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Joy-Finder Preemie INSPIRATION

Joy-Finder Preemie INSPIRATION

Joy-Finder Preemie INSPIRATION. Here’s a hint. Instead of the brother in this stock photo, who visits incubator baby GEORGINA?

Joy-Finder Preemie Inspiration. Here’s our third glimpse into the inner life of preemie GEORGINA. You might want to bring some hankies for this one.

Because even incubators can experience personal growth.

What if you haven’t yet read the previous blog posts devoted to courageous GEORGINA?

This article will resonate deeper for you if, first, you take a look at:

  •  Introducing Aura Reading Research into the Inner Life of Preemie GEORGINA
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Once again, GEORGINA transcribed some aura reading research that I did for her. While I edited the transcript, sometimes finding clearer ways to express what I told her at the time. Enjoy!

What Was the Topic for GEORGINA’S Incubator Research, Part Three?

To round things off, I researched this aura-level fragment of this baby’s past:

Energetic hologram of a time of great consolation or inspiration while being a preemie.

Joy-Finder Preemie GEORGINA’S Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size: 90 miles.

Clearly over-functioning. But that’s okay. (Especially understandable if you’ve read Part One and Part Two of this series.)

What’s the quality of your personal growth at this time? Throughout your aura, you’re back to having a connection with God.

Feeling as if you’re having undivided attention from the Divine.

Of course, God is still omniscient. Thus, God could be giving undivided attention to plenty of other of beings and situations.

However, that’s not what matters to now. Right now, YOU’RE receiving that attention. To put this in human terms, the light you feel is bigger than any light bulb. Anywhere.

What a contrast! Finally you’re getting full attention and love from God.

But What Does This Have to Do with GEORGINA’S Root Chakra Databank?

Saturating you, all the way down to your very presence as a human being… Bringing a kind of forgiveness.

Really what’s happening now is like a miracle. Divine connection is cleaning up STUFF in your aura. Undoing energies that have been lodged in you as an incubator baby. Like feeling:

  • Unworthy
  • Unlovable
  • “I must be bad.”

Beyond This, You’re Receiving PUT-IN. Knowledge.

During this incident, you’re remembering that everything you’ve suffered? You agreed to it all. This was in your Life Contract.

Every bit of that suffering!

Even the part where you couldn’t connect up to God.

Right now, God is gently reminding you. Many other times in this incarnation, you won’t experience anything like this: Such a vivid, full connection.

For many times while you’re still alive, you may not experience anything this vivid.

You may not even have it ever again — not even once more, in this entire lifetime.

Will that Be Some Kind of Punishment? Unusual Pain and Loneliness???

Not at all. Human life usually works this way.

In this rare and sacred experience, what else does God give you? Simply put: a reminder that wakes up within you. Reawakening memory of what you learned when preparing for this incarnation.

Both what you knew during your signing of your Life Contract. And all of the preparation you undertook to make the most of the GEORGINA lifetime.

God’s helping you to remember important things — great things even — that you’re going to do. Some of it, aiming help humanity. Also, some of it for your personal evolution.

What’s strongest, out of all this? Mostly you’re feeling Divine love for you. And it just fills you up.  Knowing deep down that you’re really good and extremely lovable.

Joy-Finder Preemie GEORGINA’S Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size: Goes out into deep space.
Functioning as large as it could, that part of your aura. So expanded, and why? Because God’s reminding you so clearly how you, personally, are connected to God.

  • Connected in a way that never will stop.
  • No matter what you say
  • No matter what you do
  • Whatever you choose
  • No matter which mistakes you might make
  • No matter whether you decided you hated God
  • And regardless of anything else that could happen.

In this chakra databank that specializes in knowing spiritual truth, yes! You feel completely reassured. It’s a clear as daytime lights in your neonatal unit:

Fact is, you’re an eternal being. Consequently, you will always be in some kind of body somewhere.

Beyond that, God is always going to love you and respect you. Deep down respect you, for who you are.

Guess What? Surprise!

This aura reading contains one more chunk of chakra databank info. Instead of making this very full blog post even fuller, let’s go for a Part Four. Our conclusion! To come soon!

Meanwhile, any reaction to all you’ve read here. You need not be a former incubator baby to have a very personal response!

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  1. 1
    Liane says:

    It was difficult reading part two of this series, part three brings relief. It boggles the mind what an innocent baby experiences, aurically speaking. The amount of pain, and then joy, is etched in your experience as you.

    I’m happy to read how God is always going to love and respect you, no matter what. Sounds like my kind of God!

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Ahhh! I’m glad there was a part three to this.

    What a great reminder, for all of us, that whether you currently feel it or not, the connection to God is there.

  3. 3
    Emily Turner says:

    What a lovely inspiring read! Thank you GEORGINA for sharing it!

  4. 4
    Jean says:

    A great series of posts. Thank you Rose. Looking forward to Part Four.

  5. 5
    Brittany says:

    It took me a couple days to read these blog posts.

    I had a sister who lived less than 2 weeks and was kept in an incubator most of the time, and a daughter, though not in an incubator, I wasn’t allowed to see for 24hrs following birth.

  6. 6
    Brittany says:

    My daughter stayed for 10 days after birth.

    I couldn’t be there 24 hours at the hospital, and most days they had to kick me out and force me to go home.

  7. 7
    Brittany says:

    I thought I’d have more to add, but I’m simply weeping now. Very touching, indeed.

    Thanks for sharing this story, GEORGINA and Rose.

  8. 8

    Thanks so much to all of you who have been sharing here. BRITTANY, I’m sure many reading your comments can identify with variations of that pain.

    Sometimes it helps to consider that, as noted by super-experienced past-life regressionist Dr. Coletta Long, Each of us humans “will always be in some kind of body somewhere.” Admittedly, sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

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