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Kate Upton Aura Reading for Physicality

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Kate Upton Aura Reading for Physicality. How does this SEX SYMBOL relate to her own physical body?

Kate Upton Aura Reading for Physicality. Researching a highly successful SEX SYMBOL. This article could be a great introduction to energetic literacy. And how we can apply it to people in different walks of life.

BTW, is it possible that you still think of auras as colours? You know, colours around a person that clairvoyant people can see?

Welcome to the Age of Awakening, when everyday people have a big advantage over others… If only we are literate.

Not just word literate, but using energetic literacy.

Energetic Literacy Is Practical. Also, It’s Fun

Recently I developed a way of researching how people relate to their bodies. Researching something called “chakra databanks.”

This article is part of a still-quite-new series. Where I’ll be researching the physicality of celebrities in different walks of life. First category? Sex symbols.

Subscribers to my (free) monthly newsletter have already seen the first of these articles. Starring Idris Elba!

This time I’m choosing the first “Sexiest Woman Alive,” according to People magazine. This triumph came in 2014. Previously she worked as a model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl.

By Contrast, How about You Blog-Buddies with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy?

Soon I’ll start researching Ms. Upton. Using this tasteful photograph.

If you’re curious, research any of the Physicality Chakra Databanks listed here. Then go ahead and read my version. Yours will complement mine, not duplicate it. Extra fun!

#1. Kate Upton Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self-Awareness

Symbolic Size: 5,000 feet. Fascinatingly over-functioning. Like, how many people have this extreme size to this particular chakra databank? (Excluding folks on weed, etc. And then it isn’t confined to this particular part of the person’s aura.)

Quality: Kate’s got talent. And it shows… in her aura.

I’m not talking about the physical talent (or at least attributes) that show beneath her refreshingly modest dress.

No, I mean that Kate Upton’s got talent for physical awareness. At any given moment, if asked, she could tell you the position of any random body part.

Right now, could you describe in detail the position of your left middle toe? Your right earlobe? She sure could, according to what this chakra databank could reveal.

And guess what? Very likely, her enthusiasm would be contagious.

#2. Kate Upton Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Making Money

Symbolic Size: 87 feet. Somewhat over-functioning.

Quality: Apparently, Kate loves money. Without greed, though. Instead she’s hungry for the power and status that wealth can represent.

#3. Kate Upton Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Survival as a Physical Animal in Human Form

Symbolic Size: 9 inches. Close to shutdown.

Quality: Admittedly, when I first encountered the size of this chakra databank, I felt shocked.

But then I probed into the quality of this chakra databank and that teensy size made sense. Seems to me, Kate Upton is a big risk taker. Someone with a longing for adventure. And a person whose desire for variety far outweighs the concern for safety.

Do any of you Blog-Buddies know about this risk-taking aspect of Upton’s life?

For that matter, are any of you Blog-Buddies big risk takers in some way? Whether physical risk takers or emotionally adventurous, or socially irrepressible, or what!

#4. Kate Upton Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Gaining Respect from Others

Symbolic Size: 1 inch. Quite close to completely shut down, for now.

Quality: Mostly, Kate doesn’t seem to care the least bit about whether others respect her. However, I find one big exception: Wanting to be respected for her sexiness.

Fascinating, no?

And wouldn’t all this give an edge to her physicality?

#5. Kate Upton Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size: 80 feet. Sure, over-functioning somewhat. But she’s a performer. And this is a publicity picture.

Quality: “I am my physical body,” proclaims this chakra databank.

And to her, that’s glorious.

Let’s Pause in this Aura Research for Your Reactions, Blog-Buddies

Can you see how the qualities of Kate’s could help her win success in her chosen line of work? How the quality of her physicality would help her get hired, repeatedly, as the cover girl for the annual “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit edition?

And what’s your reaction to the idea, “I am my physical body.” Billions of people probably feel this way. Do you?

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  1. 1
    Janice Hooper says:

    I definitely don’t feel that I am my physical body.

    However, that illusion has still impacted my life a lot and even driven me in some ways.

  2. 2
    Janice Hooper says:

    For a long time it felt like if I couldn’t have the physical body part, I couldn’t have anything.

    And I was going for some kind of perfection, which was not going to happen!

  3. 3
    Janice Hooper says:

    Thank goodness I don’t look like Kate Upton, or I might have really wasted my whole life.

    (Not that her life is a waste at all, it just would have been a total side track for me as a soul.)

  4. 4
    Janice Hooper says:

    One thing that I noticed reading this, is that I had a bit of expectation that because she is so sexy and beautiful and so admired for that, that she would have a more interesting aura.

    But she just has what she has, like we all do. Having more on the surface doesn’t mean one has more underneath.

  5. 5

    Magnificent comments, brimming with wisdom and honesty, JANICE. Thank you.

  6. 6
    Daisy says:

    Adding to your survey, Rose, I am definitely more than my physical body.

    Like, I am my physical body but also there’s a lot more to me.

  7. 7
    Daisy says:

    At the risk of sounding like an unspiritual person, I want to say that I was a bit surprised at the idea that Kate Upton is sexy and beautiful and admired for that.

    I mean, I suppose this is the true reaction of people who see her in Sports Illustrated, etc. Just to share in all honesty, I don’t find her beautiful.

  8. 8
    Daisy says:

    To me, she looks coarse and like somebody who is almost completely involved in the physical aspect of life.

  9. 9
    Daisy says:

    Frankly, I don’t find her sexy. In general I don’t find earthbound women sexy, whether or not they’re famous for their physical attributes.

    When I notice guys who are really, really into being physical and not much else, I don’t find them sexy either.

  10. 10
    Daisy says:

    To me, being interested in sex is part of being a whole person. You could say, I’m attracted to somebody whose physicality supports having many interests in life, not just being in a physical body.

  11. 11

    DAISY, these comments fall well within this blog’s Civility Rule. You’re not attacking Kate Upton, or those who admire her. But you are expressing a pretty counter-culture point of view.

    I think that took a lot of courage. Thanks for what you wrote.

  12. 12
    Janice Hooper says:

    When it comes to risk taking….

    Physically – Not a big risk taker. More when I was younger. Now I do like diving, riding horses, and occasionally going fast that that’s about it. Physically I am lucky to be hardy so there are things I can do more safely than others.

  13. 13
    Janice Hooper says:

    Emotionally – It doesn’t bother me too much to take emotional risks. I do my best to live wisely.

    Spiritually – I would do anything.

  14. 14

    JANICE, thanks for bringing clarity yet again.

    I suspect that many people have never thought about their different kinds of risk taking. Sure it comes in the varieties you’ve mentioned, plus sexual risk-taking, financial risk-taking, social risk-taking, and so many other varieties.

  15. 15

    If you’ve ever driven in a car as my passenger, you would know that I sure don’t drive like a physical risk-taker or automotive risk-taker. Overall, I’m pretty risk-averse. But you might also be able to tell about me that I’m adventurous emotionally and spiritually, especially when I can safely and responsibly be of service to somebody.

    Blog-Buddies, which kinds of risk-taking do you enjoy? Which kinds do you avoid?

  16. 16
    ATHENA says:

    Why do people feel the need to put down people who are physically beautiful and say things like they are not interesting and things of the sort to make themselves feel better?

    Or look for some flaw and say “I knew it” or expect them to be unintelligent until they prove otherwise. Unattractive people can be boring too. If you look for the bad you will surely find it. Sigh.

  17. 17
    Emily Turner says:

    Rose, I am also going to say I’m an emotional and spiritual risk taker, more so than other forms of risk. I have taken some risks in terms of countries I’ve been too, but most physical risk taking is a bit out there for me.

  18. 18
    Emily Turner says:

    Kate’s physical awareness and risk taking appetite is quite amazing. I can see how that would be very helpful for her career.

    I definitely do not notice my body to that extent.

  19. 19
    Emily Turner says:

    I also don’t only see myself as my physical body.

    I remember being quite confused by others around me as a child who quite clearly believed it about themselves.

  20. 20

    ATHENA, I’ve never known you to comment here at the blog before with such passion.

    One example is how, in your first paragraph of Comment #16 you start off by asking” “Why do people feel the need to put down [others]?” And then, by the end of that very same sentence, you answer it. Supplying the theory “to make themselves feel better.”

  21. 21

    Let’s note that this blog post investigates a woman who is a sex symbol. In our comments so far, there have been ideas that Kate Upton is beautiful and also ideas that she is not.

    Either way, her claim to fame is posing for photos like this one. Where the emphasis doesn’t seem to be about her face at all.

  22. 22

    I wonder, ATHENA, if you might have a story or two for sharing. Whether about being criticized for your beauty, your sexiness, or (come to think of it) your ethnicity.

    Only if it would help you to feel better to share!

  23. 23

    When it comes to making theories like the one you asked for, and then offered… As you might guess, I’m not a fan.

    Instead, I prefer to research individuals. For instance, sometimes I’ll pull out an energetic hologram of a particular incident (of any kind) that confused or upset my client. Most of the time, what I find surprises both my client and me.

  24. 24

    One reason for this blog, and the blog community that you’re part of, ATHENA, is to offer an alternative to easy-&-vague, yet satisfying theories that are so popular in Collective Consciousness.

    Seeking to understand… by supplying a big cliche, like “trying to make themselves feel better.” See, I think that if we’re really curious about people, we can use deeper perception to find out what’s going on with the person. Technically, that’s different from making a theory about why anybody does anything.

  25. 25

    EMILY, thanks for your comments today as well. I find that Comment #19 especially fascinating.

    You’ve put words to an experience that I had as a child, as well. So weird, having these people believe they are all about their big, lumpish bodies!

  26. 26

    To this day, when I look in a mirror, what’s my first reaction?

    “Is that chunk of me in the mirror (my body) supposed to be all I am?” Of course, this reaction is quite common for empaths.

  27. 27

    Blog-Buddies, perhaps you’d like to boldly share about whichever kinds of risk-taking you’ve done the most. (Anonymously, if you’d like.)

    Because I happen to know that some of you — in the past — have been big risk takers about sex, or money, or career, or taking drugs, or drinking a lot of alcohol. Plus, of course, emotional and spiritual risk-taking brings stories with it; stories that you might be very proud of; inspiring tales of emerging courage in life.

  28. 28

    Maybe some of you have stories to tell about risks you have stopped taking… in return for a better quality of life.

    While others of you have started taking social risks, like using your power more. Or sticking up for yourself. Or confronting a bully in your family, rather than acting like the usual “spiritually virtuous” doormat.

  29. 29

    Also, BTW, would any of you like to share any ideas you have about where — or how — risk-taking might show up in somebody’s chakra databanks?

    Now that’s a question that precious few others are probably having on this fine Sunday. 😉

  30. 30
    Graham says:

    My guess in response to #29 is that risk-taking might show up in the form of scar tissue?

  31. 31

    Interesting guess, GRAHAM. Gives me a good chance to define for all of you Blog-Buddies the meaning of a technical term sometimes used in Energy Spirituality sessions.

    Sometimes a chakra databank, like the Root Chakra Databank for Trusting Life, may contain scar tissue.

  32. 32

    Wherever you might find it, as a very experienced aura reader, what does scar tissue mean if it’s found in your aura? It signifies that, in that aspect of life, you have overcome problems that were not of your own making.

    Such as having poverty or physical abuse in your childhood. That is, situations in your Life Contract that you agreed to before incarnating… and were powerless to change. (Usually happening up to the age of 21, only.)

  33. 33

    Specifically, scar tissue signifies that you did an even better job than was hoped for, in that Life Contract, regarding the overcoming of obstacles beyond your control.

    By contrast, risky behaviors (especially if done over the age of 21) are about free will. A.K.A. “Making a mistake.”

  34. 34

    While overcoming difficulties that one has created… that’s definitely a good thing! One doesn’t receive scar tissue for that overcoming.

    One simply learns. (No shabby trick, here at Earth School.) GRAHAM, I hope this clarification makes sense. If not, you and other Blog-Buddies are free to ask follow-up questions.

  35. 35

    And, of course, continuing from Comment #29, does anyone else have any ideas about how risk taking might show up in somebody’s aura?

  36. 36
    Kylie says:

    I am a pretty big risk taker, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I am not a huge risk taker physically.

    There is a level of physical risk taking I enjoy (driving, skating, playing sports) but you will not find me bungee jumping, going on roller coasters, or even riding a bike downhill.

  37. 37
    Kylie says:

    An example of my risk taking: moving to a city I had never seen where I knew no one and did not yet have a job. Moving to an ecovillage where I lived in a tent for 6 months. Going on a multi-city trip where I took Greyhound and stayed with people I met online through a website called couchsurfing.

    Taking drugs and drinking heavily in college.

  38. 38
    Kylie says:

    I don’t regret any of my choices, they all lead to being who I am now. I am very proud of my resourcefulness.

    At the same time, at this time in my life I don’t want to do everything the hard way anymore.

  39. 39
    Kylie says:

    One thing I do not want to risk is my consciousness.

    I am not interested in drinking or taking drugs. And I take my spiritual growth and happiness seriously. I do not want to be in the 45% of people living in spiritual shutdown or spiritual addiction.

  40. 40
    Kylie says:

    As for where risk taking might show up in an aura, I am thinking it would show up in every chakra. Emotional risk taking in the heart chakra, physical risk taking in the root chakra, communicative risk taking in the throat chakra. etc

    I am not sure which chakra databanks would be best to research.

  41. 41

    KYLIE, thank you so much for these typically honest, heartfelt, and eloquent comments.

    One small, sad correction is to the outdated statistic you cited in Comment #39. As I described in this blog post from 2019, 45% of Americans are still in spiritual shutdown, that’s true. Unfortunately, by now, 40 % are in spiritual addiction and… 5% are now in extreme spiritual addiction.

  42. 42

    As for your response to my question about where risk-taking might show up in an aura… your response was oh-so-close.

    You stated it would show up in every chakra.

  43. 43

    But why slide backwards into the language of chakras? (Other than the huge power it exerts in collective consciousness.)

    You’ve got Stage 8 Energetic Literacy by now, KYLIE. You know how to read something much more significant than chakras. Something called….

  44. 44
  45. 45

    Risk-taking shows up in the quality of many chakra databanks. With practice, you’ll know it when you find it.

  46. 46

    Funnily enough, in this blog post where I read just five chakra databanks for you’ all, what did I find in Kate’s Root Chakra Databank for Survival as a Physical Animal in Human Form?

    Risk taking! Go back and you’ll find it.

  47. 47

    Will I find more risk taking when I research the other chakra databanks in Part 2 of this little series?

    We’ll find out… maybe as soon as tomorrow.

  48. 48

    Meanwhile, KYLIE, thank you very much for doing the intellectual growth risk-taking where you attempted to answer my question.
    You really did come close.

    And I challenge ALL you Blog-Buddies to talk about chakra databanks when people you know are talking about auras. Let’s increase the collective consciousness footprint of this essential concept for living in the Age of Awakening. (When reading auras is becoming like a survival skill.)

  49. 49
    Liane says:

    Risk taking used to mean doing something – anything – for the thrill of it.

    That includes nearly everything physical, drinking, a dabble in smoking pot, to financial risks – like investing in stocks.

  50. 50
    Liane says:

    I did research Kate Upton’s aura, using the same Chakra Databanks as in this post.

    Researching them, then reading Rose’s research was very illuminating. For the most part, my research did compliment Rose’s.

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