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Polyamory, Promiscuity, Open Marriages + Aura Reading

Polyamory –Why not to walk blindly into the empty promises of a promiscuity lifestyle

Polyamory, Promiscuity, Open Marriages… sure they hold an appeal for many. But what are the consequences of sex without commitment?

Today’s blog post was inspired by some fascinating, bold comments from ETHAN. He wrote:

What seems hugely influential these days is the prevalence of “open relationships”. Worldwide 74% of men admit that they’d have an affair if they knew they’d never get caught; 68% of women admit to a similar thought process. Recent studies show more than 1 in 10 Canadians want an open relationship.

Has this always been in collective consciousness or is this new? I’m not sure but I’m just noticing how much those around me talk about this-lots of fear around never being able to trust anybody or worrying this will be asked of them.

Polyamory, Promiscuity, Open Marriages…

Such Fancy Ways of Glorifying Self-Destructive Behavior!

What have I learned about this? To be clear, I’m not mainly a theorist. Rather, I’ve drawn conclusions after facilitating thousands of RES Energy HEALING sessions. And also thousands of RES Energy READING sessions. Plus hundreds of past-life regressions, using the rigorous system of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Admittedly, I don’t know everything. But my clients have taught me a lot. Which is why I believe the following:

  1. Being human, we’re free to do whatever we like.
  2. And so we can devote part — or most — of a lifetime to any experiment we choose.
  3. Have you noticed? When people bring out the Latin-based names, like polyamory, the behavior is supposed to be classier.
  4. But despite the allure of fancy-sounding names like “polyamory,” promiscuous sexual behavior brings icky consequences.
  5. However, the internet can glorify “polyamourous coaches.” Like a service that provides “Supportive relationship and dating coaching for polyamorous, monogamish, and open relationships. LGBTQ, kink, and asexual positive.”
  6. Preposterous claims, like “loving without boundaries” hide the not-so-lofty reality. Akin to today’s “artisanal porn.” Hey, porn is porn. Promiscuity is promiscuity.
  7. People like novelty. Sadly commercial entertainment emphasizes what is new. Not what’s helpful.

No wonder, it’s important to shed some light on lifestyles that over-emphasize sex — with the most extreme version probably being polyamory.

Let’s shed light by using energetic literacy. What’s the reality of the people who teach others to love promiscuous sex?

Seems to me, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy is the best way to find out the truth. Since, except for world-class actors, auras don’t lie.

Today I’ll choose a high-ranked expert from Google, searching under “polyamorous coach.” Because someone who makes a career out of teaching people this sort of behavior… is going to have an aura that reveals consequences.

Finding a Polyamory Teacher’s Aura to Research? Harder than You Might Expect

For people who advocate freedom, they’re mighty reluctant to share photographs.

Searching away, I found that most high-ranked polyamory experts hide their faces. When they do supply photos, the body and face lean off to the side — never facing the camera. Plus, of course, the popular headshot with forehead decapitated…. (Ugh, when will that hideous photo craze stop?)

Then, among those for whom I could find a photo, guess what? The majority are in extreme spiritual addiction. Evidently an occupational hazard!

Finally, after searching about 20 websites, I encountered “Alternative Life Coach” Bo Blaze. In his photo at the top of his website, the man looks charming-engaging-friendly.

Face readers, note his unusual variation on a soul patch. This under-lip chunk of extra beard is unlike anything I’ve encountered. Best way to describe it? Phallic.

Oboy, this aura reading is going to be unusual.

Polyamory Coach’s Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Over-functioning


Have you ever seen a blow-up toy, like one used as a lawn ornament? For instance around my neighborhood I have fun walking by a particular house around Christmas. You’ll see Santa. Frosty the Snowman. Charlie Brown. Loads of fantasy characters — colorful, plastic, appealing to young children especially, and larger than life.

Well, sigh! In that same vein, it does seem that Bo Blaze’s presence, at the time of this photo, has taken on the qualities of… A large, friendly, inflatable penis.

He could be opening up a toystore called SexRUs.

Can this possibly become more embarrassing to write or to read? Sigh again! Let’s find out.

Polyamory Coach’s Aura. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Again, over-functioning


Remember the thrill of puberty, folks? And how sometimes, for maybe a year or two, everything that you said to a person of the exciting gender was… “Really” about sex?

For some of us, that stage lasted for only a small number of days.

Nonetheless, that’s a thing.

Beyond puberty, double entendres exist. They spice up many a play or TV show.

But imagine doing that as a way of life. That’s Bo’s chakra databank story.

Imagine talking about sex, exclusively. Either directly or indirectly. And then, communicating with great honesty. Like somebody who isn’t the least bit embarrassed that he:

  • Sees only erotic imagery… in everyday life. (Such a shame that Freud didn’t get to time travel and psychoanalyze Mr. Polyamory!)
  • Cares only about sexual sensations.
  • Hears sexual innuendo in every voice.
  • Or to put this in Rose Rosetree’s personal language, “Yeccch!”

Polyamory Coach’s Aura. Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Integrity

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Mildly over-functioning yet again.


Well, the guy’s got sexual integrity, alright. As in:

  1. I’ll have sex with anyone. Any time.
  2. And I’m totally committed to that — pure naked sex — as my kind of fidelity.
  3. Basically, Bo’s truth is like, “I am married to my orgasm.”

Polyamory Coach’s Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Sex Drive

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon. Drastically over-functioning


Mostly, Bo feels stuck in life, earthbound. But here’s something unusual about his way of having experience be humanly stuck. He does such a great job. As if the truth of life on earth involves nothing beyond physical body parts and what a shame-free person can do with them.

And there’s more. Have you read “The New Strong” how-to book… And/or have you taken “The New Strong Online Workshops“? Then you’ll understand this concept: Bo has trapped himself into Human Vibrational Frequencies… and only the very lowest of those human frequencies.

Interesting lifetime he’s having, as a result of his choices!

Anyway, sex seems to be the only activity in Bo’s life that promises to get him out of his self-inflicted prison of human tedium.

Although he’d call himself a great master of polyamory, I’d call him a sex addict. And exploring that addiction in uniquely low-vibe version, even among sex addicts: The Polyamory Trap.

Polyamory Coach’s Aura. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Growth

Symbolic Size

1/8. Fully shut down (at the time of the photo, anyway)


Blog-Buddies, I’ve got to tell you, this is without question the ugliest version I’ve ever encountered yet about emotional growth.

Picture a big, thick scab. Rotten and permanent.

That’s one way to symbolize Bo’s utter disregard of human emotion. Particularly, he refuses to notice the misery that he creates through polyamory. Both his personal exploits and his “teaching” that can get his students addicted to this way of life.

Mostly, the quality of this chakra databank reminds me of a scene in a movie. Did you ever see “All that Jazz”? It was about choreographer Bob Fosse. Mostly, though, it was a (really disgusting, by my standards) portrayal of a very active, and influential, sex addict.

One particular scene showed one of Fosse with one of his dancers in his studio. She said something like, “I know that, in order to be hired by you, I promised to have sex with you. But I’m begging you, don’t make me.” He acknowledges her words. Pauses for a moment. And then says something like, “Now, take off your clothes.”

What a terrible emotional price this polyamory coach is paying for his chosen path.

In Conclusion

Friends don’t encourage friends to do polyamory.

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    Thank you Rose for this educational blog post.

    There are so so so many other things to be interested in about human life that isn’t sex related. What a beautiful world this is.

  2. 2
    Kylie Sparks says:

    So true Ethan! And thank you Rose for this blog post.

    This man reminds me of one of the people in the polyamorous group I knew. Even with stage one energetic literacy, he seemed slimy, always laying on the charm so thick. Yech!

  3. 3
    Graham says:

    Very interesting, Rose! I suspected as much….

  4. 4
    Angie says:

    Aaah, Thank you so much Rose for putting the dot on the I, once more.

  5. 5
    Angie says:

    A couple of years ago, when we first started to hear about it, it somewhat felt so wrong, especially from the pseudo-high profile life coaches promoting this life style and I did ask myself what the catch was.

  6. 6
    Angie says:

    Neale Donald Walsh said in his book “Concersation with God” that people would recognize and come to this more and more as it was natural (read it very long ago before you published some of your articles) and it already felt so off back then.

  7. 7
    Angie says:

    Thank you so much again for bringigg clarity. I need to share this article with a couple people I know (clearly in spiritual addiction, hope this can help)

  8. 8

    ANGIE, sharing is caring. At least as you’ve written in Comment #7.

    One reason why I wrote this article is so that you Blog-Buddies might share it with friends who are considering “open” marriages and so forth. A lot of good people can be influenced by hype. Especially since, on this topic, it can be combined with inevitable human sexual curiosity.

  9. 9

    But this article isn’t meant just to be cautionary. At least one reader (aside from me), laughed out loud more than once.

    And I think that’s important. Since, to me, this article isn’t about shaming anyone. Instead, it’s a wake-up call about sanctifying something pretty gross — as if the long-term consequences could possibly be beneficial.

  10. 10

    Also, good catch, ANGIE, about Neale Donald Walsh. Sure, he was nominated for my Enlightenment Life List.

    Nominated and, also, rejected. Because auras tell the truth, except for world-class actors. And an Enlightenment Coach can tell the difference between the higher state of consciousness — or even significant, direct experience of God — versus a hopeful imitation.

  11. 11

    In a way there’s a parallel between Walsh’s work and the glorification of promiscuous sex, when called by the high-class-sounding names like polyamory and open marriage.

    What if Walsh’s beloved bestseller were really called, “Conversations with My Subconscious Mind, Influenced by any Astral Entities Who’d Like a Piece of the Action”?

  12. 12

    We lovers of God can be duped, even if not gullible about other matters. Just proclaim: “This comes straight from God” and watch the crowds line up.

    And maybe some of Neale’s readers really did make contact directly with the Divine. That’s possible. Even sloppily-constructed techniques can work, if a person has a high level of consciousness. However, regarding those who did directly experience God, seems to me… their success is on them, not “Mr. Conversations.”

  13. 13

    ANGIE, and other Blog-Buddies, you can see why I long for energetic literacy to become widespread.

    Sure, I work hard to create this educational blog, bringing discernment about spiritual growth and also energy healing — including the “baby” — the brand new Spiritually Sparkling Collection of workshops! But there’s a vast difference about reading someone else’s skilled aura readings versus learning how to do them for yourself.

  14. 14

    Once we have developed skills for discernment, how that can protect us! Slipshod methods and outright lies can’t win. And fancy language can’t persuade.

    Imagine how often we’d be duped if we never had developed word literacy! Especially in The Age of Awakening, when all of us are sensitive to energy (if we want to be). Since we live NOW, energetic literacy is indispensable.

  15. 15
    Angie says:

    Actually, just that part made me question and want to ditch the whole thing (there are 3 Books).

    My thinking being “if he can’t get that right, than what are the chances the rest is ?”. That’s really how Neale made me feel.

  16. 16
    Kate says:

    Wow, what a great read! I notice polyamory seems to be becoming a part of some people’s spirituality and people who believe in monogamy are being seen as “stodgy”.

    Even hook-up culture is becoming so normal that you are considered a little weird if you do not partake in it! I had a feeling there would be energetic consequences to these lifestyles and you just confirmed it!

  17. 17

    Wonderful self-authority there, ANGIE!

  18. 18

    KATE, it’s so good to hear from you. When I think of this blog, one of its purposes is to bring more truth into the world.

    If you have any, any concerns about slowing down your spiritual path by saying no to sexual promiscuity, consider what I wrote about in this post about having trouble finding photos of polyamory coaches to read for this blog post.

  19. 19

    As I recall, 9 of these coaches were in extreme spiritual addiction! Which means that spiritual growth is pretty much stuck. (Probably until the end of the lifetime. This state of consciousness is a point of no return.)

    People can spiral into unproductive patterns of using their consciousness. Don’t let anybody guilt you or shame you into joining them. Again, thank you for sharing here.

  20. 20
    Emily Turner says:

    Cannot say I’m surprised…! I love these posts busting popular illusions nonetheless.

  21. 21
    Inspired2Be says:

    I have to disagree with most of the ideas in this article. I have found that our society, as many, has sucessfully supressed the femanine sexual energy, that by teaching a person to embrace their sexual pleasure centers, which realigns them with the divine idea of our sexualatiy, we open up the heart to unconditional love. It’s an important step in our evolution. Bo may not be 100% on track, for for the univeral pendulum to shift it sometimes goes a bit far to the other side. It will correct itself, however, open relationships and the like, can be an important gateway to awaken to ones true connection with thier inner self, brining them to a place of unity with God. Your resistence to allowing people to explore any avenue is surprising given your claims to wisdom.

  22. 22

    I’ll respond, INSPIRED2BE, although I’ll be shocked if you ever return to my blog. Comments like the previous one are usually written by people who choose one post to criticize, barely read even one post (if that much), and then deliver their views without having any intention of returning to my blog.

    And maybe pay attention to a different point of view.

  23. 23
    Inspired2Be says:

    I find it facinating that when Bo’s aura is large you criticize it, and you also criticize it when it is small. Perhaps you are just looking to find any reason to find fault with anyone who doesn’t agree with you. I prefer to take the stance that if a person is resistant to anything, it’s due to their personal purpose not aligning with it, but allowing others to choose based on what they are focused upon for thier own personal growth. Who someone chooses to sleep with and why is not much different from what they choose to eat or wear. it’s a person choice. Don’t you agree? Most people who want to find joy in sex, may have to explore outside their committed relationship to face the deep inner fears regarding their sexuality that have been created by society and dogma that have supressed the feminine energy. For me personally, it has been a great relief, bringing me out of a place riddled with shame and guilt that was never ordained by God, but only by the fears held by my inner self. Bo’s work can change lives so they can move on and prosper. What Bo does is just one of countless ways, but non should be discounted just becuase you don’t agree with it. We are all beneficial to the Universe and treating each other with great respect is the first responsibility to anyone in the field. Each person can decide who they choose to follow. Freedom of choice is a benefit we all can rejoice in.

  24. 24

    For the sake of anyone who is curious, I’ve read many more auras of people involved in polyamory — not just what I’ve researched here.

    Without exception, researching them in considerable detail, I’ve found people who were terribly messed up. Way out of balance.

  25. 25

    Ideals that are sold as part of the justification, or guiding belief system, may sound wonderful. (Although, personally, I’d hate to sacrifice my life for the sake of some theoretical, universal pendulum.)

    But just as I don’t believe that, in politics, “The end justifies the means,” I question any sexual ideology that brings chaos to the auras of its leading advocates.

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