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Personal Growth Seeker’s Question

Personal Growth Seeker's Question

Personal Growth Seeker’s Question. Plus an answer to help you to ring in the new!

Personal Growth Seeker’s Question? Our last question of this series is going to have a controversial answer. Fair warning!

Except, haha. I know that you personal growth seekers have the spunk to question conventional wisdom.

Also, today I’ll conclude this multi-part series with an inspiring teaching tale.

Personal Growth Seeker’s Questions — First, Some Background

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Personal Growth Seeker’s Question. If It’s Supposed to Be Good for Me, How Come I Put off Doing It?

Ha, do you think my response is “Use your willpower“? (Over 14 million hits on Google.)

Or “Don’t be weak.” (364 million hits on Google)

Or “No pain, no gain“? (314 million hits on Google)

Maybe “Pray for strength“? (94 million hits on Google)

Oh, I don’t think so.

Personal Growth Seeker’s Question Is So Poignant

Because we’re told so many things, we seekers of personal growth. Deeper Perception can help you to sort out truth from feel-good fiction. Here’s an example, a teaching tale from one of my RES Energy READING sessions with Gladys. (Remembered as best I can.)

First thing to know about Gladys? She’s highly motivated. Strong and brave.

No wonder she felt so weird about her missing all those costly Pilates sessions. Coach Josephine was supposed to be really great. The best coach in town!

So how come Gladys kept missing her appointments? Forgetting about them! In a way that was so extremely uncharacteristic.

Fact was, Gladys just couldn’t force herself to show up for Pilates coaching. Starting off our session, she figured she needed RES Energy HEALING. Because there had to be something terribly wrong with her. Supposedly.

As in, “If It’s Supposed to Be Good for Me, How Come I Put off Doing It?”


After setting up the session, co-creating with Divine help, my direction became clear. I wound up researching the aura of Pilates Coach Josephine. Because Gladys could easily send me a link. Which she did.

Using Stage 1 Energetic Literacy, just getting a first impression, wow! Was that Coach Josephine ever stunning. She looked like a Barbie doll, actually:

  • Blue eyed and blonde.
  • Very slim. Except for the chestal region, which was very Barbie-like.
  • Such a pretty face, enhanced by all the right makeup.
  • Looking soooooooo sweet, too.

So how come Gladys couldn’t bring herself to show up?

Because Gladys Was Smart, That’s Why

Her subconscious mind was smart, in particular.

You see, with good energetic literacy skills, it’s easy to read auras from photos. Learning loads of details… as in these samples here at my blog.

Maybe you won’t be surprised to learn this: Although every person’s aura shows loads of beauty — such as gifts of the soul by the hundreds, hello! Nonetheless, our auras can also show some significant problems. (STUFF, as I call it, can always, always, always be healed. Just not by working on your physical core!)

At that subconscious and energetic level where the truth was evident… Here are some of the things that I learned — and shared with my client — about this picture-perfect Pilates Coach:

  1. Super ambitious.
  2. Lack of verbal integrity. Communicating to build her business. Weak on sincerity!
  3. Liked to use her power to feel superior.
  4. Shared power in a sneaky way, to make her client feel weak and dependent… and then keep on coming back for more coaching.
  5. Jealous of other clients who were also attractive. (Like my darling client Gladys, actually. I think she’s stunning. Even without Pilates.)

Why Become a Personal Growth VICTIM?

If someone or something makes you feel bad every time, pay attention.

Don’t keep coming back.

Your own human reaction can tell you a lot! Don’t ignore it in favor of some “supposed to.”

Optional: You might also decide to read that person’s aura for yourself. At least, once you’ve got energetic literacy. Otherwise, ask an RES Expert to help you. Unlike Josephine, we RES Practitioners and Apprentices won’t lie to you. Deeper Perception is all about the truth.

Not some harsh, “brutally honest” kind of truth. Just the clarity of actual truth. Clean, like washing with soap!

As happened with Gladys… Over time, we can outgrow old illusions about shoulding. Then ring in the new!

We can tire of partial truths and seek bigger truths. Then ring in the new!

And sometimes we can find much stronger personal growth when we’re willing to change paths a bit. Find a path that works for you now as Gladys did years ago. Commit to it, and ring in the new!

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  1. 1
    Diana says:

    Thank you for this blog post Rose.

    I can say with conviction that RES Energy Reading sessions have helped me so much with that clarity of actual truth and learning to pay attention to what makes me feel bad.

  2. 2
    Diana says:

    For example I decided to work out again after a long absence and was struggling to enjoy and commit to classes and felt bad. I discovered through a session that yoga and Pilates were horrible for me -but high intensity cardio was great!

  3. 3
    Diana says:

    I have now successfully stuck to months of exercise with ease and fun.

    I wasn’t paying attention before but was caught up in what I “should like to do”.

  4. 4
    Living on Earth says:

    ” If someone or something makes you feel bad every time, pay attention. Don’t keep coming back.
    Your own human reaction can tell you a lot! Don’t ignore it in favor of some “supposed to.”

    oh oh… did I ever learn this lesson in a very hard way in every area of my life!

  5. 5
    Living on Earth says:

    No more making excuses for others’ behavior and stick around to the point of physically making myself sick.

    In my example consciously being aware that I needed to improve or even get out of the situation was clearly not enough. Proper techniques for removal of STUFF and appropriate PUT-INs were absolutely necessary for me.

  6. 6
    Living on Earth says:

    Come to think of it, RES Energy Reading skills can be like our own private GPS system. Helping us to make informed decisions.

    As if having subtitles in the movie of our own life. Strengthening our discernment in our choices!

  7. 7
    Living on Earth says:

    That is practically at our disposal anywhere any time.

    Seriously does it get any more personal or easier than that!

  8. 8

    DIANA and LIVING ON EARTH, how refreshing to hear from you! Today I’ve spent a dutiful hour at this blog, formatting comments and responding to two people (N and SUSAN) who mean so well, but they haven’t really given RES much of a chance, not yet.

    By contrast, both of you have been gaining enormous personal growth. And one reason is that you’ve been determined — brave and determined — to give RES a chance.

  9. 9

    With the internet and social networking, many good people find it hard to commit to any one teacher. I’m not advocating “loyalty for life.” Merely work with one teacher or healing practitioner at a time.

    Both of you have done the ideal progression. Give RES a chance. Read one of my books, or take an in-person workshop, an online workshop, or do a session… and if you like the results, keep on going. (Between the two of you, you’ve done all of these!)

  10. 10

    Have you ever heard this saying about actors? An actor is only as good as his latest performance.

    I’m perfectly fine with having clients like you… allow me to help you… and for just as long as you continue to benefit. Because I’m committed too. Committed to giving you the very best I can in every book, in-person workshop, online workshop, and session.

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    I also loved this comment “If someone or something makes you feel bad every time, pay attention. Don’t keep coming back.Your own human reaction can tell you a lot! Don’t ignore it in favor of some “supposed to.” and your comments Diana and Living on Earth.

    RES is indeed a very useful GPS.

  12. 12
    Kylie says:

    When it comes to exercise, finding something that thrills your soul is oh so important. And also when it comes to every other kind of choice!

    Throwing out the whole concept of “should” took me a long time, and I still correct myself sometimes from using that naughty affirmation. But life is so much better when you do things because you choose, and because they thrill your soul not because you think you should.

  13. 13
    Susan Torres says:

    Sorry about that ROSE 😬

    Understanding comes hard sometimes especially when you are looking so, so, so hard for it. But when it does, once you get over the embarrassment of being so thick headed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. 14
    Susan Torres says:

    You can say you learned two things.

    The thing you learned and Not to be so,so stubbornly sure a complex problem or situation needs an equally complex answer. So stubborn that you can’t see a simple answer right in front of you.

  15. 15
    Susan Torres says:

    Good advice I always felt uncomfortable with the “Saturday Pilates Coach” after the first few classes I kept avoiding going, always finding something else to do.

    I had pretty much decided to not go back to her class but I have been guilting my self about it. Now I’m not going back to her class anymore.

  16. 16
    Susan Torres says:

    There is the “Tuesday Pilates Coach” she is awesome, I’ll stick with her and just keep doing other things on Saturdays. Like swimming or hiking with friends.

  17. 17

    Oh, SUSAN, that Comment #14 gave me a quiet chuckle.

    Look, I’m willing to teach anyone who really wants to learn — and who also brings respect to the process of asking questions. That would be you. Glad you’re over this bump in learning.

  18. 18
    Julie says:

    I had lessons I couldn’t stick with too. But mine were ballroom dance, the waltz.

    I liked the activity but not the instructor.

  19. 19
    Julie says:

    I had to dip, twirl, and look yearningly into his eyes.

    But wait! I couldn’t do that.

  20. 20
    Julie says:

    I needed an instructor I like better😊.

    Maybe next time I do Soul Thrill Aura Research or ask an RES professional to help with it.

  21. 21

    JULIE, I enjoyed all you wrote here and especially that Comment #19 — so funny, in a very human way. Once I was with some friends and a very attractive man was trying to teach me to dance. “Why won’t you look into my eyes?” he asked.

    At the time, I thought it was just due to shyness. However, it is interesting that in his career — some decades later — he was convicted of a white collar crime.

  22. 22
    Julie says:

    Interesting, Rose!

    Yes, there may be a reason or reasons other than shyness for my not being able to look into his eyes.

    Aura reading would reveal a lot, for sure.

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