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Creatively Resourceful YOU! Workshop for Personal Growth

Creatively Resourceful YOU

Creatively Resourceful YOU, could you use a little more glee?

Creatively Resourceful YOU, please try this thought experiment. See how you like it.

Because there’s more to creativity than you may think.

Imagine this. Your name is Pat, and your best friend is bragging on you. Telling another person all about you.

Somehow you get to eavesdrop. Hearing how your friend is listing all your proudest achievements and Pat’s finest qualities. And then, what’s the clincher?

Here’s what your friend says about you. Means it, too: “Pat is the most creative person I know.”

Let Yourself Feel That, Just Let it Sink in

What would it be like… if you started approaching life as somebody with vibrant creativity?

Still responsible, of course. Maybe more adult than ever.

And yet newly creative speech and effective actions begin flowing out of you. Eventually you get it: Yes, I really am wildly and fun-ly creative!

And yes, some people are noticing. I’m inspiring them! Not that I’m trying to do so.

Maybe I’m simply reminding them. Helping them to recall how they, too, can let more of that juice flow within them. Juicy, lively, creativity!

Creatively Resourceful (And Yes, That Can Really Be YOU)

No, I can’t promise. Yet it’s possible. After taking the Creative YOU! Workshop, the first weekend this May…

It’s possible that afterward you’ll find yourself:

Solving problems at work

Not just thinking outside the box but never stuck to that box in the first place. Instead:

  1. Paying attention to objective reality.
  2. Adding your personal goals.
  3. Stir. Your creativity flows.
  4. Then you take action and smile.

Also, Quite Possibly, You’ll Find Yourself…

Problem solving in your life overall

Crawling out from under old feelings of hopelessness. Feeling stuck… no more.

Because you spontaneously find the creative angle for moving forward as YOU, YOU, YOU.

Creatively Resourceful — That Isn’t Just for Painters and Writers

You were born creative. As a child you had joyful spontaneity. Always you saw possibilities.

By the way, do you remember how you you used to laugh?

Hello! That looney, liquidy, blissed-out laughter of a young child! It can melt the heart of a loving parent.

Like children, but now as a highly creative adult, you can find yourself laughing often. Flexible. And learning just enough from everything that happens in everyday life. Laughing out of surprise, then sometimes laughing more just for fun.

PLAYING Is One Word for That Creativity of Yours

Did you know? As we wake up our creativity, it no longer matters how old we are. Or how heavy the weight of our current responsibilities.

We still can play. We adults are still allowed to play!

And not just “play” by watching entertainment, where others earn money for “playing.”

Instead, we can actively play. And create. And question. Then make choices and act upon them.

For some of you who take the upcoming workshop, you may even find that your passion comes back: Your birthright, a passion for living.

Even If You Didn’t Care Much about Creativity

Even If You Didn’t Much Believe You Still Had a Creative Spark Any More

What Happens When You Wake Your Creativity?

Much bigger personal growth. That’s part of it.

Also, discoveries that bring more spiritual awakening. (Definitely, this Enlightenment Coach has learned how… guess what? Using creativity really does help people to evolve spiritually.)

Last but not least, moving forward on your path in life. Getting strong. Sweet and strong.

What Inspired Today’s Post?

Blog-Buddies, recently I’ve gone back to refining the upcoming Creative YOU! Workshop. Months ago I designed it in detail.

By contrast, I’m now doing the final fine-tuning. Adding all those lively teaching tweaks to help those who attend.

Well, a couple days ago, I created the introductory part of the workshop. You know, the very first thing we’ll do in our Saturday morning meeting.

Surprise for the teacher! Writing out the details of what we’ll do together was uncommonly inspired. Hours flew by. When that first workshop chunk was all put together, sigh! I felt such relief. And also gratitude for skills of Divine co-creation.

Mostly, though, I felt more enthusiastic than ever regarding this brand-new workshop.

In Conclusion

If you’ve been on the fence about attending, might I recommend? Come join us.

We’ve already got a full group, including some who’ve never taken an RES workshop before. (So don’t be shy, newbies.)

Plus others who’ve signed up have already taken loads of RES workshops.

Still, we’ve got room for you.

So if you’ve been on some fence, leap over it. Let yourself come share in the glee of this workshop. After all, I’ll only give it in person one time — this one time, May 4-5, 2019.

Yes, you’re warmly invited. Consider this post you’ve just read… to count as my personal invitation.

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    Kylie says:

    I can’t wait! I’m glad to hear there is already a full group and definitely encourage anyone who is on the fence not to miss this.

    It is sure to be an amazing and life changing experience, like all of Rose’s workshops.

  2. 2

    KYLIE, thank you.

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