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Opera Singers – Celebrity Aura Readings

Opera Singers Comparison Aura Reading. First up, chakra databank reading of Luciano Pavarotti

Opera Singers – Celebrity Aura Readinga. While doing the equivalent of an Olympic competition, what is happening inside some of the world’s greatest opera singers?

Maybe you don’t think they’re doing the equivalent of seeking a gold medal. Like Boxing, Water Polo, or that super-high-intensity sport of Olympic Rowing. What do you notice usually, watching singers? Maybe just a wide open mouth and some uplifted eyebrows?

But those singers are working really hard. Akin to gold medalists, opera greats have trained for years. And they continue to work out every day. Although that sport of theirs is crazy-competitive, the greats love it. As a result, against all odds, they persist. Even with the world watching, they reach into themselves. Somehow, connecting up to a personal source of artistry.

Therefore, Inquiring Minds (Who Read Auras) Want to Know

What’s going on with their auras?

Today I’ll follow up on requests made by SYLVIA, JNANA, and KYLIE.

Specifically, for each of the following singers, I’ll research three chakra databanks:

  • First of all, the Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self-Awareness
  • Second, the Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Finally, the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Simply put, while singing, what’s happening deep within that musical artist?

Plus, My Challenge to You Blog-Buddies with Energetic Literacy

Here are links to the three singers I’ll research in today’s blog post.

Pause the following YouTube links approximately where indicated. If you can, take a screenshot. Then paste that onto a simple (quiet) blank document. And proceed to use your favorite techniques. Energetic literacy skills you learned from the Aura Reading Collection of Online Workshops.

Opera Singers’ Aura #1. Luciano Pavarotti

At the time of this performance, he was so young. Although, as you’ll hear — and see — whoa! Seems like Pavarotti’s way of being “a kid”… More like middle age for less complicated people. For research, I’ll use a screenshot taken at 1:08

Opera Singers’ Aura #2. Beniamino Gigli

Here’s a performance of that same aria by Beniamino Gigli. Only difference? Well hear it for yourself. Even through regular listening, with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy, you may hear a very different quality to his performance.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video recording. But I’ve still got a treat for you listeners. And also you aura readers! Here’s a link to a performance recorded in England back in 1933. If you’re a fan of Handel, as in “The Messiah,” you’re not used to hearing his music sung opera-style. Yet here it is, “Largo” by Handel.

I’ll be researching from a screenshot taken at 1:45.

In case you’re wondering, Gigli’s eyes are open. Barely. Still, they’re open, as he squints at the music on the stand before him. Always make sure the photo or video still shows the person with eyes OPEN. (Curious? COMMENT below and ask why. 🙂 )

Incidentally, singing with closed eyes was common for our next opera singer. It took a lot of time for me to find a rare moment. From the rare videos. In order to find a split second when the great singer opened her eyes. Who was that extraordinary musical artist?

Opera Singers’ Aura #3. Marian Anderson

Probably you know about her groundbreaking performance. So courageously, singing at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939.  Much as I wanted to research that performance, nope. Sadly, I couldn’t find even a second’s worth of good video showing Marian Anderson. (Although you can certainly find vocal YouTube clips. Seems to me, she ennobled “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.”

However, she returned later in 1942 and sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Pause the video right near the end, as she’s singing “And the home of the brave.” At 2:01. Again, she didn’t just deliver a performance of uncanny beauty. Marian ennobled that song.

Frankly, it’s the first time I’ve heard anyone sing it… And I felt inspired. Almost like I could hear, for the first time, the idea of Americans being brave. (She sure was.)

Incidentally, sorry about the not-ideal camera angle. So little was available! Unless you have quite a lot of experience at energetic literacy, don’t research her. Instead, read her aura from a photo like this. Even if she wasn’t necessarily singing at the time.

Of course, always avoid any photos with eyes closed. Unhelpful for reading auras!

Cordial Invitations

Everyone’s invited to comment here, of course. As for those of you who’ve learned the life skill of energetic literacy:

Why not go ahead and do your own research of these great singers? Paste everything you find into COMMENT boxes below.

Then go ahead and read the rest of this article. (And also enjoy listening, so you can hear that singer’s distinctive gorgeousness.)

Now let’s bring on some inspiration. Thank goodness for energetic literacy!

Opera Singers’ Aura #1. Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti’s Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self-Awareness

Useful to know? In this performance, Pavarotti is singing one of the most popular love songs in all of opera.

In case you’ve read “Bigger than All the Night Sky,” remember this part? How, in high school, I listened to one vinyl record over and over? Never hearing the rest of the opera! Well, that romance-starved teen was tearing up at this aria, along with the rest of Act 1 of “La bohème.”


Gloriously over-functioning. Fills the listener’s room x 3. Clearly, there’s a gift for performance charisma, when a chakra databank “fills the room” even once.


“Pay attention to me. Listen to me. Through my hero’s physical presence, I command you.”

Luciano Pavarotti’s Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness


18 feet. Easily within normal range.


Exceptional emotional intensity is on offer. Seems to me as though Luciano has worked diligently behind the scenes. Like he’s figured out how to pack as big an emotional wallop into every single note. And every shading of his voice.

Admittedly, my strongest reaction is “Gorgeous, but ick!” Since, to me, there’s zero subtlety. Instead, Pavarotti delivers big, grand opera.

No wonder he’s beloved by such a large audience! Not only does sex sell. Any powerful & universal message sells. Especially if delivered with zero subtlety. (In the opinion of someone who has heard a LOT of opera.)

Perhaps you’ll hear something gorgeous that I would miss entirely. Perhaps you’re new to opera. And then Luciano might serve as a powerful introduction. After all, opera tends to be larger than life. And so is his performance.

What if you love that performance? You win!

Luciano Pavarotti’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source


8 feet. Somewhat on the small side.


Remarkable structure dominates in this chakra databank. As if Pavarotti has learned a set of religious rules. When it comes to connection to the Divine, he does what he’s been told.

Like walking up a stairway to heaven.

Perhaps a rather short stairway, but whatever! At least he has the habit of climbing that stairway! Knowledge is structured in consciousness. So is religion.

Listen away, Blog-Buddies. Here’s a musical sample. Pavarotti is one of the most popular tenors of all time. Performing “Che Gelida Manina” by Puccini.

What if you’re interested in what I mean by “nuance”?

In Conclusion

Let’s pause here, Blog-Buddies. Please share your reaction(s) so far.

Next blog post will follow through with researching Beniamino Gigli and Marion Anderson.

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  1. 1
    Jnana says:

    You’ve done a skilled empath merge with Cecilia Bartoli singing that same piece.

    How she surfs the waves of Divine connection. It was an extraordinary read and made me an instant fan.

  2. 2
    Jnana says:

    I’m glad you chose Pavarotti. I wanted to know why I never took to him.

    I guess emotional intensity is not my thing.

  3. 3
    Jnana says:

    That ‘pay attention to me’ is what I feel when watching him.

    I remember how he arrived at Princess Diana’s funeral supported on the left and the right, one slow step after another, an expression of deep distress. ‘Pay attention to my sorrow’ he seemed to be saying.

  4. 4

    JNANA, thanks for your insights, and also for gently reminding me that I already did a Skilled Empath Merge on Cecelia Bartoli. I’ve got a substitute in mind, so and I’ll go back immediately, editing this post accordingly.

    Please don’t limit yourself by blaming your tepid feelings toward Pavarotti on dislike of “emotional intensity.” If you didn’t like emotional intensity, you couldn’t stand RES sessions with me, for instance. 😉 Because I don’t create drama in sessions, but all you need do is listen to my voice and you can hear a considerable amount of emotional intensity. That’s how I roll.

  5. 5

    Instead, you might consider this. There are two kinds of people in the world. Good people, just with different preferences:

    *Those who like showmen, personalities that strive to be larger than life.
    * Those who do not.

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting blog post and also interesting to listen to both Pavarotti and Gigli.

    Both gorgeous voices, but so much more depth of feeling to Gigli’s performance.

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    Pavarotti’s facial expressions are amusing also–he seems to be purposely molding his face into an expression of religiosity, deep spiritual experience which is not actually having.

  8. 8

    Haha, KYLIE. Perceptive comments from you, as always.

    Noted: So many people will prefer to have a showman convey how “he feels,” helping the audience to know what “they are feeling” or “they should feel.”

  9. 9
    Sylvia says:

    Rose, your comment #5 helped me to realize what I dislike in a lot of performances — I just don’t like showman.

    The “Look at me” part distracts me from the artistry, which is what happened when I saw that clip of Pavoratti.

  10. 10
    Sylvia says:

    But oh, how I loved the clip of Beniamino Gigli singing Handel’s Largo! I was drawn in from the very first note, and seconds later was moved to tears.

    I had a very similar reaction to watching the clip you provided of Marian Anderson. I hadn’t seen either before. Thank you for those treats!

  11. 11
    Liane says:

    Luciano Pavorotti Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self Awareness:

    He is very aware of every inch of his body. To deliver such a performance, everything has to be right. Sort of like a pilot who is scanning a control panel, instantly hopping into action at first sign of alarm.

  12. 12
    Liane says:

    Luciano Pavorotti Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self Awareness:

    Sweet, sad, exquisite. He is aware that he requires all of his emotions (and the awareness thereof) to propel his voice into the passionate truth of not just the performance but of who he is while performing.

  13. 13
    Liane says:

    Luciano Pavorotti Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source:

    Large. Brilliant like the sun. As he sings it’s like the sun rising and setting – that brilliant.

  14. 14
    Liane says:

    Why is it so hard to resist reading the full post and comments before doing an aura reading? : )

    Not that I’m second guessing my research of Luciano Pavorotti, but I wonder….. Could what I researched in his Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source be more related to how he percieves and projects himself, rather than actual Divine connection? Brilliant in his own mind?

  15. 15
    Liane says:

    I didn’t watch or listen to Luciano’s performance. Just fast forwarded to the suggested time in the video. And so I have a question…. Would that have influenced my research differently?

    Would I have had an impression that may have altered my perceptions?

  16. 16

    LIANE, thank you for this excellent research. And also important questions.

    For those of you Blog-Buddies reading all this, consider that LIANE has honestly added her questions. And also, in case Energetic Literacy skills are still new to you… She isn’t trying to match what I found. Because her aura research reveals about her own perceptions and personal interpretations.

  17. 17

    As if both of us were using our Word Literacy skills to read “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, the Nobel Laureate who has just made her transition.

    LIANE and I could both read it fluently, with superb comprehension. Yet if we described what we learned from it, why would our personal accounts have to be all matchy-matchy?

  18. 18

    Oh yes, before moving forward in response to your aura reading and questions, THANK YOU SYLVIA.

    I loved every word in your Comments #9 and 10.

  19. 19

    Back to you, LIANE, Comments #11, 12, and 13 are just fascinating.

    Isn’t it amazing how another human being could be so different from you, and also internally consistent!

  20. 20

    Regarding Comment #14, here come a couple of practical points. After I begin with my gratitude for your publishing this comment in the first place. At this blog, I’ve got the human decency (a.k.a. “humility”) to come across as a human being who doesn’t know everything. And I’m so glad that you’re following my lead.

  21. 21

    Now, regarding that question about “Why is it so hard to resist reading the full” blah-blah-blah.

    Who cares WHY? This is RES, not psychotherapy. And I requested that those of you who were going to read a singer’s aura, do your own research before doing yours, period. I didn’t say, “Don’t be curious.” And, for many of you, following my instruction wouldn’t be easy.

  22. 22

    Because here’s the deal, LIANE and other emerging aura readers. Sure you would prefer to read what I say and then find the same thing. As one of the first thousand people in the world, learning how to read chakra databanks from photographs? Of course, doing that takes spunk.

    You could spend the rest of your life wallowing in “It’s new. I don’t feel totally secure. And 999 out of 1000 of the people who live nearest to me — or fewer — don’t do this, why would I dare?”

  23. 23

    Well, phooey on that. Be a leader, LIANE. Continue being a leader.

    Hey, when you first learned to drive a car, didn’t you feel icky sometimes? And yet you kept on driving, right? Rather than analyze all the thoughts that came to mind when you felt uncomfortable, doing something new. Way to go!

  24. 24

    About this part: ” I wonder….. Could what I researched in his Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source be more related to how he percieves and projects himself, rather than actual Divine connection? Brilliant in his own mind?”

    Timing is everything. Here’s what I mean.

  25. 25

    When you research a chakra databank, you’re in Technique Time, right? And you write down everything you find.

    All that counts as an aura reading. And good for you.

  26. 26

    By contrast, after you research a chakra databank, you’re NOT in Technique Time, right. It’s perfectly okay to have a thought or personal reaction to what you wrote down in your aura reading.

    Not second guessing. Adding your human perspective.

  27. 27

    One more thought about this adding human perspective: LIANE, you’re still doing your first 100 aura readings of people, right? Or maybe the first 200?

    With experience, you start to notice nuances WHILE doing the aura reading. Such as that thought that came to you AFTER doing the research.

  28. 28

    With experience, you might notice a texture or quality or image or whatever (depending on your gift set for reading auras). And that perception, translated by your Inner Dictionary, would tell you something like, “Pretending to himself. Adding to what’s going on.”

    From then on, you’ll know what that means while doing your aura reading.

  29. 29

    Ever the teacher, I’d like to add a little clarification (and chance to refine language as an aura reader) to this part: ” how he percieves and projects himself.”

    I’ve already covered “how he perceives himself,” right? That’s the kind of insight you will eventually have while reading auras, when appropriate, and then you’ll own that bit of energetic literacy for the rest of your life. Hooray!

  30. 30

    But what about “projects himself”? Here I’m pretty sure you’re referring to a term of art in RES, called “Sending out a personality projection.”

    It takes a LOT of experience before you’d start perceiving this, when reading auras. Probably I was reading auras professionally for 12 years before I was able to perceive this subtle, uncommon thing that some people do.

  31. 31

    When you actually perceive this, fine. One more new perception + interpretation. Part of your personal Inner Dictionary.

    When you do find it (and probably it won’t take you a dozen years, as it did for this Founder of RES) then please call it “Sending out a personality projection.”

  32. 32

    But please do not speculate on whether or not somebody is doing that. Which is more what we do when either of the following. (Noted without meaning to hurt your feelings, LIANE and other Blog-Buddies.)

    Possibility #1: Playing therapist OR using encouragement from pop psychology and Collective Consciousness to analyze what somebody’s “really” doing.

  33. 33

    Possibility #2. Gossiping. In a post-post-modern way. Where terms from pop psych are all over newspapers, social media, YouTube ad nauseum. Terms not necessarily used correctly, but helping the speaker to feel smarter. And more sophisticated about life.

    For instance, I recently read an article in the Washington Post about using Venmo to help split the check when dating. The reporter included this quote, “Otherwise ‘there’s a certain passive-aggressiveness to just sending a request for money without having a conversation,’she adds.”

  34. 34

    In terms of psychology, “passive-aggressive” is used completely wrong. And although the Washington Post has fact checkers, evidently nobody flagged this as an inappropriate way to psychologize how somebody uses an app.

    A more human term might have been “inconsiderate” or “rude” or “sneaky.” Right?

  35. 35

    So here we get to the practical point. Please don’t use the term “projects himself,” lest readers think that aura reading is just a fancy, cool way to use psychological language more than ever.

  36. 36

    Finally, LIANE, in response to your interesting question in Comment #15. As an experienced aura reader, first listening to the performance wouldn’t have influenced you. But as a newbie, that might have happened.

    Even though I’m pretty darned experienced at using all the skill sets of RES, many of you Blog-Buddies may have heard me say, during sessions: “Stop, please. You’re giving me too much information. Let’s keep things simple.”

  37. 37

    You see, aura reading isn’t regular conscious thinking and making up theories. Where having more info might be helpful.

    Extra info, beyond what is needed for that specific technique, isn’t helpful at all. It can confuse you. Distract you. Aura reading for instance, you used a very specific procedure with specific steps. Adding new steps, or analyzing what you’re doing while doing it? This won’t improve your skills one bit. So let things be easy and simple.

  38. 38
    Edward Grant says:

    Thank you for sharing your aura reading Liane!

    It has been educational for me to read other people aura readings after reading Rose’s aura readings. It helps me trust what I find more in my own aura readings. Thank you for your leadership Liane!

  39. 39
    Edward Grant says:

    Thank you Rose for your educational comments for us aspiring aura readers. I am very grateful.

  40. 40
    Edward Grant says:

    There is so much confusion with aura reading, and maybe that has something to do with collective consciousness.

    Aura readings taught by other teachers was so limiting; not that I have personal experience of this, but I think you may have mentioned something similar before.

  41. 41
    Edward Grant says:

    Every aura reading I do reduces those perceived limits I might have and increased my energetic literacy and my personal experience of what aura reading really is.

  42. 42
    Edward Grant says:

    I was fascinated when you said “It’s perfectly okay to have a thought or personal reaction to what you wrote down in your aura reading.”

    You may have mentioned this when I and other students were learning how to read auras, if so, thank you for the reminder. I look forward to noticing nuances during and after future aura readings.

  43. 43

    Thanks for all these latest comments, EDWARD. Always delightful!

    About that Comment #42, let’s be clear. Either you are in Technique Time, doing your aura reading and writing it down. OR it’s written down and you get to comment about it — not in Technique Time. Like what you do when I’ve published an aura reading on this blog and then you add your own human-type comments. Make sense?

  44. 44
    Liane says:

    Thank you, Rose, for once again helping me understand aura reading on a deeper level. It’s a boost to my confidence.

  45. 45
    Liane says:

    There are many distinctions that one day will be easy to identify, with practice.

    I’m choosing to be a leader by continuing to grow and learn, and ask questions.

  46. 46
    Liane says:

    Still a newbie, with around 200 aura readings under my belt, I figure there’s only another 50,000 to go before I become an expert. (according to Malcom Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’) This puts perspective on the areas in which I am an expert, and breathing room for for those I’m clearly not.

    Lucky for me, I have a teacher who is willing to take the time to show me the way and answer my questions!

  47. 47
    Liane says:

    Thank you, Edward Grant, for your kind words. I am looking forward to one day reading the results of your aura readings!

  48. 48

    Awe! LIANE, you’re so teachable. And that’s true of so many of you Blog-Buddies.

    I think it’s important to emphasize that nobody needs to feel left out here. Whether it’s learning Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING Skills from a workshop or developing the Energy Spirituality Energy READING skills, you can definitely do it.

  49. 49

    Back in the day, three separate times, I tried to “see the colours.” And failed.

    All this made me feel creepy-wormy; also utterly discouraged about my spiritual prospects. But then I spent 6 1/2 years developing the system later trademarked as Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. And that’s a system where you can succeed. Just be willing to learn and go step by step. (Much as how you first learned word literacy.)

  50. 50

    Also, please don’t feel pressured to learn any skills from me. Some folks just like to have the occasional session with an Energy Spirituality expert.

    Or read through one of my books. (Lately, for some reason, people have been ordering “Let Today Be a Holiday.” That’s probably the best casual read of any of my books so far.)

  51. 51

    While many of you just like reading this blog. Lurking. Or, when you’re feeling really bold, adding comments. And that’s fine with me, too. I’m not a salesperson. I’m a teacher.

    Some of you have told me, this blog uplifts you. Even though you’re not interesting in learning a thing outside of casual blog reading, somehow you feel as though you can find a lifeline here, a source of truth. Even being able to do that for you helps to make my life worthwhile.

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