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Physicality Chakra Databanks. Essential for Sex Appeal

Physicality Chakra Databanks. Delicious to discover!

Physicality Chakra Databanks. When you’ve got good aura reading skills, you can use different sets of chakra databanks to learn about people. It’s such a fascinating adventure!

In particular, it’s exciting to advance the field of Energy Spirituality Aura READING. Because I’ve recently co-created a way to research physicality… with more fascinating detail than ever before. Ready to learn some inside information?

What Is Physicality?

Physicality, is that even a thing!?!

Definitely. Let me introduce you to the concept with an Energy Spirituality flavor. Granted, physicality is a somewhat sophisticated idea, compared to grounding.

Grounding, that popular New Age, energy-healing fad!

Yesterday’s article on grounding might provide a great contrast to what you’re about to read here, BTW.

In the Age of Faith, grounding seemed oh-so-necessary. But it was really a way of doing Technique Time, off and on, all day long.

By contrast, in the Age of Awakening, grounding is OUT. What’s IN? Physicality.

Physicality means having a relationship to your body. Like any important human relationship, your physicality has many different aspects.

Physicality Boosts Personal Presence. Also Sex Appeal

Would you like to improve either one. Or both?

Then it can help to improve your physicality. Since it’s the basis of both.

Although energetic literacy research on physicality is new… You might be interested in previous blog posts:

Yesterday I published the Energy Spirituality Newsletter “Reading Life Deeper.” The lead article explored physicality in the context of sex appeal. Specifically, how Idris Elba, named one of the “Top 26 Sexiest Men on the Planet 2019” inhabits his physical body.

Our Latest Aura Reading Innovation

As usual, Energy Spirituality innovations happen because I’m helping clients.

  • Sometimes personally, in sessions
  • Sometimes in workshops — like the upcoming workshop on “Your Sacred Body“(the last weekend of this month).
  • And when writing. Either books or our monthly newsletter.

This time, innovation came while I wrote that newsletter.

Chakra Databank Innovation

So here’s your first article about it at this blog. (Or anywhere, probably.)

Energy Spirituality Aura READING Skills now include an array of chakra databanks about physicality. In days and weeks to come, I’m planning to give you a little series of these articles: How physicality differs for outstanding people in different walks of life.

Explore this array of chakra databanks whenever you seek to understand how a person relates to his or her body. BTW, speaking of “grounding,” here’s the funny part: When you read this set of chakra databanks, do you think you’ll find one about grounding?

Nopeeeee. There isn’t one. Never has been one. Because “grounding” isn’t real. Rather, it’s a concept. Whereas physicality is a human reality.

10 Chakra Databanks for Researching a Person’s Physicality

#1. Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self-Awareness. This is about spontaneously noticing the position of your body. Feeling nuances to how you move. (In contrast to being oblivious to it.)

#2. Root Chakra Databank for Making Money. You may know, I’ve published a book about making more money. But this chakra databank isn’t just for success and prosperity. Turns out, it matters for personal growth. And spiritual awakening.

Also, ha ha! This chakra databank happens to be closely related to a person’s physicality.

#3. Root Chakra Databank for Survival as a Physical Animal in Human Form. Of course, we’re in animal bodies. Not plant bodies. Not rock bodies.  Being human, however, we’re more than animals.

At least, we have the potential to have healthy bodies, and enjoy sex… But we don’t have to stop there, do we? Hint, a certain upcoming workshop called “Your SACRED Body.”

Phew! Being Human, How about We Take a Breath Before Continuing?

Okay, good to go, Blog-Buddies?

#4. Root Chakra Databank for Gaining Respect from Others. Your physical body exists among others. So what happens to your territory? How do you rate in the pecking order? Certain animals care about this. We human animals do too.

Only we’re also capable of more sophisticated gambits for gaining respect. Optional: Aiming for respect, do we bring along our bodies? (Hint: If we do, or learn how to, we’ll gain a lot more respect. And gain it from a wider range of people.)

#5. Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room. This chakra databank sums up how, at any given time, we present ourselves to others.

In that chakra databank, some people broadcast “I’m into sex.” (Nothing more.) At the other extreme, some folks broadcast, “I hate having a body and ignore it whenever possible.” At this chakra databank, infinite variety is possible — including insights into physicality.

#6. Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal. Even monks, nuns, and priests (who’ve taken vows of celibacy) can do well with this aspect of physicality.

Sadly, sometimes even official saints struggle with sex. Because (IMHO), taking a vow doesn’t turn off one’s entire reproductive system.  What did St. Teresa of Kolkata display in this chakra databank? One holy mess.

And she’s hardly the only celibate — or person — to aurically have loads of STUFF messing up databanks about sex, this one included.

Yet anybody can do well with this, and will all the other chakra databanks concerning physicality.

Probably you know, Blog-Buddies. Our motto in Energy Spirituality goes: STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

On that Sigh of Relief, Let’s Take another Break. Maybe You’ve Got Questions.

Well, that would be excellent. Please ask them. That’s what our COMMENT boxes are for!!!!

#7. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness.

Yes, we humans can consciously notice emotions, from time to time. And couldn’t that count as Exhibit A? If you’re wondering whether human beings are more than animals. (Or can be.)

Physicality is perfectly compatible with a lively, honest emotional life. But not necessarily, right? If you think about it, haven’t you met all these three kinds of people?

  • Folks with strong physicality and weak emotional lives.
  • Folks with weak physicality and strong emotional lives.
  • And, hooray! People who are strong both physically and emotionally. Every human being’s potential in life!

#8. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict.

Physicality isn’t just about body building or other ways to show off rippling muscles. Physicality flavors how we handle conflicts.

For everyone, conflict brings out our strength. But which kind? Physicality may be part of that strength. Quite the opposite is possible, too. Anything really.

When helping clients in Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING Sessions, I often consider this chakra databank. Reminds me of a popular expression, “When push comes to shove.”

During conflict, people reveal so much about themselves. And, of course, once you gain Essential Energetic Literacy, you don’t have to wait until your object of interest lands in a boxing ring. Any time, you can research this person’s Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict.

Okay, Let’s Complete our Physicality Chakra Databank List.

(And Thanks for Still Reading and Considering So Much Info in One Blog Post)

#9. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power. Will there be physical heft? Or does someone try to use intellectual power? Or emotions?

Being human is oh-so-fascinating. And I love this new set of physicality chakra databanks as a way to explore something so complex. Both complex and revealing. Hey, both complex and revealing and, sometimes, practical!

#10. Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Respect. “Use your words” parents tell their children. But have you ever heard the phrase “empty words?” In so many ways, what a person says may ring hollow. Decreasing respect, rather than increasing it.

One way that a person’s words may ring hollow? If they come from a person with a scant, despised, relationship to physicality.

At the opposite end, there are ideas like “muscular Christianity.” Whereby people avoid living — or preaching — like talking heads.

In Conclusion

If you’ve read all the way to the end of this article, congratulations. You know more about physicality than most people may ever know.

What if you felt a bit… well, wilted… when reading about some of these chakra databanks? No worries, please. Every human alive is learning and growing. Or can. We can win at the glorious challenge of being human. Physicality included.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    Rose, I really enjoyed the newsletter – so interesting.

    I initially found Idris Elba impressive… until I read on… and realised that for everything he has going for him, there is so much more available which is what really makes a person juicy.

  2. 2

    GRAHAM, my reaction was similar. He was so adorable on SNL, I fell “in like” with him.

    And then, as the researched progressed, not so much. Although it’s always so fascinating to appreciate how unique each person is. And how the very things that I found un-enticing might be the very reasons why many of his fans… are his fans.

  3. 3

    Blog-Buddies, I’m curious. Are you used to thinking of physicality as important?

    Are you used to think it is anywhere nearly as important as grounding? And regardless of your answer, why?

  4. 4
    Kylie Sparks says:

    in the past 10 years, yes, as I have been involved with RES.

    Prior to that, no. Many years ago I did consider grounding important because in my spiritual addiction, I knew something was wrong, just not what.

  5. 5

    KYLIE, you’ve really put your finger on something. Ironically it makes sense that the most spaced-out people, doing other energy healing techniques or psychic development techniques would be the ones who believe “Grounding is indispensible.”

    I believe many people today in spiritual addiction can feel that something is wrong. As you wrote, they just don’t what.

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    And not knowing what was wrong, I also assumed that more meditation, yoga, chanting, boundary work, psychological analysis etc. was the answer!!!

    A vicious cycle, leading to feeling even worse.

  7. 7

    You know, KYLIE, most people who are told about this vicious cycle can understand it. And once they know in detail how to get past it, they reclaim their lives.

    The simplest way is to read “The New Strong,” which explains about spiritual addiction and psychological overwork. Some people need more personal help, though. That’s one example where RES sessions can make a huge difference.

  8. 8

    However, a small minority of clients in spiritual addiction aren’t willing to change. The most extreme example I’ve encountered so far was Joe. During his session, I attempted to explain what Technique Time was, and how he could cut down to 20 minutes of it each day, thereby getting back his life.

    But he kept interrupting me, saying, “That’s the kind of person I am. I have to do that [form of Technique Time] constantly.”

  9. 9

    Three cheers to you, KYLIE, and to all you other Blog-Buddies who have chosen to overcome spiritual addiction and/or psychological overwork.

    Your desire to grow as a person — and/or your desire for spiritual awakening — all this has been stronger than your pride.

  10. 10
    Liane says:

    Although I never fully understood the concept of grounding, I did it anyway – figuring it wouldn’t hurt.

    I did it before and after every massage session, or, at least, those times when I remembered.

  11. 11
    Liane says:

    I wasn’t taught in massage therapy school a single thing about physicality, or about using my words and action instead of grounding practices.

  12. 12
    Liane says:

    Strange as it sounds, not grounding (or using boundaries) has placed me square back into my body – as though my body is important enough to pay attention to, to live in, to care for.

  13. 13
    Liane says:

    Noticing that people treat me differently.

    Some walk the other way, or ignore me. Or their ears perk up when I speak.

  14. 14
    Liane says:

    Others (not all) are showing some respect. Which, I guess, is in direct proportion to the respect I show myself.

  15. 15
    Liane says:

    While I may not have ever understood grounding, doing it anyway left me feeling drained.

    It didn’t help my spiritual addiction, either.

  16. 16
    Liane says:

    Freeing myself from these practices (living The New Strong) has changed my life completely. From how I feel in my post-menopausal body, to how I’m comfortable speaking in front of others.

    From sex, to hair, to exersize, to sleep… and all the thousands of things inbetween. I’m better, and better feels fabulous.

  17. 17
    Liane says:

    Kylie, I posted my comments, then read yours. Interesting how similar they are in context.

    The innocence of grounding isn’t so innocent after all. Grounding is like a gateway drug to even worse (and more dangerous) spiritual practices. That made me laugh, then I realized it’s not funny.

  18. 18

    LIANE, what magnificent, eloquent comments! Thank you.

    And, regarding your Comment #17: It’s always a great idea to read a blog post. Then comment (while fresh from the article). And then read other people’s comments.

  19. 19

    I agree wholeheartedly with all that you wrote. Except for that Comment #14. LIANE — and fans of LIANE — consider how this (stupid) truism comes to us fresh from Collective Consciousness:

    Others… are showing some respect. Which, I guess, is in direct proportion to the respect I show myself.

  20. 20

    People respect those with similarities, whether the same birthday or the same first name or the same religion or the same lifestyle or the same consciousness lifestyle.

    I’ve found that to be true because, unlike people back in the Age of Faith, I know how to research what is going on in chakra databanks. And the results of this are pretty clear. Ask for an example if you like. But probably you can find plenty of examples on your own.

  21. 21
    Holly says:

    I had a layover in Psychic Development on my way from Psychotherapy to RES. After spending many years in Psychotherapy, I wanted something faster.

  22. 22
    Holly says:

    A few years before I discovered Psychic Development, I read an article on the role of visualization in an endurance athlete’s success. A survey found a lot of successful athletes visualized smoothly handling problems that might come up during a race as part of training.

    The hypothesis was that those athletes were more prepared for problems and more prepared to handle them.

  23. 23
    Holly says:

    I figured Psychic Development was an amped up version that.

    So it couldn’t hurt to try Steps 1, 2, and 3, the prerequisites to Clairvoyant Training.

  24. 24
    Holly says:

    I tried Psychic Development because I wanted faster results, not because I wanted to practice meditation. Students were encouraged to practice ten minutes a day.

    I called it a win if I practiced three minutes twice a week.

  25. 25
    Liane says:

    Ah, that makes much more sense that looking at it from an equal balance sort of thing. Makes it much less personal.

    Thank you for clearing up an old way of thinking. Yet another illusion, smashed!

  26. 26
    Holly says:

    Side note on the “It can’t hurt” way of thinking: I don’t do that with big decisions anymore. I use STAR. For tiny decisions like buying an inexpensive product, this still applies.

    For the decisions in between, it isn’t always easy to balance fussing too little with fussing too much.

  27. 27
    Holly says:

    Anyway, grounding was the first thing we learned. My teacher said if we are grounded, we can walk down a crowded street and people would make space for us.

    I never managed anything like the parting of the Red Sea. Mostly, it just felt like I was dragging around a long invisible tail.

  28. 28
    Holly says:

    In a meditation session, after running the grounding energies and such, we can ask questions to find obstacles to our goals.

    Whatever picture that shows up, we blow it up. If we do that every day for a few years, we could get rid of the problem depicted by that one picture.

  29. 29
    Holly says:

    Compared to Psychotherapy, the diagnosis is faster. But the treatment isn’t any faster. The idea of chipping away at all those pictures was not encouraging to me.

    Mostly, it seemed like I would just be acquiring OCD tendencies.

  30. 30
    Holly says:

    The teachers call this meditation. I think Rose calls this Psychic Development.

    I could nominate the School’s Headmaster on the Meditation blog post from July 12th if Rose approves. I’m not interested in nominating her for the ELL.

  31. 31
    Holly says:

    One last thing about this Psychic Development school that is funny: I met a dedicated student who had a porn addiction.

    Somehow that happened, in the middle of all these people who are more likely to be in Spiritual Addiction.

  32. 32
    Holly says:

    Now for the fun stuff! I like physicality because it allows me to dance and swim and do other things.

    Even with something less active like sketching, there is still coordination and dexterity involved.

  33. 33
    Holly says:

    I imagine improving physicality can increase the current level of potential?

    So if I practice, I get better faster; and the skill level where I max out is higher?

  34. 34
    Holly says:

    When I watched Chloe Kim during the Olympics, I teared up because she was so good. I doubt I will ever be that good.

    But that’s okay. I can still reach my max and feel happy about that.

  35. 35
    Liane says:

    Love your comment #27, Holly! So true.

  36. 36

    HOLLY and LIANE, thanks for your comments. Over at your Comment #26, technical point. “STAR” is an affectionate acronym for “Soul Thrill Aura Research® .”

    About those “decisions in between,” HOLLY, might I suggest? Just make a choice already and learn from it. Yep, really!

  37. 37

    And concerning Comment #27, HOLLY, thank you for sharing that info about that kooky thinking. “If we are grounded, we can walk down a crowded street and people would make space for us”?

    From now on, if you hear people speaking this way, consider: Probably that person is pretty far gone into spiritual addiction.

  38. 38

    HOLLY, about your fascinating Comment #28, another really big confusion. It’s fairly common for people in spiritual addiction to confuse visualizing things with creating energy healing.

    This takes it one step further, though. Blowing up a problem? Like let’s say that Joe at work is your obstacle to getting a promotion. Would he physically explode? 😉

  39. 39

    And then regarding your Comment #29, HOLLY, do you get the perspective on “acquiring OCD tendencies”? You were fresh from psychotherapy, after all. Accordingly, you still thought that way.

    I’d recommend thinking of it this way: “Doing this exercise would be a big waste of time.” That’s human-type language, right?

  40. 40

    Yes! to your Comment #30, HOLLY. Of course, nominate the School’s Headmaster on the Meditation blog post. That’s great. If you would, also summarize some of the teachings of these meditations.

    Please know, everybody. None of you folks need my permission to any public figure who teaches meditation. I’ve invited you. It can be helpful for all of us.

  41. 41

    Regarding Comment #31, it doesn’t surprise me (nor strike me as funny) for somebody who meditates to have significant sexual problems of one kind or another.

    BTW that is perfectly consistent, for some people, with living in spiritual addiction.

  42. 42

    Yes, to your Comment #33, HOLLY…. assuming that there is significant improvement to be made in your physicality. That might not be the case, other than some useful tweaks to your understanding.

  43. 43
    Emily Turner says:

    I think I’ve known that physicality was important only since finding your work, and that been a slow work in progress for me where I’m still growing.

    Prior to that the only real notice I paid to my body was fad diets (i.e. the raw food diet I tried for 3 months when I was 18), where the intention was to be more spiritual anyway!

  44. 44
    Holly says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for the clarifications and suggestions.

  45. 45
    Holly says:

    About comment 31, I thought it was funny in an ironic way because I thought sex addiction is the opposite of spiritual addiction.

  46. 46
    Holly says:

    In comment 5, you said many people in spiritual addiction can feel something is wrong.

    I suppose developing an addiction in a lower chakra could be an attempt to find balance. Except it only seems to work for the sizes and not the qualities.

  47. 47

    HOLLY, thank you for sharing some of your latest thinking. I’m going to put on my teacher hat with what follows. And I know how much you love learning, so I hope you’ll read this in the spirit intended.

  48. 48

    Regarding Comment #21, please — all you Blog-Buddies — avoid making cute little theories like “sex addiction is the opposite of spiritual addiction.”

    No state of horrific aura imbalance belongs in a cute little theory. I’ve helped some Energy Spirituality clients get over spiritual addiction. And I’ve helped others get over a sexual addiction or love addiction. It has been my honor, and very humbling, to help them find a way out of their pain.

  49. 49

    Unless you wish to find me not just annoyed (as I am this time) but very angry indeed, please avoid statements like this in the future. If, God forbid, you felt lost or out of control or scared about what was happening to you, I’d take it very seriously. I’d do my best to help you.

    And I can promise you, I wouldn’t be laughing.

  50. 50

    In contrast to my usual “Hooray!” when I read your comments here, HOLLY, sigh! There came Comment #46. Where you’re supposing and making theories about spiritual addiction… as if you had the right to do that?

    This blog is not about gossiping, or using the topic of auras to simply make things up. Please take a look at this blog post about how RES is never about gossiping; an article, published a bit more than five years ago.

  51. 51

    One thing I know for sure. You never heard it from me, the idea that a serious and very personal problem, like a sex addiction, is an “addiction in a lower chakra” or any chakra whatsoever.

    Undoubtedly you can go elsewhere and find all sorts of theories about “problems related to chakras.” Chakra readings — and explanations — are, at best, the notoriously inaccurate and simplistic version that I call “ Stage 2 Energetic Literacy“.

  52. 52

    Not what we do, pioneering Stage 3 Energetic Literacy here in Energy Spirituality workshops, books, and blogging… going up to Stage 21 Energetic Literacy (so far).

    Theorizing about Stage 1 or Stage 2 Energetic Literacy? Which could justifiably be called “Energetic Illiteracy”? Not by a long shot. And, might I say, not worthy of you, HOLLY.

  53. 53
    Holly says:

    I am sorry. I have read the blog post about gossip and the comments. People are not numbers.

    Thank you for calling me out.

  54. 54

    Oh, HOLLY, apology totally accepted. Calling out sounds so harsh. I hope I didn’t come across this way.

    It’s an educational blog, that’s all. Seemed to me that many readers might benefit from our exchange, so that’s why I published it.

  55. 55
    Holly says:

    I’m happy that other people might benefit from our exchange.

    You wrote before that these comments also contribute to Collective Conscious, that’s good, too.

  56. 56
    Holly says:

    If I had a choice between having you call me out and having you sugarcoat something for me, I would choose the first option.

    It isn’t easy for me to swallow, but I can handle it.

  57. 57

    HOLLY, thank you.

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