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Fake Smile Contest. Everybody Wins!

Fake Smile Contest. In this photo the model isn’t just wearing a mask, she’s fake-smiling a mask with her mouth.

Fake Smile Contest. If you enter, you’ll win.

Hooray, how unusual is that! And what a fascinating prize it will be, if you’re a people person. :0)

First of All, Let’s Explore what Fake Smiles Are

Expression + aura reading will combine to drive home this point:

  • Fake smiles are just that. Fake.
  • In all their infinite variety, they may be interesting, but they’re still fake.
  • There are so many ways to give a fake smile.
  • But nobody has to do this silly thing.

I’m hopeful that this unique Energy Spirituality contest will persuade you. I developed this quiz in honor of an Energy Spirituality client who’s a fake smile skeptic.

By all means, use your own self-authority to decide for yourself whether imitation smiles are really cool. I’d just like to add some education.

Second, It’s So Easy to Find a Fake Smile for Entering this Contest

Go to Google. Type in the name of the celebrity of your choice. Click on the tab for images. You’ll find screen upon screen of photograph.

Weird or not, nearly all of them will probably be fake smiles. The hard part would be finding a genuine smile.

Perfect, though, for this contest. Just send a contest entry (as outlined toward the end of this post) giving a link to one of the fake smiles.

Why Are Fake Smiles So Popular?

Mostly the mess is spread by movies, TV, and photos. You know, those 4,000 – 10,000 images you’re likely to see every day. Where nearly all of the people do fake-smiling.

And why all these cutesy “smiles” that really aren’t smiles at all? What do you think, Blog-Buddies. My sense is this:

So great is the quest for new! Different! Ratings-seekers want you to feel that something is different… Even if you don’t know exactly what!

For these reasons — and others — all day long, what are you seeing? Glamorous people, beautifully lit, airbrushed, hyper-attractive. And they’ve put on fake smiles. Photographers and directors request it, no doubt.

You’ll even see children — actors and models — evidently coached to fake smile.

Personally, I find that really sad and annoying. How about you?

And now there’s another way to make images cutesy. Fake smiles plus cropping off the person’s forehead. Or chin. Maybe both.

Can’t wait for people to go back to normal head shots. Where you can see them properly. Maybe do face reading or aura reading or a Skilled Empath Merge. Now that’s more like it!

When Did All this Fakery Move into Collective Consciousness?

As I remember it, fake smiles became popular in the 1960’s. Thank you, Audrey Hepburn. What a childhood she lived through! Besides, by all accounts, she was a sweet person. and so “elegant.” Seldom would you see any teeth in her smiles.

Whether it began with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or in some other way, ugh! That kind of faking has become a thing. Well established in collective consciousness.

Could be, some of you Blog-Buddies don’t know the difference. Which is why I’m making this contest available to you and your friends.

Can You Spot Fake Smiles? Begin by Spotting a REAL Smile.

And what, precisely, is a real smile?

This excellent article introduces us to the gold standard, a Duchenne smile.

Ever hear of Calling a facial expression a “Duchenne smile”?  The name comes from Guillaume Duchenne. This French anatomist studied many different expressions of emotion. And he came to specialize in real smiles: A natural expression of pure enjoyment.

Specifically, Duchenne identified a set of facial movements. A real smile includes this full set of characteristics:

  1. Lips part.
  2. Mouth corners rise up.
  3. Cheeks lift up.
  4. Eyes crinkle.
  5. And, briefly, eyes flash.

For example, in the photo at the top of this article, real or fake? Clearly fake. The masked model only accomplishes #2. See that?

Unlike Fake Smiles, the Real Ones Help You Feel Better

Psychologists and neuroscientists have studied this. Although common sense can tell you: How you outwardly move your facial muscles? This effects your inner emotions. For example, a study by Robert Soussignan explored the difference between Duchenne smiles and fake ones.

Those who produced real smiles were happier as a result. As for those who produce fake smiles? Not so much.

Fascinating but true: Even if the real smile isn’t sincere, if a person does all five of those aforementioned Duchenne tricks… It still counts as a real smile. And it still will produce inner results. Plus outer goodies for any observer.

Also did you know this? Within the category of real smiles, there are many varieties.

And you can learn how to identify them. Plus, interpret their significance. Find the juicy details n “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.” The section on different Smile Styles is one of my favorite parts of that book. Check it out!

Actually, speaking of Body Language + Aura Reading… that’s where this contest will get interesting.

Entering this Contest, What Will Be Your Prize?

I’m going to read the aura of the public figure whose photo you submit.

Specifically, I’ll be using skills of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. That’s the level of skill at aura reading where you can research chakra databanks. Where the juicy, practical, helpful insights are!

For each smiler, I’ll give my assessment of whether this really is technically a fake smile. Then I’ll research these four revealing aura parts:

  1. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity
  2. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving
  3. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving
  4. And the Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Do I know in advance what that aura research will reveal? Of course not. This will be educational for us all. Maybe it will turn out that I’m wrong, and fake smiles are wonderful!

How to Enter — and Win — this Contest

Right away, let’s be clear. With this contest, if you enter and follow all the instructions below, you win.

And I’m going to keep it open for exactly a week. Accordingly, you might wish to let a bunch of friends know. The more, the merrier. Because that prize will be so darned educational!

Okay, here come the rules.

  1. Only one entry per person. Enter by creating a COMMENT below.
  2. Choose one public figure who is fake-smiling. Give that person’s name.
  3. Add a one-click link to a headshot of this person.
  4. The photo must be taken from a front angle. Not toward the left or the right. Also, taken on the level. Not up-or-down.
  5. No cropping of the person’s face. (Which would go without saying since you’ve read the whole blog post, right?) Don’t waste your one entry, folks!
  6. Optional: You might wish to supply a url for where this headshot appears, if possible.
  7. Optional: Add any info you like, such as why you prefer real smiles. Or so far, you prefer fake smiles. Etc.

I’m looking forward to giving you one of the prizes, right here at this blog.

Note: If your comment doesn’t appear after 24 hours, it’s because you didn’t follow the rules. I expect that this contest will keep me ridiculously busy. Therefore, I’m not adding to my scope of volunteer work by exchanging emails with you about what to fix in order to follow the rules. You can figure this out on your own, based on what’s stated here.

This contest closes one week from today, Wednesday June 5.

Here’s to Smile Smarts for us all! And thanks in advance for joining me in this educational project.

In Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy famously wrote, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  I don’t happen to believe that’s true. Each family is unique… and interesting.

With smiles, however, I think it’s valid to note that authentic smiles show happiness. Or, at least, willingness to be happy. And… what a smile is about, more than anything… a willingness to reach out to other people. And give to them emotionally.

While fake smiles are way more varied in their inner significance. Let’s explore the inner meaning of these fascinating social moments.

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  1. 101

    In this one case, I’ll start with an extra chakra databank, and then go into the usual four for these Fake Smile Aura Readings. That’s because doing energetic literacy research, after flagging this sad problem, the information makes more sense to me if I start here….

    James Comey’s Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room. Out to the moon. Extreme over-functioning.

  2. 102

    Why is the symbolic size of this chakra databank so extra-large? Because it’s loaded with astral beings (E.T. entities, in this case), who are now running Comey.

    Enough of his individuality is left (maybe 2%) for the man to be able to walk and talk and deliver smiles. Basically, he’s now a puppet who appears to be the man he once was.

  3. 103

    #1. James Comey’s Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity. Out to the moon. Extreme over-functioning.

    The beings in charge of Comey make him talk, saying what they wish him to say. He lacks the will, or discernment, or energetic power, to do an override. In a way, this is like a psychic’s dream (gone wrong): Constantly receiving words from spirits and surrendering to their guidance. In theory, this might sound desirable to a student of psychic development. But with even basic Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, the aura-level consequences are horrible.

  4. 104

    This problem began to develop with some psychics and energy healers… a few years before the Shift into The Age of Awakening, at least as I noticed it while helping clients.

    Unfortunately, the problem has been accelerating since then. And now more people are involved in the mess.

  5. 105

    So that, as I noted in this recent blog post, by now an estimated 5% of regular people are also in extreme spiritual addiction. With celebrities and politicians, the proportion is higher.

    Yet, in my experience with clients, people who develop this problem make a series of choices that culminate in this consciousness lifestyle. Please don’t fear it’s going to happen to you out of nowhere. (For more info about staying yourself, evolving as yourself, living as yourself, one good source of reference could be the how-to book, “The New Strong.”)

  6. 106

    #2. James Comey’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving. Out to the moon. Over-functioning.

    Any emotional giving is done for the purpose of manipulating the recipient. Even then, the quality comes across as a bit stiff and insincere, since the particular group of beings running Comey…. they don’t really understand the human heart.

  7. 107

    #3. James Comey’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving. 1/8 inch. Completely shut down.

    Neither the desire, nor the ability, to receive emotionally — that’s what characterizes the team of beings in charge of Comey; so there’s nothing human that allows him (at the time of this photo) for such a thing. In short, not enough of his humanity remains for him, personally, to be able to receive emotionally.

  8. 108

    #4. James Comey’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty. 2 inches. Close to complete shutdown.

    Seems to me, in this chakra databank, there’s a vestige of qualities like honor and a commitment to ethical behavior. So that Comey’s awareness is livelier here than is typical for him now, elsewhere in his aura. Almost like a ghost, however, he’s not able to experience much self-honesty, nor to express it. It’s always a tantalizing, unreachable, short distance away.

  9. 109

    The quality here reminds me a bit of something that comes up maybe once or twice a year. (For context, in a typical year I’ll facilitate over 1,000 hours of sessions with clients.) Sometimes, then, I’ll have an Energy Spirituality HEALING Session with a client who was close to a relative or friend now deceased (especially when there has been a suicide).

    And then sometimes — again rarely — I’ll facilitate cutting a cord of attachment to that person. I’ll be able to tell if that former cordee has been haunting my client, whether regularly or intermittently.

  10. 110

    Under those rare circumstances, always with my client’s permission, I’ll facilitate a ceremony to help that ghost to leave. I won’t go into the details, unless you happen to be in need of that particular healing centerpiece.

    Here I can simply tell you that this is a co-creating with a Divine Being of my client’s choice, like Jesus or Athena.
    No mediumship is involved, or any other kind of psychic development. (Of course. Energy Spirituality isn’t like that, as you probably know.)

  11. 111

    In this process, I receive bits and bytes of a final statement that the ghost has been trying to tell my client; a reason that ghost has been hanging around.

    Invariably, there’s a quality of deep regret.

  12. 112

    Oddly, that’s what I notice in this chakra databank. As if Comey deeply regrets, maybe more than anything, the deception in which he’s involved now. It’s too late for him to do anything about it. (Far as I know, once people move into extreme spiritual addiction, that’s irrevocable… for the rest of that lifetime.)

    But his puppet-like existence is living a huge lie, the opposite of honesty, and he’s so very sorry that his life has come to this.

  13. 113

    Not my usual aura reading, I know. Soon as this series of comments on Comey is done, I’m sure going to facilitate cutting my cord of attachment to him. Ugh!

    Who knew, ISABELLA, right? Both of us have well developed “energy hygiene.” We don’t slip-slide into reading people’s auras. Either we do it or we don’t.

  14. 114

    And now for something completely different. 🙂

    Thanks, STEVE, for your Comment #78, nominating Hollywood star Keanu Reeves. Thanks to the Washington Post, I’ve been reading a lot about “Always Be My Maybe.” Already a fan of Randall Park from “Fresh off the Boat.” Am planning to see it! Okay, here we go.

  15. 115

    From that link you supplied, what a quote about Keanu:

    “He stepped off the set of “John Wick 3,” flew to San Francisco to deliver two of the most surreal movie scenes of the year (and make out profusely with Wong at a dinner table) — then went right back into John Wick mode to finish filming his stabby hitman threequel”.

  16. 116

    Uh-oh, STEVE. I’ve opened up the photo and guess what? KEANU isn’t giving a fake smile.

    Not that he’s giving a real smile either. Not a single characteristic on that list of smile components in the main post… shows on his face. So he isn’t smiling at all.

  17. 117

    Since this is the first time for this problem to come up, I’ll invite you to send another photo.

    Let’s call this a teachable moment, all about distinguishing between a FAKE smile and NO smile. Haha.

  18. 118
    Steve says:

    Hi Rose, Sorry about that!

    Here is Keanu smiling.

  19. 119
    Kylie says:

    What a fascinating series! Thank you Rose and everyone who has nominated fake smilers. What interesting readings.

    Especially interesting to me, comment 112. That analogy makes a lot of sense to me.

  20. 120
    Kylie says:

    About fake smiling, I know that I do not always do a full smile. Often at work I smile with lips closed. I think when it happens, it’s because I’m too tired for an all-out smile.

    But it is hard to break the habit of smiling to be polite. I’ve been telling myself for years, you don’t always have to smile. But it’s not something I’m conscious of doing (until after it’s done) so I can’t change it with conscious behavior. Maybe a good subject for SEAH.

  21. 121

    Hey, KYLIE, a regular phone session of Energy Spirituality HEALING could probably help a LOT!

    In general, you’re reminding me of a useful point for all you Blog-Buddies. If you keep trying to change something emotionally or spiritually or in relationships (like a habit of fake smiling), and you’re not successful… Please don’t try harder. Don’t blame yourself. Have an Energy Spirituality session — or other professional services that you find more effective, whatever works for you.

  22. 122

    STEVE, you’ve succeeded at finding Keanu Reeves doing a very fake smile. Showing teeth but not even managing to lift his mouth corners up past gum level.

    Try copying that, if you’re feeling bold. I did. It felt revolting. But each person’s experience can vary. On to his four chakra databanks, then.

  23. 123

    #1. Keanu Reeves’s Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity. 3 inches. Close to shut down.

    One great thing about Keanu is his communication talent. He can zing through his speech, riveting attention. Now he’s not in a role. And, evidently, he’s not that interested in giving oomph to a conversation. More like fading into the woodwork.

  24. 124

    #2. Keanu Reeves’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving. 2 inches. Close to shut down.

    Despite the aforementioned acting talent, Keanu is so burned out by the time of this photo. I can’t say whether it’s the fame, the acting, maybe some drugs? Bottom line, he has few feelings… unless acting. And he’s got pretty much nothing to give emotionally. No wonder he can’t even hoist up the corners of his mouth when fake-smiling!

  25. 125

    #3. Keanu Reeves’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving. 1/8 inch. Completely shutdown at the time of this photo.

    Whatever you might give this man, he’s seen it all, had it all. At such a personal low point, in terms of having an inner life, or enthusiasm for living it. 🙁

  26. 126

    #4. Keanu Reeves’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty. 1/8 inch. Complete shutdown, once again.

    At that stubby, last bit of the chakra databank as it is at the time of the photo, the man is just burned out. Not seeking truth within himself. And probably, if I researched more chakra databanks, not seeking truth beyond himself, either. Seems like this degree of despair and hopelessness have been going on for a very long time.

  27. 127

    Sorry, STEVE. At least you may have enjoyed his movie work in the past. He’s touched many people’s lives through his acting talent. In that way, surely he has brought himself some good karma.

    Alternatively, it might just have been a bad day! Who can imagine the pressure on a man who’s been an A-lister for decades?Keanu fans with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy — you might wish to research him from other photographs.

  28. 128
    Leo Watts says:

    I’d like to nominate Giannis Antetokoumpo, NBA player for the Milwaukee Bucks and a current front runner to win the Most Valuable Player award. This interview came shortly after he failed to will his team to the championship round of the NBA finals.

    Giannis appears in many photos with an authentic smile, but this one seemed a bit different, although doesn’t necessarily qualify for a Duchenne smile. I’m still quite curious!

  29. 129
    Living on Earth says:

    Hi Rose,
    So much detailed information here at this post. Thank you for creating it and taking the time to respond to every entry.

    I nominate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
    It was hard to find a picture without glasses where she fake smiles. I hope this works:

  30. 130
    Brittany says:

    Wow to Comey only having 2% of himself left!

    I’d like to nominate Rachel Maddow. This is the best fake smile without glasses I could find. 🙂

  31. 131
    Rose says:

    BRITTANY, sadly, that 2% statistic applies to everybody in extreme spiritual addiction. Folks appear to still be themselves, but not to those with well developed energetic literacy skills.

    More like, these people have become puppets, and astral beings are now in charge.You could keep that in mind and revisit the three YouTube videos I linked to in the main post, with aura readings of Trump, Pence, and Phelps.

  32. 132
    Anchie says:

    Hello everyone! I’d love to join the fun!

    Since the French Open is going on at the moment, I’d like to nominate Rafael Nadal. Here is a link to his fake smile photo:

  33. 133
    Anchie says:

    It was a bit tricky finding this one, as there are many photos of him in action on court, and after matches, either winning or losing.

    Thank you, Rose, for all these incredibly interesting readings! And, thank you for helping us spot all those REAL smiles 🙂

  34. 134
    Jnana says:

    I would like to request a reading of Natalie Goldberg.

    As a writer and longtime zen practitioner, I’ve always found her to be particularly honest.

  35. 135
    Jnana says:

    Hopefully this will come true in at least one of her databanks.

    Her chosen path has not been easy and it would be nice if her dogged search for what is true has kept her aurically healthy.

  36. 136
  37. 137

    ANCHIE, I agree. This contest is fun.

    I hope everyone who’s been reading moves forward with way more clarity about genuine smiles versus fake ones. Also some of you may be inspired to learn good energetic literacy skills, so that you can research for yourself what is really going on behind that smirk or droopy lip-lifting, etc. A mystery we can solve!

  38. 138
    Steve says:

    That is too bad about Keanu Rose but you are right-he has brought a lot of joy to many.

    As you said in comment #100″ it is distasteful to go into the details of somebody’s aura when somebody has got this going on”, would it distasteful for me to wonder, based on the aura details, what Keanu’s (or any of the nominees) consciousness lifestyle might be?

  39. 139

    JNANA, thanks for your nomination, and also for contributing our first contest entry from Asia.

    That said, before I get to researching our latest smilers… which will be toward the end of my work day, rather than the beginning… this Enlightenment Coach (who cares about you) is going to smash an illusion. Take a deep breath and keep reading.

  40. 140

    Regarding your Comment #135, and this part, “it would be nice if her dogged search for what is true has kept her aurically healthy.”

    You know, I’m sure there are many spiritual awakening blogs that would agree with your premise here: That if somebody keeps on searching for what is true will automatically protect a person’s aura, and lead to Self-Realization or God-Realization or Self-Actualization or Enlightenment.

  41. 141

    But not any more. Sometimes just the opposite.

    On a regular basis I have sessions with Energy Spirituality clients who have done exactly what you described (although not necessarily like dogs 😉 ) and they’re in spiritual addiction.

  42. 142

    Now we’re in The Age of Awakening. Much depends on what we do with our consciousness, how we position it, whether we live with contempt for human life while pursuing a spiritual ideal.

    Old rules for a good life have become obsolete, and new rules have taken their place. If we ignore the latter, we’re stalling our spiritual growth. And likely diminishing our human happiness.

  43. 143

    I hope you’ll read and comment on the post I just made live this morning, the last in a series that examines how spiritual seeking is different now.

    And for any of you Blog-Buddies who don’t know what I’m writing about, please read “The New Strong.” Its program for “Easy Vibrational Balance” can make a huge difference for your personal growth and spiritual development.

  44. 144

    STEVE, regarding Comment #138, glad you asked. Consciousness lifestyle is a term I use in RES. This is similar to the more traditional concept in meditation circles, “state of consciousness.”

    Each of the following is a consciousness lifestyle. And I’ve written about it in detail at this blog. So in the following list I’ll supply one link to get you started. If you’d like to know more, search on that term at the blog and you’ll find loads more articles as well.

  45. 145

    Consciousness Lifestyle #1. Human-Based Spirituality.

    Living like a normal person, with a strong commitment to your life as a human being. In these first years of The Age of Awakening, fewer than 10 percent of people manage this. Of course, everyone can.

  46. 146

    Consciousness Lifestyle #2. The New Strong

    It’s an easy upgrade from Human-Based Spirituality. You apply skills and understandings that equip you to thrive in The Age of Awakening. You can learn these skills either from my how-to book, “The New Strong,” or from a series of online workshops (starting with the freebie).

  47. 147

    Consciousness Lifestyle #3. Enlightenment

    Whether Age of Awakening Enlightenment or Traditional Enlightenment, some fortunate people evolve to the point where they move into this long-term, higher state of consciousness.

  48. 148

    Consciousness Lifestyle #4. Spiritual Addiction and/or Psychological Overwork

    People don’t aim for this, but they get it anyway. The solution is very do-able: 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Note: After you click on the previous link, scroll down to the turquoise tabbed box.

  49. 149

    Consciousness Lifestyle #5. Extreme Spiritual Addiction

    Living this way is the result of a series of personal choices, weakening the sense of self, until there’s a far stronger presence of discarnate beings in the person’s aura than that unfortunate person’s own sense of self. Another way to put it? Life as a puppet.

  50. 150

    Finally, Consciousness Lifestyle #6. Spiritual Shutdown (Using this link, scroll down to the turquoise tabbed box.)

    People can get past this consciousness lifestyle. Except that they may not be motivated to change. Because folks in spiritual shutdown do their best to push away all energy awareness. There’s a tendency to mock sensitive people, or anyone with spiritual inclinations. Ironically or not, many proud religious believers are in spiritual shutdown.

  51. 151

    Interesting tidbit of info for those of you who know about the many kinds of STUFF that can get into people’s auras. Of course, Energy Spirituality HEALING Skills aim to identify — and then permanently remove — dozens of kinds of STUFF.

    Note: In Energy Spirituality, “STUFF” means stored energies that get stuck in a person’s aura, and subconscious mind. And STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

  52. 152

    Regarding spiritual shutdown… Gray slime is a form of STUFF specific to folks with this consciousness lifestyle.

  53. 153

    STEVE, maybe it’s worth noting that as an Enlightenment Coach, I believe I have a responsibility to delineate the variety of consciousness lifestyles.

    By contrast, it’s more typical for someone who teaches about spiritual awakening to use just two main categories: A regular person (to some degree, considered a loser spiritually) versus some who is “awake” or “spiritually awakened” or in Enlightenment.

  54. 154

    If you view websites and, especially, blogs of teachers of Traditional Enlightenment, notice that. Don’t just be a spiritual seeker. Be a smart consumer.

    Sadly, I’ve witnessed well-meaning spiritual teachers who are completely oblivious to more nuance, like not being able to discern if someone is in spiritual addiction. Without meaning to, they can fan the flames of spiritual addiction, slowing down that spiritual seeker’s pursuit of Enlightenment.

  55. 155

    This thread is about body language plus aura reading, I know that. But I just want to make one more point about pursuing Enlightenment. If you’re looking for a teacher, insist upon one with clarity about living now, in The Age of Awakening.

    Too many teachers have no idea that we’ve left the Age of Faith. In my opinion, this severely limits their ability to help today’s seekers of truth.

  56. 156
    Living on Earth says:

    Re-Comment #129

    I think these pictures of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor would work better Rose. Learning so much through the comments…thank you!

  57. 157
    Steve says:

    Thank you Rose for those consciousness lifestyle explanations-very appreciated.

  58. 158
    Olivia Swan says:

    Hi Rose – I’m curious about Pink:

    thank you!

  59. 159
    Julie says:

    I nominate Viggo Mortensen. Interestingly, almost all of his smiles are closed-mouthed.

  60. 160

    Thanks so much to all who’ve entered this contest. Entries are officially closed.

    But I’ve still got some aura research to do, from Comment #132 on.Looking forward to doing that later today. Meanwhile, again, thanks to all of you who boldly nominated. And congratulations to all who’ve learned something about the unexpected, deeply personal stories behind every fake smile.

  61. 161

    Truth Seekers, My Fellow Curious Learners, here we go, completing this Smile Contest with so many winners. Next up, ANCHIE, Rafael Nadal, a star of the French Open Tournament. Where he is definitely serving up a fake smile.

    BTW, thanks for your eloquent words in Comments 132-133. I agree: Deeper Perception is some of the biggest fun. To me, it’s as if… while playing my perpetual game of hide-and-seek with God… that game turns sweeter, clearer, funnier.

  62. 162

    #1. Rafael Nadal’s Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity. 2 inches. Close to shut down.

    Hey, when you’re the smartest, sexiest, best athlete, and altogether god-like man, you can say whatever you like. (At least according to what I just found in that chakra databank.)

  63. 163

    #2. Rafael Nadal’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving. 1/8 inch. Flatlines, at least for now.

    When you’re as excellently athletic and altogether top-notch a person as Mr. the Greatest, Rafael Nadal, you don’t have to reach out to people with feelings. (More reporting from this chakra databank.)

  64. 164

    #3. Rafael Nadal’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving. Symbolic Size: Across the Atlantic Ocean. (Over-functioning)

    Evidently Mr. Nadal expects to be revered, flirted with, admired, etc. He expects. He gets. That’s just what he deserves. (According to this chakra databank.)

  65. 165

    #4. Rafael Nadal’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty. 1/8 inch. Flatlines.

    Are any of you familiar with the term of art in RES, “energetic subroutines“? If so, it will help you to appreciate how, at present, this shut-down capacity for feeling what’s true, and having a conscience — well, seems to me that… for now… it’s rerouted into being highly, highly appreciative of his wondrous physical body.

  66. 166

    ANCHIE, whether folks have talent as musicians (like you) or they’re superbly gifted athletes… whatever the path in life… everybody has free will.

    Over time, how we use that impacts how we smile. And over even longer, our chakra databanks can turn way uglier than we might expect from somebody with big talent. But by doing our reasonable best, using free will, all of us can be winners.

  67. 167

    Next we turn to the impeccable Zen practitioner Natalie Goldberg, nominated by JNANA in Comments #135-136. Thanks, JNANA. You did find a smile that was close to Duchenne, but not quite, so it counts for this contest. Understandable, for a publicity photo, that she avoided letting her eyes crinkle.

    And yes, I finally found your comment over at the Enlightenment Nominees post. Simultaneously I’ll research her for Enlightenment and share the result there.

  68. 168

    #1. Natalie Goldberg’s Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity. 3 inches. Close to shut down.

    What’s the problem? Rigid control. This sweet practitioner of Zen has understood her path to involve rigid and complete control of every facet of life. With all respect, I’d consider what she’s been doing a beautiful experiment, and valuable for soul’s learning, but not leading to Enlightenment. Sorry, JNANA.

  69. 169

    #2. Natalie Goldberg’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving. 2 inches. Closer to shut down.

    What an austere path of renunciation this beautiful spiritual seeker has followed. Once again, here’s a chakra databank with the life practically strangled out of it, so diligently has Natalie been trying to exert control over herself.

  70. 170

    #3. Natalie Goldberg’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving. 1/8 inch. Completely shut down.

    As part of her extreme renunciation, no doubt in keeping with the tradition she follows, Natalie has chosen not to receive a particle of enjoyment or happiness directed toward her human self. Hence, the shutdown.

  71. 171

    I admire this Zen practitioner’s total devotion to her practice, as she’s understood it. And in writing this, I don’t mean for my comments as an Enlightenment Coach to sound patronizing.

    I’ve done other research on beautiful seekers of Enlightenment through Buddhist techniques as they’ve come down to us today. In this pursuit, I’ve found some pretty upsetting messes — upsetting even for me, who tends to root for everybody to have moved into Enlightenment. And far more messed up than this particular Zen meditator.

  72. 172

    Have I found Buddhist meditators who have reached Enlightenment? Not many. The Dalai Lama was one… except that during this Age of Awakening he wound up moving into extreme spiritual addiction.

    Alan Watts was another… although he also was, by all reports, an alcoholic. (The only example I know of someone with an alcohol addiction living in Enlightenment. I certainly know several former drinkers and druggies who are now in Enlightenment.)

  73. 173

    Others don’t come to mind.

    Maybe some of you Blog-Buddies are more versed in who’s on my Enlightenment Life List and who has done it by using a Buddhist form of meditation. You know, not only the spiritual path and form of meditation matter. It’s also ways that the teaching can get distorted and then get passed down to a diligent, trusting, pure-hearted student. You know, like Natalie Goldberg.

  74. 174

    Whether she wound up distorting Zen practice into something that, with all respect, couldn’t work (out of need, or for whatever reason) or whether the lineage she studied had not produced folks in Enlightenment for a long time…. who’s to say?

    But the practice that Natalie has been using has consequences written all over her aura.
    Okay, so on to the last chakra databank of this series.

  75. 175

    #4. Natalie Goldberg’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty. 1/8 inch. Flatlines.

    Oh, sigh! Blog-Buddies, this may be a shock to you. As it almost was to me, not that I mixed in expectations while using this energetic literacy skill set for reading auras from photos.

  76. 176

    On the level of expression, who could miss those shining eyes? As if she’s the most honest and courageous person ever!

    Who could miss the beautiful curve of her lips, in a way that seems to personify speaking only truth?

  77. 177

    Unfortunately, reading body language and expression can be highly accurate. Same thing if you’re using a reliable system of physiognomy, face reading. But… in my opinion… only if you add good aura reading skills. (Which is, of course, why I published a book that teaches you to do exactly that.)

    Because here’s how I believe all these findings are actually quite compatible.

  78. 178

    Eyes with a bright and courageous expression? Sure!

    And that self-honesty chakra databank shows this, as plain as day: Natalie Goldberg doesn’t desire a human self. She desires a not-self. She desires to concentrate and squelch her humanity so hard that she becomes a not-self.

  79. 179
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating readings, thank you Rose. That’s too bad about Nadal, I’ve watched him play and he’s pretty fantastic.

    But having also watched a bit of an interview with him, I’m not too surprised about his state of consciousness. He didn’t have too much to say for himself, or much expressiveness or personality.

  80. 180

    Now I personally know some folks on my Enlightenment List who have done that, renunciates whose sense of self expanded until the human self dropped away.

    All of them were on a path that worked better for them than Ms. Goldberg’s path has done for her. (I don’t mean to sound harsh here. But this Enlightenment Coach has found again and again that a person’s path has consequences. I like to research paths for clients, in sessions, so they don’t lose out in terms of not reaching their goal, if possible.) On the other hand, I’m prepared to believe that, except for not attaining Enlightenment, Natalie Golberg is creating glorious karma, and her soul is also having a meaningful learning experience.

  81. 181

    Same deal, interpreting that beautiful smiling mouth. Sure, Natalie Goldberg is an honest communicator, and willing to give emotionally. I’m not surprised that she has a large platform, especially because Zen Buddhism has been the highest ideal of certain spiritual seekers for thousands of years.

    A bit like those who choose the path of therapy, and dedicate themselves to the high ideal of psychoanalysis! To my thinking, these Age of Faith ideals are now obsolete. In the Age of Awakening, faster paths to Self-Actualization, far less cerebral and analytical, can emerge.

  82. 182

    So there Natalie is, controlling her feelings and thoughts; almost squirming in consciousness-pain, habitually tormenting herself, out of loyalty to this path she’s been on.

    Altogether, she’s very emotionally giving, giving from her self. Only the Self she’s trying to live and give from? That un-self Self is not her lived experience. More like an ideal, and a theory.

  83. 183

    By contrast, renunciates who succeed at Traditional Enlightenment do live from the Self. Consequently, they radiate joy.

    Sometimes it’s a strange joy, to my householder’s perception. Like an aura reading I did once for a Hindu client who sent me the photo of a revered renunciate. Not remembering this monk’s name, I’ll call him “Monk Joe.”

  84. 184
    Kylie says:

    Also fascinating about Natalie Goldberg. I remember someone else once who was always asking how he could get rid of his ego. That person is now in extreme spiritual addiction.

    It is sad when pure hearted people pursue spiritual paths that lead to results like this. I am grateful for finding RES. From high school on, I was very interested in Zen Buddhism and could easily have gone down the same kind of path.

  85. 185

    Aura reading revealed chakra databank after chakra databank devoted to Shiva. You know. Lord Shiva!

    Monk Joe was totally blissed out on the ray of destruction. Full of bliss. To me, it was scary beautiful. I felt, and feel, very grateful not to be on such a path. Definitely one of those “There but for the grace of God go I” situations.

  86. 186

    Well, not what you expected, JNANA. But Natalie Goldberg could still be a great teacher. And if she’s inspired you, you get to keep that.

    However, I can’t place her on my Enlightenment Life List. Because that acknowledges the truth about people living in Enlightenment. Pure and simple.

  87. 187

    LIVING ON EARTH, I’m going to stop for today, stop at your Comment #157.

    Here’s the deal. Day after day, I plan to wash the kitchen floor. And day after day, I’m working at this blog into the evening, until it’s too late to wash that floor. I can’t stand waiting another day!!! (Hope all this isn’t TMI.) Tomorrow, then, Blog-Buddies.

  88. 188
    Living on Earth says:

    That’s very understandable Rose. I’m always amazed how much productive work you get done every single day! And do it at the highest quality as it can be.

    Whether here at your blog, online workshops, personal one on one sessions, books and many other projects in the works…oh and your personal life of course… wow, your dedication is so inspiring!

  89. 189
    Jnana says:

    First thank you for this contest where we can all be winners. I didn’t think you’d remember my entry on the Enlightenment Life List!

  90. 190
    Jnana says:

    That Natalie Goldberg is not in enlightenment does not come as a surprise given the pain she still contends with and the cancer she’s had to go through.

    Interestingly, she took a vow (without quite understanding it) to not attain enlightenment until every sentient being does so.

  91. 191
    Jnana says:

    It was through her books on writing that I learned of her.

    She is first and foremost a teacher of writing as a practice. But zen plays a big part of her life too.

  92. 192
    Jnana says:

    When you say a “beautiful experiment, and valuable for soul’s learning’ do you mean a failed experiment?

    Natalie Golberg is creating glorious karma, and her soul is also having a meaningful learning experience. How is she creating that good karma? Surely not by punishing herself in the zendo, sitting zazen in the wee hours of a winter morning?

  93. 193
    Jnana says:

    Karma must have played a part in her life experience having to be this way. I would hope the Universe sends us a memo when we veer off the path of truth. Not that most of us have been taught to pay attention to these messages.

    Natalie did get her memo the first time she met her zen Master. But even when he was exposed, she remained devoted. Evidently keeping on the path of truth is tricky.

  94. 194
    Jnana says:

    There was a time long ago when I would be in such a mess. Reading just a chapter of one of her writing books and like magic, I’d feel whole again. For that I will always think of her with fondness.

    But now that I know a path of joy exists, I will bid her goodbye.

  95. 195
    Jnana says:

    Re 185
    I hope to one day understand the paradox of Shiva. For now, I stay away. I did think he was a good choice for when I had an extreme cord cut.

    I mean, who better that He to beat them entities to a pulp? Don’t know why the wise ones unleash him onto unsuspecting householders without explaining the consequences.

  96. 196
    Anna says:

    Thank you for your research on Chancellor Bierlein in Comments 61-67, Rose.

    With snap elections coming up, it is helpful to know what drives her.

  97. 197

    ANNA, you’re welcome. Of course, this was just four chakra databanks, but I hope it did provide some insight. Even if a more detailed aura reading would have been more nuanced.

  98. 198

    LIVING ON EARTH, thank you for that Comment #188.

    You might call it dedication. Recently, somebody else referred to what motivates me as ambition. Far as I’m concerned, though, neither is true. It’s inspiration.

  99. 199

    LIVING ON EARTH, I feel so grateful for what happens whenever I co-create with Divine help… in order to help somebody.

    Think of eating your very favorite food. (Mine would be an elaborate ice cream sundae.) Doing the various Energy Spirituality skill sets, and writing this blog, are like eating that. Only actually good for me. Do you think you’d feel super-motivated to eat your favorite food? 😉

  100. 200

    JNANA, thanks for all these comments. Info-packed, and meriting quite a few responses.

    Also I want to thank you for chunking up comments, in the style of this blog. One can either write out a full comment and cut-and-paste into comment boxes. Or else some people can just write that way. Whichever approach you took, thank you.

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