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Mother’s Day, Sending Love to YOU

Mother’s Day. Find some way to celebrate it. What if you think there’s only one way, and it doesn’t ft you? Please keep reading.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, either way… Sending love to you.

And why? Because holidays like these can give us hugs or bruises or both.

Earth School’s complicated! So let’s consider some possibilities.

And, guess what? You might relate to more than one.

Mother’s Day If You’re a Happy Mother

Having that aspect of your life work out? Then you’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

Even a somewhat good relationship? With one child or even more than one? That’s fabulous.

In my small family, where Mitch and I have one child, I’m so grateful. So far, knock on wood! The human-type child pictured at the top of this post — Matt — he’s like a miracle in my life. Because he’s brought me nothing but joy. Admittedly, I got lucky with my son, and also my Husband #3, that Mitch Weber.

Regardless of how much joy you’ve had… with however many offspring,…congratulations! Every bit of honest happiness we can gather up in this life? Riches!

Besides, mothering someone can be so helpful for:

  • Emotional growth
  • And spiritual awakening
  • Or whatever other good thing you happen to believe in most.

Mother’s Day If You’re a Disappointed Mother

Admitting that pain to yourself can be tough.

But not admitting it can be harder still.

It consoles me — and maybe it can console you, too — how RES Energy HEALING sessions are available. Because they offer you an alternative to:

  • Working through your issues
  • Remembering the pain every day
  • “I’ll never be the same”
  • Worrying every day for the rest of your life
  • Perpetual guilt
  • Ack!

I’ve helped many a disappointed mother to get on with her life. If RES isn’t your thing, then find something else that works for you.

Incidentally, how will you know when you’ve moved on from the terrible, terrible feelings? When you get your life back.

Besides, being a mother need not matter that much to you. Biology need not be your destiny… unless you allow it.

Could be, starting with this Mother’s Day, you’ll find a very fulfilling reason to celebrate this holiday. Perhaps a reason like this:

“I did some of that mother aspect of life. Did the best I could. But by now I’ve moved on. Because ultimately my life is about me. For me, Mother’s Day means FREE WILL DAY.”

Mother’s Day When You Don’t Know Yet if You’re Going to Have Any Children

Not knowing? That can be really annoying, sad, scary… and more.

And maybe sometimes you feel like you’re in limbo.

But for today — at least for today, and maybe for other days as well — please give yourself a special card. It comes from the Cosmic Monopoly Game. Give yourself the card called GET OUT OF LIMBO FOR FREE.

  • Right now, in this moment, if you don’t have children, that is what it is.
  • Tomorrow will be another day. Maybe tomorrow will be different.
  • Most important, whether you ever have children or not, you still get to be you. More specifically, you can make something great out of this life.

Please, don’t dwell on questions of fertility. Not for today. If possible, enjoy your freedom.

But what if you just can’t let it go? What can I offer beyond (you know) some RES Energy HEALING sessions?

Please consider: This isn’t your only lifetime, right? And that’s why, any day, including this particular day, you can say out loud something like this:

God, I’d like to have a future lifetime where I am a mother. Where I have [name a number of] children. They’re all healthy and delightful and successful. And I have an equally wonderful husband [or whatever you’d like to have, as the father person].

Ask just once, for heaven’s sake. Because God ain’t stupid.

Later, you and God will work out the details, part of a future Life Contract Ceremony. (Such as you can read about in several chapters of this book.)

Because you have a lot of say-so about incarnating. Not that you can snap your fingers and nullify icky karma. But you do have a lot of say-so. Just sayin’.

Mother’s Day If You’re Not Going to Physically Be a Mother at All

Such a vast category!

  • For some of you Blog-Buddies, that’s a relief.
  • For others, it’s a mild disappointment
  • While for others, at certain times, childlessness can feel like a terrible sorrow.
  • And then there’s the unique misery of miscarriage or abortion. Or a child who dies young or had to be given up for adoption.

Wow, life sure can clobber a woman, mom-wise!

Might I suggest? Whatever has happened in your personal story, don’t believe those who say “You must always grieve over this” etc.

Not to trivialize pain you have gone through. But this is a terrible myth of victim-hood. Coming courtesy of revolting old traditions in Collective Consciousness.

Find a way to move forward. (And, yes, that could include a few RES Energy HEALING Sessions. Or whatever will help you most.) Demand your own life!

And how will you know you’ve succeeded! When you can smile on Mother’s Day, and smile repeatedly.

Maybe today you’ll start this annual tradition for Mother’s Day:

Celebrating a Motherhood Road NOT Traveled. And Instead Traveling This Magnificent, Sacred, Fulfilling Road of Mine.

Mother’s Day, If Grateful for Your Own Mother

Awesome! Have fun celebrating that good relationship.

Truth is, you’re in the minority. Consider yourself fortunate if the good truly outweighs the bad.

And, if I might make a suggestion, what if you’re used to practicing some virtue ideal. Pretending that a lousy, selfish mother has been wonderful to you?

Cut that out. You just might find that you lift a longstanding burden.

Admitting the truth to yourself hurts nobody. And it just might help you. A lot!

Mother’s Day, If Not Thrilled with Your Own Mother

Oh, Blog-Buddies, do you have any idea how large this category is? How extremely, very, hideously large?

One thing you might do to make things better is to write a memoir. Maybe you’ll on write-and-edit the mother chapters on… Mother’s Day. 😉

Look, I’ve had many an RES client who moved out a lot of Mom-related STUFF. And then they’re free to enjoy their independence. Plus all the compassion they gained.

You might even believe (as I do) that you chose your parents. Yes, chose them on purpose. Because you negotiated your Life Contract. Not just this time around, but for every single human lifetime.

As a wise person has said, “Every day is full of gifts. But it’s up to you to unwrap them.”

And the Mother’s Day Opportunity Open to Us All

Each of us can show kindness to others. Caring. Compassion. Even nurturing.

Sometimes you’ll do it on the fly. Spontaneously saying a sweet word to a person you’ll most likely never seen again.

For example, I make it a point to talk to cleaning personnel in buildings. They tend to slink away, unnoticed. When one is near to me, I say something like, “Thank you so much. This bathroom looks beautiful.” Then I’ll look that person straight in the eye and smile.

Other times, you’ll deliberately choose a mothering project. Bring home a new cat, for instance.

Or choose a human-type mothering project. Could be a kind of volunteer work. Or making a commitment to serve as a Big Brother or Big Sister. Choose whatever you like.

It’s glorious to send out Mom love. Send it out freely. Send it in any appropriate way available!

Most important to remember, always: YOU’LL. Choose. The. Project.

Happy Mother’s Day, Blog-Buddies.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    Great photo of Matt, Rose 😉

  2. 2
    Kylie Sparks says:

    I love this post Rose. I can relate on so many levels. As someone who was briefly a biological mother, and someone who had two mother figures both of whom died early, and as someone who is currently learning how not to mother everyone around me.

  3. 3
    Kylie Sparks says:

    I love this comment: “Might I suggest? Whatever has happened in your personal story, don’t believe those who say “You must always grieve over this” etc.”

    So true!

  4. 4
    Kylie Sparks says:

    And I love the idea of deliberately choosing a mothering project.

  5. 5
    Erica says:

    This is such a lovely post, Rose. Very nourishing; thank you for sharing these thoughts with us in the midst of your own Mother’s Day.

  6. 6
    Emily Turner says:

    Thank you for this lovely post Rose!

  7. 7
    Erica says:

    I love the idea of ‘mom love’ – even though I don’t have children, I do feel like I have ‘mom love’ to give sometimes! 🙂 and I appreciate the reassurance that there are all kinds of ways to express that.

  8. 8
    Erica says:

    If I may humbly offer one suggestion, it’s that most lady-lovin’ women I know (myself very much included) don’t think of their (current or potential future) co-parent as the father person – just a co-parent or spouse.

    (Of course your meaning was clear, and I appreciate the inclusion of a non-husband option!)

  9. 9
    Erica says:

    Hope you were well-loved on this special day 🙂

  10. 10
    Jean says:

    Yes thank you Rose for this great post!

    Brought home (another) cat and feeling fine.

  11. 11

    Thanks so much to all of you who’ve been commenting. And ERICA, of course you’re absolutely right. (Please forgive my omission.)

    It’s going to be your unique project for Moming (or Dadding, as I noted early in the article). Or whatever you consider your role. Of course, call another person involved in the parenting, along with you, whatever both of you like!

  12. 12
    Julie says:

    Thanks, Rose.

    Great post and celebration of this day, whether nurturing a pet, a garden, an art form, actual children, work relationships. Or anything else!

  13. 13
    Avid Reader says:

    Beautiful post. Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. 14
    KayCee says:

    Hello to all. Beautiful reminders, Rose, thank you!

    I’d like to share that moving forward through painful experiences is allowing me to join in on life again in a new way.

  15. 15
    KayCee says:

    I’m learning to see—and be—motherhood differently. Always a strong instinct that extended, even while raising my own two sweeties, to the woman who gave birth to me.

    These days, things are simpler. I’m mother to myself, first and foremost, which is perhaps my most compassionate commitment ever.

  16. 16
    KayCee says:

    Wonderful changes in all my relationships.. and I so agree that Mother’s Day, and every day, is an opportunity to keep walking forward. Spontaneous sweet words are a favorite practice and I also volunteer, for Hospice. Gifts of giving and receiving, simply for showing up in human ways!

    Bruises, yes, but the hugs are what I notice most. <3

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