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Fake Smile Contest. Everybody Wins!

Fake Smile Contest. In this photo the model isn’t just wearing a mask, she’s fake-smiling a mask with her mouth.

Fake Smile Contest. If you enter, you’ll win.

Hooray, how unusual is that! And what a fascinating prize it will be, if you’re a people person. :0)

First of All, Let’s Explore what Fake Smiles Are

Expression + aura reading will combine to drive home this point:

  • Fake smiles are just that. Fake.
  • In all their infinite variety, they may be interesting, but they’re still fake.
  • There are so many ways to give a fake smile.
  • But nobody has to do this silly thing.

I’m hopeful that this unique Energy Spirituality contest will persuade you. I developed this quiz in honor of an Energy Spirituality client who’s a fake smile skeptic.

By all means, use your own self-authority to decide for yourself whether imitation smiles are really cool. I’d just like to add some education.

Second, It’s So Easy to Find a Fake Smile for Entering this Contest

Go to Google. Type in the name of the celebrity of your choice. Click on the tab for images. You’ll find screen upon screen of photograph.

Weird or not, nearly all of them will probably be fake smiles. The hard part would be finding a genuine smile.

Perfect, though, for this contest. Just send a contest entry (as outlined toward the end of this post) giving a link to one of the fake smiles.

Why Are Fake Smiles So Popular?

Mostly the mess is spread by movies, TV, and photos. You know, those 4,000 – 10,000 images you’re likely to see every day. Where nearly all of the people do fake-smiling.

And why all these cutesy “smiles” that really aren’t smiles at all? What do you think, Blog-Buddies. My sense is this:

So great is the quest for new! Different! Ratings-seekers want you to feel that something is different… Even if you don’t know exactly what!

For these reasons — and others — all day long, what are you seeing? Glamorous people, beautifully lit, airbrushed, hyper-attractive. And they’ve put on fake smiles. Photographers and directors request it, no doubt.

You’ll even see children — actors and models — evidently coached to fake smile.

Personally, I find that really sad and annoying. How about you?

And now there’s another way to make images cutesy. Fake smiles plus cropping off the person’s forehead. Or chin. Maybe both.

Can’t wait for people to go back to normal head shots. Where you can see them properly. Maybe do face reading or aura reading or a Skilled Empath Merge. Now that’s more like it!

When Did All this Fakery Move into Collective Consciousness?

As I remember it, fake smiles became popular in the 1960’s. Thank you, Audrey Hepburn. What a childhood she lived through! Besides, by all accounts, she was a sweet person. and so “elegant.” Seldom would you see any teeth in her smiles.

Whether it began with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or in some other way, ugh! That kind of faking has become a thing. Well established in collective consciousness.

Could be, some of you Blog-Buddies don’t know the difference. Which is why I’m making this contest available to you and your friends.

Can You Spot Fake Smiles? Begin by Spotting a REAL Smile.

And what, precisely, is a real smile?

This excellent article introduces us to the gold standard, a Duchenne smile.

Ever hear of Calling a facial expression a “Duchenne smile”?  The name comes from Guillaume Duchenne. This French anatomist studied many different expressions of emotion. And he came to specialize in real smiles: A natural expression of pure enjoyment.

Specifically, Duchenne identified a set of facial movements. A real smile includes this full set of characteristics:

  1. Lips part.
  2. Mouth corners rise up.
  3. Cheeks lift up.
  4. Eyes crinkle.
  5. And, briefly, eyes flash.

For example, in the photo at the top of this article, real or fake? Clearly fake. The masked model only accomplishes #2. See that?

Unlike Fake Smiles, the Real Ones Help You Feel Better

Psychologists and neuroscientists have studied this. Although common sense can tell you: How you outwardly move your facial muscles? This effects your inner emotions. For example, a study by Robert Soussignan explored the difference between Duchenne smiles and fake ones.

Those who produced real smiles were happier as a result. As for those who produce fake smiles? Not so much.

Fascinating but true: Even if the real smile isn’t sincere, if a person does all five of those aforementioned Duchenne tricks… It still counts as a real smile. And it still will produce inner results. Plus outer goodies for any observer.

Also did you know this? Within the category of real smiles, there are many varieties.

And you can learn how to identify them. Plus, interpret their significance. Find the juicy details n “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.” The section on different Smile Styles is one of my favorite parts of that book. Check it out!

Actually, speaking of Body Language + Aura Reading… that’s where this contest will get interesting.

Entering this Contest, What Will Be Your Prize?

I’m going to read the aura of the public figure whose photo you submit.

Specifically, I’ll be using skills of Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. That’s the level of skill at aura reading where you can research chakra databanks. Where the juicy, practical, helpful insights are!

For each smiler, I’ll give my assessment of whether this really is technically a fake smile. Then I’ll research these four revealing aura parts:

  1. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity
  2. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving
  3. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Receiving
  4. And the Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Do I know in advance what that aura research will reveal? Of course not. This will be educational for us all. Maybe it will turn out that I’m wrong, and fake smiles are wonderful!

How to Enter — and Win — this Contest

Right away, let’s be clear. With this contest, if you enter and follow all the instructions below, you win.

And I’m going to keep it open for exactly a week. Accordingly, you might wish to let a bunch of friends know. The more, the merrier. Because that prize will be so darned educational!

Okay, here come the rules.

  1. Only one entry per person. Enter by creating a COMMENT below.
  2. Choose one public figure who is fake-smiling. Give that person’s name.
  3. Add a one-click link to a headshot of this person.
  4. The photo must be taken from a front angle. Not toward the left or the right. Also, taken on the level. Not up-or-down.
  5. No cropping of the person’s face. (Which would go without saying since you’ve read the whole blog post, right?) Don’t waste your one entry, folks!
  6. Optional: You might wish to supply a url for where this headshot appears, if possible.
  7. Optional: Add any info you like, such as why you prefer real smiles. Or so far, you prefer fake smiles. Etc.

I’m looking forward to giving you one of the prizes, right here at this blog.

Note: If your comment doesn’t appear after 24 hours, it’s because you didn’t follow the rules. I expect that this contest will keep me ridiculously busy. Therefore, I’m not adding to my scope of volunteer work by exchanging emails with you about what to fix in order to follow the rules. You can figure this out on your own, based on what’s stated here.

This contest closes one week from today, Wednesday June 5.

Here’s to Smile Smarts for us all! And thanks in advance for joining me in this educational project.

In Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy famously wrote, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  I don’t happen to believe that’s true. Each family is unique… and interesting.

With smiles, however, I think it’s valid to note that authentic smiles show happiness. Or, at least, willingness to be happy. And… what a smile is about, more than anything… a willingness to reach out to other people. And give to them emotionally.

While fake smiles are way more varied in their inner significance. Let’s explore the inner meaning of these fascinating social moments.

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  1. 301
    Zaybe says:

    My comment is rather more down to earth.
    Your aura reading of Viggo made me think, man, he is just so sexy.


  2. 302

    Well, ZAYBE, seems to me, it speaks well of you that you’d find honesty sexy. You may know, some teenagers prefer “bad boys.” Some adults too.

    We crush on what appeals to us.

  3. 303

    Prizes are going out to our three Contest winners.

    * REBECCA chose a hard copy edition of “The New Strong” to supplement her eBook.

  4. 304

    *ANCHIE opted for “Bigger than All the Night Sky.”

    (Review it, please, Blog-Buddies. Once I’ve got 100 5-star reviews at Amazon, I’ll start publishing the sequel. Already first-drafted in Japan in 2010.)

  5. 305

    *ANNA, our German contest winner, selected an e-copy of “Read People Deeper.”

    That strikes me as fascinating and funny. Because I’ve only published one of my books FIRST in an authorized foreign edition. That book was published first as “Partnerlooks” for Random House Germany. Only later did I revise it and publish it as “Read People Deeper.”

  6. 306

    Thanks, again, to all of you who have commented here.

  7. 307

    Incidentally, are you curious about these “chakra databanks” that I’ve been researching for you in this article?

    Then I think you’ll enjoy an article that I published just today. Come learn more about what chakra databanks ARE!

  8. 308

    Today has been an exceptionally enjoyable day. For you, too, Blog-Buddies? Hope so. One of my highlights was teaching a client how to do a full smile, a Duchenne-type. As a result, I’ve got an idea that may help some of you, if your smiling habits have been limited.

    The point is not how you look to other people. Nope. The point of a real smile is that you give to them.

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