
    Living on Earth says:

    I love so many things about this post Rose. I can definitely see all the benefits of your Survival Policy.

    Before RES, I got very burned out as I didn’t have a similar policy in my private or work life. Now being able to use my self authority makes the whole difference in the quality of my day to day life.

  9. 9
    Living on Earth says:

    When you mentioned the books from the Hay House publication, I had to go double check if I still had any hidden ones around.

    And to my surprise some of the authors I was not aware are in fact part of that club. Sigh! Although I haven’t read those in years now.

  10. 10
    Living on Earth says:

    Also, I don’t refer to them any more, but I used to read similar books about listening to your body.

    The ones that specifically and in detail list what a particular pain in parts of the body actually means, and how you can fix it.

  11. 11
    Living on Earth says:

    Even though they’re not part of the Hay House club, I can see the similarity of such books with the practise of asking guidance from the spirit world.

    No more!

  12. 12
    Living on Earth says:

    Echoing everyone in the comments, especially agreeing with Kylie. RES helped me so much with respecting everyones journey.

    Particularly my own by honouring my path with more compassion and kindness towards myself.

  13. 13
    Living on Earth says:

    It’s really sad to see some of the names choosing to experiment with the Extreme Spiritual Addiction now. But free will is the name of the game here on Earth.

  14. 14

    Thanks so much for your inspiring comments, DANCER, KYLIE, DIANA, and LIVING ON EARTH. For those of you who read all the way through this article, you can see it took an unexpected direction.

    Many of you have been reading this blog for years. Have you ever before read a statement from me like, “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was WRONG” about something? I’m grateful to him for many things, and this goof is totally understandable… yet fascinating.

  15. 15

    Also, I’m curious… regardless of how long any of you have been reading my blog, or how often…

    Do you have any experiences to share where you once believed in a personal growth (or other) path. But something was a deal-breaker for you? Something just seemed wrong.

  16. 16

    Yes, once again, I invite you to share your stories (anonymously, if you like). Let me give you one example of such a story — courtesy of Gladys, a sweet client who was one of my first in RES. Like, back in 1986.

    For years Gladys had been a follower of the guru Sri Chinmoy. She meditated regularly. A beautiful idealist, she had high hopes for her spiritual evolution, as taught by this world guru.

  17. 17

    Then Gladys received a rather surprising letter. (All this happened before email.) First came congratulations, because she was approaching a major anniversary as a meditator.

    Was it 5 years? Or 10? I don’t recall. Still you get the idea.

  18. 18

    Now that Gladys was passing this milestone, she needed to know that more would be expected of her. Like regular visits to the guru’s ashram. Quite far away; I’m thinking upstate New York but, again, details blur.

    In addition, it was now expected/required that Gladys would begin to make regular, significant financial donations to help the Movement.

  19. 19

    None of this had been told to her originally, back when she first heard of Sri Chinmoy. And this wasn’t something new; the organization had worked that way all along. The more advanced obligations were simply kept secret.

    For Gladys, this new set of obligations disrupted her belief in the famous guru’s integrity. So that’s an example.

  20. 20

    We believe in a teacher based on what we know. Sometimes, however, secrets come to light later. Deal-breaker secrets, as happened to Gladys.

    Or sometimes we simply outgrow a teaching. (Which is what happened with me and Transcendental Meditation.) It’s a tender topic indeed, because some folks may stop believing but make no changes — perhaps due to fear of losing all their friends from that church or Movement or whatever. It does take courage to reconsider one’s beliefs from time to time, and be prepared to make changes if needed.

  21. 21
    Brittany says:

    I was raised in the Methodist church.

    I believed I needed to be “saved,” ask forgiveness for my “sins,” forgive everyone who wronged me, love everyone the way Jesus did, and the list goes on.

  22. 22
    Brittany says:

    Fear of hell was real. Real as me typing this now.

    After having children, I vacillated between introducing them to church or not. I introduced them to God at home. Basics like, He’s always there, always loves you, etc.

  23. 23
    Brittany says:

    I thought maybe they needed more, and shame on me if I didn’t follow the rules and take them to church!

    I chose a church because the pastor had children my age I went to school with.

  24. 24
    Brittany says:

    I understand the need to support church, but the constant talk about money finally got to me.

    Among other things: the cliques (at church!!!! Of all places, right?!), my kids crying when going to oh-so-fun children’s Bible study, and the lack of people I wanted to be around. This wasn’t helping me, my husband, or my children so I was done with organized religion.

  25. 25
    Brittany says:

    Then, I read the Bible on my own, found Joyce Meyer (because her teachings helped my mother in years past), followed her teachings for awhile (maybe a year).

    Her victim tale intrigued me, and I could relate to being desperate. While her books helped me a lot at one point, it wasn’t enough for me. I lacked SOMETHING. Oh, and I only felt “better” and closer to God short-term.

  26. 26
    Brittany says:

    Then, as I donated money, I started to get weekly mail OR MORE, requesting even more.

    I would give again.

  27. 27
    Brittany says:

    Then again…I really just thought it might stop.

    Ha! It didn’t, so I stopped! It’s been over 3 years and I still get at least 2 mailings a month requesting a donation.

  28. 28
    Brittany says:

    I stumbled upon RES during a google search about removing cords of attachment. I was ready to dive in head first to anything that would help me.

    I just knew there had to be something for me and something that made sense.

  29. 29
    Brittany says:

    Thankfully, after reading many, many, many, many webpages, what spoke to my heart, mind, and soul was Rose’s website.

    I scheduled an appointment for healing, and here I am today.

  30. 30
    Brittany says:

    I definitely outgrew going to Church and Protestant beliefs.

    I’m glad for the experience and great things I learned, but am so happy to be living The New Strong, and extra happy God granted me Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

  31. 31

    Wow, BRITTANY. Thank you so much for sharing this real, real story.

    Only, please, as in your Comment #23, no shame. You were trying your best to do right by your kids. And you kept on learning, no matter what. I was so moved by this story of yours, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you spoke for many Blog-Buddies here.

  32. 32
    Diana says:

    I discovered Sri Chinmoy many years ago-I went to a free meditation seminar in my city and after the meditation they took polaroids of each of us and said that I would assessed on whether or not i’d be a candidate for the guru-i never heard back!

    I’m glad you don’t operate like that Rose:)

  33. 33
    Diana says:

    I also once upon a time invested a lot of time and effort in chanting “nam myoho range kyo” with a local Soka Gakki International group and I just didn’t feel any better about myself, or see any miracles, as promised.

  34. 34
    Diana says:

    I put a lot of pressure on myself to be really good and fast at the chanting, learn the teachings-however I never came close to the level of getting the Gohonzon scroll that is offered from the approval of the community (which felt like a deal breaker for me and frustrating).

  35. 35
    Diana says:

    I also wasn’t thrilled when I was encouraged to chant for the SGI president Daisaku Ikeda in order to help strengthen him, I just wasn’t into all this so stopped.

  36. 36
    Liane says:

    Most of what Brittany said speaks for me as well, even down to the Joyce Meyer comments!

    Whew, looking back is a hoot.

  37. 37
    Liane says:

    It took a lot to get me to veer off the Evangelical beaten path, and, oddly enough, Eckhart Tolle was my first taste of New Age.

    No longer feeling the need to read his books, I keep them as a reminder of what came before RES. The turning point. That changed everything.

  38. 38
    Liane says:

    This post is rich with wisdom, as are the comments.

    Kylie, just wow.

  39. 39
    Becky says:

    Brittany, I also relate to the feelings of guilt about not taking my kids to church.

    Thank you, Rose, for putting it so well in comment #31.

  40. 40
    Sneha says:

    I am glad I found your blog and I loved the jeans example 😀 Congratulations for being nominated for Best personal development blog
    The voting lines are open now. We are partners in crime, I am also nominated under same category 🙂
    Sending love and good luck,
    Sneha Narayanan

  41. 41

    Thanks, Sneha. Sweet of you to reach out. However, I did a bit of research over here. And it appears to be closed for this year.

    However, love and good luck are never closed. So, again, thanks again for sending them to me. Also, I had a look at your blog — it’s inspiring.

  42. 42
    Jnana says:

    Looking at all the spiritual teachers out there, it seems to me no matter how high they soared, they inevitably all came crashing down in varying degress.

    Who has kept the integrity to the end? Only those who have lived in isolation of the world.

  43. 43
    Jnana says:

    I had to laugh when a teacher at BATGAP related how he would run after the Maharishi wherever he travelled to, to study with him.

    He said the spiritual was the only thing worth pursuing and I had to agree.

  44. 44
    Jnana says:

    His fall from Enlightenment into Extreme Spiritual Addiction is still sobering when I think of it .

  45. 45
    Jnana says:

    So was that of another spiritual teacher I’ve learned about through the internet, someone who not only understood the Upanishads (how is that even possible?), he was actually experiencing much of it!

    So far ahead in consciousness and yet still possible to come to grief.

  46. 46
    Jnana says:

    Learning about all this has cured me of the longing I felt when I walked past a temple and heard the chanting of mantras or caught sight of a monk resplendent in saffron robes entering a meditation hall.

    And healing has helped show me just how much of a nothing I am. Which is good because now I can start to learn something.

  47. 47
    Rose says:

    Golly, JNANA, I’m about to shake you by the shoulders. Wake up, woman! This is how you used to talk when we started doing sessions years ago. Seems like a mood caused you to do a bit of time travel backwards.

    Of course, I’m glad you spoke up here. Quite likely, you expressed what’s in the hearts of hundreds of our lurkers. Still, with the utmost respect and great affection for you, personally, I’m going to share my point of view in rebuttal of some of the more Age of Faith-ey points you’ve made.

  48. 48
    Rose says:

    Regarding your Comment #43, I don’t believe your current thinking –as I’ve come to know you — is usually that “the spiritual was the only thing worth pursuing.” You’ve greatly improved your quality of life because you’ve become willing to take an interest in your HUMAN life. With removal of a lot of STUFF, you’ve also removed a lot of contempt for mere mortals. And PUT-IN from those sessions of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING has empowered you to like people more. In innumerable ways, in recent years you’ve evolved so much faster on your path to Enlightenment.

    As for the two Enlightenment Coaches you referred to, you might want to reconsider language like “fall” and “come to grief.” Far as they’re concerned, they still believe they’re in Enlightenment. The slide into Extreme Spiritual Addiction was a matter of one choice after another, part of their educational experience. But they’re still beautiful souls and, beyond this lifetime, have an eternal future. Same could be said for alcoholics or potheads. It’s all education here at Earth School.

  49. 49
    Rose says:

    Regarding your Comment #42, did you mean to include me among the spiritual teachers when you wrote, “Only those who have lived in isolation of the world” avoided losing their integrity? You can go over to my Enlightenment Life List and find plenty of spiritual teachers in Enlightenment. Including ones who may not hold themselves out as “spiritual teachers” but still are — such as Tony Bennett, a man of heartfelt Protestant faith and widespread influence in his role as UVA Basketball Coach.

    As for the final sentence in Comment #46, almost unbelievable that you’d write this embrace of Traditional Enlightenment. What a load of hooey! JNANA, you’re a householder and, as such, you know plenty. Stop taking this trip down Memory Lane and wake up, woman!

  50. 50
    Becky says:

    I can relate to your experience with the Evangelicals, Liane, but it was the “Kryon” channelings that introduced me to the New Age.

    At that time, those books gave me hope about the prophesied end times.

  51. 51
    Becky says:

    I never really related to the “woo-woo” side of either movement; that I should turn my decisions over to Spirit or even God.

    As a matter of fact, it was the word “empowered” in the title of the first book of Rose’s that I purchased that intrigued me.

  52. 52
    N says:

    I still find discernment of teachers and teachings very difficult.

    Learning to trust myself and discern, which teachers to trust is something I’m working on. Your enlightenment list has helped me a lot though, Rose.

  53. 53
    Mr. Volunteer says:

    Regarding comments 40-41, voting is indeed open!

    This blog is listed under “Best Personal Development Blog”
    Fellow RES fans, here’s a chance for you to show your appreciation of Rose’s blog.

  54. 54
    Zaybe says:

    I was into all these New Age teachers too, back in the day.

    I used to really like Deepak Chopra and his ilk. But Becky’s comment #50 reminded me of a time when a friend told me about her latest discovery: listening to some talks that were called “Seth speaks.” I recall the two of us collapsing in giggles on the floor at the ridiculousness of it all. Some things were too way out even for me, an intrepid spiritual explorer.

  55. 55
    Zaybe says:

    I’m grateful to Rose for gently pointing out to me the importance of using my discernment rather than striding headlong into the latest exciting new discovery, ‘technique,’ or ‘healing’ that was on offer, without considering the source.

  56. 56
    Liane says:

    Thanks for the link, Mr Volunteer! I cast my vote.

  57. 57
    N. says:

    However, I’m sometimes confused how some people who meditate 1 hour or more a day, still manage to be in enlightenment.

    But maybe the point is simply that the could grow faster with less technique time?

  58. 58
    N. says:

    Apart from using your enlightenment list, I have simply looked at the actions of the teacher and his/her students – did I want to be like them? Often these teachers criticized other teachings, which made me afraid to leave and join a “wrong” teaching that would be harmful or ineffective.

    Therefore, I often stayed longer than was necessary, but eventually I trusted my intuition and logic and left.

  59. 59
    N. says:

    Another challenge is sometimes, for me, that the teachers have certain qualities that are well developed, which can lead me to believe that other areas are as developed – also called the ‘halo effect’ (

    But often they aren’t.

  60. 60

    Thanks to all you who have been commenting here.

    And voting thanks to LIANE (Comment #56) and MR. VOLUNTEER (Comment #53). And to all of you who wind up voting. I even made a little blog post about how to do it.

  61. 61
    ANDY says:

    Hi Rose, to be honest with you I’m still undecided on whether or not it is true that the teachers were stunting my spiritual progress as I’m still unsure on whose assessment is true.

    However even considering the very possibility of it has been eye opening for me and I’ve since realized that I was attached to these modalities and expected them to solve everything for me. Now I’m more interested in LIVING, whatever that means for me.

  62. 62

    N. Thank you for your latest comments here in a while. If you combine what you’ve been doing with what I suggested in this blog post, the one that preceded it, and the one that follows. That way you can have much more confidence in your personal and spiritual growth.

    Regarding your Comment #57, I urge you to read “The New Strong.” That might turn your perspective upside down. And into reality for all of us living in The Age of Awakening.

  63. 63

    Living sounds good, ANDY. 🙂

  64. 64
    Bob says:

    It is becoming more apparent to me that regardless if a person is in traditional or householder enlightenment, and regardless if they are neither in enlightenment nor a “spiritual teacher,”… they are still human.

  65. 65
    Bob says:

    I am not in enlightenment (yet! lol).

    However, I have friends and acquaintances in Householder Enlightenment, many in the RES community, and I have observed that regardless of their state of consciousness they are still capable of making mistakes.

  66. 66
    Bob says:

    Enlightenment does not magically dissolve a human’s karma.

    Enlightenment does not instantly make someone perfect and kind-to-all-humans. Someone in enlightenment does not mean that they are someone I should automatically and blindly trust.

  67. 67
    Bob says:

    Even Jesus, who I assume was very evolved, occasionally became angry and flipped tables!

    Yes, Jesus was a table-flipper… and he was ultimately still human.

  68. 68
    Bob says:

    What I’ve taken from the Age of Awakening is that it’s an age of consciousness chaos (Thank you Rose for bringing some order and skills!).

    It’s also an era when people are becoming more aware of their personal power and self-authority.

  69. 69
    Bob says:

    Depending on how that person decides to use and develop their personal power and self-authority in their objective human reality impacts the quality of their life.

    What I love about RES is that it is all about learning, developing and using the RES tools to support one’s human life – if they chose to do so.

  70. 70

    Wonderful comments here, BOB. Don’t be suspicious of this new Age of Awakening, though. Although, agreed, there is a great deal of chaos so far, these are only the transitional years.

    All you Blog-Buddies who know about The Age of Awakening can have a ripple effect by bringing up the topic with others as appropriate; maybe inviting your friends to take a look at this website page… or even check out “The New Strong.” When we use our new vibrational freedom wisely, no personal chaos!

  71. 71
    Zaybe says:

    Ref #67

    I just love the fact that Jesus became angry and flipped tables! I love it! I think that is so cool :).

  72. 72
    Zaybe says:

    Here in the UK there is a famous Christmas carol with these (awful) lyrics:
    “And through all his wondrous childhood,
    He would honour and obey,
    Love, and watch the lowly maiden
    In whose gentle arms he lay:
    Christian children all must be
    Mild, obedient, good as he.”

  73. 73
    Zaybe says:

    Well, that’s how I was raised – never to speak up, be mute, quiet, ‘seen but not heard’ etc etc.
    It was many years before I reflected, hang on a minute! Jesus flipped tables!! He wasn’t ‘mild and obedient’ at all!

    Thank GOODNESS 😉

  74. 74
    Zaybe says:

    One time at Christmas an American friend was visiting who loves singing and has sung in a choir for years. She belted out this new-to-her carol with no inhibitions (in true American style, lol) and when it came to that line (“Mild, obedient, good as he”) she burst out laughing – very loudly and noticed by the minister’s wife who scowled at her ha ha! It was hilarious!

    I loved it ;).

  75. 75
    N. says:

    Thanks, Rose. Yes, I’ve actually already read The New Strong when it came out (I have most of your books 🙂 ), but maybe it’s time for a re-read.

    I remember the point about doing max. 20 minutes of technique time, though.

  76. 76
    N. says:

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing two videoes from two other teachers, who talk about how certain entities can affect us.

    I like that more people are talking about this issues – it makes the problem more real to me. Video #1. And video #2.

  77. 77

    Thanks, N. I’m glad these other teachers inspire you.

    Also I’m glad you’re going back to thoughtfully reread “The New Strong.” Here’s a hint of what you’ll find: 20 Daily Min. of Technique Time, Tops — that isn’t just a little “point” but rather the culmination of a detailed, systematic, well researched instruction manual into thriving now.

  78. 78

    You did impress me with your Comment #57. If any of these folks who meditate 1 hour or more a day… are public figures or even Enlightenment Coaches, by all means, please nominate them for my Enlightenment Life List. I’m curious. Could be they’re no longer in Enlightenment.

    Also, N., I am very glad you brought up the Halo Effect. Definitely one of Earth School’s Illusions!

  79. 79
    Bob says:

    Great story, Zaybe. I too share your appreciation for Jesus’ human moments.

    Although, He might have been mild mannered when putting His hair down and His feet up whilst celebrating the Sabbath.

  80. 80
    N says:

    Right, 20 minutes is just so little 🙂

    It feels so limited what I can do to evolve if it is only 20 minutes. But of course if it speeds up the process.

  81. 81
    N says:

    The teachers I refer to are actually already on your list – Jeddah Mali who I’ve heard say that more than one hour isn’t beneficial for householders (thereby implying that an hour is fine), Linda Clair says she meditates a couple of hours most days unless she is travelling.

  82. 82
    N says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the type of meditation?

  83. 83
    Rose says:

    N, you seem to be playing a sort of game — surveying a variety of Enlightenment Coaches and then putting together your own questions and comparisons.

    Might this Enlightenment Coach suggest? You are wasting your time.

  84. 84
    Rose says:

    If you wish to study, go and study — properly study — with Linda Clair… or with any of those you just mentioned. Would you please do that already?

    With all respect to your drive to gain Enlightenment, you have never given me the impression that you have studied with me. So choose a path for yourself, please. And stop shopping around and making your own comparisons, like who meditates more time than others. Most mortals who are serious about gaining Enlightenment have the humility to choose a teacher and learn something. Do you?

  85. 85
    N says:

    My intention is to find the truth, or come as close as I can. To do that, I listen to different teachers to learn what they teach – this could be you, Jeddah Mali, Linda Clair etc.

    I also hold their teachings up against my own reasoning and logic.

  86. 86
    N says:

    You teach 20 minutes of daily technique time as maximum and that more than that most likely will result in spiritual addiction and perhaps extreme spiritual addiction. You also have many teachers on your enlightenment list who meditate much more than that. It is natural that I stop and wonder the reason for that.

    Anything else would be blind faith to me.

  87. 87
    N says:

    I find my approach very humble. I listen to different teachers and appreciate that they can offer different things. I learn from all of them, if their teachings makes sense and works.

    It is more important to me to be pragmatic than to be right.

  88. 88

    What an educational exchange, N. Because what you call “humble,” I call “arrogant.”

    What you call “blind faith,” I’d call “actually learning from somebody.” For instance, you clearly didn’t understand my Comments #83 and 84. From now on, I’m not going to bother to respond to any further comments from you at my blog. Enjoy your life as a spiritual dilettante!

  89. 89
    Vera says:

    Thank you

  90. 90
    Morgan1z says:

    Isn’t what “N” doing is using his discernment to best of his ability? Trying to use reason to conclude who is the best teacher to invest in?

    If you don’t have aura reading skills, you have to use whatever you got…including your intellect, right?

  91. 91

    Gee, there’s quite an edge to that Comment #90, MORGAN1Z. Absolutely, people have the right to do whatever they like, and make whatever kind of a mess they wish. And people absolutely have the right to take up that kind of path and even worship teachers whose work will slow down spiritual evolution for years to come.

    My job IS to provide discernment. Living now it is easy for anybody who wishes to develop energetic literacy. And then they can save themselves a lot of heartbreak, confusion, and mess.

  92. 92

    In short, in The Age of Awakening, “If you don’t have aura reading skills” is no longer an excuse.

    Anybody can learn. Whether from me or another teacher N. likes better, so long as he develops at least Stage 3 Energetic Literacy — the minimum for any smart spiritual seeker (or finder) living today.

  93. 93

    “If you don’t have aura reading skills” is, frankly, pathetic. That’s like saying, “If you don’t believe in bathing.” Or “If you don’t believe in word literacy.”

    We can learn whatever we choose. Energetic literacy is an essential, useful life skills that people can make it their business to learn.

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