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Commitment Brings Peace

Commitment Brings Peace. Because sometimes the fastest way to feeling upliftment is to dig in, humanly, and DO SOMETHING.

Commitment Brings Peace… sometimes. Other times, have you noticed?

Commitment can also bring misery, guilt, boredom, the smell of half-rotted spring flowers, etc.

Let’s explore how to make commitment your friend. (And stick to it. 😉 )

Of Course, You’ve Got Commitments

Quick! Say out loud… five different commitments that you’ve got right now.

What comes to mind? Don’t just think it, though. Say it! (You’ll benefit more from today’s post. Trust me here.)

And yes, please name at least five commitments… before you continue reading. Probably, doing this is ridiculously easy. Since, hello! Don’t you have loads of commitments?

Now, Please Be Bold and Ask Yourself This

The first commitments that came to mind for you — which were they about?

  • Commitments concerning values and ideals, like Telling people the truth. And Honoring my commitments.
  • Or commitments regarding speech and action. Like Work out at my gym at least twice per week. Or Eat less cheese.

If you named five commitments, which kind was in the majority? (Because that’s the beauty of odd numbers in today’s experiment. Haha.)

Which type of commitment? That could be pretty revealing right there. Not meaning right or wrong. Simply interesting.

Because which type of commitment can be harder to fulfill? Probably the speech and action type.

Commitment Brings Peace Only When…

You follow through more than once.

Sadly, it’s so easy to think, “I’ll do this forever.” Or at least “For this entire year.) Or else….

You know, a certain “Trickle Down Theory” might apply. Not the dubious economic theory. (Erggg, don’t get me started on why I don’t believe in that one.)

More like, how following through on a commitment can be like trying to hold water between your cupped hands. How long does that refreshing, liquidey sense of achievement last?

Likewise, even the most sincere commitments can trickle away. Life offers us so many distractions. And sometimes way too many choices.

Nonetheless, we can succeed at following through. Insisting upon this kind of success because…

Commitment Brings Peace. But How Much?

That Depends on US

If we want the goodies commitment can bring, then we would be wise to follow through.

Following through, one day at a time — you can be (or become) the kind of person who honors commitments.

Decide. Then do it. Yes, this aspect of character building can actually be quite simple.

One of the most delicious aspects of having free will? That might be using it to become a stand-up person. A mensch! Somebody who dares to commit, then dares to live accordingly.

Here’s a success story to inspire you…

When Commitment Brings Peace at the Supermarket

What happened when my client Joe decided to follow an eating plan? He’d had enough of grazing. And guilting.

Joe set up a session of Soul Thrill Aura Research in order to give himself — and his mouth — some direction.

So many diets! So many “only ways”!

One choice after another got “Boo”s from Joe’s chakra databanks. Blog-Buddies, you may know that this unique kind of aura research brings up nuances. Often you’ll learn about both push and pull. Helping you to understand why decision-making was tough. And then make it easier for you to decide, quite consciously, which way to go.

But complicated pushes and pulls didn’t happen when researching most of the eating plans that Joe researched. Only one was good, and — for his particular body-mind-spirit — that response was very good. For Joe, Atkins was the clear winner. (Other clients of mine have done well with Keto, eating a standard balanced diet, eating vegetarian. So far, nobody has done well with eating vegan or the Carnivore Diet.)

Such relief for Joe! Such resolve!

Uh-oh. That good feeling lasted for maybe two hours.

Unfortunately, Commitment Brings Real Peace Only When It Lasts for Months (Or Longer)

Joe struggled. He told me so. (Since all RES sessions are an Honesty Zone.)

Joe told me how he developed Shopping Cart Envy. There he’d be in the supermarket, loaded up with exactly the foods he needed. Awkwardly, though, he started staring at the shopping carts of other customers.

It wasn’t about crushing on good-looking gals. Nor was he doing a “Price is Right” guessing game over who had more money to spend.

Nope, Joe was lusting after the cupcakes. Etc.

Fast forward to our session yesterday. Joe has managed to follow through for four months straight. And therefore, he’s getting results. Not just losing some weight but also kissing food cravings buh-bye.

Now, and for the immediate future, Joe is an Atkins guy. One less thing he has to fight over, struggling every single day.

I’m so proud of how Joe’s doing. More important, he is justifiably proud of himself as well. Honoring a commitment can make you feel really good about yourself.

Commitment Only Brings Peace… If You Choose Something, Already

And isn’t one of the big problems for most of us TOO MANY CHOICES!!!

In dating today, for instance, many romantically inclined singles face a new commitment problem.

  1. Unwillingness to commit to marriage, etc.? That’s old news.
  2. But now there’s unwillingness to commit when dating. Due to too many dating choices. Being driven to distraction because “Somebody better might be out there.”

Look, it’s important to make commitments. Live with them for a while. Commitments bring shape to your life.

Yes, making commitments and then following up… is a secret of human happiness.

Making Wise Choices Sure Helps

Although “Hamlet” is a great play about making choices, you don’t have to go all Shakespeare about life decisions. Instead:

  1. Research a reasonable number of alternatives.
  2. Ask yourself, Which is the sensible choice (or choices)?
  3. Also ask, Is this just a dutiful option or could it make me happy?

Alternatively, an empowering way to help make choices can be Soul Thrill Aura Research. Here’s a sample:

Long term, what matters is to choose, already. Find the method that works for you.

Blog-Buddies, do any of you have stories about the difference that commitment has made for you?

Once you made a choice and committed, was that trivial — like some used dental floss? Or maybe a great deal more helpful!

In Conclusion

Blog-Buddies, you’re into personal growth. Me too.

Well, it’s not just that commitment brings peace. Commitment can help us a lot with personal growth. Bridging the gap between:

  • Theory and practice
  • Whims and achievement
  • Idealism and action.

Likewise, what if you’re into spiritual evolution? Even moving forward on your path to Enlightenment? (Or evolving within Enlightenment.)

Then consider this — as if you never thought about it before:

Free will matters. But the promise of free will turns empty unless we structure some of our choices into commitments.

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    Thank you Rose for this blog post It is so true! Commitment is key. I have benefited from a Soul Thrill Aura Reading Session around diet and now months later I am realizing I need a new wardrobe.

    I never imagined my clothes that I’m so attached to wouldn’t fit me. I was like Joe-there was some resistance in the beginning but I didn’t give up.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    I love this post Rose. For me aura reading research has helped me find so many fabulous activities and choices and given me the courage to go ahead and try them.

    There was a time when I used to look through my community education class offering booklet, circling a bunch of offerings, but then not doing any of them. Now I schedule sessions of aura reading research and see which of the many things that interest me have the highest potential for soul thrill.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    For this summer I am committing to ballroom dance, kayaking, tennis, Rose’s workshops both live and online, learning French and a series of classical concerts. It is so exciting, having so many soul-thrilling activities scheduled in.

    It is easy to commit when you go into an experience knowing that it has huge potential for growth and fun.

  4. 4
    Ethan says:

    Kylie-regarding your Comment #2 thank you for saying ” the courage to go ahead and try them”-That is true.

    The courage for me to try a new diet was made possible by understanding the impacts on my aura.

  5. 5
    Jasmine says:

    Interesting way to think about things. In the exercise I only listed things that were objective reality commitments that I had made out loud or in writing to other people.

    I didn’t list any commitments to myself or subjective commitments.

  6. 6
    ATHENA says:

    Thank you Rose.

    Today I caught myself going down the same rabbit hole, too many choices, too many ideas and then I get side tracked, overwhelmed and quit.

  7. 7
    ATHENA says:

    My middle school teacher drummed this made up word into our heads . STICKTOITTIVENESS.

  8. 8
    Steve says:

    Jasmine, most of my commitments were subjective. They were commitments to myself.

    However, I was surprised to find out one thing that is different. Probably my commitments have always been mostly commitments to myself. What changed then?

  9. 9
    Steve says:

    By now, my big ideals, those subjective commitments, are backed up by doing things in objective reality.

    Many RES sessions ago, I floated around in my subjective world of ideals and commitments. Floated. Now I walk and talk like a human being, like somebody who cares about my commitments.

  10. 10
    Graham says:

    Love these comments.

    And Kylie, I don’t know how you fit it all in!! 😉

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