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Encouraging Aura Readers. 10 Q&As

Encouraging Aura Readers. Until Stage 3 Energetic Literacy goes mainstream, it can take courage to learn. To keep on developing your skills.

Encouraging Aura Readers. How easy is it, gaining energetic literacy? Surprisingly easy. Unless you fall into certain habits.

Very understandable habits! Quite common today. Yet extremely easy to overcome.

Today’s article could do the trick.

Encouraging Aura Readers, Let’s Do Some Q&A

First of all, I’ll share some student questions. Following up with my answers. Later, you may decide to COMMENT below. I wonder which questions and reactions you’ll add.

  • But what if you’ve avoided taking the Aura Reading – Free Intro? Like you’re afraid to fail.
  • Or you started taking the 101 … And you can’t get back to it?
  • And what if, taking that workshop, sometimes you’ve felt frustrated?

Haha! Let’s include those questions, too. As well as questions from some of my students who are actively studying how to read auras. Encouraging you to develop everyday energetic literacy — that’s my goal here.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 1. What If I’m Afraid to Fail?

Q. What if I couldn’t succeed at your online workshops? Spiritually, I know I’d feel like a nothing.

A. Have you “failed” at word literacy? Evidently not. When it comes to regular reading, some learn faster than others. But learning fast isn’t the point, is it?

Giving up on word literacy was never an option for you. Don’t let giving up on energetic literacy be an option, either.

We only fail when we give up too soon. Besides, this version of learning is distinctive: Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® is trademarked for a reason.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 2. Do Interruptions Mean Destiny?

Q. It’s like this. I started taking the 101. Aura Reading for YOU.  And I did take a few lessons. And then somehow I didn’t get around to doing the lessons. Could that mean it isn’t meant to be for me to learn? Could this be a case of spiritual synchronicity?

A. I can only think of one situation where a person would be smart… Pausing while taking this systematic course that brings Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. (At least the main parts. Developing the ability to read auras in detail. And to read chakra databanks.)

That would be if you’re getting spaced out. I mean, spaced out in everyday life. Maybe even slipping into spiritual addiction. Then I’d recommend a phone session with me to get you back on track. Because it’s best to learn aura reading when you’re interested — again — in your human life. Otherwise there’s no reason to pause.

Easiest way to keep going is to schedule in 10-15 minutes a day. Create a routine and stick to it. Soon you’ll be reading auras fluently.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 3. Why Take 36 Lessons to Learn?

Q. Just so you know, this is a very honest question. And I thought you wouldn’t find it insulting.

Yeah, I took your five-lesson Free Intro online workshop. Yeah, I finished it. Afterward, I thought, why can’t I just do it already? Why are you making this so complicated? Couldn’t I have learned in five lessons, if you hadn’t padded them?

I think it reflects very badly on you that your main aura reading course has 36 lessons. Like here’s what I mean. I just did a search on “aura reading in 5 minutes.” And I got almost 22 million hits.

A. Everyone involved in aura reading quickies is doing Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. Like learning how to read picture books. Instead, you could gain Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. And that’s more like the word literacy that you’re using right now. Far more accurate. This YouTube video can introduce you to the difference.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 4. Does Frustration Mean I Can’t Learn?

Q. Even when I went through your online workshop, Free Intro to Aura Reading, I felt frustrated. Like I wanted to learn it already. Like, snap! What can you tell me to give me more patience?

A. Frustration is not usually the experience of folks who take Aura Reading for YOU. How do I know? Because each lesson includes a Forum. There readers can seek Troubleshooting help. Along with sharing Aha!s (About learning). Also Success Stories. (About results in life.)

Regarding newbies who take the Free Intro, I have no way of knowing about frustrations. Still, I have a recommendation for you. And for folks taking any of my on-demand, online workshops:

  • If you feel frustrated while learning, consider booking a session with me. Because you may well have some unhelpful habits for learning. Habits where I could help. Such as using my problem-solving skills. (Did you know I’ve taught spiritual growth skills since 1970? And so I’ve learned a few things.)
  • Also possible: Something is going on with your own aura. Like, some kind of STUFF is blocking your ability to learn. Even causing frustration. And I just may be able to help. Could be, one RES session might take care of the whole problem.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 5. When Will It Get Flashy?

Q. Well, I kind of was HOPING that I’d have a more flashy experience, to be honest. I guess it would be more convincing to myself. Could the problem be that I’m still having a little disconnect between expectation and actual experiences?

I trust that will connect with practice, though!

A. Sure sounds like an expectation problem to me. 🙂 And I’m really glad you’re reading this. Since practice wouldn’t fix the problem but following up on the answer here can!

Sounds like your former expectation has been about psychic development. You know, old-fashioned psychic development. Instead of expecting what happens when learning energetic literacy.

Look, when you read something with word literacy, does the process seem trippy? With word literacy, excitement comes with the content that you are reading. Not because the process of reading is trippy and then gives you the munchies.

Please allow yourself to outgrow these irrelevant expectations. Sure, they were totally appropriate back in the day. Such as when studying psychic development. But expecting flashy experiences is potentially destructive for gaining energetic literacy.

And, BTW, to my knowledge psychics do enjoy a trippy lifestyle. (And, often these days, they “enjoy” extreme spiritual addiction.) But at best they haven’t progressed past Stage 2 Energetic Literacy. By the time you finish this course, you’ll have better aura reading skills than professional psychics.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 6. Really, Truly Different?

Q. Branding isn’t shameful. Everybody does it. So I’d really appreciate it if you’d admit the truth. Isn’t your “energetic literacy” just a form of branding? Like you’re aiming to set yourself apart from all those intuitives?

A. The system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses is different in many, many respects from other forms of energetic readings. Or chakra readings. Or intuitive readings, etc. Here are some examples of what you can do after learning this system.

Branding? Hardly!

First and foremost, I’m a teacher. Not a self-promoter. And not a salesperson.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 7. Is That ALL?

Q. I’ve read and heard from you that my experience is unique. Nobody else can define it for me. But I’m inexperienced. Is that what’s making me say “Is that ALL?”

Do I need to drop the expectation of perfection? I suppose that would feel very BOLD to me. Like, “Who cares what anyone else thinks?

A. You’re on to something here!

Why do aura reading in order to prove things to yourself? A.k.a., “External validation.”

Besides, the point of reading auras is getting info. Not convincing yourself that what you feel is super-special!!!

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 8. Can’t I Get More Validation?

Q. I had a good surprise in the lesson about the technique “Aura Rub.” Doing that felt different than doing what I learned before. Namely, the “Aura Bounce” technique. Can I look forward to more special feelings as I develop full energetic literacy?

A. Sure hope not! The purpose of reading auras is to learn useful information. To grow. And to make your life better. Maybe even, to be of service to others.

Not getting a super-special feeling! Sure the process can feel enjoyable. Like curling up with a good book and using your word literacy. But you’re asking about something more astral flashy, aren’t you?

And that’s not what this kind of energetic literacy is about. In case it helps, psychics are the ones who go on about special feelings, right? And even the big-time intuitives don’t have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. For many technical reasons, as long as they pursue psychic development, oops! They won’t be able to do what you’re learning to do. Let alone learning even more advanced stages of energetic literacy.

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 9. When Will I Develop Clairvoyance Already?

Q. Personally I find your method very exasperating. Like I’m 8 chapters into your how-to book on reading auras. And you still haven’t shown me how to see auras. Are you planning to charge extra money for this? Frankly, I’m disgusted. How can you sell a book on auras and make us wait so long to develop our clairvoyance?

A. Sometimes people like you kind of read my books. But you have some strong beliefs and expectations. Such as the outdated Age of Faith notion that aura reading means “seeing the colours.”

If you pay attention to what’s in both my books for reading auras. The one you mentioned and also “Read People Deeper,” guess what? Early on, I make the point that clairvoyance is not required to do great aura reading. Same with The Aura Reading Collection of Online Workshops.

Everybody has a full gift set of talents for aura reading. We just don’t all have the same set of talents. Please don’t blame me for bringing something new into collective consciousness!

Encouraging Aura Readers. Question 10. Why Are My Aura Readings So Short?

Q. When I read a chakra databank, I write it down. Like how you taught us to do. Only all I get is a sentence or two. Does that mean I’m untalented at this? Your aura readings have loads of details about every single chakra databank.

A. Aw, you’re learning, that’s all. Consider how the books you read in elementary school had short sentences. And those sentences got longer when you were in middle school. Longer and more complex reading was your reward for persistence.

And that’s exactly how it will be reading auras. I can’t think of a better way to do 10 minutes of your Technique Time every day. Developing extra-strong skills. While you enjoy accelerated personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Please, be willing to grow. That’s a very human thing, right? At age 5, were you 5 feet tall?

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  1. 1
    Christina says:

    I enjoyed every one of these 10 Q&As. Rose, you know how to keep it real, as well as keeping it deep.

    Thank you so much.

  2. 2
    Steve says:

    Rose, that fierce man in the picture at the top of the post really caught my attention. At first I thought, reading auras doesn’t take that much courage. It didn’t for me.

    However, by the time I read through all the questions and your kind answers, I understood better that an inner courage is required. I don’t mean political courage, like the man seems to be showing in that picture. I mean inner courage instead.

  3. 3
    Steve says:

    Until a LOT of people have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, I get that the people who learn are pretty special. Or at least, we’re ridiculously independent and we demand TRUTH.

  4. 4

    CHRISTINA and STEVE, thanks for your leadership in writing the first comments about this article. Such different points of view.

    Makes me all the more curious about other reactions. Come and share, Blog-Buddies. Have you ever found it scary or frustrating to learn Stage 3 Energetic Literacy?

  5. 5
    Living on Earth says:

    Thank you for bringing all these concerns into light Rose.

    I so hope more and more people find the courage and curiosity to develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

  6. 6
    Living on Earth says:

    I particularly love this part:

    “Why do aura reading in order to prove things to yourself? A.k.a., “External validation.” Besides, the point of reading auras is getting info. Not convincing yourself that what you feel is super-special!!!”

  7. 7
    Living on Earth says:

    Aura Reading using Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, really helps me to appreciate how everyone experiences life so differently.

    That happens because I’m getting specific personal information about them, not because we’re super special.

  8. 8
    Living on Earth says:

    Aura Reading using Stage 3 Energetic Literacy sometimes validates why I might have felt drawn to someone versus preferring not to be around a particular person.

    Especially if there is no obvious reason for it in the objective reality.

  9. 9
    Living on Earth says:

    Through Aura Reading, I also got to know myself in a very intimate detailed particular way. Which to my knowledge is not possible today with any other technique besides what Rose teaches.

    That in and of itself made me have more compassion for my self. And as an extension to others.

  10. 10
    Living on Earth says:

    The things that helped me the most while learning Aura Reading using Stage 3 Energetic Literacy are:

    1. My personal sessions with Rose – Even though they were completely about something else, I’m convinced that each session has helped me tremendously to be more comfortable with learning and practicing my new skill.

  11. 11
    Living on Earth says:

    2. Making Aura Reading a habit – Initially it was a challenge to do it every day and stick to that routine. Now its a special treat for me that I look forward to doing!

  12. 12
    Living on Earth says:

    3. Identifying Technique Time – Living in the New Strong is very important to me.

    So instead of analyzing someone or myself psychologically through out the day, using my technique time for a dedicated Aura Reading session helped, and freed, me so much to just live in the objective reality.

  13. 13
    Living on Earth says:

    This skill set is truly an invaluable treasure for us living now in the Age of Awakening. Which doesn’t require for one to have anything special but willingness to learn and courage to continue practicing it.

    It just doesn’t get better than that.

  14. 14

    Magnificent, true, generous — thank you so much for all these insights, LIVING ON EARTH.

  15. 15
    Edward Grant says:

    Hi Rose, I have not been aura reading (using stage 3 energetic literacy) as much as I would like for the first half of 2019.

    I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting enough information or trusting the information I was getting. I was a little scared and uncomfortable, reading auras from photos and discouraged at times too, so I did an aura reading every now and then.

  16. 16
    Edward Grant says:

    Knowing it is important to use 20 minutes of technique time each day, I routinely used most of my technique time meditating.

    After reading last month’s articles warning about the dangers of meditation, I quickly restructured how I use my technique time and decided I wanted to do an aura reading each day for 10 minutes.

  17. 17
    Edward Grant says:

    I enjoyed aura reading so much I wondered why I hadn’t used these skills for so long.

    After doing aura readings for a week, I set myself a goal of doing an aura reading every day for 10 minutes or less for the next 6 months, without putting any pressure on myself.

  18. 18
    Edward Grant says:

    I know from experience as I am learning this new skill, some days I will get more information than others. I remind myself to be grateful for the information I am getting.

    Each day I do an aura reading, I am gaining more skill in my energetic literacy, just like I would if I was reading and writing to gain skill in word literacy.

  19. 19
    Edward Grant says:

    Aura reading is still a little uncomfortable at times and maybe it is still a little scary; it is also fun, educational and for me, the most interesting way to use my technique time.

  20. 20
    Edward Grant says:

    Also, thank you for your educational article Rose.

  21. 21
    Rebecca says:

    The whole experience that many of us had while going through school is based on external validation.

    You listen to what the teacher says, read your textbook, and do your homework or take a test. The grade you receive is your external validation on whether you got the concept right.

  22. 22

    EDWARD, thanks so much for sharing your saga. This practical quote in your Comment #18 can probably help many of you word-literacy-reading here right now:

    “Each day I do an aura reading, I am gaining more skill in my energetic literacy, just like I would if I was reading and writing to gain skill in word literacy.” Yep, indeedy!

  23. 23

    Regarding this part of your Comment #19, “Aura reading is still a little uncomfortable at times and maybe it is still a little scary”….

    Please remember that just because you begin reading somebody’s aura doesn’t obligate you to read more than one single chakra databank. Cut astral ties and go elsewhere.

  24. 24

    Just read (or reread) this article and you’ll appreciate: Only 10% of people living now are doing well, regarding their consciousness lifestyles and auras.

    So please be selective in which auras you read. If you feel uncomfortable don’t blame yourself and don’t blame your energetic literacy skills. What’s going on in auras of many people? Sadly, sometimes it can be scary. So research people doing better and you’ll continue having fun, as you described later in that Comment #19.

  25. 25

    Just read (or reread) this article and you’ll appreciate: Only 10% of people living now are doing well, regarding their consciousness lifestyles and auras.

    It’s a great opportunity you’ve taken, having learned how to read auras from regular photos. (Aura Reading 101 and 102.) Thanks to the internet, your opportunities are now innumerable. Go forth and explore humanity, EDWARD!

  26. 26
    Rebecca says:

    How were most of us taught in school? You listen to what the teacher says, read your textbook, and do your homework, or take a test. Later, the grade you receive counts as your all-important external validation. Did you get the concept right?

    Aura reading, at least the way that you teach it, Rose, is different. And that’s a massive leap. One that’s worth taking, in my opinion, but a leap, nonetheless.

  27. 27

    REBECCA, your comment inspired today’s blog post. More stories, please!

  28. 28
    Christine P says:

    I definitely identify with Question 10.

  29. 29

    Then I’m very glad, CHRISTINE, that you just learned how to get past that way of feeling stuck.

  30. 30
    Graham says:

    Edward, thanks for sharing – that’s very inspiring.

  31. 31
    Liane says:

    I am an impatient person. Many times Rose (in session) has put a Whoa on my inclination to jump in too fast in certain areas.

    Not once have I regretted her wisdom or redirection. If one of my lessons in this life is to learn to slow down, it’s coming through loud and clear with RES : )

  32. 32
    Liane says:

    So, the question that jumped out at me was #3. I remember aksing myself why so many lessons… within a few lessons I had my answer. Because each lesson is packed with information; information that builds on itself, and information that if given all at once would have been lost on me in overload-frustration.

  33. 33
    Rose Rosetree says:

    LIANE, thanks for your wise observations. Questions often come up regarding how I teach aura reading — especially since it’s a distinctly different system (and approach). Yet really, what’s the best way to answer questions about how I teach? Study with me.

    Are you gaining benefits bit by bit? Then continue. And by the time you’ve finished the entire online workshop, only then are you in a position to really understand why I’ve taught the way I have.

  34. 34
    Already Experienced at Aura Reading says:

    Since you opened the door to questions, Rose, I’ve got some. I hope you don’t mind if I have many questions for you here.

    My introduction to auras came via reading “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan, and then taking a week-end introductory workshop in energy healing.

  35. 35
    Already Experienced at Aura Reading says:

    Since I’m a scientist, I was, on some level, shocked that there could be such a different way of understanding how the body worked, and that there was a whole other way of understanding health and healing.

    It was both exciting and overwhelming, and at the same time, I was very much drawn to learn more, and felt that this was very important for me to explore and come to understand.

  36. 36
    Already Experienced at Aura Reading says:

    So the first thing I want to understand, if you don’t mind, is why you don’t seem to refer to Brennan’s work. Isn’t she known as THE AUTHORITY when it comes to reading auras, which you do?

    And she’s also considered THE AUTHORITY at energy healing, and you do that also? So am I missing something here?

  37. 37
    Already Experienced at Aura Reading says:

    Also, if you would kindly comment, I’ve also received a great dealy by reading a book on chakras by Shafica Karagulla, MD and Dora Kunz called “The Chakras and the Human Energy Field.”

    It made quite an impression on me in the mid-1990’s. Meaning no disrespect, it doesn’t seem as though you’re interested in chakras, just “chakra databanks.”

  38. 38
    Already Experienced at Aura Reading says:

    I hope you don’t mind my pointing out that just about every aura expert and aura reader and aura healer provides loads of information about the chakras.

    How could you consider yourself an authority, or a teacher, and apparently disregard talking about chakras?

  39. 39
    Already Experienced at Aura Reading says:

    And, again, meaning no disrespect, if there really were such things as “chakra databanks,” why weren’t they discovered long before you?

  40. 40
    Already Experienced at Aura Reading says:

    Also, if this is a legitimate inquiry regarding auras, why haven’t scores of people jumped on the bandwagon? I haven’t found anyone — other that you and people you’ve trained — who actually read chakra databanks.

    Assuming they’re worthwhile (and I do think you make a good case for them in your Celebrity Readings, not to mention your entire body of work), how come other aura experts aren’t reading chakra databanks too?

  41. 41

    I find your questions delightful and important, ALREADY EXPERIENCED AT AURA READING. So let’s begin with responding to your Comment #36.

    Of course I’m aware of Barbara Brennan’s work, and I applaud her courage in doing breakthrough work during the New Age Years (1980 until the Shift into the Age of Awakening).

  42. 42

    She did a wonderful job of making aura reading and energy healing reasonably palatable to scientists. And the mainstream establishment in the U.S.

    Unfortunately, she fit squarely into traditions that fostered myths about aura reading:

  43. 43

    Obsolete Myth #1, Carried forward by Brennan. Supposedly clairvoyance is the superior way to read auras.

    Not so, not now, in the Age of Awakening. This parallels how throughout most of human history, left-handed people had to write with their right hands. And this only eased up in the century before the Age of Awakening.

  44. 44

    “Left-handedness has been discouraged as recently as the mid-20th century.”

    But now humans no longer live in a one-size fits all reality when it comes to handedness, do we? Similarly, we don’t all have to have clairvoyance as the big-deal gift in our gift set for deeper perception. Everybody has a gift set. And it’s glorious.

  45. 45

    So, the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® is groundbreaking in part because I encourage — and actively help — people to use the gifts they were born with.

    Moreover, unlike Brennan, I supply a variety of aura reading techniques so that people can use their personal gifts most productively.

  46. 46

    Obsolete Myth #2, Carried forward by Brennan. Use HER interpretations for YOUR perceptions.

    The book you mentioned even has full-color illustrations to illustrate what an aura reader is supposed to see. No wonder she, and her students didn’t progress past Stage 2 Energetic Literacy. Sad — and maybe shocking — but true.

  47. 47

    By contrast, the system I teach includes learning how to interpret perceptions, encouraging self-authority.

    This is one reason why many of my aura reading students have moved into Enlightenment. In my view, it’s very important to develop deeper perception in combination with skill and self-authority.

  48. 48

    Obsolete Myth #3, Carried forward by Brennan. Aura reading is done with help from spirits, discarnate beings.

    Sure that’s traditional. And, before the Shift, it was reasonably safe to do. But now aura reading with help from spirits leads to spiritual addiction, or else extreme spiritual addiction. Whereas I teach students to co-create with God, Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, etc. No astral problems and, instead, help for moving toward Enlightenment.

  49. 49

    One more Obsolete Myth, #4, Goes “Sneaky Is Fine. Only Tell the Good Parts at the Beginning.”

    What, you didn’t see that in “Hands of Light”? How about where Brennan got around to explaining how all her techniques really gain their power by working with a spirit guide? Was that halfway through her famous book? Or even later on?

  50. 50

    In my view, the main point of reading auras (or doing Skilled Empath Merge) is to learn about the truth. And people who seek the truth don’t lie.

    Don’t prevaricate. Don’t hide their motives. And don’t preen as “gifted clairvoyants” early in a book — only later to admit they serve as mouthpieces to discarnate beings.

  51. 51

    Summing up, Barbara Brennan has interested many people in aura reading and energy healing. But she’s been a New Age AUTHORITY.

    By contrast, I’m a teacher for the Age of Awakening. And so I’m teaching a system that (so far) goes up to 21 Stages of Energetic Literacy and includes far more sophisticated techniques for Energy Spirituality-style Energy Healing, co-created with Divine power. Like this newish online series of workshops.

  52. 52

    Regarding that very perceptive Comment #37, I was interested in chakras at one time. If you pick up a copy of “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” you’ll find an entire book where I researched chakras. A book that took me 6 1/2 years to write and publish,

    The first edition was published in 1996, during the New Age years. Not yet in the Age of Awakening.

  53. 53

    Although I hadn’t yet discovered chakra databanks… Yet this book stands at Stage 2 1/2 Energetic Literacy, quite a bit beyond what these estimable experts were able to learn.

    If you examine the methodology, you’ll see that by then, I’d progressed past all four of the previously mentioned Obsolete Myths about Auras.

  54. 54

    Regarding your Comment #39, ALREADY EXPERIENCED AT AURA READING, but the chakra databanks were discovered before me. Long before me.

    As of 10,000 years before Rose Rosetree and RES. They were called the “nadis.” And had names about energy. By contrast, the chakra databanks have names about human emotional and spiritual growth. And thereby lies a world of difference.

  55. 55

    As for why more people haven’t learned to read chakra databanks yet, your guess is as good as mine. What matters to me is those students who are willing to have me teach them.

    They’re lighting up the leading edge of energetic literacy. They’re today’s leaders when it comes to aura reading.

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