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Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets. Videos!

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets. Yes I’ve been reading faces for many decades. And through many hairstyles.

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets — bring ’em on!

Did you know that I’ve made a little collection of YouTube videos? Well yes I have. And today I’ll give you links to a lot of them.

Easy ways to start learning how to read faces. Fun!

Why Create this Blog Post Today?

Because I’m in the process of writing a new blog post with a face reading.

Suddenly it hit me. Why not put all my face reading videos in one place? Making it easier to find articles and videos about the system of Face Reading Secrets®.

Sad but true, “Face Reading Secrets” is now a term that many people use to describe their work. Kind of like how they say they’re giving you “The Power of Face Reading.”

In reality, that’s a phrase I developed. Then used in the title for some of my copyrighted books. Like, currently, “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

Honestly, why do some people think they have to copy? If they’re really that good at reading faces, can’t they find something original to say?

Anyway, here come the links. And that would be, links to the real deal. 🙂

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Now, Let the Face Reading Party Begin

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets®: Face Reading Party

Learn some basics about the ancient art of reading faces for character. As updated by “The Mother of American Physiognomy.”

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets: Face Reading Party #1 with Rose Rosetree. Welcome!

Let’s get started reading some faces. Videos come from a spontaneous “Face Reading Party” during lunch break at one of my in-person workshops.

Rose Rosetree Shows You the Power of Face Reading: Face Reading Party #2 – Great Cheeks!

Cheek data can tell you a lot about a person’s power style. And, of course, this unique system of physiognomy is based on a premise that — I guess — most people don’t know yet:

God don’t make no junk.

Rose Rosetree Reading More Secrets: Face Reading Party #3 – Out-Angled Ears

This ear characteristic is one of many that can spontaneously change during a lifetime.

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets: Face Reading Party #4. Eyes

Surely, you’ve already heard that “Eyes are the Window to the Soul.” Guess what? To a face reader, every item of face data gives you a window to the soul. And, have I mentioned? Learning the system of Face Reading Secrets is surprisingly easy.

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets: Face Reading Party #5. Rose Rosetree Finds A Diamond

Well, what could that be? Hint: It’s on somebody’s face. Not somebody’s ring.

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets: Face Reading Party #6 – Read His Lips

And no, I don’t mean expression reading. This YouTube video is about face reading, thank you.

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets: Face Reading Party #7 – Love Your Nose

What, you don’t totally love your nose yet? Maybe this YouTube video can help.

Rose Rosetree’s Face Reading Secrets Party Concludes

Yes, it’s true. All good things must end… But only to make way for the next good things. Like more face readings!

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