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Preemie Blessing for GEORGINA. Guest Post Part One

Preemie Blessing

Preemie Blessing. In the sterile home of an incubator, is there room for God?

Preemie Blessing. Spending month after month in an incubator, what did little GEORGINA receive?

Unexpected inspiration is yours, Blog-Buddies, from this three-part blog post. Besides that, today you’ll learn about three of earth’s major illusions. Because they sure can show in certain chakra databanks.

Why Research the Inner Experience of Premature Babies?

Subtly, personal growth and spiritual awakening can accelerate for a preemie. Especially, I find surprising personal growth during life’s two most mysterious phases, birth and death.

Although others see suffering or vulnerability, meaningless pain… Personally, I don’t necessarily find tragedy. Since aura reading can reveal life-sized miracles. Hidden blessings.

Reading what follows, you’re invited. Gain insight into the inner lives of preemies. And maybe also help spread the word about this kind of research. Because so many preemies — and their parents — have gone through a terrifying ordeal. Yet we can use specialized research with advanced aura reading skills. Like what I’ll be sharing with you in these posts. Exploring far beyond what would ordinarily show in a picture!

Of course, each incubator child has a unique experience. For more articles on the inner lives of preemies check out:

Introducing THIS Particular Preemie Blessing Baby

GEORGINA was born 3 months early. So she spent months in an incubator. Fortunately, she received excellent medical care at a progressively-run clinic. For instance, medical staff knew to pick up preemies and talk to them. (Not just leave them alone in a little glass box. As happened to preemies born decades before, like LIANE and Rose.)

GEORGINA’S parents visited her shortly after birth. Fortunately, this European clinic believed in encouraging safe contact between  parents and child. Daily visits followed. After just a few weeks, GEORGINA ‘S parents were allowed to hold her.

Superb though this clinic was, that incubator lifestyle is grim. Premature babies are terribly vulnerable. GEORGINA had several close calls during those early months. For this post and the next two, GEORGINA generously spent hours transcribing her research session. Aiming to share it with you.


I feel very fortunate and grateful, not sustaining any major lasting physical consequences.

Also, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to ROSE for conducting this RES Aura Research. Especially for helping me to find out about the Preemie Blessing you’ll be reading about.

What Follows? A Triple Post Aura Reading. Part One, Today!

Intention: To gain insight into how GEORGINA was evolving while in the incubator.

Co-creating with: God

Preemie Researched: GEORGINA

And also… Article transcriber: GEORGINA

Preemie Blessing Researcher: ROSE

And editor for clarity: ROSE. For instance

  • Sometimes you’ll read how I was simply doing the aura reading research. You’ll read that below in regular type.
  • Other times I commented. (For clarity, I put those sections in italics.)

Incubator Research, Part One

To begin, Rose researched a photo of GEORGINA in the incubator. Most likely, it was a very ordinary day, there in the neonatal unit.

Preemie Blessing High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

(Doing What Makes GEORGINA Happy)

Symbolic size: 2 inches.

You are surviving and that’s what matters. You want to survive.

Beneath all that, you know: “This is going to be over. And I’m going to be OK.”

Part of the quality to this chakra databank is what you learned before this life started: This incubator ordeal that you must go through!

You see, before the life began, you found out. Maybe when drawing up your Life Contract. In advance of the birth you knew.

When we make our Life Contract, we get some previews of big challenges we’re going to have.

Sometimes we preview important people we’re going to recognize. Even receiving help, prior to birth, so that we’ll find it easier to recognize them. Because they’re going to be so important in our lives.

Preemie Blessing Root Chakra Databank for Connection to the Physical Body

Symbolic Size: Flatlines.

You have no sense of connection to that body. Like, you don’t find it particularly interesting.

At this time in your life, you’re not getting to play in that body. More like it your physical self is an object… being taken care of.

Of course, that can change. And it does. But this aura reading is just describing your inner life at the time of this photo.

Preemie Blessing Root Chakra Databank for Trusting People 

Symbolic Size: Flatlines.

Absent is any sense of “I’m a person among other people.”

Likewise you have no sense of “They are saving my life. They are giving me excellent care.”

Although this is clearly true, you’re not developed enough to understand that.

In reality, they’re kind of treating you like a little animal-machine-thing. Making sure it lives. Although it’s a progressive hospital, nonetheless, you have few interactions with people.

Preemie Blessing Root Chakra Databank for Connection to My Tribe

Symbolic Size: Flatlines.

Note: This chakra databank is about feeling as though you’re a human among other humans. Why did I think it would be interesting to research? Because a preemie has so little contact with other humans.

I find no sense of having landed anywhere on Earth. As if you’re not quite in a lifetime yet. Not connected to any human beings. And also not relating, particularly, to the human experience.

Usually connection to other humans happens immediately after birth.

But under the circumstances of your life so far, any sense of connection feels surreal. In this chakra databank, you face a heightened experience of the strangeness of human life.

Instead, you’re having an experience for which there is no simple English word. I’d describe it like this:

“I’m in a something. And my Soul may have many, many memories of having incarnated as a human. Previously I’ve been human on Earth. But that’s not happening yet as my personal experience yet.”

Yet You’ve Already Landed in Earth’s Illusions. Those You’re Likely to Be Experiencing Already!

We will also research three Crown Chakra databanks that are related to dealing with illusions of Earth.

Although you’re still in the incubator so far. Not even breathing regular air! Despite that, you’ve landed in a place with these three major illusions. Do they impact your consciousness yet?

Preemie Blessing Crown Chakra Databank for Handling FEAR in Collective Consciousness

Incidentally, if you’re not yet familiar with collective consciousness, please check out this link.

Symbolic Size: Out to the moon. Very over-functioning, trillions of miles.

Fear is everywhere on the planet; you can’t avoid it.

The quality of it at this point is, “This is a world of fear. And I’m getting ready to survive here? Uh-oh!”

Essentially, you feel fear about the fear. You’re already in the mess of fear on earth. Very soon you’ll be part of it, even now being prepared for a human life.

GEORGINA, I think you were really courageous. Because a lot of preemies die, no matter how good the hospital. One factor? In my opinion, some souls just can’t take the isolation and the terror.

No brain is working yet, human-style. Researching this chakra databank, I find no concepts yet of personally being safe. Nor do I find concepts of personally not being safe.

Yet there you are, despite not yet feeling especially human… And you’re immersed in the terror felt by all life forms on this planet.

Preemie Blessing Crown Chakra Databank for Handling SADNESS in Collective Consciousness

Symbolic Size: Very, very, very large.

World sorrow — another huge force in collective consciousness. Like the fear.

Again, the collective sadness feels personal. In a strange way.

Since it’s not as though you’re thinking] “Oh yes, I’m getting ready for this life. The preparation is continuing now.”

In this world, there simply happens to be a whole lot of sorrow. Since you’re here, you’ve automatically begun identifying with the world sorrow. As if you’re dunked in the very human style of misery here. Meaning, terrible sadness and feeling along.

You’re feeling the heavy weight of sorrow as though this is your life is written in sorrow. And for all you know, it’s going to weigh you down forever.

Even though you were getting a lot of nurturing, which helped… Because I find that as a very fine component of this chakra databank too…  It’s stunning, what’s going on subconsciously: As if you’re being hit by wave after wave of humanity’s collective misery.

Preemie Blessing Crown Chakra Databank for Handling ANGER in Collective Consciousness

Symbolic Size: 5 feet, under-functioning.

Still so young and unformed. No longer in the womb but not yet out of the glass box!

No  wonder you’re ultra-sensitive:

  • To the rage in collective consciousness
  • To violence of people’s loud voices
  • And even the rage you can find and feel in people around you.

Seems to me, it’s the anger in people — even more than the sorrow and fear — that makes it seem horrible to you, having to be in public.

As an adult, you’ve learned good social skills, you’ve found ways to cope. Yet hasn’t that remained a struggle for you?

I wonder if a lot of that began in the incubator. Certainly I recommend Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Hopefully it could move out large intensity frozen blocks from that preemie time. (As well as others on the theme of overwhelm in public.)

Finally, Preemie Blessing Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size: Flatlines.

Not unusual. The experience involves not understanding.

Consider, while living in your incubator, where are you?

Not in a heavenly realm, where you’d feel connected to God.

More that you’re kind of like if somebody took a biscotto and dunked it into some nice coffee or tea.

Imagine that you’re that biscotto. You’re dunked into Human. And you’re fully dunked.

For you — and also for the other preemies I’ve researched so far — this is standard: A sense of complete abandonment by God.

Some Conclusions So Far

In the next two posts, I’ll pull out energetic holograms from other times when you were a preemie.

Pausing here, I’d like to share some thoughts about you at the time of this photo. An ordinary day, in solitary confinement (even in a busy neonatal ward of the hospital). Isolated in that glass box. Having an experience that, throughout most human history, wouldn’t have been possible. Yet for the last 70 years or so, many souls have signed life contracts:

“Let me be a preemie.” Different souls and different motivations. At this point though, if I were going to make a bold generalization, it would be this: That for many of us, common factor is that sense of spiritual abandonment. While not quite feeling human.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of your Preemie Blessings. This terrible sense of “no connection to God.”
Why a blessing? Perhaps, without that, you couldn’t have been able to eventually relate very strongly to being human. Let’s keep in mind, preemies are isolated in incubators, disconnected from other humans. What if, along with that, you felt angel-strong, complete connection to God? Why would you have learned to trust in your own humanity? As you clearly have.

Summing up, your fight for physical survival was just part of the struggle. This aura reading reveals how it was scary. And it was loud. And it was sorrowful.

Anger was all around you. Sometimes it might almost have seemed to be directed toward you. Because what did you know about collective consciousness and the illusions of earth? Viscerally know, I mean. I have no doubt your Life Contract and preparation were meticulous. Still, it’s a far cry… learning about earth’s illusions from afar, versus living here.

How Far You’ve Come, GEORGINA!

Altogether, what a mess! You weren’t connecting to your physical body. You didn’t trust people. Had no sense of belonging to a tribe of other humans. As for Soul Thrill, ha! You only had the bare minimum, what could later become the start of enjoying your life.

Despite your courageous, loving, visiting parents. And also despite what a good hospital you landed in. No denying it: Preemie life was bleak. Very, very bleak.

To get an understanding of what I’ve researched for you thus far, let’s combine these ideas:

  1. Yes, the tremendous vulnerability of any baby. Including a really healthy one: loved and cuddled and everything else.
  2. And yes, the vulnerability of somebody who’s very seriously ill.
  3. Then put that together with an experience where you don’t yet have the ability to think well.

Later, GEORGINA, you summoned up the strength, and used your free will. You’ve been doing so well. But back then? Poor baby!

Research Like this Matters

It’s so important to think of time spent in an incubator as mysterious and full of Divine blessings.

Maybe you’re cleaning up some icky karma.

Alternatively you might be volunteering to go through some suffering because of what you’ll gain from it. Or to help others.

Regardless, every preemie can believe in the greatness of how this lifetime began. It’s not just, “Oh, started off weak”. It’s not just “started off sick”. There were reasons, even if we don’t know them right now. Already, GEORGINA, we’ve found something you gained.

And our research together has just begun.

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  1. 1
    Zaybe says:

    GEORGINA and Rose, thank you so much for this amazing post.

    Reading it made me remember how incredible it is that we are all here on Earth having this learning experience! It is so easy to forget.
    I found this post to be a beautiful reminder.

  2. 2
    Kylie Sparks says:

    Fascinating Rose. And thank you Georgina. I never would have guessed that this much was going on during a preemie’s experience.

    Your example of the biscotti is helpful. What a courageous way to start an incarnation!

  3. 3
    Diana says:

    Thank you Georgina for allowing us this glimpse into your world and for the learning. Rose what a wonderful way to continue to educate us on Earth School.

    I especially liked the three earth illusions -those are described very well and I hadn’t thought of them before.

  4. 4
    Emily Turner says:

    Thank you Rose and Georgina for sharing (and transcribing!) this.

    I agree, research like this matters. Bringing so much understanding and compassion.

  5. 5
    Olivia Swan says:

    This was very beautiful, and very touching. Thank you Rose and Georgina!

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    This is amazing, Georgina and Rose.

    To know how difficult your first few weeks of life were on the deepest level (not just physical) brings an appreciation for life on all levels.

  7. 7
    Liane says:

    You were born knowing you would survive and be okay, in spite of (or maybe because of) your rough beginning.

    The seemingly overwhelming fear and sadness…. for a baby!….is enough to open the floodgates of compassion. Looking forward to part 2 of your preemie story.

  8. 8
    Lindsey says:

    Fascinating perspective!

    Thank you Georgina and Rose. I look forward to the next posts you’re going to share. 💕

  9. 9
    Edward Grant says:

    Wow! that was a very interesting article.

    Thank you Rose and Georgina for sharing this research. I’m looking forward to part 2.

  10. 10
    Edward Grant says:

    It’s inspiring, and reminds me that there is hope for us all. Life can be bleak, in this case for preemies; it’s so good to read about courageous souls battling to survive, learn, grow and then hopefully and most likely thrive later in life.

  11. 11
    Edward Grant says:

    I can not relate to the bleak experience of being a preemie, but I can relate to being courageous, finding ways to cope, learning, growing, etc.

    Life is precious.

  12. 12
    Georgina says:

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your touching comments. I’m very glad that my research session can help others to gain more insight into what’s going on beneath the surface of life for a preemie.

  13. 13
    Georgina says:

    @Lindsey (Comment #7):

    “To know how difficult your first few weeks of life were on the deepest level (not just physical) brings an appreciation for life on all levels.”

  14. 14
    Georgina says:

    Indeed, compassion was one of the biggest gifts I received from starting life in this way.

    Rose likened it to receiving an enormous, nearly limitless Compassion Bonus that I get to spend on people and beings when I choose to pay attention to them in a compassionate way.

  15. 15
    Georgina says:

    It’s better than winning the lottery, really. 🙂

  16. 16

    GEORGINA, thank you so much for your comments here. I agree with you.

    The compassion of a preemie is a great example of one of our big themes at this blog: Paying the price for every good thing that we get in life. Sooner or later, we DO pay the price.

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