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Being Somebody Wonderful. Summertime Empath Contest

Being Somebody Wonderful. Thanks, Melinda Gates, for inspiring our latest contest for winning a free reading.

Being Somebody Wonderful. Announcing a new contest where the three winners will receive a free aura reading: A Skilled Empath Merge.

How perfect is that for summertime? Details here.

Being Somebody Wonderful

Recently I watched Melinda Gates in an interview with David Letterman. As you may know, she’s the Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill and I have eliminated polio,” she said. And she wasn’t kidding. Nor bragging, either.

According to Gates, they’ve nearly eliminated polio. To be technical, there are still maybe 30 cases left in the world. But those folks live in remote areas, torn by war. It’s impossible to reach them.

Otherwise, yes. Melinda Gates, a mother of three, whose husband sometimes does carpool duty… She has helped to eliminate the disease. In America alone, during the early 1950s, for instance, some of us still remember. Polio outbreaks caused more than 15,000 cases of paralysis annually. 

What kind of person works to make the vaccine we’ve got in this country… available worldwide? What kind of person manages a philanthropic organization with 50 billion dollars? And who talks with less attitude and affectation than a fourth-rate, aspiring rock star?

With zero attitude and affectation, actually. Sure, she speaks with exceptional social polish. But that’s different from preening. A five-year old could tell the difference.

Seems to me, Melinda Gates is being somebody pretty darned wonderful.

Being Somebody Truly Wonderful, Melinda Gates Inspired this Contest

In fact, she inspired me this much: For the three prizes, I’m going to do Skilled Empath Merges.

Not free aura readings. And not free face readings. Also, of course, not the kinds of reading so popular elsewhere. As contest prizes, I will NOT be offering:

  • Free chakra readings
  • Free psychic readings
  • Uh, to use today’s more trendy term, free intuitive readings
  • Or free energy readings

You get the idea, Blog-Buddies. No psychic readings of any kind.

Because, speaking of “truly wonderful,” it’s amazing that we’ve got several alternatives. All 10 of the trademarked RES skill sets provide a healthy alternative to psychic readings.

What makes that possible? Because psychic readings involve working with astral spirits. By contrast, I developed all RES skills by co-creating with the Divine. When you learn those skills, you learn how to co-create in that way. (Quite a different impact on the person doing the readings.)

An “Empowered Empath” can do a Skilled Empath Merge without any negative personal consequences. And so that’s what I’ll offer to the three prizewinners for this contest.

Being Somebody Wonderful Contest, How to Enter

Blog-Buddies, I think you’ll find it easy.

  1. Enter as often as you like. Simply comment below.
  2. Deadline for all submissions is August 1, 2019. (Whenever is midnight in YOUR time zone.)
  3. For each entry, name a public figure.
  4. Summarize for us. Why you think that person exemplifies being truly wonderful.
  5. List 1-3 questions you have about that person. Questions that you think or hope could be answered through use of RES skills for Deeper Perception.

Note: Unlike many of my contests here at the blog, I am NOT asking that you send me a photo link of anybody you nominate.

True, only three entries will win a free Skilled Empath Merge, as a blog post. However I’ll add an educational feature to this contest? If you ask questions that lie outside the scope of a Skilled Empath Merge, I’ll explain WHY. Otherwise I’ll summarize WHY your questions could be answered by doing a Skilled Empath Merge.

In the future, doing this deepest form of Deeper Perception may become the standard. Imagine if every Celebrity Reading you can find through this link… Involved Stage 3 Energetic Literacy at a minimum. Bringing so much truth into this world!

Meanwhile, loads of empath coaches have sprung up over the years. Yet how many of them manage to do Skilled Empath Merges? Nobody else on that first page of hits. Pretty wacky!

Even If You Don’t Win, You Can Gain a Lot from this Contest

Any way, I hope you enjoy this contest, Blog-Buddies. Check back often and benefit from:

  • Meeting outstanding (new?) public figures.
  • Sharing three questions you think that a a Skilled Empath Merge might answer?
  • Reading all the educational exchanges that develop in our COMMENTS section.
  • Later, reading the three blog posts for our winners.
  • And maybe you’ll even become one of those winners!

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  1. 101
    Edward Grant says:

    Thank you for the reminder Rose!

    The questions I would like to ask about Satya Nadella are:

    1) How aware is he of his emotions in everyday life and at work?

  2. 102
    Edward Grant says:

    2) How well does he trust people intellectually?
    3) How much financial integrity does he have in regards to being to CEO of the world most valuable company?

  3. 103
    Edward Grant says:

    I would like to nominate Jim Rohn who I believe had a positive influence on my life; I used to listen to some to his recordings and watch some of his videos.

    I came across Jim Rohn ten or so years ago at the same time I came across Steven Covey’s famous book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. They were both effective speakers in the same era.

  4. 104
    Edward Grant says:

    Jim Rohn was one of the most influential and effective speakers I have ever seen or heard.

    He taught simple principles to be a more valuable and effective person in the interest of living a good life.

  5. 105

    Well done, EDWARD. Not only are you close but you’ve also given me the chance to provide a bit of education about what we can — and can’t — learn from a Skilled Empath Merge.

    Regarding your Comments #101-102, let’s go into one question at a time concerning Satya Nadella.

  6. 106

    Your Question #1. It’s fine to ask about Nadella’s everyday experience of emotions. But we can only research what shows about him in the picture supplied for the Skilled Empath Merge.

    Will he be at home? Will he be at work?

  7. 107

    And if the photo is taken of him at work, is he really working at the time?

    Or is he POSING? Photos reveal chakra databanks at the time of the picture.

  8. 108
    Edward Grant says:

    Thank you for the education Rose, regarding what we can and can’t learn from a Skilled Empath Merge! I assumed it didn’t matter what he was doing at the time of the photo, there would be a databank packed with information for emotional self-awareness at work and one for everyday life. Thank you once again.

    In that case I will simply ask the question, how aware is he (Satya Nadella) of his emotions at the time of the photo?

  9. 109

    EDWARD, you’re catching on. And that last question in your Comment #108 is excellent.

    I had a couple of other points concerning Mr. Nadella but had to take a break in order to facilitate a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. (Folks who sign up for my workshops, and live quite far away, usually make those appointments asap for the days following the workshop. Works out well!)

  10. 110

    So now, continuing a bit of the educational process concerning what IS and ISN’T appropriate to seek to learn from an aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge…

    Back to your Question 2, EDWARD, in Comment #102: “How well does he trust people intellectually?”

  11. 111

    Ergggg. Both of these are workable alternatives:

    * How well does he trust people? (Period.)
    * What is going on with his intellectual growth?

  12. 112

    For extra insights along that topic, here’s what you could do:

    First research these two chakra databanks from one photo where he is alone.

  13. 113

    Then research the same chakra databanks from a photo, taken at around the same time in his life: A photo where he is in the act of working with a colleague.

    Granted, again, it might be hard to find that candid photograph. And a posed picture wouldn’t reveal the info that you’re really curious about. Interesting?

  14. 114

    And then, EDWARD, we get to your Question 3, also in Comment #102: “How much financial integrity does he have in regards to being to CEO of the world most valuable company?”

  15. 115

    The good news? We could research the quality — not the quantity — of Satya’s financial integrity. Do that at the time of any given photo.

    But here’s the bad news: I can’t research his financial integrity for you, “in regards to being to CEO of the world most valuable company?” Get that?

  16. 116

    Following that, we’ve got funny news. What if Satya Nadella were my client? What if we were doing a Soul Thrill Aura Reading research session about his job?

    Sure, that could be one option. And among our comparison research on that choice, comparing taking that job versus another versus simply eating strawberry frozen yogurt…

  17. 117

    Then we could research the impact of a job on his financial integrity. Also his sense of self. Also his spiritual growth. You get the picture.

    This would be his personal session though. Not our business unless he generously consented, at the outset, to make a recording of his session, a recording that we would make public.

  18. 118
    Edward Grant says:

    This is a continuation of comments #103-104 in regards to my nomination of Jim Rohn.


  19. 119
    Edward Grant says:

    I would like to know how well Jim Rohn speaks with integrity and how well he commands respect.

    I would also like to know if he has a connection to the divine.

  20. 120

    As Lewis Carroll might have written if he were a geeky explorer of consciousness… Curiouser and Curiouser!

    Thanks for posing these questions, EDWARD. And I didn’t even stop to remind you. Now let the educational process continue. 🙂

  21. 121

    You’re close-ish. But if you readers are learning anything about the process of doing quality research into a person’s aura, I hope that I’m persuading you that close is better.

    While close-ish is unacceptable. And it can even give a bad name to energetic literacy or to Skilled Empath Merges. If you want “Deeper Perception,” in order for it to be practical, it’s good to demand rigor in the entire process.

  22. 122

    That said, you’ve definitely made me curious about Jim Rohn, EDWARD. So let’s fine-tune all three questions you supplied.

    Question 1, ” how well Jim Rohn speaks with integrity.” Better would be, “what is the current state of his verbal integrity?” (And you’d supply a current photo for the aura research.)

  23. 123

    Question 2, “how well he commands respect” could depend upon:

    *His audience when giving a speech.
    *Whether his love partner still cares about him.

  24. 124

    *Giving a talk, how well does he know what he’s talking about?
    *Does he have the standing to command actual respect?

  25. 125

    Most of all, karma matters. When it comes to commanding respect in a public sense, karma really matters.

    Recently I’ve written a couple of blog posts about Jakub Józef Orliński. He isn’t just my favorite countertenor whom I’ve ever heard sing. He’s had amazing karma for success and recognition. By age 29, he’s world-famous. So I COULD hear about him and decide whether I respected his performances.

  26. 126

    How can I make your question manageable then, EDWARD?

    By turning it into, “When communicating, how does he command respect?” Now that’s researchable. Get the diff?

  27. 127

    Finally, EDWARD, let’s consider your Question 3: “I would also like to know if he has a connection to the divine.”

    Golly, I’m almost embarrassed to publish that original question on my blog. Since this could sound arrogant and presumptuous to the casual reader. But, of course, you weren’t meaning to judge his spiritual life.

  28. 128

    By contrast, I feel totally comfortable researching (and answering) questions like, “What is going on with Jim Rohn’s connection to the Divine?”

    There’s gonna be a size to that Third Eye Chakra Databank. Likewise, there’s gonna be a quality. Can you see how researching and reporting on that is way different from making a pronouncement, evaluating him? To me, that distinction is really important.

  29. 129

    Overall, EDWARD, thank you for these intriguing contest nominations, and for your questions.

  30. 130
    Edward Grant says:

    Thank you for all of your educational comments Rose. I guess I was a little bit sloppy in asking my questions haha!

    I do get the difference with the way you have phrased each question. Thank you for helping to enhance my skill level in asking acceptable questions.

  31. 131

    EDWARD, finding productive questions for aura readings and Skilled Empath Merges — that’s still quite new for individuals to do. Pioneering, curious, insightful people like YOU.

    Thanks for being willing to keep on learning, along with your still-learning teacher.

  32. 132
    Kim says:

    Dear Rose:

    I nominate Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Moshe used non-habitual movement cues and gentle touch to help people cultivate free will, autonomy and self-authority.

  33. 133
    Kim says:

    Here is a quote from him: “The object of this learning is to remove outside authority from your inner life”

  34. 134
    Kim says:

    There is a photo of Moshe at this link

    And there are many videos of him teaching.

  35. 135
    Kim says:

    The quality of these is not so clear (they were done in the early 1980s). You can see Moshe with his hands not touching his body at the 31 second mark of this one titled:

    “Involve Your Entire Being”

  36. 136
    Kim says:

    I am curious to know:

    1. Was Moshe Feldenkrais a physical empath?

  37. 137
    Kim says:

    I ask because at lease one of the disabled adults who had lessons with him said that Moshe was the first practitioner who seemed to know what it felt like to have the experience of his particular disability.

  38. 138
    Kim says:

    2. What about Moshe and handling power?

    He was so committed to helping other people cultivate the ability to do what they want to do and develop self-authority.

  39. 139
    Kim says:

    He could be amazingly tender about this with babies and toddlers who had experienced strokes in utero, had cerebral palsy, etc.

    He could also be pretty fierce when others tried to tell him what to do. And he had a black belt in judo.

  40. 140
    Kim says:

    3. What about Moshe’s connection to spiritual source?

    His work is so rich on so many levels.

  41. 141
    Kim says:

    4. What about Moshe and belonging to a social group or tribe?

    He lived in interesting places during interesting times and had the experience of being a refugee and also of introducing such different work to the public.

  42. 142
    Kim says:

    Thank you for offering this contest and for all the information and resources you provide at this blog!

  43. 143

    KIM, thank you for every word of your contest entry. Clearly a lot of thought and care went into your introduction to the Founder of Feldenkrais.

    And overall your questions are excellent, only I’m going to add a bit of fine tuning.

  44. 144

    First, though, I’ll pause to note the significance of “self-authority” within the context of RES. It means, paying attention to what is true for YOU. Such as preferring Internal Validation to External Validation. Self-authority means a lot to those who’ve deeply studied RES, but it may not have much significance to you newbies who are discovering this contest and this blog.

    Of course, this being RES, the context for the self-authority is emotional and spiritual growth. While Feldenkrais aims to help clients through the body part of Mind-Body-Spirit.

  45. 145

    Now, on to tweaking your questions a bit. Let’s start with your Question 1, in Comment #136.

    In the first place, why not ask, “Did he have any gifts as an empath?” Why name just one or two kinds when the system of Empath Empowerment® includes 15 different gifts?

  46. 146

    Note: I could answer that question because, in addition to doing Skilled Empath Merges, I’m also an Empath Empowerment Coach.

    Otherwise that would be outside the scope of work for research. Please don’t you skilled aura readers and empaths think you’re trained to research other people’s empath gifts. It’s enough to identify your own!

  47. 147

    Incidentally, terms like “Physical Empath” and “Emotional Empath” make me cringe. Because, as you may know if you’ve read books like “The Empowered Empath, Quick & Easy,” there are a couple of different physical gifts that empaths have and also a couple of different emotional gifts.

    Why not leave that more general terminology to people whose systems don’t approach the rigor and clarity that you’re used to with Empath Empowerment?

  48. 148

    Regarding your Question 2, of course I can research how Mr. Feldenkrais used power. Like all the questions you posed, that is interesting, and I appreciate your explaining why.

    Note, I wouldn’t wish to research “handling” power, as in “having high status, due to his reputation, and was he humble or arrogant?” That sort of info would be included, in the background, when researching how he used power.

  49. 149

    Now, one more nuance for you and other Blog-Buddies to apply concerning your own use of skills for Deeper Perception, making them practical…

    Consider the varied contexts you noted in your Comment #139, KIM. Each of the three examples you gave… they are human-level stories, right?

  50. 150

    By contrast, how would we research this complexity? One version would be researching three different photographs of Moshe Feldenkrais — if we could get them.

    One would show him tenderly helping a patient with cerebral palsy. An entirely different photo would show him responding to somebody trying to boss him around. And a third photo would show him using his judo skills on a competition partner.

  51. 151

    Another way to do justice to human complexity like this is altogether different:

    Value the human stories. Research one or two photos of your subject, photos with great significance for you. That way, you gain appreciation for Moshe’s aura-level reality. And you balance that what you know about him humanly.

  52. 152

    You know how, a hundred years ago, a biography might contain a center section with glossy black-and-white photographs. Pre-internet, pictures like that were hard to obtain.

    These pictures gave a contrasting view, supplementing the literal facts, plus other facets of the human story.

  53. 153

    KIM, I can imagine biographies in years to come… deeper into this Age of Awakening… where the main chapters would tell the literal facts, plus other facets of the subject’s human story.

    But then, gloriously, there would be a special section — with photos or just website links, leading to detailed Skilled Empath Merges and/or aura readings. What an advancement that would be!!!!!!!!!

  54. 154

    Your Question 3 is perfect, just as it is, KIM. 🙂

    Of course, it can illuminate so much to learn about the quality of a person’s relationship to the Divine. And it’s totally accessible, just one of that person’s 50 Third Eye Chakra Databanks.

  55. 155

    Finally, about that Question 4, let’s refine just a bit, “Moshe and belonging to a social group or tribe.”

    Overall, the idea is intriguing. But “garbage in, garbage out” — or “imprecision in, imprecision out”– definitely applies to using skills of energetic literacy. So let’s explore how we could do a bit better.

  56. 156

    We could research for Moshe Feldenkrais, at one particular time of his life (as shown in a photograph), how was he connecting energetically to his main social group, his tribe?

    Easy as eating summertime fruit!

  57. 157

    What might be a bit tricky about your expectations here? As you noted, KIM, Feldenkrais was a refugee — with that a fresh experience for some years before and after.

    Besides that, he served as a pioneer, even a visionary. And, at certain times, he may have faced harsh criticism or — just as bad — having his work marginalized.

  58. 158

    But we could only research this aspect of his life in one photo at a time, taken during one day at a time. (In that sense, Energy Spirituality uses “one day at a time” in a rather different way from the recovery community!)

    Only after researching photos from different periods, and researching a variety of chakra databanks, would we be in a position to generalize or find patterns.

  59. 159

    There might be no patterns whatsoever, actually. Since each of us evolves during our lifetime.

    Especially for folks living now, in the Age of Awakening, we can evolve at lightning speed. Very differently from people even 100 years ago, let alone 1,000 or 10,000 years ago. Really, KIM, we could find a more fascinating time to do comparison aura readings on our biggest sources of inspiration.

  60. 160

    Thanks again for your beautifully researched and thoughtfully presented nomination for this contest.

    Gee, we’ve got just one more day to go. I’m really enjoying these nominations, and also the chance (for those of you who like using these Energy Spirituality skills on your own) a bit more practical education in how to do informative, impeccable aura research.

  61. 161
    Kim says:

    Dear Rose:

    Thank you for all your very thoughtful and thorough responses. It is very educational to see how you focus the questions and narrow the scope of inquiry so that something precise may be asked and learned.

  62. 162
    Kim says:

    I look forward to reading the write-ups that you will do for the contest winners.

  63. 163

    KIM, you’re so welcome. Funnily enough, I just came to your comment fresh from an exchange at one of the Forums for my Aura Reading Collection of Workshops.

    GLADYS is doing beautifully, yet she still has some expectations to set aside. Due to how Collective Consciousness makes aura reading sound like a drug high. Not anything results-oriented, as you point out in your Comment #161. Yet the purpose is quality information, and rigor really matters for that.

  64. 164

    Of course, GLADYS is not alone in having trippy expectations. (What I sometimes call “the romance of the astral.”

    Many folks who are new to RES-style aura reading think they are supposed to have a special feeling. As if that inner excitement and variety is the purpose. But what effective reading emphasizes the process rather than the information?

  65. 165

    KIM, I think you’re a great example of somebody who has developed Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, understanding well what it is. And you’re just blossoming with it.

    The opportunity to gain fascinating insights is really the point.
    Of course, as the teacher to all you developing aura readers, it’s vital for you to understand what is a realistic kind of knowledge to seek. Although it’s tempting to leap ahead to big questions, small questions — and their answers — can serve us well.

  66. 166

    Entries to this Summertime Contest are now officially complete. Thanks so much to all who participated here.

    I thank you for the time and thought that is evident in each person’s entry (or multiple entries). And I also applaud your willingness to participate in this teaching exercise.

  67. 167

    Anybody who read these comments — whether you officially entered or not — has received some practical education in Deeper Perception.

    What can we expect to learn from a Skilled Empath Merge or quality aura reading? Versus, what’s asking too much, if we demand accurate information? (Something each of us fully deserves.)

  68. 168

    Age of Awakening skill sets are taught and displayed at this Energy Spirituality blog. All 10 of my trademarked systems have this in common: Once you can learn them, you’re strengthened as a human being.

    And you may also feel awe and gratitude, since the process you’re using involves co-creating with the Divine.

  69. 169

    By gaining discernment about which questions are appropriate for aura research, we’re gaining important clarity. Most notably, many questions originally proposed had carry-over from your experience in the past of receiving psychic readings.

    Or if you didn’t do that, personally, in the past… many of you still were influenced by notions coming from those psychic readings.

  70. 170

    After all, psychics may call what they do readings, guided readings, intuitive readings, or aura readings. And this sort of work has been going on for thousands of years. It’s very Age of Faith, seems to me.

    For sure, it’s got a lot of oomph in Collective Consciousness. People have come to expect that this old-fashioned — even obsolete — way of learning more about people… is the meaning of “aura reading.”

  71. 171

    By contrast, no form of psychic readings goes beyond what I call Stage 1 Energetic Literacy or Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.

    Whereas I use and teach 21 Stages of Energetic Literacy, with targeted skill sets.

  72. 172

    And some of those large questions that you’ll find, reading back over contest entries….

    For example, KIM’s Comment #141: “What about Moshe and belonging to a social group or tribe? He lived in interesting places during interesting times and had the experience of being a refugee and also of introducing such different work to the public.”

  73. 173

    These are big questions, right? And we’ve come to expect detailed answers, in the form of stories about the person’s present or future lifetime.

    Stories such as you’d find in a reading by Edgar Cayce. Or a current channeler, like Cayce. Or a medium or other psychic.

  74. 174

    Sure we love stories. Especially, deeply spiritual people try to understand what is the big, or inner, meaning of day-to-day life.

    Collective Consciousness reassures many of us that these stories can be had for the asking, and that they’re true and reliable. “Just meet with somebody clairvoyant or intuitive, and get your inspiring reading.”

  75. 175

    Unfortunately, that’s not true. Much as folks love these stories, they may not be either true or helpful.

    (You probably know people who were led astray, wasted time or money or hope because of what they were told in a psychic reading. I sure do.)

  76. 176

    Equally important, the big icky secret about psychic work is that it means “working with one or more discarnate spirits in order to give guidance to human beings.”

    Enter the Age of Awakening. When people like you and me are evolved enough — and our new vibrational freedom supports — how we can co-create with the Divine, using effective skills, to get knowledge that is true and helpful.

  77. 177

    No, it isn’t an enchanting story. But notice this when you read the Skilled Empath Merges you’ll see me publish for our three Summertime Contest Winners:

    Right-sized answers to right-sized questions. Clean information as well, both for the one doing the aura research and also for you, the reader. I think that matters. Don’t you?

  78. 178

    So, directing you to our three prizes… completed today.

    First came a Skilled Empath Merge of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. That took a Part 1 and then a Part 2. Also, I wound up adding him to our Enlightenment Life List.

  79. 179

    Following that came a Skilled Empath Merge of Greta Thunberg, teenage environmental activist.

  80. 180

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