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Magic Mushrooms. Legal? Really?

Magic Mushrooms. Is it really wonderful, giving drugs (and opportunistic entities) access to one’s brain?

Magic Mushrooms. Does it fill you with joy to know that using hallucinogenic mushrooms is legal now in a major American city?

Let’s explore the juicy details, including some found in auras.

First, the Weird Political Situation

Just in case you didn’t think American life could get any weirder, guess what?

According to the New York Times:

Voters in Denver, a city at the forefront of the widening national debate over legalizing marijuana, have become the first in the nation to effectively decriminalize another recreational drug: hallucinogenic mushrooms….

[The] possession, use or cultivation of the mushrooms by people aged 21 or older the lowest-priority crime for law enforcement in the city of Denver and Denver County. Arrests and prosecutions, already fairly rare, would all but disappear.

Note: Evidently selling the mushrooms isn’t legal. Just possession, use, or growing your own!

Magic Mushrooms Impact Auras, of Course

But not for the better.

The Times article includes a photo of Kevin Matthews. He’s the Campaign Manager for the Denver Psilocybin Initiative.

In my capacity as an Enlightenment Coach, I did a bit of aura reading research on him. Sadly, he’s just beginning to move into Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

  • Although I’m no fan of any discarnate astral beings using humans as puppets…
  • And although I consider any such entities as lowlifes
  • The Magic Mushroom-affiliated gang, moving within Matthews’ aura, are really outstanding. Outstandingly brutal, cruel, demanding. Reminding me quite a bit several previous articles where I’ve researched the impact of Ayahuasca.

To be clear, humans have sovereignty over all life forms on earth. It breaks a spiritual law for discarnate beings to enter into the auras of human beings.

However, drugs like Magic Mushrooms have a chemical consequence. They lift the person’s consciousness to a “higher” astral vibe. Where astral beings today can be tempted to break that spiritual law and play around with humans and our auras.

A higher vibrational frequency doesn’t mean safety from astral interference. Rather, it brings more astral flash. And, in these early years of The Age of Awakening, drugs bring greater personal risk to people than during the 1960’s… Or any other previous time in human history. (No kidding.)

In fact, judging from Kevin Matthews’s aura, that may be a “higher” vibe compared to Human Vibrational Frequencies. But among astral frequencies, it’s dismally low. Garbage frequencies of the astral realms….

So Why Are Magic Mushrooms Touted as

“The New Wonder Drug for Mental Illness and the Fear of Death”?

Yowza! And I’m not making this up. Just read “Are Psychedelics the New Wonder Drug for Mental Illness and the Fear of Death?

According to Mark Hyman, MD, those mushrooms accomplish miracles.

“What if just one dose of medicine could dramatically shift your perception, decreasing anxiety, depression, fear of death, addictive tendencies, and so much more?”

Evidently this man has made it through medical school without learning one basic fact of life.

For every good thing we seek, we’ve got to pay the price.

Kevin Matthews is paying the price. And here’s a link to a video of Dr. Hyman. He’s the man who can snap his fingers, remove anxiety-depression-fear-of-death-addictive-tendencies. And supposedly people won’t pay any price, beyond the cost of the mushrooms?

In this video, he discusses how easy it is to avoid dementia.

How well is his aura doing? Quite a blissful state of Extreme Spiritual Addiction! Works for him. But, God willing, you won’t let that work for you.

How Do Magic Mushrooms Work?

Here’s my perspective, based on using skills of accurate energetic literacy. (Also known as aura reading.)

You can learn it too. Though I hope that you’ll find more inspiring photos for reading auras. At this recent blog post, check the comments for some fabulous aura reading from graduates of online workshops Aura Reading 101 and 102. 

So, what happens with psylocibin?

Hallucinations are the prized experience. And what makes hallucinations happen from drugs like Magic Mushrooms?

Chemically, the drug impacts the user’s brain chemistry. Moving consciousness so that the drug taker identifies with the astral level corresponding to the sought-after “high”

Of course, while under the influence, people temporarily lose characteristic experiences of being human, including:

  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Angry

Also, of course, that high comes with a price: Identifying with an astral world. Quite possibly, becoming dependent on that drug.

I find it ironic that a drug pusher like Hyman would aim to cure people’s “addictive tendencies.”

Even Worse… About Taking Drugs Now (Including Magic Mushrooms)

With the Shift into The Age of Awakening, it’s easier than before for astral beings to get involved in people’s auras. (Including the awful consciousness lifestyle of Extreme Spiritual Addiction.)

On the Bright Side

RES Energy Healing Sessions can help with some of the problems mentioned by Dr. Hyman.

Not always. But you might be pleasantly surprised. (That is, surprised unless you’ve had several RES sessions.)

As for the fear of death… Might I recommend? Consider a session or two of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH).

  • Because often a client will have an experience of past-life regression… that doesn’t come from this lifetime.
  • Even an experience that includes re-visiting the Life Review from that lifetime.
  • And, by definition, SEAH moves out large-intensity frozen blocks. Even if you move out frozen blocks from past-life within this lifetime!

Whether you’re new to RES or an experienced client from phone sessions… And if you’re prepared to come in person to RES Headquarters  — Near the biggest airport in metro Washington D.C.

You might be amazed at how you can co-create with Divine help, plus the trademarked skills for this type of past-life regression. And you can feel a lot better. And without astral side effects!

I wonder if any of you Blog-Buddies who’ve done SEAH might be willing to share a story about the impact on you. Especially regarding fear of death.

In Conclusion

What’s so amazing about Magic Mushrooms?

Maybe it’s the astounding gullibility (or pain) of people who can’t wait to get high. And never think about paying a price.

Back to my role as an Enlightenment Coach, I’d like to conclude with this thought. Moving toward Enlightenment in a way that validly helps you:

  • And that doesn’t need to include RES
  • Just something effective and wholesome that helps with your humanity!
  • Do what you can to move forward on your own path to Enlightenment.

Pretty soon, you may well stop using any recreational drugs or alcohol. Any, whatsoever. Because you don’t need them!

And, yes, you may know that 1 in 8 Americans is an alcoholic.

We can only imagine how much better society would be… if people could find a way to live on their own. Consciousness healthy. Not stoned. Not spaced out. And not influenced by earth’s many opportunistic astral beings. (This book includes info about how to minimize this influence in your life. And — wow! so does something new that I’m planning to announce here at this blog. This coming Monday!)

Imagine people like you! Folks strong enough to live like themselves. Bringing more spiritual life, and human presence, into this world.

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  1. 1
    RES Joe says:

    Drinking alcohol is such a common behavior among professionals and others. I hear people say “it’s meant to relax you” or it can help people “wind down from a hard day.”

    To me, that’s called using something else to change an internal state because of the lack of skills to do it own one’s own. I use to lack the skills but RES has given me tools to unwind without chemicals.

  2. 2

    RES JOE, what a great lead-off comment!

    Really, it’s strange, isn’t it? Motivation to stay sober wakes up once you understand that getting high on alcohol or weed or Magic Mushrooms really means positioning your awareness away from human life… and into an astral version… a glitzy look-alike altered state, where a person becomes far less effective than when normal. (Technically, “normal” or “not drunk” means having consciousness positioned at Human Vibrational Frequencies.)

  3. 3

    In that consciousness context, which we can easily research once we’ve got essential skills for energetic literacy, how weird are those social cliches?

    Good aura reading skills bring clarity. Why would “relaxing” as a human being require spacing out into not-human, astral, vibrational frequencies?

  4. 4

    And “winding down” from any kind of day — hard or soft or somehow mushy…

    From a consciousness perspective, getting tipsy or stoned means escaping all right. Escaping away from living as humans, with our consciousness poised for learning and spiritual evolution; for authentic caring and sharing.

  5. 5

    Of course, many people don’t yet know better. Which means, hello! They don’t know something else: the aspect of paying the price. Will it only be small? Like a hangover. A general fuzziness. A sense of having partied too hard.

    Nope. In my view, anything like that is merely the obvious, surface-level, part of the price for getting sloshed, etc. Drinking alcohol destroys brain cells. And taking recreational drugs deposits Large-Intensity Frozen Blocks into a person’s aura. Small and Medium-Intensity ones also.

  6. 6

    Sure, there’s are RES skill sets to remove Frozen Blocks. But until a person takes advantage of resources that help — whether RES-related or elsewhere — so that effective energy healing succeeds at removing these dismal souvenirs at aura level, what then? A person’s quality of life can erode.

    Magic Mushrooms, like weed and Ayahuasca — they’re a slow poison, making it harder than ever to live as a responsible human being: thoughtful, caring, able to make commitments and honor them.

  7. 7

    For some people, sobriety comes easy. For others, RES sessions might be able to help.

    And also, I’ll note it here… on Monday I’ll start making available a brand new series of RES on-demand, online workshops for energetic self-healing. They can help a person to relax with out alcohol or recreational drugs.

  8. 8
    Jnana says:

    i’ve done SEAH to remove a fear of dirt which was making cleaning a long, drawn-out chore that left me spent.

    SEAH revealed it was actually the fear of death manifesting as a fear of dirt, something I was ignorant of at the conscious level.

  9. 9
    Jnana says:

    There were other underlying issues causing the fear of dirt which later SEAH sessions would reveal, but that first SEAH session went a long way in helping me not be grossed out by dirt.

    And considering that at this point in my life I have to do my own cleaning, that was a big, big gain.

  10. 10
    Graham says:

    This reminds me of a drugs awareness training session I attended once when I worked in a high school.

    The trainer asked us to say what we thought were the reasons why young people dabbled in drugs. There were all sorts of answers e.g. ‘escapism,’ ‘peer pressure’ etc.

  11. 11
    Graham says:

    But in fact, the single biggest reason why young people took (take) drugs was ‘just to see what they’re like.’

  12. 12
    Graham says:

    I cannot wait for the day when everyone – young people included – have better energetic literacy and can make truly informed choices about the huge price they will have to pay for such ‘dabbling.’

  13. 13
    Steve says:

    I know a lot of people who say they want CLARITY. They’re constantly demanding AUTHENTICITY.

    And then I see them take their heartfelt search in an awful direction. They turn to weed. And then they mistake their stoner’s state of mind for finding TRUTH.

  14. 14
    Steve says:

    I get how that’s an understandable mistake. How many of these beautiful spiritual seekers even know yet that we’re in the Age of Awakening?

    I wish every single one of them would read Rose’s book “The New Strong.” I wish they could understand that astral spirits and astral consciousness do not bring about spiritual awakening. Not even close.

  15. 15
    Steve says:

    Thus, many of you blog readers may have witnessed the same sad stories as me. What starts off as an earnest, heartfelt search winds up as a heartbreaking tragedy.

    Personally I think this blog post is one of those PLEASE SHARE IT ones by Rose.

  16. 16
    Jennifer says:

    Great article Rose, thank you!

    One small technical point: hallucinogenic mushrooms aren’t actually legal in Denver (or anywhere else in the US), it’s just that the police won’t arrest/charge people caught possessing them, so no one will be going to jail for possession (distribution is probably another matter).

  17. 17
    Jennifer says:

    One question though. I’ve heard anecdotal stories about these mushrooms alleviating cluster headaches (From the NIH: ) and while I know you’re not a medical professional, is it possible this relief is because of someone’s consciousness rising to astral frequencies, or possibly an actual medicinal property in the drug?

  18. 18
    Jennifer says:

    Just curious if you have any insight into this, if this feels not-in-your-wheelhouse though just tell me to bugger off 😜 Thanks!

  19. 19

    JENNIFER, it’s always a delight to read your blog comments. Regarding your #18, it’s very rare for me to ask anybody to not comment at my blog.

    And even then, I do my best to do this respectfully. Never in my life have I told anyone to b… off!

  20. 20

    Regarding your Comment #16, in the original post I did make that point about the limits of the legality… by quoting the New York Times. (See that second paragraph, quoted quite early on in that article.)

    But clearly I didn’t make that point strongly enough. Thanks to you, I went back and added a bit to the original post. Because I agree that it IS important to make the distinction that you pointed out. So, thanks.

  21. 21

    The really poignant topic is in your Comment #17. What does a person do when in terrible pain? At what point does one just take the medicine and just be grateful for the relief?

    That’s an intimately personal decision. I have no medical comments to offer, nor ethical ones either.

  22. 22

    But I can point out two different ways in which I can be of service. Both involve RES specialties, not offered elsewhere as far as I know.

    First, Soul Thrill Aura Research® is an excellent way to gain more discernment about the impact of different choices. Medications included. (Not that I give medical advice; more that medications have consequences. Emotional and spiritual consequences, everything from making money to spiritual evolution. That, I’m competent to point out. And, in fact, I did that for a client just yesterday.

  23. 23

    Second, sometimes Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH) can eliminate the cause of health problems.

    SOMETIMES. No guarantees. But if a client has had a problem with headaches, for instance, and explored what’s available medically… It might be worthwhile to have this kind of session. Mostly SEAH helps with emotional and spiritual growth, but sometimes clients have had good results related to health.

  24. 24

    These practical points about SEAH might be good to know at the outset: 1. This trademarked system is different from other forms of past-life regression. As a consumer, don’t assume that past-life regression practitioners use the same methodology, because they don’t. For instance, I’ve dedicated a page to my teacher Coletta Long, Ph.D. But the system I use isn’t hers. It’s different enough to deserve that trademark.

    How can you learn who’s qualified to do SEAH? Go to the RES Experts page at this website.

  25. 25

    2. No guarantees of results. Yes, I’m repeating that.

    On the other hand, right in this thread, see JNANA’s Comments #8 and 9. Pretty significant! She didn’t just learn, intellectually, the cause of a serious fear of dirt. Removal of energetically triggerable, large-intensity frozen blocks — that’s what created permanent results for her. This summer, many returning clients for SEAH will be having appointments with me — clients from the West Coast of America (My office is 3,000 miles away, on the East Coast), Europe, and Asia.

  26. 26

    3. Prior to scheduling SEAH, it’s a requirement that you have at least one RES Energy Healing Session with me. Of course, the 55-minute phone or Skype sessions can help a lot with emotional and spiritual growth.

    Besides, I only schedule SEAH if I’m reasonably certain that my client will be a good fit for this skill set. Having a current session helps me to evaluate.

  27. 27

    For instance, Joe contacted me only because he was interested in past-life regression. He enjoyed that first phone session, though.

    Altogether he had four of them, helping him with personal growth. In our last session (so far — he’s always welcome to resume sessions with me), guess what? Joe realized that past-life regression was simply something he’d heard of. Much better known than RES. But that desire led him to regular RES sessions, and they gave him what he wanted.

  28. 28

    4. RES — Rosetree Energy Spirituality — is about emotional and spiritual growth. It’s good that loads of other experts are available for the BODY part of MIND-BODY-SPIRIT.

    JENNIFER, the main way that RES helps people physically is this: By helping people to grow past everyday problems, it just might help them prevent developing physical illnesses related to how they are inwardly stuck.

  29. 29

    Granted, the causes of illness are innumerable. And mysterious! But I believe that when people are well and truly stuck inwardly, that can be one cause for illness. So regular RES sessions might indirectly serve as a form of prevention for health problems.

    Not that any scientific studies exist so far to validate my hunch. Pretty impossible to prove! Still, if any of you can help to fund and set up a pilot program related to RES, please email me. I’ve got quite a list of (different) possible topics for research studies.

  30. 30
    Emily Turner says:

    I can certainly report on one SEAH session that helped with the fear of death.

    Not that I was consciously aware of it and thought much of it but just saw the impact it had had before and after that session.

  31. 31
    Emily Turner says:

    I had a session of SEAH with you back in 2012, where we moved out large frozen blocks related to a car accident I had been in where, before crashing, time slowed down and I thought I was going to die.

    After that session, I really felt so very different. Happy and joyful a lot more often when before I had been very down, angry and sad much of the time.

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