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Trevor Noah Face Reading, Including His Mysterious Nose Tip

Trevor Noah Face Reading

Trevor Noah Face Reading — Five secrets of success for this thoughtful comedian

Trevor Noah Face Reading. Meet him afresh through his face data. Eloquent and funny, Mr. Noah is the host of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

Blog-Buddy GRAHAM nominated him for our Smile Bringers Face Reading Contest. Of special interest? The comedian’s nose.

Definitely, we’ll get to that. Today’s Physiognomy Fiesta will be 2 parts dimple, 2 parts nose,and 1 intriguing mouth characteristic.

Trevor Noah’s face can be interpreted as a perfect expression of his soul. As with you! Probably, too, you know the important role of free will in shaping face data. At least, that’s true for the system for reading faces that I’ll use.

Also important right from the outset: Face Reading Secrets® has this premise in its design: God don’t make no junk. 

First of All, Let’s Introduce this Talented Man

Probably the best way to meet Trevor Noah is through his TV show. But a close second would be his memoir, “Born a Crime.

Why born a crime? According to Wikipedia:

Trevor Noah was born on 20 February 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa. His father Robert is of Swiss German ancestry, and his mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah, is of Xhosa ancestry. She converted to Judaism when he was 10 or 11 years old….

Under apartheid legislation, Noah’s mother was classified as Black, and his father was classified as White. Noah himself was classified as Coloured. His parents’ interracial relationship was illegal at the time of his birth under apartheid law. Interracial sexual relations and marriages were not decriminalized until the amended Immorality Act of 1985, a year after Noah’s birth. Noah’s mother was jailed and fined by the South African government.

Wow, right?

Next, Introducing Face Reading

Look, my YouTube video ain’t “The Daily Show.” Nonetheless, you might enjoy my low-budget, introduction to face reading.

Becoming a face reader sure is easier than training as a comedian. Even among all the RES skills, face reading is easiest. Of course, we’ll use the distinctive system of Face Reading Secrets®.

Finally, this description of RES Face Reading Sessions can preview for you… How many different ways I approach doing face readings. What a world of insight shows in your own, familiar face data!

And, of course, I recommend that — while reading what follows here — you pull out a small hand mirror. Check out your own face.

As I describe five important items of face data, see if you have any of them. If you do, the meaning is the same.

Saying YES-Ah to NO-AH

Couldn’t resist. Granted, this is the kind of silly pun you would expect from a non-professional jokester. By contrast, Trevor Noah is a real comedian.

Anyway, which photos will I use for today’s contest-winning, non-dramatic but just-exciting-enough celebrity?

Yes, photos. Three of them.

Curious yet? Let’s get going.

Trevor Noah Face Reading #1. One Rivet Dimple

How to See It

Open up that first photo and behold! What’s this face reader’s name for the circle on Mr. Noah’s right cheek? In Face Reading Secrets, it’s called a “Rivet Dimple.”

Why? Because the dimply bit shows even when he isn’t smiling. As if forcefully made with a tool.

Also, If you look at our second photo, what won’t you see? Any dimple on his left cheek when in repose.

Technical point: To tell left from right when reading faces, cross over as if shaking hands.

The Corresponding Talent

Charming people. Even having an advantage at making an audience laugh out loud.

Incidentally, Betty White  — also a winner of our latest face reading contest — has this too.

What about the significance of right cheek only? Then that laughter-making talent applies to career only. Not to personal life.

The Potential Challenge

Not being as funny in his personal life as in public?

Being a practiced charmer and laugh-getter? Like laughing on the outside but secretly, mirthlessly, working hard on the inside?

Trevor Noah Face Reading #2. VERY Low-Slung Dimple

How to See It

What’s the dimple position? Where do you see it on Trevor Noah’s cheek?

So low down that it’s next to his mouth.

Not your typical Rivet Dimple location,is it?

Okay, if you’re not experienced at reading faces, you might never have noticed before. However, if you take a dimple survey, soon you’ll appreciate. This positioning is unusual. (And, of course, significant.)

The Corresponding Talent

Seems to me, Trevor Noah’s ability to make people laugh… has a witty emphasis. Also, his brand of humor requires using cleverness.

Both clever speech and verbal wit happen to be close to the mouth, right?

By comparison, most dimple owners have different ways of making people laugh: Less cerebral. More “Hey, we’re all in this together, having fun.”

The Potential Challenge

Not a merry dimple, positioned so low? So does this signify an intensity to Noah’s humor? Even a biting quality?

Audiences differ. Not everybody enjoys humor with a cerebral edge. An insistence that listeners laugh, then think.

Trevor Noah Face Reading #3. Very Sculpted Nose Tip

How to See It

First, think of a stereotypical clown. Big red ball of a nose, right?

By contrast, Trevor Noah’s nose tip is petite. However, it’s like that clown nose in one respect: How it’s set off from the rest of the face.

In the comedian’s case, it’s not huge and red. But the flesh is sculpted in an unusual fashion, setting it off from the rest of his nose.

Golly, this is highly unusual. No need to search for this one on your face, Blog-Buddies. (Though, if you do have this, email me a photo that I can use on this blog. It would be amazing!) (Email to

The Corresponding Talent

Having a detached perspective on material life. (That’s what nose tips are about, material life.)

Think that might work its way into a comedian’s jokes?

Of course, that detachment might help a person in many other ways. A questioning of what “everybody does” and “everyone thinks” about purchasing fads, economics, the income gap in different societies, etc.

The Potential Challenge

Seeming different, due to that detachment? Different as in… personally, I’ve never seen another person with this particular characteristic.

Might that corresponding detachment put some viewers on edge?

Trevor Noah Face Reading #4. VERY Large Nose Thrust

How to See It

First, please open up our final photo for today. (If you haven’t done this yet.)

That near-to-profile camera angle shows us just what we need to see, ta da! VERY Large Nose Thrust.

You may have guessed, Nose Thrust means “degree of sticking out.”

What if you grab a couple of mirrors and view your own nose in profile? How far does your own nose stick out? Probably nowhere near as much.

See what I mean about Noah’s VERY Large Nose Thrust.

(As always, with Face Reading Secrets, every variation within a category has a talent. Never is there “one good version” — as in many other versions of reading faces for character, unfortunately.)

The Corresponding Talent

A destiny for fame.

Woo-hoo! If you’re familiar with my work, how often do I use that highly charged word? Practically never.

Thrilling moment! Large Nose Thrust is the only context where you’ll hear me refer to a destiny for anything. Since RES is wholly unlike psychic work, mediumship, or channeling. Where you might read predictions aplenty.

Neither will I refer to destiny when interpreting other face reading data. Nor in aura reading. Nor in doing Skilled Empath Merges.

However, Large Nose Thrust does correspond to having a knack for getting promoted. Succeeding to a higher position than others. “Sticking out” — as it were — in one’s profession. A.K.A. fame.

Sure, plenty of other facial characteristics involve ambition, one way or another. Including characteristics that can change. (Unlike this one. Nose Thrust is among the — rather puny — 10% of face data that does not change. As for the other 90%, can any of that change, depending on one’s use of free will? You bet!)

The Potential Challenge

Fame frustration?

Worrying that he’s not moving forward as fast or as far as he deserves?

Trevor Noah Face Reading #5. Even-Angled Lower Lip

How to See It

For starters, you might want to wash your face. Or do whatever else it takes to see something entirely new on a face.

Not that what Trevor Noah has is freakish or needs to be scrubbed off. Instead, when’s the last time you looked at Lower Lip Angles?

Never? Then you’ve got loads of company.

For fun, start this exploration with your own face. Find two mirrors. Position them so that you can check out your lower lip in profile.

  1. Take the lower edge of that lip as your point of reference.
  2. Then look at the upper edge of that lip.
  3. Compare angles.

Most people have an In-Angled Lower Lip.

Some have an Out-Angled Lower Lip. (Sometimes known as “protruding.” To me, this term exemplifies the crude and insulting language that pop culture often applies to faces. Or, even, some other physiognomy systems apply to faces. Tsk tsk!)

By contrast, you’ll seldom see a person with what Trevor Noah’s got: An Even-Angled Lower Lip.

The Corresponding Talent

To begin, note the context. This category applies to talking about facts, objective reality. (By contrast, upper lip categories apply to talking about feelings and subjective reality.)

Communication ability to dispassionately describe what is: Objectivity, as a communicator, concerning objective reality.

  • By contrast, an In-Angled Lower Lip softens the perspective. Adding one’s personal perspective tends to do that.
  • And an Out-Angled Lower Lip can make the perspective harsher. Even bringing an argumentative tone to the fact-finding.
  • As for that Even-Angled Lower Lip? Maybe you can see, Blog-Buddies, how that could add to the impact of Trevor Noah’s comedy?

Comedians today are like court jesters back in the day. They’re society’s truth tellers.

Technical Aside

Blog-Buddies, speaking of telling the truth” Today I made the decision to inform you about different variations on a face reading category.

In your comments, please resist the temptation to ask me to do this kind of thing. (If you do, I’ll edit or delete the comment.)

Being curious about face reading is great. However, I claim the right to choose when I’m going to do this kind of add-on. As you may know, what I’ve done here is treat. Not standard blogging.

Of course, you can always book a session with me for face reading mentoring. It’s available in different formats. Ask Appointment Manager Mitch about scheduling a “Day of Mentoring.” Or you might even wish to apply to the professional quality Face Reading Secrets® Mentoring Program.

Even a 55-minute session could teach you a lot. (At that link just provided, Face Reading comes under the category of RES Energy READING Skills.)  Please prepare in advance by emailing me photo illustrations for characteristics you’re curious about. Or just send a good headshot of YOUR FACE. You’d send this on the same day as your appointment.

Okay, back to the remarkable Trevor Noah’s Lower Lip Angle…

The Potential Challenge

Seeming too blunt? Turning off certain audience members?

In Conclusion

Trevor Noah’s Right Cheek Rivet Dimple contributes to his charm. While his Large Nose Thrust helps people to take him seriously.

Meanwhile, his VERY Low-Slung Dimple, that Sculpted Nose Tip and, especially, his Even-Angled Lower Lip… All these different talents (and items of face data) make him a hard-hitting social commentator. No wonder he specializes in in socially meaningful humor. And humor that appeals especially to a thoughtful audience.

You know, Blog-Buddies, I consider it an honor to write face reading blog posts. Because I hope it elevates the public conversation. Maybe even changes collective consciousness.

Sadly, many folks might look at Trevor Noah’s face and have one thought. One icky thought only. “He’s biracial.” Well, so what? Whose business is that?

Recently I was very moved by a series of comments about prejudice leveled at Gladys in childhood. Prejudice simply because she’s biracial. (See her eloquent Comments #41-52.)

Here’s to seeing people as people. I hope that Face Reading Secrets can help make that happen.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    Rose, this is fantastic!

    I am delighted that my nomination won, of course, but even more than that I found this sooo interesting… and I really like Trevor Noah, and love watching clips of him on Youtube, and this face reading serves to help me understand just why he is so appealing to me – the charm, the humour, the truth-telling – all of it, right up my street.
    Thank you so much!

  2. 2

    GRAHAM, you’re so welcome. And guess what, I just found an earlier Trevor Noah face reading here at the blog.

    This one will tell you about his magnificent ears. Enjoy!

  3. 3
    Graham says:

    I hadn’t realised you’d already done a face reading of him!

    Great to read that one, too, and it contributes to the understanding of him as a really unusual, interesting person.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting, and also the earlier blog about his ears.

    I never realized before but I definitely have an ear tilt, although not as extreme. I also haven’t seen the Daily Show in a long time since I only watch tv I can stream on a laptop.

  5. 5
    Ethan says:

    Thank you Rose for this educational and fascinating face reading-I also went back and re-read the earlier blog.

    This guy has loads of interesting face data!

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