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Mindfulness Meditation. Recommended If You Hate Yourself


Mindfulness Meditation. Know anybody who brags because they’re doing this form of spiritual practice?

Mindfulness Meditation? The idea sounds so sweet, so reasonable.

Who wouldn’t like to be more “mindful”? But read the research here, done with Energy Spirituality consciousness-probing skills that haven’t yet gone mainstream.

The research I share with you today might change your mind about the alleged benefits. Yes, I’ll be giving you a warning. For a rah-rah article, look elsewhere.

Look, you’re going to make up your own mind. I’d just like to bring a perspective that you’re not likely to get elsewhere. At least, unlikely before reliable energetic literacy skills are as common as today’s word literacy.

Definitely feel free to COMMENT below and share your experiences with Mindfulness Meditation.

Has it helped you? Did you try, but then kept not getting around to it?

First of All, the Context for Today’s Article

Lately, by request, I’ve been helping you Blog-Buddies to explore what will work for you for personal growth. Versus what used to work (maybe) in the Age of Faith. But it really, really doesn’t work now.

And I doubt that any meditation teacher today purposely makes false promises. On the other hand, you might have to search far and wide to find a meditation teacher of any kind… Someone who can give you an intelligent summary of what it means to live in The Age of Awakening. What is different now? What are today’s new rules for spiritual progress? Versus yesterday’s old, obsolete rules!

To be clear, I have been waiting for years to do the sort of research I’m doing today. For years, this has been far outside my comfort zone. Why comment at all?

Well, here’s why. In many an Energy Spirituality session, I’ve had to work with Divine help and Energy Spirituality skills to clean up the mess. Sometimes the meditator knows that something’s awry. Other times, they believe they’re in Enlightenment. Or else very, very “advanced.”

Please don’t read any articles in this series unless you’re prepared to consider a different point of view. And please know that I find it painful at a minimum to do the sort of research I’ll be doing in the future. For a while. One blog post at a time.

Also, if you have a beloved meditation teacher, maybe he or she is doing really well. Still, if I were you I would bring it to an Energy Spirituality session. Describe the kind of personal development you’re doing. And on the day of the session, email me a head shot of your teacher. Many skill sets are at my disposal for helping you. Including Soul Thrill Aura Research® and Consciousness Positioning Consults®. 

(Note: For each of these links, scroll down to the colorful box. That’s the relevant part.)

Second,Why the Appeal of Mindfulness Meditation?

And it’s so easy to learn. Supposedly, anybody can figure it out. (Hint: Concerning how people can figure out their own ways to meditate, please see comments on beloved Zen meditator Natalie Goldberg. Comments 134-136 and 167-186, here. And/or read this aura reading guest post from one of my students, LINDSEY.)

Consumer tip: If you do wish to practice meditation, choose carefully which practice you’re going to learn. Then choose your teacher carefully.

And then follow that path only. Don’t mix in any “improvements.” That’s not only disrespectful to your teacher. Unless you’re an experienced consciousness engineer, you have no idea what you’re doing to yourself.

After a month or two, evaluate what you’re getting. After a year, evaluate some more. Please.

Why Question Mindfulness Meditation?

I first became concerned about this style of meditation because of Energy Spirituality clients. (You may know, Blog-Buddies. Each year, for a long time now, I’ve done over 1,000 session hours annually.)

Every client who’s come to me, practicing this style of spiritual practice, has had terrible results from it.

Basically, it’s a way to pop somebody straight into spiritual addiction. (For details, scroll down to the turquoise box.) Granted, I doubt that all those folks who tout this type of meditation are doing it in bad faith. They just lack discernment. For instance, they have no idea what “spiritual addiction” is. Even though, according to my most recent estimate, 40% of Americans are now living in spiritual addiction. And that’s not good.

For one thing, guess what? People in spiritual addiction aren’t making progress in their spiritual evolution. No more than potheads or alcoholics. Instead, they’re having what — in a Life Review, after an incarnation — might be called: Learning from a failed experiment.

Stuck in spiritual growth! Wouldn’t that be an ironic outcome for a life where somebody spends precious time meditating?

Why Is Mindfulness Meditation Such a Problem?

Technically, it divides your mind. Like a form of multi-tasking.

Yeah, yeah, I know that people report feeling calm. Less stressed. More easygoing. Finding it easier to sleep. Sounds great, right?

Except that, in general… And I write “in general” because every meditator’s case would be different… In general, ouchers! What Mindfulness Meditators call “calm”? I call it “fatigued from the strain of all that multi-tasking.”

And when meditators brag about their growing detachment, don’t buy it.

Detachment is a consequence of living in Traditional Enlightenment. Detachment is not a path.

Moreover, many spiritual seekers living today are moving into Age of Awakening Enlightenment instead. That way, people continue to personally grow. And there are other advantages as well.

Consciousness-Wise, Mindfulness Meditation Teachers Are a Mess, Bless Their Hearts

Today’s post is already going to be quite long. But guess what you can do if you’re curious why I would make the previous statement?

Propose, for my Enlightenment Life List, any Mindfulness Meditator who is a public figure. (I did comment recently about the consciousness lifestyle of one of them, Kobe Bryant. Not the greatest news.)

Of course, instructors who teach that form of meditation would be especially important to nominate.

For years I’ve been offering free aura readings at this blog post. Just follow the simple rules and I’ll gladly do it for you.

One Sample Mindfulness Meditation Aura Reading

Let’s do some research on the consciousness of Oren Jay Sofer. He teaches mindfulness, meditation and Nonviolent Communication.

I met him through this article, scrolling down to find his photo. Of course, when you’ve got good skills at aura reading, every photo is an aura photo.

He’s so beloved, has such a sterling reputation. If he finds out about my research here, I’m sure he’ll easily laugh it off.

That said, here’s info about four of his chakra databanks.

Aura Reading Oren Jay Sofer. Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Physical Reality

Symbolic  Size

2 inches. Almost completely shut down.

Note that all energetic literacy research simply gives information about the person at the time of the photo. And auras, including the business end of chakra databanks, change constantly. Depends on what a person does while awake.


Evidently Oren gives the toaster, the sandwich, the meal… barely a glance. Just enough noticing reality before he scoots back into noticing consciousness.

From a technical perspective, as someone helps clients with Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING Sessions, ugh! He’s developed an array of energetic sub-routines that have come to distort his connection to reality.

Pleasant? Sure. But at the price of living mostly in his own inner world.

Aura Reading Oren Jay Sofer. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

Symbolic  Size

3 inches. Close to shutdown.


Oren Jay has worked hard at his brand of meditation. No doubt about it.

At the subconscious level where chakra databanks show what’s happening deep down, it takes a lot to install a habit. But hoo-boy, has he ever got one.

Habit keeps him feeling variations on, “I’m so happy. I’m in touch with myself.”

This has taken on the function of a callous on the soles of his feet. Only this particular thick glob in this chakra databank has an emotional impact. All about making a mood of happiness, keeps Oren Jay from experiencing authentic emotions. Oops!

Aura Reading Oren Jay Sofer. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic  Size

2 inches. Almost completely shut down.


Mr. Sofer believes in himself. That can be sweet in a person’s aura. And it certainly shows in auric modeling.

However, as a former meditation instructor — and also currently an Enlightenment Teacher — what I’m finding here is trouble. Because this affection for himself is currently stunting this man’s connection to, well, God. (Or whatever you prefer to call that.)

In his chakra databank about to that most spiritual connection of all, God doesn’t interest him one bit. Who can compete with the greatness of this highly successful spiritual expert?

Aura Reading Oren Jay Sofer. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Symbolic  Size

1/8 inch. Currently, flat-lining.


Oren Jay has got it all. Spiritually he’s won! (He believes.)

And you know what, if I couldn’t read his aura, he might convince me. However, I’ve done some Enlightenment Validation. He’s got nothing like that. With all respect, he’s cooked up a pleasing little alternative. Highly persuasive to himself and others. Also, sadly, highly deceptive.

In Conclusion, Personally Speaking

Stuck in spiritual growth! Wouldn’t that be an ironic outcome for a life devoted to some form of meditation?

When meditation teachers fall into spiritual addiction, I find it sad. Even tragic.

But when meditation teachers fall into spiritual shutdown, I feel something different. I feel very angry.

Yes, of course, I’m talking about the current consciousness lifestyle of Oren Jay Sofer. Most likely, this is what his students get. Quite the opposite of any spiritual growth whatsoever. Instead, a sanctimonious sidetrack.

Anyway, in my conclusion, you’ll note that I just felt and expressed some authentic human emotions. Blog-Buddies, may you too… always be able to do that!

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    So useful to know, Rose! Isn’t it strange how certain practices take off and become fashionable, and then it becomes harder to question them….

  2. 2

    So true, GRAHAM. Only I don’t call that “strange.” To me popularity is the main way that Collective Consciousness changes over time.

    Every person who praises Mindfulness Meditation, every interview, every website, every person who must study this at work because it’s required…. Tick, tick, tick! In go new chunks (or whatever the technical term ought to be), new chunks in praise of Mindfulness Meditation.

  3. 3

    In turn, increased influence in Collective Consciousness translates into a subtle subconscious pressure — and maybe some not-so-subtle social pressures — to meditate in this way.

    Wjat’s the simplest way (though admittedly not perfect) to wrap your mind around the popularity of an idea in Collective Consciousness? Google, of course.

  4. 4

    When preparing this article, in the third paragraph, I supplied two different links to Google. But I didn’t tell you how many hits. Well:

    * Mindfulness Meditation WARNING produced 2,780,000 hits.
    * While Mindfulness Meditation BENEFITS produced 23,800,000 hits.

  5. 5
    Brittany says:

    A spiritual teacher in spiritual shutdown….I’ve meditated maybe a handful of times in my life, and even I am angry. As if we need more people in spiritual shutdown!

    Thanks for this daily dose of truth added to collective consciousness.

  6. 6

    Thanks, BRITTANY. Considering that teaching meditation was pretty much MY LIFE from 1970 until I quit in 1986, you can imagine I’ve gone through quite a few strong emotions since I learned, through helping Energy Spirituality clients, how drastically the role of meditation changed in this new Age of Awakening.

  7. 7

    In this little series that I’ve begun today, I’ll be researching leading teachers affiliated with different forms of meditation.

    Especially because, you’re right. People who seek spiritual growth don’t need somebody to lead them into spiritual shutdown, or spiritual addiction, or extreme spiritual addiction. So, on a case by case basis, we can have blog posts to bring more clarity about the impact of different forms of meditation NOW.

  8. 8
    Ethan says:

    I second Brittany’s comment #5-more truth added to collective consciousness today! Thank you Rose. I know Jack Kornfield is still on your ELL-and he says that mindfulness lets experience be the teacher.

    I don’t do any meditation but I can tell you that through my RES sessions I have embraced being human, which includes my emotions and my experiences. So really-we don’t need mindfulness meditation to experience ourselves.

  9. 9

    Good point in that second para, ETHAN.

    Regarding your first paragraph, I just located a contemporary video of Mr. Kornfeld. Sadly, though not unexpectedly, he is now (according to my research) in extreme spiritual addiction. I’ll remove him from the regular and alphabetical Enlightenment Life Lists.

  10. 10
    Ethan says:

    Oh that is too bad about Jack.

  11. 11

    Strange as it may seem, unless you’re used to using energetic literacy in the context of spiritual development, Traditional Enlightenment is very hard to maintain now. Since the sweet, pure person totally trusts in energies. Initially, especially back in the Age of Faith, these were energies at the Divine Vibrational Frequency. Besides, surrender is essential to gaining this state of consciousness.

    Sadly, what’s different now? Opportunistic ET and astral entities have greater access to earth, because that we’re in The Age of Awakening. No psychic barrier, either within us or on the planet. That means easy access for random entities who enjoy influencing people. Except for channelers and mediums, people with substance abuse probles (sometimes) or people with mental health problems like schizophrenia, this degree of access didn’t happen during in the Age of Faith.

  12. 12

    If people in Traditional Enlightenment would just learn to develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, they could protect themselves.

    Specifically, they could research how they and their friends are doing. They could learn skills to co-create healing and then fix the problem. Or they could go for help to me or somebody else with comparable skills.

  13. 13

    However, I’ve never yet met anyone in Traditional Enlightenment who’s the least bit interested in learning to gain these skills. Instead, the blissful feeling that dominates awareness makes them feel safe.

    And then, when astral beings begin to gain entry into their consciousness, could be, it feels like a new kind of high.

  14. 14

    Of course I don’t know what the process is like for each person in Enlightenment who loses it. But in this case I’m describing what happened to a spiritual teacher I loved dearly. I warned him. He scoffed.

    Meanwhile, Joe kept describing about all the extra-high states of consciousness he was experiencing. And with all his spiritual erudition and love for God, he just didn’t consider that he was now falling into experiences that were astral rather than Divine. Until, one sad day, I researched a recent photo and had to remove him from my Enlightenment Life List.

  15. 15

    In that regard, today is another sad day. Although I never communicated with Jack Kornfield, I did know of his sterling reputation and read a tiny bit of his writing. (Not being that interested in Buddhism of any kind — except for when Mitch and I got married, a bit of a funny story there — I wasn’t inclined to study his work.)

    Researching his aura is how I knew him. And today, researching him, influencing countless spiritual seekers on that video I researched today, what I feel is a combo of terrible sorrow… and a redoubled effort to bring more truth into this world. Truth that works now, in The Age of Awakening!

  16. 16
    Diego says:

    This is interesting.

    A friend of mine has had a tough time in life and was recommended mindfulness meditation by her therapist. She doesn’t seem to be doing better at all :/

  17. 17
    Rose says:

    DIEGO, welcome to my blog. Thanks for commenting here. (It is your first time, yes?)

    I think you’ve spoken for many who are — or have friends who are — trying mindfulness meditation. Or, for that matter, are in therapy. If the current method for personal growth isn’t working, it can help to look around at what else is offered. One isn’t married to that therapist. Or that path.

  18. 18

    What would I recommend? Two different Energy Spirituality services.

    One possibility: A first Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING session, for a completely different approach to helping your friend move forward.

  19. 19

    Alternatively, a session of RES Energy READING could be a helpful next step.

    One possibility is asking for the Energy READING specialty called “Soul Thrill Aura Research®.” This would bring detailed discernment about what is right for HER at this time. A bit of preparation for this type of session is required: She would bring a list of therapists and other alternative methods, different types of meditation, etc. Also, on the day of the session, it would be helpful if she emailed me headshots of the different therapists and other meditation teachers. (Photos don’t have to be super-current.)

  20. 20
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Rose, of course, as usual you nailed it in your comments 12-15.

    As you know, I was going down that unfortunate road you speak of and losing my bliss from at least one of the practices you mention here.

  21. 21
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Just like your beautiful friend, I was told by a few others, (some spiritual teachers, some who share on a very popular You Tube Channel, and some who write blogs on Non-Duality Spiritual experiences), that my changing experiences from bliss to other energy consciousness was an evolution (progress) along my path of expanding consciousness!

  22. 22
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    There wasn’t any warning or precaution!

    No one shared on discernment of Divine and astral vibrational (or energy) consciousness!

  23. 23
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    I thank God for the grace to lead me to you and your blog and books to help me when I became aware of problems I had come into from doing the meditation, healing practices and reading and speaking about such things all day long!

  24. 24
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    I was well into spiritual addiction and was desperately looking to find my way out of it (although I had no idea of “what” it was I was experiencing at the time).

    I just knew it wasn’t the same as the Divine bliss I was used to. It was leaving me, and it felt weird, foreign and unnatural!

  25. 25
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Thank goodness for me I had enough humility and deep knowledge to know I needed help when I was pointed to You Rose!

    This was just enough to give you and your Enlightenment coaching, Aura Healing and Aura Reading skills a chance. Yay for my humbleness and personal independence too!

  26. 26
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Now I have some advanced Aura Reading and some self Aura Heal skills as taught by RES.

    I must add how important this learning, and continuing learning and honing my RES skills, have been. In developing one of the most important attainments for me, DISCERNMENT!

  27. 27
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    I will make a bet this will be a big, big, big deal in Collective Consciousness in the coming years…this is the kind of Evolution I am enjoying now!

    Saved my life, my important human one. ?

  28. 28

    Wonderful comments here, LINDSEY. You know, at this blog (and also in my various books), I don’t think I’ve ever directly mentioned the importance of humility — a willingness to learn something new.

    Of course that matters for anybody who wishes to live in Enlightenment. To grow emotionally. Or simply to be a good friend. Yes, simple humility! And that’s open to any and all of us. More a situational decision than a “have it or not” official talent.

  29. 29
    Fiona says:

    Not only does my workplace promote mindfulness meditation and have sporadic sessions… they booked a “virtual mindfulness” meditation into our calendars, expecting people to ring in and join a meditation with others on a phone call.

    And in my company, each of them would be in an open plan office.

  30. 30
    Fiona says:

    When I declined it, my colleague saw and so I took the opportunity to share my opinion on it. Which has certainly been informed by this post.

    She sure was surprised!

  31. 31

    Spunky Fiona! What a great example of appropriate communication!

    Quietly, you didn’t participate in something optional that you didn’t believe in. And then, when your colleague opened the door to discussion, you gracefully walked through.

  32. 32
    Lindsey says:

    Love your story Fiona!

    How very well and tactful you handled that indeed! Thank you for sharing.?

  33. 33
    Senta says:

    This is a link where a schema therapist talks about the dangers of meditation and mindfulness practices:

  34. 34
    Emily Turner says:

    I thought this was very relevant… that a recent study found some people experience very negative effects from mindfulness meditation.

  35. 35

    LINDSEY, SENTA, and EMILY, thanks to all of you for your comments.

    Here’s the big factor that so many people don’t understand. Meditation and mindfulness practices always had varying effectiveness.

  36. 36

    To paraphrase my former guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, “Meditation can be compared to cars. Would you say that every automobile is just as good as every other kind of automobile?”

  37. 37

    Further complicating discernment now about types of meditation? What has happened since the Shift into the Age of Awakening?????

    As you may know, that happened on December 21, 2012.

  38. 38

    What I’m about to summarize here… I’ve described it and taught about it in a very comprehensive, easy-to-read way in “The New Strong.”

    If you’re wondering, “What’s the most important Energy Spirituality book for me to read next?” That’s your answer.

  39. 39

    Meditation Change #1 Since the Age of Awakening. No More Psychic Barrier

    Back in the Age of Faith (before the Shift into to the Age of Awakening), a psychic barrier for all human beings made it super-hard to bring awareness away from Human Vibrational Frequencies. Most of us were unable to even position awareness at any of the Astral Vibrational Frequencies. Let alone the Divine Vibrational Frequency. Good techniques of meditation made that possible.

  40. 40

    Meditation Change #2 Since the Age of Awakening. New Vibrational Freedom

    Now all humans have a New Vibrational Freedom. With the Psychic Barrier gone, it’s easy for us to position awareness at ANY vibrational frequency. We no longer need an effective meditation technique to help us do that. Learn more about all this here.

  41. 41

    Meditation Change #3 Since the Age of Awakening.Everyone Knows about Meditation Now

    Not surprising, really, since everybody knows about it. Pretty different from when I was a new teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1971. EMILY TURNER, you’ve inspired me to publish an article about that, an article I’d been saving….

  42. 42

    Ridiculous! Ironic! Heartbreaking! True!

    Long story short, simply because you’re living today, don’t trust ANY meditation technique. Instead, find something different to do during your 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

  43. 43

    Speaking as an Enlightenment Teacher here, you’ll move fastest toward Enlightenment if:

    * You DO 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.
    * You DON’T do any form of meditation whatsoever.

  44. 44

    Incidentally, you can learn more about the perils of other forms of meditation (not “Mindfulness Meditation” but other varieties) over at this blog post with the simple title, “Don’t Meditate.”

    Sharing this link is an excellent way of helping your friends who have an open mind. Some folks just follow whatever is popular. But probably your friends are more interested in thinking for themselves!

  45. 45

    Here’s the article. About how I pioneered teaching a course designed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, “The Science of Creative Intelligence,” along with Don Davis. How we got that into a public high school, in Dade, Florida.

    Briefly noted is the fact that this set a precedent for other TM teachers, and it spread to other public schools — until all this was shut down by a (moderately famous) court case in New Jersey.

  46. 46

    Of course, over time, there will be many articles warning people about the dangers of mindfulness meditation. This danger-proclaiming article just one that happened to be published today. Expect more to come.

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