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Right Side Up. April Newsletter Announcement

Right Side Up

Right Side Up discernment is available at the April issue of my newsletter. Preview time!

Right Side Up. Here’s your preview of the highly practical April issue of “Reading Life Deeper.”

Free and highly empowering!

Find a Mirror. Check It Out

Have you noticed this yet today? Not only do you have your head on straight. You’re. Not. Upside. Down.

Yep, Right Side Up. That’s You

Okay, maybe you take it for granted. So every time that I refer to you in this newsletter as “Right Side Up Reader,” maybe you’ll chuckle inwardly just a bit. Like, Shucks, tweren’t nothin’.

Why such modesty? Because you’ve been living that way for so many years.

Also, you’re such a kind person. Probably you live as though everybody around you were also Right Side Up.

Although, actually, darn! T’ain’t so.

Of course, knowing which way is up… Sure can empower you. Helping you with:

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Fact is, you have the right to use your personal power.

This particular issue of my newsletter… just might help!

Besides the usual informative articles, this issue has something sweet to celebrate. When you get to the Best of the Blog, hello! Our informal online community is celebrating a lovely new statistic.

  • Thanks to comments from people like you
  • Or, literally, you
  • By now we’ve got over 49,000 comments at this blog. Another milestone of collective clarity, bringing more RES-style truth into the world.

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  5. Of course, your confidential info is handled honorably. No renting. No selling. And definitely nothing twisting upside down.

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