Deeper Perception Made Practical

Helping Non-HSPs (& Others). New SOCIAL Sensitivity

Helping Non-HSPs. All of us, regardless of our innate sensitivity, can make a positive difference to society.

Helping Non-HSPs Gain SOCIAL Sensitivity. (Also helping HSPs and Empaths.)

Because these skills are more important than you knew. And easy!

Granted, SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills aren’t fashionable right now. Maybe you’ve never thought of them before.

What Are SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills, Anyway?

Simply put, they’re how to improve your social connection to others. Displaying sensitivity through appropriate behavior. Not manners, exactly. Nor how to get “followers.”

Rather, these are skills for showing consideration to others. Honoring and even uplifting your fellow human beings.

Once you start pursuing these skills, you may be amazed how much they can deliver. Improving your relationships. Indirectly, helping to rebuild the fragmented society around you.

For Background

Before you read today’s Part 3, consider reading:

Part 1 for Using SOCIAL Sensitivity for Helping NON-HSPs — also HSPs and Empaths. (HSP, of course, means “Highly Sensitive Person.”)

Part 2 gave you more tips for power-packed, SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills.

What’s Deeply Counter-Culture about SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills?

Today there’s so much emphasis on how you were born. Like, who you are innately. Such as, “Empaths are born, not made.” (Which happens to be true.) Of course, it’s wise to make the most of your inborn potential.

But doesn’t your use of free will matter more than how you were born? Using your free will to make choices every day of your life. Choosing your long-term personal growth! Also aiming for spiritual awakening, too. And choosing to help others.

Fortunately, the skills I’ll be teaching you in this article… Skills for helping others as well as yourself… All depend on your use of free will.

Counter-Intuitive Skills for Me, Too. At First

At first I began developing SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills to help non-HSPs treat empaths better. Treat HSPs better, too.

But along the way I realized the importance of these skills for everyone. To see what I mean, try out the tips below.

If you try them all for a week, starting today, I think you’ll notice the difference.

Helping Non-HSPs & the Rest of Us: SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills Tip #7. Minimize Instagram, Snapchat, Video Games

Their addictive nature is well known. Exhibit A: “Irresistible” by Adam Alter, a brilliant book that’s must reading. Especially if your first reaction is, “I could never get addicted.”

Here’s the subtitle, “The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping us Hooked.” Ouch! But true! (Yes, my bolding.)

Using SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills, what can you substitute for these addictive technologies? Stay connected to the news through newspapers of record. Doing that can keep you connected meaningfully.

How can any of us develop SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills if living within a social bubble? Recent I heard a spaced-out woman brag that she tries to do a perfect job at avoiding the news. Supposedly, that’s more spiritual.

Really, in what world? A world where all that matters are your personal comforts and eating perfectionism?

Sure, I know I’m preaching to the choir here at this blog. But please encourage your friends to talk with real people. Visit real people. (And maybe share this three-part series of articles with them.)

What Makes this Tip a Skill? And Vital for SOCIAL Sensitivity!

Paying attention to people includes spending time with them. Real-live conversations. Not just parallel play with texting and emails. Or counting up your followers on Twitter.

Especially if you value your personal sensitivity, don’t live apart from others. Talk to friends every day, even if that means making dates for phone or webcam conversations.

However much sensitivity you’ve got, inwardly? Please share it outwardly.

It’s time for caring people to boldly go forth into society. Talking to neighbors. Acknowledging other people wherever you go — nothing fancy, just a quick look and maybe a greeting.

Incidentally, ne thing I’ve learned: When I pass Spanish-speakers on the street in my neighborhood, “Good morning” works great. People respond to that and smile. Whereas “Hello” and “Hi” prompt only blank stares.)

Helping Non-HSPs & the Rest of Us: SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills Tip #8. Develop Skills at Aura Reading

Of course you can develop full energetic literacy. Until Aura Reading is as easy and informative as your word literacy skills. The ones you’re using right now!

To read auras, you don’t have to be sensitive. No more than you need to be clairvoyant.

Honestly, was either attribute necessary for learning word literacy?

And much as I love Face Reading (mentioned in an earlier article in this series), wow! Aura Reading can teach you so much more. So much fascinating detail about each person’s way of being human!!!

And fear not. You CAN learn this, just as you learned word literacy long ago. The method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® is easy to learn from my online workshops. (Start here with this free set of lessons.)

What Makes this Tip a Skill? And Vital for SOCIAL Sensitivity!

For starters, Aura Reading is definitely a skill. Unlike your degree of sensitivity — whether non-HSP or HSP or Empath — aura reading is not a gift. Anybody who’s told you so was just plain ignorant. Sorry about that.

Like developing any skill, start by finding a good teacher. Then you learn at your own pace. That simple.

Aura Reading brings huge spiritual awakening, waking you up by discovering one little chakra databank at a time. You start to understand so much better how very different other people are from you.

In my experience, doing a bit of Aura Reading on a regular basis… Changes my attitude. Meeting people socially just gives a taste at how very different they are from me. Whereas using skills of energetic literacy helps me to calm down and understand: Other people are allowed to be different from me. Their ways of living are not contagious.

And if you don’t think that deep-down recognition is not important for getting out in the world? Or that friendliness doesn’t matter. Could be, you’ve been living, more than you knew, in your own social bubble. Get out more! It’s fun!

Helping Non-HSPs & the Rest of Us: SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills Tip #9. Discourage People You Know from Mocking “Snowflakes”

A lot of that is going around these days. Not surprising, in a way. Billions of people live the consciousness lifestyle of spiritual shutdown. They delight in making fun of anybody who’s different.

What Makes this Tip a Skill? And Vital for SOCIAL Sensitivity!

So what if making fun of people is having a moment in Collective Consciousness? Please do your part to call people on their socially insensitive behavior.

“Who made you an authority?” might be a useful comeback to have on hand.

Blog-Buddies, feel free to list better ones below. Definitely a good use of a COMMENT!

Helping Non-HSPs & the Rest of Us: SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills Tip #10. Shocking or Not: DON’T Meditate

Resisting today’s social pressure to meditate really matters.  So many meditation teachers are now living in extreme spiritual addiction. Following their teachings can weaken the priceless connection to your own humanity. And once a person starts feeling (sanctimoniously) detached from reality, how are they going to treat other people?

Surely I don’t have to tell you, Blog-Buddies. You’ve experienced it!

Sharing your Teaching Tales about that would be great. Since many of us have assumed that the rude, distant behavior meant “spiritual superiority.” Bah, humbug!

What Makes this Tip a Skill? And Vital for SOCIAL Sensitivity!

Living today, it takes guts to live like a human being. And to engage with others humanly.

Rather than what? Displaying a fakey-fakey calmness.

  • Whether that’s due to meditating.
  • Or believing that you’re “saved.” Unlike your children who are all, supposedly, going to Hell.
  • Or presenting a pothead’s placid (and deeply unfortunate) sense of superiority.
  • And now today’s new version, walking around stoned into placid numbness, thanks to CBD oil.

Have you noticed? It’s as though good people, by the billions, are simply awaiting instructions. “What should I how to think. Tell me what to do.”

And “Oh, CBD oil is popular now? Then it must be good for me.”

Yet you, Blog-Buddies, have minds of your own. Thank you!

Now let your independent, juicy way of living start making a bigger difference.

Perhaps you already know: Every single person you meet in person will sample your auric modeling. So when you reach out socially and humanly — when you talk to people — or exchange a little social greeting — it registers. Your human-based spirituality can give a tiny wake-up call to people living half-numb.

Don’t wait for a Divine Being to sound the trumpet call, “Be human. It matters.” You’re the one with a bugle. Please, use your SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills, starting today.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Rose, I appreciate what a difference it makes to other people, just displaying sensitivity through appropriate behavior, like nodding or saying “Good morning’ to other people on the street.

    I appreciate it because, in my role as a librarian and ESL teacher people are so out-of-proportion grateful for what to me is just standard kindness and good manners. But the truth is, that behavior isn’t standard any more (if it ever was.)

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    It’s a joy for me as a librarian encountering children or adults who are able to smile, ask for what they want politely, and say thank you.

    That unfortunately is also pretty rare.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    And many of my fellow librarians seem to look on patrons only as sources of annoyance. Or act like they are unable to help someone because there is a bit of a language barrier.

    Truly, in this time, just being humanly kind and decent is revolutionary.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    I also find that aura reading helps me a lot to develop my own compassion.

    Because I am also prone to making snap judgments about people who do not look especially friendly.

  5. 5
    Kylie says:

    But in doing aura reading of that person, I learn about unexpected qualities in that person and can appreciate that, although that person may not have great social skills, he/she is a good, kind person with all kinds of gifts that don’t show on the surface.

  6. 6

    KYLIE, thank you for getting this conversation off to a good start. What you’ve written in these comments would have shocked me, except that I happen to go to my local public library quite often. And I see what you’ve described.

    Even more so at supermarkets, gyms, anywhere really….

  7. 7

    Incidentally, I personally believe that it’s important for good citizens today to do more than use SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills. Although political action and social justice lie outside the scope of my blog, you probably know already how vital it is.

    Political action like what? Never missing an election or primary. Attending town halls or going to a protest. Either do some volunteering or contribute financially to your favorite presidential candidate. Hey, that’s what I do, and believe in doing.

  8. 8

    What’s new for me this election cycle — and important? Instead of passively waiting for a presidential candidate “to be chosen,” why not take some initiative and contribute $5 to your favorite candidate(s)? That can count for a lot.

  9. 9
    Janice Hooper says:

    Thank you for the reminder about making some kind of political contribution, Rose.

  10. 10
    Janice Hooper says:

    For the past year or so I have taken a big step back from news consumption.

    I was finding that news was not only distressing (obviously), but also frequently, frustratingly, not nearly as educational as I wanted it to be, even when it was coming from good sources.

  11. 11
    Janice Hooper says:

    In other words, I wanted to really learn something, not just learn the gruesome facts about what injustice or suffering occurred today.

    So I have been reading a lot of history books and passing on the 24/7 news cycle. It’s fun, and stabilizing, and I really feel like I’m getting somewhere.

  12. 12
    Janice Hooper says:

    Becoming a smarter person, a more informed and wiser voter and citizen.

  13. 13
    Janice Hooper says:

    Also, in so many books about historical figures, there is a theme of courage. Inspiring courage.

    That’s helpful for me to read about.

  14. 14

    Funnily enough, JANICE, I’ve also sought consolation and wisdom in history. My favorite has been studying with The Great Courses. Highlights Robert Garland’s astonishing “The Other Side of History.” All about ancient history from the lives of the people who were not privileged men.

  15. 15
    Graham says:

    Wow, Rose, that course looks great!

    Thanks for mentioning it – it’s great to have such inspired suggestions.

  16. 16

    Thanks, GRAHAM, the tips in all three articles did feel inspired to me. I think the various tips offered here can help us engage with our lives in reliably human ways. In contrast to becoming addicted to popular confusions, illusions, and distractions.

    Whether you call that UPlifting ourselves or DOWNlifting ourselves… here’s to un-self-consciously exploring our humanity!

  17. 17

    Today’s “Washington Post” carries an article on the Self-Centered Religion of two people who appear quite different, initially: “For Marianne Williamson and Donald Trump, religion is all about themselves.”

    Even before this article came out, I’ve spent the week blogging with you about ways that we Blog-Buddies can re-engage in life, and do it more vigorously than ever. Yes, re-engage in real life, and in ways that help us to productively use whatever degree of sensitivity that God gave each of us for this lifetime.

  18. 18

    What doesn’t the article in the Post include? Both Williamson and Trump live in extreme spiritual addiction. Essentially, they serve as puppets, each human nervous system run by a group of spirits.

    How did that consciousness lifestyle happen? I suspect, one bad choice built upon another, until each person reached a point of no-return: Utterly insensitive to humanity, as shows very clearly in their auras. Regardless of each politician’s form of Happy Talk, you can do better than listening to them… just by spending this Sunday by doing everyday human things that interest you. (Including being of service to others.)

  19. 19

    GRAHAM and other Blog-Buddies, protecting your innate sensitivity — as described in these articles — helps you to wake up your humanity, allowing you to progress on your beautiful, unique path in life.

    Simultaneously, developing SOCIAL Sensitivity Skills — as described in these three articles — can help you to reach out to others in ways that are quintessentially human.

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