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Overcoming Writer’s Block. In Honor of CREATIVE YOU

Overcoming Writer's Block.

Overcoming Writer’s Block. How RES can help. Including teaching tales in “Bigger than All the Night Sky.”

Overcoming Writer’s Block. Of course, Blog-Buddies, some of you do know what that means, right?

Writer’s block is ugly. Quite commonly, it feels personal. Often in a very lonely way.

  • Have you ever been stuck while writing a paper for school?
  • Even a grad school dissertation?
  • How about feeling “There’s a book inside me”? Yet not being able to pull it out?

If so, two resources might inspire you.

This coming weekend, the first in May, we’ll have the first RES creativity workshop ever. Come join us at the Creative YOU Workshop.

Our other resource — a memoir replete with teaching tales about creativity.

Overcoming Writer’s Block Is a Major Theme

In My Memoir of Spiritual Awakening, Bigger than All the Night Sky

Altogether you could consider this book a teaching tall. All about being writer’s-blocked to a shocking extent. Including:

  • A “rescue book” written in fourth grade. A book completed but never finished.
  • Also in fourth grade, routine torment over writing. Complete with a student who asks, “How can I fix it?” And a teacher who says, “Figure it out for yourself.”
  • Maybe not surprising, high school writing torment.
  • Also, guess what? College writing was even more blocked-blocked-blocked. Such that… until my senior year at Brandeis, I only manage to get my one grade of A… in which course? “Non-Verbal Communication.”

Get the irony here? Sure wasn’t funny to me at the time, though.

True confessions even include what I used to eat. Attempting to overcome writer’s block. Shocking but true!

Overcoming Writer’s Block Brings Personal Growth

Seems to me, there’s a happy ending in that memoir. Apart from me being able to publish a memoir at all.

Or, on average, a book a year for the past decade.

Plus joyful blog posts that you may have noticed, I fling out like confetti. And thank God, these can be written joyfully. Rather than as a literary “achievement” that induces in you… a similar, extreme, mental constipation.

What if you want to write blog posts? Or Letters to the Editor of your local newspaper. Perhaps poetry. Or even full-length books.

One session at a time, I can help you. Probably leading to success at writing. Due to moving out STUFF that keeps the writing stuck inside of you. Then helping to wake up a stronger soul expression.

However, you might just catch some personal growth from that memoir. Especially for us creative people, teaching tales can do that.

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  1. 1
    Jnana says:

    Delightful course. Fortunate are those able to attend.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    I’m personally very glad you overcame your writer’s block, as all of your books have been so incredibly helpful for me.

  3. 3
    Tatiana says:

    This workshop sounds great. I could definitely use a creativity boost. I am not going to join this time.

    Looking forward to hear how did it go. No doubts it will be AMAZING.

  4. 4

    Thanks so much for all these comments. Appreciating you, TATIANA, KYLIE, and JNANA!

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