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Alysse Hallali Face Reading. Dieter’s Jaws & More

Alysse Hallali Face Reading

Alysse Hallali Face Reading can inspire you. Also, maybe, wake up your heart of compassion.

Alysse Hallali Face Reading. This immensely talented writer-director-actress is the star of “Alice in Paris.” What does she bring to that role?

If you use Face Reading Secrets® , it’s easy to tell: Alysse has a face full of talent.

Here’s a delightful little sample of her writing: Quirky, joyful, and smart-smart-smart.

Note: This article introduces you to Dieter’s Jaws. A good opportunity to facially flag if someone you know has been semi-starving.

Just this week the Washington Post carried a story about eating disorders in middle-aged women. Many younger women have this problem, of course. Men have it, now. Especially aspiring actors have it.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know More about Alysse Hallali

Nominating this actress, KYLIE added to our ongoing Aura Reading TV Reviews.

  • Commenting at that blog post is your ongoing opportunity to nominate your favorite TV stars. It’s a kind of ongoing contest.
  • Your other opportunity for free aura readings is my Enlightenment Life List.
  • For the latter, I’ll always do a quick aura reading about consciousness lifestyle. Grouping a bunch of them together to do as time permits.
  • Whereas, I’ll choose from nominees, as time permits. However, even if you don’t win a free aura reading of this kind, guess what? You can let Blog-Buddies know about cool TV shows. 🙂 And with so much broadcasting today, golly! You’re going to have to watch selectively, right?

KYLIE wrote:

She makes me smile because her face is so expressive, like a silent film actress.

And, the concept of the show and the way it is filmed is just so clever.

All so true!

Have you ever seen this sunny show, starring a woman with perfect taste? (That’s like perfect pitch, only not about music but food.)

You can stream “Alice in Paris” through Amazon. Or simply watch it on YouTube, here.

Hey, How Come I’m Doing a Face Reading, Not a Comparison Aura Reading?

Here’s why, Blog-Buddies. Although I could find plenty of research-worthy pix of this actress online, guess what? I couldn’t find a single good photo of Alysse as herself.

I spent about an hour. A very frustrating hour. So enough, already! Instead, let’s read her face. Which still counts as “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

And, BTW, background info on my system of face reading will come at the end of this post. I’ll include links to a modest collection of short videos. Only they won’t be about either Alysse or me in Paris. Rather little episodes with me reading faces, just for fun.

Now, here’s a link to the photo I’ll be using for today’s article: Meet the sprightly face of Alysse Hallali.

It’s a YouTube video. So scroll up to 1:17. Pause it. Then you’ll be seeing the same image as me: What this face reader will be using today.

Alysse Hallali Face Reading #1. VERY Long Mouth

How to See It

Check out the width of the person’s nose at its widest.

Then start looking at the width of mouth. It does take context, so look at many mouths. (Of course, illustrations and text in “The NEW Power of Face Reading” can speed up your learning.)


Ability to communicate with large numbers of people.

Even having a knack for seeming attractive to them.

For example, I read an article once about another actress with a long mouth. Julia Roberts is famous for that, right? Well, she was on location in the wild. Seeing her — or her aura — or just that long mouth — what happened? A gorilla walked over to her and tried to mate with her.

Even worse, that particular gorilla was a total stranger. 😉

Seriously, very seriously, movie crew managed to pry off the gorilla. Roberts definitely lived. And went on to charm millions of people with her VERY, VERY Long Mouth.

Potential Challenge

Going shallow in life, not deep at all?

Yes, what can be a problem for folks with big mouths in this horizontal way? Reaching out to others matters more than anything? Whether it’s popularity or ratings or other ways of achieving stats that prove: “Lots and lots of people recognize me.”

Alysse Hallali Face Reading #2. VERY Small Lipfulness

How to See It

Look at the person whose face you are reading. Imagine that you’re holding a lipstick, bright red. Now you’re about to smear it onto that person’s mouth.

Will you have to use a lot, like the classic clown mouth? Or will you need quite a small amount.

With beautiful Alysse, you won’t need much red lipstick at all.


Able to communicate with others to get the job done. Whatever that job!

No need to go into a lot of personal detail. Just get that job done.

Reflecting on “Alice in Paris”…. And I’ve watched every episode to date. Such a creative, delightful show! You get to know a lot more about French food than you learn about the main character. (Or any other human character, actually.)

Potential Challenge

When others would like to know more about you, do you give them a chance?

Alysse Hallali Face Reading #3. Startup Hairs

How to See It

Choose Ms. Hallali’s left eyebrow. (Only.) Left, in a photo, means the side to the right of your screen.

Now, look at the “start” of that eyebrow, close to the nose. See those initial eyebrow hairs? Unlike typical hair on an eyebrow, which angle sideways, these grow up-and-down.

Welcome to Startup Hairs, Blog-Buddies!

Because these show on the left brow only, for Alysse Hallali, what matters? The talent and potential challenge apply only to her personal life, not her career.


Accurate at anticipating problems. Reflecting in an analytical, practical way: “Hey, what could go wrong with this?”

For example, in one episode of”Alice in Paris,” there’s a hilarious picnic scene. I won’t provide spoilers. But if you do see it, think about this. Might Alysse’s ability to anticipate problems inspire that wacky scene?

When I’ve done face reading entertainment at business parties, wow! I’d mention Startup Hairs on the Right Eyebrow, summarizing this talent. Again and again, my client would say things like, “I just got a huge bonus because of that.”

Potential Challenge

When you stop to share your concerns, do other people love it? Maybe not love it so much. Especially because, with Startup Hairs, when raising each concern, ouch! You always tend to be right.

Alysse Hallali Face Reading #4. Dieter’s Jaws

“Pointy, Angular Jaws.” That’s what I call them in my face reading how-to, “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” And you can definitely supplement the bit of face reading here by researching on Pages 208-212.

How to See It

Start with a photo clear enough to show jaws clearly. Including a hairstyle that allows you to see the person’s jaws.

Now, are they super-defined? Like sticking out extra.

And do you find a pointy area at the edge?

Sometimes, that’s even covered over with muscle. But take that as a VERY Version of Dieter’s Jaws. Quite different, technically, from Muscular Jaws. (These are remarkably muscular, but they don’t stick out with the same intensity.)

This photo of Brad Pitt can show you Dieter’s Jaws on a man. However, the picture you already have open for physiognomy research on Alysse? That’s one of the best examples you could find.

About Compassion Awakeners

First of all, Dieter’s Jaws is an example of an unusual kind of face data. I call these characteristics “Compassion Awakeners.” Learning about them helps you to open up your heart of compassion.

With what follows here about Alysse Hallali, for instance: Your heart may well go out to her. Since the potential challenge, in this case, is most likely a definite. Not a hypothetical.

Incidentally, you’ll learn about several Compassion Awakeners in “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Like many other advances to the field of face reading, you’ll find this in my most recent book. So if you’ve got one of my previous face reading books, and liked it… Don’t think you’re up-to-date.

Might I suggest? Treat yourself to this newest one.

Sure, you’ll learn lots, lots more if you take my Face Reading Secrets® Mentoring Program. But, short of that, I strongly recommend this most comprehensive of my how-to’s for face readers.


Somebody with Dieter’s Jaws has pushed herself (or himself) physically. Pushed herself to be thin as possible. As a result, gaining approval from others.

Especially tempting for an actress, given society’s love of what I call “The Anorexic Ideal.

I’m not saying that spotting Dieter’s Jaws equals diagnosing an eating disorder. Rather, it signals self-starvation to whatever degree the person can achieve it.

In that article I cited earlier from the Washington Post, here’s an example of that horrible pressure. (My bolding)

Maine [interviewed for this article] recalls one patient in her early 40s who had been dieting since puberty. She struggled with — and overcame — anorexia in college, but when she couldn’t lose weight after her second pregnancy, she started purging and excessively exercising. Eventually, she realized her behavior was out of control, even though her weight wasn’t low enough to raise alarms. She finally went to her OB/GYN because she trusted him. “What she was not ready for was when her doctor walked into the room and said, ‘How does your husband like your new body?’ ” Maine said. “That vignette, and what that woman said to me, was why I wrote ‘The Body Myth.’ ”

The Likely Challenge

Pushing herself to weigh less, less, less. That’s a hard way to live.

And here’s one of the ways I’m inviting comment from you readers. Have you seen any episodes of “Alice in Paris”? Would you have guessed that, quite likely, the star works really hard to burn calories and to deprive herself of food?

And I may as well tell you a second sort of comment that might be unique to this article. (In addition to any other kind of comment you wish to make!)

Now that you know about Dieter’s Jaws, are you curious about other celebrities? Have you noticed any of them with this face data? Then go over to Google. Type that celeb’s name into the search box. And be sure to click on IMAGES.

Once you find a face that you think shows Dieter’s jaws, comment below. Give the name of that public figure. And supply a link to the photo. (To do that, click on the image. Then that image will pop out from the bunch o’ images on that screen. Right click on the image. Select IMAGE URL. Copy that. Because that’s what you can place into a comment.)

Alysse Hallali Face Reading #5. Nose Bonus

How to See it

Look between the person’s nostrils. Below them, do you find a triangular bit of flesh?

Cosmetic surgeons, who just love to medicalize and insult perfectly fine face data, natch! They’ve got a word for what I call a “Nose Bonus.” Their name of choice is “Hanging Columella.”

No doubt, many surgery customers choose to eliminate that. Which would be their loss….


Work involves service.

And isn’t that refreshing to find in a TV star? Or anybody, actually.

If we knew Alysse Hallali, I think we’d find that she cares more than most about helping people. Not just entertaining them. But, in a deeper way, helping them.

No wonder I love watching her creation, “Alice in Paris.” So lighthearted, fast-paced, and deep-down joyful!

Potential Challenge

With that Nose Bonus, Alysse might turn down paying jobs that do the opposite of helping people. Like many of the — to me — grotesque shows that are popular now.

And I’m not the only one who is concerned about gratuitous violence presented as entertainment.  To quote this article in The Chicago Tribune:

More than other entertainment outlets, a number of Netflix’s hit shows spotlight gruesome violence, often committed against women, according to viewership statistics and industry experts. And Netflix is both more popular (some 60 million U.S. subscribers) and more intensely watched (in all rooms of the house, often multiple episodes at a time) than traditional television, raising worries among some media-violence experts.

But, on the bright side…

Summing up Alysse Hallali’s Face Reading

She’s giving her career all she’s got. Those Dieter’s Jaws being just one example. In “Alice in Paris,” as a screenwriter, Alysse shines a spotlight on little things in life.

You know, Blog-Buddies: Sweet little details of human life. Poking gentle humor at what can go wrong. And highlighting so much that is going right.

Service oriented, she’s got talent for reaching a big audience. And reaching them without the over-sharing that is so common in public life today.

To Learn More about Face Reading. Here’s a Start.

First of all, an introductory face reading video.

Want to learn how to read faces on your own? It’s not just some random “talent.” It’s a skill. And a skill that you can learn, bit by bit. Among all the RES skills, face reading comes easiest.

“The NEW Power of Face Reading” will give you a solid foundation. While its unusual way of using illustrations may make you smile.

For more advanced, and different, face reading what a resource! I invite you to check out Read People Deeper“.

Finally, this description of RES Face Reading Sessions can preview for you… How much depth comes with a dedicated personal session devoted to your physical face.

And yes, I’ve created a fresh new post the day before publishing this one. Click here to start reading faces through a small collection of videos that I call a Face Reading Party.” 

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  1. 1

    Incidentally, are you intrigued to learn about Dieter’s Jaws? Then you might enjoy these blog posts about “Face Reading Three Signs of the Anorexic Ideal.”
    * Part One
    * And Part Two

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating!!! What a treat, thank you Rose! I never would have guessed she was a dieter, but now that I know, I am not surprised.

    Even though her show is so light-hearted, you can see that she is very serious about whatever she is passionate about.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    So, I can imagine that she would not be one to go half-way with dieting.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    I love your description of small lipfulness. I have that also.

    It is kind of funny how little coworkers know about me, even if they have known me for years. My ESL students know me much better, because I share stories for teaching purposes.

  5. 5
    Kylie says:

    But I love the way that she tells her stories so economically–her vignettes really do “shine a spotlight on little things in life” as you say. And with no over-sharing!

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    I also have the start up hairs on my left eyebrow, and I am good at anticipating problems.

    Now I want to go back and watch the picnic scene again.

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    It does awaken compassion for me to know how hard she pushes herself. I can relate to that!

  8. 8
    Emily Turner says:

    Thanks for nominating her Kylie, I’ve now watched the entire first season and moved onto the longer clips in the second! There is so much that’s adorable in every episode.

  9. 9
    Emily Turner says:

    I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that she might “work hard to burn off calories”. Certainly knowing about this face reading data can help us smash some earth illusions, and also have more compassion for those so impacted by them.

  10. 10
    Rose says:

    Thank you so much, KYLIE and EMILY.

    Smashing earth illusions? Definitely one way that Deeper Perception Made Practical could help us make practical choices, change how we speak of others, whether we feel pressured to live The Anorexic Ideal.

  11. 11
    Rose says:

    Besides, comments like yours will (I’m convinced) contribute to Collective Consciousness.

    Changing some of the in-human pressures for women to turn ourselves into Barbie dolls. How many women have you known who naturally look like Barbies, Blog-Buddies? Personally, I’ve met exactly three.

  12. 12
    Isabella Cates says:

    Thank you, Rose!

    What a strange and powerful illusion this is, around fat and thin.

  13. 13
    Isabella Cates says:

    I just read an article in the Post yesterday about how weight discrimination is still legal in the US (except in Michigan).

    Meaning, among other things, that any company can have weight requirements for employment, and that’s totally legal. How totally, absolutely creepy!!

  14. 14
  15. 15
    Isabella Cates says:

    “Fat shaming” is such a horrible, awful problem.

    Some of the worst is with doctors (only some of them, of course).

  16. 16
    Isabella Cates says:

    I have a good friend who was totally terrified to try a new specialist when she had a medical problem, because so many doctors had been cruel to her about her weight…

    And even, if effect, refused to treat her properly by bringing everything back to her stupid BMI. (Which is such a rudimentary measurement for doctors to use, it must be a joke, right? It’s okay as a starting point, but to use it so extensively, and to base such big decisions off of it… it’s it seems really lazy to me.)

  17. 17

    Excellent points, ISABELLA!

    Reminds me how every time I go to any doctor (except for annual eye checkups), what’s the first thing? They take your weight. Then the blood pressure. WHY? THE? WEIGHT?

  18. 18

    Scale or no scale? I just did a quick survey:

    Proctologist? No. Gynecologist. Yes.

  19. 19
    Jerry says:

    Reading what you wrote is kind of a shock. I’ve seen the show.

    A lot of times, in the show, Alice wears shorts and short dresses. I used to admire how great her legs looked. Very athletic, you know. So it’s weird to think that she’s been dieting a lot.

  20. 20
    Jerry says:

    Watching TV I’m more used to seeing women with very, very skinny legs. I guess I’m used to think they diet to get those legs.

    Maybe that’s not true.

  21. 21
    Jerry says:

    Teenagers have legs like that sometimes.

    Yet women I know in real life, like women walking down the street, don’t have legs like that. I find this aspect of dieting very confusion. What is a real woman’s body now?

  22. 22

    Jerry, thanks. I think you’ve made some excellent points.

    Probably most of the women who are selected to be models or actresses are built in a certain way, like with really thin arms and legs. Whether it’s natural or through dieting.

  23. 23

    Maybe cosmetic surgery is sometimes a resource for this. According to this article:

    If you choose to undergo surgery for thinner thighs, your choices include liposuction or a combination of treatments called a thigh lift. The surgical removal of fat, or liposuction, is an effective treatment for many people who want to reduce thigh fat.

  24. 24

    In any case, I suspect that all of us living now are subconsciously influenced by The Anorexic Ideal.

    That’s why I write occasional blog posts on this theme, aiming to help us to consciously (at least) say no to that malarkey!

  25. 25
    Kylie Sparks says:

    Once, when I weighed 30 pounds more than I do now, I had a supervisor who barely seemed to notice me.

    Rose pulled out an energetic hologram of a time I was with her and said that for her, I didn’t even register because I was overweight. I was outside of the band of people who she noticed.

  26. 26
    Kylie Sparks says:

    That was pretty surprising to me. It had never occurred to me that that was the only thing some people might notice about me.

    But in fact, I’ve been guilty of having an implicit bias against other overweight people myself, barely conscious but there nonetheless.

  27. 27

    Oh, KYLIE, implicit bias is ugly. Whether related to weight, skin color, disability, wealth (or poverty), education (or lack of education) or age. But I don’t think it’s fair to “be guilty” or “feel guilty” about it. At least if you aim to grow out of it.

    I like the conclusion in this article: “I think at best it will spark curiosity and an awareness that biases do not make us bad people — they actually make us human — but that we do have a capacity to override them.”

  28. 28

    And the article kind of, sort of, recognizes the role of collective consciousness in implicit bias: “”It’s taken centuries for our brains to create these negative schemas about particular groups of people that have been marginalized in society.”

    Personally, I find it hilarious that it’s socially acceptable to talk about how something has “taken centuries,” yet not acknowledge the role of collective consciousness.

  29. 29

    On a practical note, if you’ve been on the giving or receiving end of any kind of prejudice, please consider an Energy Spirituality session. Maybe more than one, depending.

    I’ve helped many clients move past limitations. Because stronger than collective consciousness is one’s ability to remove very personal and individual forms of STUFF, then PUT-IN what works better.

  30. 30
    Diana says:

    Hi Rose, I have attached an image of Jenna Fischer-who played the so sweet Pam Beesly on the tv show The Office. I’m not sure if this shows Dieter’s Jaws or not- but i’m enjoying learning.

    Thank you for ensuring we talk about this subject and continue to challenge the ideals on weight.,dpr_auto,q_90,w_720/fl_lossy,pg_1/i5jkoduudjhlrfs0hync/jenna-fischer

  31. 31

    DIANA, your heart and curiosity are in the right place. And you’ve shown leadership by being the first to submit a photo.

    But here’s Rule #1 for discerning Dieter’s Jaws. The photograph must show the outer edges of the person’s jaws. Not the hairdo. Haha. Got it? Google images can help you find a better photo, surely.

  32. 32

    Another technical point…. I think you’ll find a suitable photo when it shows the person facing the camera. With a 3/4 view like this, you’re not going to see the outer edges of both jaws.

    Those of you who’ve learned to read auras from regular photos (for instance, by taking this course), have had considerable training on how to choose suitable photographs. Face reading, it’s quite similar.

  33. 33
    Diana says:

    I understand and i’ll see what I can find:)

  34. 34

    DIANA, you really help this educational blog come alive. Many a reader probably though “Uh-huh, now I know how to detect Dieter’s Jaws.” But they didn’t find time in their busy lives to TRY IT.

    You did. And you got back to the blog. After I gave you a teachable moment, you acknowledged it. And you’ve just expressed willingness to continue. Soon you will really own this skill. All of which just delights me. Thank you.

  35. 35
    Diana says:

    Thank you Rose, I own all your face reading books:) and your blog is so important to my learning and staying connected to such great blog buddies.

  36. 36
    Diana says:

    Here is a photo of Jenna with her hair up, jaws in full view. Not much resemblance to Alysse IMHO.

  37. 37

    Much improved photo there, Teachable You! Small detail, it can be a bit easier to spot Dieter’s Jaws if the person is also not doing a great big smile with mouth open and lip corners up.

    But it’s clear enough in this picture, no Dieter’s Jaws for Jenna Fischer. Good news!

  38. 38
    Rebecca says:

    I do enjoy Alysse’s videos!

  39. 39
    Rebecca says:

    Here is a photo of Nicole Kidman – perhaps some dieter’s jaws?

  40. 40

    Good catch, REBECCA. You found a straight-on photo, and you’re right about the Dieter’s jaw on her right side. (On the left side of the screen.)

  41. 41

    In this photo, I really can’t tell about the left side of Kidman’s jaw because of the earring covering it.

    Incidentally, as a face reader this might be helpful: We face readers don’t refer to “some” of an item of face data. Either a person has it or not. Better to write something like “Does she have Dieter’s Jaws?”

  42. 42

    What an interesting opportunity to look for this item of face data! Thanks so much for coming forward, REBECCA and DIANA.

    You’re all invited to propose more public figures for this educational, compassion-awakening physiognomy exercise.

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