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Skilled Empath Merges. Here’s an aura photo of Rose Rosetree BEFORE doing any Skilled Empath Merges

Skilled Empath Merges. Do you know why they matter?

Hey, are you even entirely sure what they are? Guess what! Here are 5 reasons why Skilled Empath Merges can matter to you.

First, Though, What IS a Skilled Empath Merge?

During a Skilled Empath Merge, an empath purposely experiences what it is like to be another person.

Vividly experiences it. And in such a way that the empath can communicate the particulars.

Way beyond being a “people person.” Or being perceptive.

AFTER doing a Skilled Empath Merge, here’s Rose Rosetree’s aura again, via an aura picture

Only an empath can do this particular kind of deeper perception. Fortunately, being an empath is hardly rare.

Actually, there’s an excellent chance that you… Yes, you who are reading this article… There’s a very good chance that you were born as an empath. Since 1 out of 20 people is born that way. Gifted for life.

(Curious to learn what those gifts might be? This article lays out 15 different empath gifts you might have.)

Here come five ways that you might benefit from Skilled Empath Merge. Either learning how to do one. Or else enjoying the benefit of my doing one to help you.

Distinguishing Skilled from Unskilled Empath Merges Can Help You a Lot

Today you won’t find another Empath Coach who understands both unskilled and skilled. That matters for the quality of learning, as I’ll discuss later in this article.

But here I have something else to empower you. Although, if you’re an empath, I can teach you how to do Skilled Empath Merges… Mostly, I emphasize helping you to have a great quality of life.  Such as spontaneously becoming more interested in yourself. And less apt to (unhelpfully and unnecessarily) have your awareness flit over to others. Like, putting them first instead of putting your own sweet self first!

Study with me as long as you like. Whether or not you choose to learn the super-advanced part, it matters that your Empath Coach can do it. And even do it well enough to teach it.

Besides, I do a Skilled Empath Merge with you at the start of just about any personal session of Energy Spirituality.

Now, let’s get into those five benefits.

Skilled Empath Merges Benefit #1. A Distinction to Help ALL Empaths

Really important, Skilled Empath Merge is completely different from doing an empath merge. As in, unskilled empath merge.

  • You see, unskilled empaths do these unhelpful empath merges many times a day. Every day. Not that the empaths consciously know what they’re doing.
  • And it gets worse. Because after every unskilled merge, the empaths’ aura takes home an energetic souvenir: Imported STUFF, stuck at aura level. No wonder, unskilled empaths suffer.

But if you’re an empath, don’t worry.  I can teach you to protect yourself energetically from Imported STUFF. Consider learning the skills of Empath Empowerment®. Since there’s nothing like this trademarked method for improving your quality of life… for the rest of your life.

Quite easily, you can learn the essentials… courtesy of this how-to book. Just read one short chapter a day. Later that day, do up to 10 minutes of easy homework.

Voila! After 30 days, you’re a skilled empath. As a result, you’re soooooo done with those icky unskilled empath merges. Energetically, you get your life back. For example, you can read the last chapter in “The Empowered Empath – Quick & Easy.” There you’ll find 10 success stories from skilled empaths who’ve learned Empath Empowerment. Such human results, and results that are so individual!

Bottom Line, Fellow Empaths

Why can I help you to stop doing those unskilled empath merges? First and foremost, back in the 1990s, when developing America’s first system for helping empaths, I had learned how to do Skilled Empath Merges.

This brought me great insight into what was going on with the consciousness of unskilled empaths. And that’s how I could tell when my students learned how to stop doing the icky kind.

Any time we’re together in a session of Empath Coaching, guess what? Early on I’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge with you. Just to learn what’s going on with your consciousness.

Skilled Empath Merges Benefit #2. The Most Insightful Celebrity Readings

So many people search the internet for celebrity readings. Usually, they’re psychic readings.

By contrast, Rose Rosetree’s version of Energy Spirituality takes an altogether different approach.

Several approaches, actually. Specifically, this Celebrity Readings blog post you’ll find three different kinds of deeper perception:

Some are guest posts from Blog-Buddies. Others are ones I’ve done over the years. Seems to me, a Skilled Empath Merge reveals more — even — than the other two sets.

So that’s one way you can benefit from this consciousness technology… even if you’re not an empath.

Also, regularly this blog holds contests where you can make your personal requests for Celebrity Readings. If you win, there’s a free Skilled Empath Merge in your future!

Skilled Empath Merges Benefit #3. Definitely Your Potential, If You’re an Empath

When you think about your potential as an empath, what comes to mind?

To be a skilled empath, you don’t have to do that extra step and become a Master Empath. (Meaning: Someone who knows a variety of techniques for doing Skilled Empath Merge.)

What matters most? Having an excellent life. And, speaking as an empath coach, you’ll find this to be true:

Unskilled empaths are less effective than non-empaths.

But skilled empaths are more effective than non-empaths.

That’s because we’re ultra-perceptive. Plus, we can learn to do Skilled Empath Merge.

After months or years of enjoying life as a skilled empath, I’m here to help you to make that upgrade. Adding this extra way to enjoy your Technique Time.

Skilled Empath Merges Benefit #4. Giant Steps in Personal Growth & Spiritual Awakening

Learning how to safely experience in consciousness what it is like to be a completely different person? Wow, there’s nothing else like it.

Like experiencing multiple reincarnations, for just a minute at a time. And all the while, remaining yourself.

Already you know (or can guess): Every technique I’ve developed for Skilled Empath Merge gives you:

  1. A quality experience of what it’s like to be your “Discovery Person.”
  2. A chance to open your heart of compassion
  3. The ability to gain an advantage in business
  4. And an advantage in your personal relationships
  5. Also — muy importante — zero Imported STUFF.

Not too shabby!

Skilled Empath Merges Benefit #5. Clarity for Choosing Your Empath Coach

Most important for you…

Who Can Distinguish Skilled from Unskilled Empath Merges?

If you were looking for a powerful consumer test for choosing an expert to guide you, there you’d have it.

Today I doubt that you’ll find another Empath Coach who understands both. Like somebody who can, personally, do Skilled Empath Merges.

For example, today’s survey of the empath marketplace. Via google.

#1. Empath Empowerment. 538,000 hits.

#2. Empowered Empath. 294,000 hits.

Note: All these “experts” began using that term after I published “The Empowered Empath – Quick & Easy” and “The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts.: One does wonder, can’t these other empath teachers do better than imitate?

#3. Skilled Empath Merge. 66,000 hits.

Sure, if you’re an empath, I can teach you how to do them. Mostly, you’ll find that this Empath Coach emphasizes having a great quality of life. Such as spontaneously becoming more interested in yourself. Also, becoming less apt to (unhelpfully and unnecessarily) let your awareness flit over to others. Like, putting them first instead of putting your own sweet self first!

Study with me as long as you like. Whether or not you choose to learn the super-advanced part, what matters? How I can use Skilled Empath Merge for helping YOU.

Keep Your Comments Coming

As this thread has emerged, some of you have been sending in quotes about empath advice. Given by other teachers.

Including some who use my terms of art: Empath Empowerment. And Empowered Empath.

Feel free to comment with one or more quotes. Seeking to have me clarify the differences between what that person teaches. Contrasting with what’s available here. The Energy Spirituality perspective!

  1. Just name the person.
  2. Name the website or link.
  3. And then quote away.
  4. Fascinating differences, as you’ll see.

Please Choose NEW People. So Far We’ve Discussed these Resources

  2. Aletheia Luna,
  4. Eggshell Therapy
  5. Happy Empath
  6. Joanna Schmidt
  7. Judith Orloff, MD.
  9. Michal Spiegelman
  10. Peter Onan
  11. Spirit Heal
  12. Tara Meyer-Robson
  13. Cyndi Dale



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  1. 401
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Rose, I just searched on Empath Empowerment and found a kind of crazy marketplace of “Empath Empowerment” ideas.

    At the top of the list was something from “Blavity.”

  2. 402
    Oscar Manuel says:

    1. Know how you tick.

    You feel connected to everyone around you, especially those who are suffering. This is an amazing gift and a heavy burden, but if managed correctly you are equipped to make a significant impact in the world around you

  3. 403

    OSCAR, I’m ready to bring perspective to these ideas you’ve found in the “crazy marketplace of ‘Empath Empowerment’ ideas.”

    Let’s begin with a bit of discernment that many of you Blog-Buddies might have already. Or not. But I think it’s pretty important. (To be continued after my next bunch o’ sessions today.)

  4. 404

    At the top of this Blavity list, what’s missing?

    Any definition of what an empath is. No wonder this article is currently popular. If you feel upset or victimey, are suffering from spiritual addiction or the current lack of a love life??? Evidently it’s fine to call that being an “Empath.”

  5. 405

    By contrast, this Empath Coach has definite standards about whether to consider yourself an empath, as well as what helps versus what isn’t relevant at all, versus what could even make life worse.

    Consumer tip: Pay attention to any empath teacher. Is there a clear definition for being an empath? Or more, the so-called teacher doesn’t bother to set any standards whatsoever.

  6. 406

    In the system of Empath Empowerment®, an empath is:

    A person who has at least one gift for directly experiencing in consciousness… what it is like to be another person.

  7. 407

    BTW, about “Empath Empowerment,” this isn’t just a meme. I spent years developing a unique system for helping empaths. Then I went to quite a bit of trouble (and expense) getting this system trademarked.

    Did you know? When you see that little ® symbol, it’s meant to protect intellectual property. Discoveries worth trademarking!

  8. 408

    Consumer Tip: If somebody writes articles about a topic, offers tips at Blavity or elsewhere, or makes YouTube videos about a topic… and then you find out that somebody has trademarked that term… what does that tell you about the person carelessly using that term?

    That isn’t okay. Not legally and not ethically.

  9. 409

    Maybe they don’t have enough creativity to think of their own name for what they do.
    Maybe they don’t understand the meaning of “intellectual property.”
    Or maybe they’re trying to cash in on somebody else’s hard-won good reputation.

  10. 410

    In any case, it’s a fact: Empath Empowerment is a uniquely helpful system by me, Rose Rosetree. If other people use the term, they’re sure not authorized by me to represent my work. That would apply to the writer at Blavity.

    Nuff said! On to other types of discernment for helping you and other empaths…

  11. 411

    Now to look at the quote in Comment #400.

    “You feel connected to everyone around you, especially those who are suffering.”

  12. 412

    This is wrong for so many reasons, Blog-Buddies. Here’s a small sampling. For sure, this empath (Rose) sure doesn’t feel connected to everyone around me.
    But people could feel this way…
    * If they’re stoned on weed.
    * Or taking other recreational drugs.

  13. 413

    * Or if they’ve been studying Nonduality Enlightenment teachings. (Another type of Discernment Jamboree that I offer is related, btw.)

    * Or the person has serious psychiatric problems.

  14. 414

    * Maybe the person feels a kind of mood, and rather than calling it an ordinary name in the English language, the so-called “empath” fancies it up. For instance, “I’m in love” becomes, “There’s a smile on my face for the whole human race and I feel like literally connected to everybody.”

  15. 415

    What’s useful about this vague way of saying this is nebulous connection is “what makes you tick”?

    Market share. So many people may respond to this idea. However, to be clear, this “tick” concept has ZERO to do with being an empath.

  16. 416

    And how about the next part quoted in Comment #400, about feeling connected to everyone who happens to be around, “especially those who are suffering.

    Granted, some of the empaths I’ve helped to empower… did have this problem. But plenty of other empaths did not. And do not.

  17. 417

    If you make suffering the point of being an empath, you’re having the wrong conversation.

  18. 418

    As for, considering the suffering to be “This is an amazing gift and a heavy burden,”?

    That’s preposterous! Check out this article about 15 real empath gifts.

  19. 419

    Suffering comes if we misuse any of our empath gifts. Usually because we haven’t yet learned empath skills, nobody’s fault!

    To bring you skills — and without suffering — I offer books like this one to empower empaths. (Of course, we’re talking… the original, real, Empath Empowerment ® system.)

  20. 420
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Rose, I forgot to mention, Ebony F. is the author of “17 Steps to Become an Empowered Empath.” I already gave you the first.

    Now I’ll give you the rest her main Steps and a representative sample idea or two from each.

  21. 421
    Oscar Manuel says:

    2. Understand yourself.

    It’s likely that your characteristics are partially genetic and partly circumstantial. Tracing the roots to the source of your empathy can provide a sense of purpose and direction. What circumstances in your life cultivated your ability to relate so profoundly to suffering?

  22. 422

    Well here we go, OSCAR.

    Step 2 confirms something I suspect from Step 1. So far these “steps” are random.

  23. 423

    Look, providing a system is the gold standard, if you’d like to help a person gain skills.

    But sometimes people appropriate terms like “steps” so that they appear to be teaching systematically. As we proceed, we’ll get a sense of whether these 17 “Steps” from Ebony F. are more like a system. Or more like a list of tips that she put together.

  24. 424

    Over to Ebony’s Step 2, how is “Understand Yourself” different from Step 1?

    As you Blog-Buddies recall, Step 1 appeared on an earlier page of comment. Here’s a link to Oscar’s Comment #400: “Know how you tick.”

  25. 425

    Then, back at Step 1, the empath teacher proposed a set of ideas that I did my best to question in the comments that followed. To put it bluntly, she offered a set of popular ideas about the suffering of empaths, ideas that:

    *Aren’t true. At least to this empath teacher.
    *And these ideas aren’t helpful, either. Not unless you’re studying at the Acme School of Self-Pity.

  26. 426

    Continuing with the empath teacher’s second version of understanding yourself, what’s on offer?

    Let’s go through one chunk at a time, starting with, “It’s likely that your characteristics are partially genetic and partly circumstantial.”

  27. 427

    Hey, I don’t know what kind of research and training have qualified Ebony F. to teach empaths. I’ve written about mine elsewhere, and the background has been considerable.

    As a result, I wonder how helpful it is to expound upon the “characteristics” of an empath. Theorizing about heredity and circumstances? That’s starting to sound to me like pop psychology. But nothing like empath coaching.

  28. 428

    Here’s my version, telling you about the “characteristics” of an empath.

    Only I refer to the defining characteristics of empaths as “Empath Gifts.” Like, the full set of empath gifts. Basically, you can consider yourself to be an empath if you have even one of these.

  29. 429

    Meanwhile, I wonder if the “genetic” etc. idea was meant mainly to make Ebony F. seem like an expert.

    Something like, “I’ll believe her because she’s a scientist, as well as a giver of Steps to empaths.”

  30. 430

    “Tracing the roots to the source of your empathy can provide a sense of purpose and direction.”

  31. 431

    Evidently, now that Ebony F. has signaled that she’s a scientist, it’s time for her to move on to her work as a clinical psychologist. Or whatever her credential.

    The source of your empathy? I’m not sure what the heck that even means. Or what the empath step-giver means by that.

  32. 432

    Seems like a kind of high-sounding busywork to me. For sure, I’m left unconvinced that doing this busywork will provide either a sense of purpose OR a direction.

    (And why would somebody who really cares about either lump them both together? Here’s an article I wrote about finding a sense of purpose in the Age of Awakening. No room to throw in a compass or other attempt at direction.)

  33. 433

    Maybe Step #3 will show some sense of sequence?

    I hope so, because neither of the first two steps makes much sense to me as a person, let alone as an empath, let alone as an Empath Coach.

  34. 434
    Oscar Manuel says:

    3. Get to the bottom of it.

    In order to operate in a healthy way, you have to take the time to examine yourself. If necessary, begin the process of forgiving anyone who wasn’t able to give you what you needed when you needed it.

  35. 435
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Until you’ve done this, you won’t be able to reach your maximum potential. You’ll always be manipulating your gift for approval and validation.

  36. 436

    Finally, finally, empath expert Ebony F. has mentioned a gift.

    Only instead of an actual empath gift — like these ones, which I’ve researched on many clients — this is a so-called gift for “approval and validation.” Nothing whatsoever to do with being an empath, imho!

  37. 437
    Oscar Manuel says:

    4. Do what works for you.

    For you, no amount of money is worth your integrity. Embrace the fact that your path is unique and work toward a profession that feeds your passion.

  38. 438

    By now, these “steps” are starting to remind me of somebody who’s nearly falling down drunk. Teetering around and trying not to fall over.

    Let’s just give a moment to these totally different, wobby ideas. Really quite unconnected from each other. Or from anything to do with empaths. Or, in my view, bearing much relationship to “Do what works for you.”

  39. 439

    Apart from being such well-worn cliches!

    Actually, let’s start with “Do what works for you.” 3 1//4 MILLION hits on Google. Could mean any vague thing, right?

  40. 440

    On to the next point, connected perhaps only by virtue of being a cliche:

    For you, “no amount of money is worth your integrity.” I’ll just google the part quotes, without Ebony F.’s creative addition of “For you.” How many hits on Google right now? Gosh,m only 380 hits!

  41. 441

    Hmmm, but it sounded sooooo familiar. I’ll google this instead: Don’t sell your integrity.”

    Aha! This Cliche Detective just found 107 MILLION hits. Which is why the “no amount of money” version gets a few creativity points, but still is a pretty popular self-help truism.

  42. 442

    Next up, “Embrace the fact that ‘your path is unique‘….”

    Seems like an unrelated cliche to me, a cliche of the warm-fuzzy kind. How many hits on Google? Only 919 MILLION. Yep, I had a feeling I’d heard that flattering truism before. Somewhere. Somehow. Some way. 😉

  43. 443

    And then we get the culmination of this cascade of cliches: “Work toward ‘a profession that fuels your passion.'”

    Well, this idea may be unrelated empaths, not to mention to all that went before in this Step #4. Nevertheless, it might feel a smidge familiar, since “fuels your passion” gets a lovely 104 MILLION hits.

  44. 444

    In short, Ebony F. is doing a superb job at stringing together clickbait. However, so far I’m unconvinced that there’s anything empath-related or system-related. Not so far at least.

    Makes me curious, actually. What awaits us in Ebony’s next Steps for Empaths?

  45. 445
    Oscar Manuel says:

    5. Follow your heart.

    It might seem unrealistic to some, but you have to trust that operating in your calling will open doors and pave the way for miraculous opportunities. Your power lies in your spirit, not your size.

  46. 446

    Whoa! Caution about this Step #5 from Ebony F.

    Not all empaths have one of these emotionally-related gifts: Emotional Intuition and/or Emotional Oneness. But if you do… and you’re not yet a skilled empath…

  47. 447

    You’ll fall head over teakettle, following the heart (or emotions) of random people who aren’t even you.

    For fairness I’ll note, even if you’re a skilled empath. Even if you are an empath with one or more of the 13 Empath Gifts OTHER than than those named in the previous comment, it’s still really-really foolish to just “Follow your heart.”

  48. 448

    * Don’t you have intelligence, too?
    * How about a sense of responsibility or dharma?
    * And what about simply caring about acting like a good person, rather than an impulsive… well… fool!

  49. 449
    Oscar Manuel says:

    6. Set Your Intention

    Before you embark on a mission, be sure to gain a clear understanding of why you’re doing it…. If you give your very best with sincere intentions, the reward will come.

  50. 450

    Oh, the sorrow at reading Step 6. As usual, it’s more cliche-clickbait than useful advice for anybody, let alone empaths.

    But I really wish this stew of vague advice for empaths weren’t now seasoned with “if you give your very best with sincere intentions, the reward will come.”

  51. 451

    Because why not? Here’s why not, toward the end of one of my favorite Saturday Night Sketches. The part about “wanting enough [to become president].”

    Start laughing extra-hard at 4:44 minutes in.

  52. 452
    Oscar Manuel says:

    7. Be aware.

    Wait…what just happened? Everything was fine a moment ago and now, out of nowhere, you are completely drained.

  53. 453
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Welcome to the life of an empath. You have just tapped into someone else’s energy.

  54. 454
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Annoying? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have to be paralyzing.

    Pause and acknowledge the fact that you are absorbing stuff.

  55. 455

    Oh dear, I’m sure not laughing now. (Although fresh from many chortles thanks to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.)

    Ebony F. is finally talking about something that actually happens to empaths. Only what she’s written is kind of my nightmare.

  56. 456

    Here’s what I mean. In 2001 I published my first book for empaths. (“Empowered by Empathy” was the first book for empaths in English, actually.)

    And that publication followed 3 1/2 years of work to develop the system that’s now known as Empath Empowerment®.

  57. 457

    Since it’s now 2020, that adds up to two decades of work, educating and helping empaths. Empowering them, even. If only they’ll follow up on instructions in books like “Empath Empowerment in 30 Days.”

    As you might guess, empowering empaths — really helping them — is my dream.

  58. 458

    Only here comes carefree-sounding, cliche-spouting Ebony F. And she waits until her Step #7!!!!!!! to write anything that’s really relevant to empaths. Although the name of her article is what again?

    “17 Steps to Become an Empowered Empath”

  59. 459

    And here she goes, mixing in my term of art, “STUFF” (Mostly called “Imported STUFF” for the last decade.)
    With imprecise (psychic development) language to describe “unskilled empath merge” — her “tapping into people’s energy.”
    And then, which two solutions does Ebony propose that empaths follow?

  60. 460

    Not-so-bright idea #1. “Be aware.”

    As in what? Doing something like mindfulness meditation? That sure won’t prevent Imported STUFF. Absolutely won’t!

  61. 461

    Not-so-bright idea #2. “Pause and acknowledge the fact that you are absorbing stuff.”

    And so an empath teacher is actually proposing that empaths stop whatever they’re doing in order to “accept” that they’ve got the Imported STUFF?

  62. 462

    Reminds me of a certain way of talking that’s fairly common in people who’ve had a whole lot of therapy. Until they’ve been trained to sagely name a problem they have, then conclude by say smugly, “But that’s okay.”

    Am I the only one who finds this incredibly annoying? And false!

  63. 463

    So no, I don’t think that the advice given here helps a bit. Except for being significantly counterproductive.

    Beyond that, recognizing concepts and terminology that I pioneered — in a system that actually works — and then watching them tossed around like discarded gift wrap on Christmas morning? Yes, this is my nightmare alright. What a way to keep empaths suffering… unnecessarily!

  64. 464

    I’ll take a bit of a breather before returning to the other 10 interesting “steps” offered here.

    !Ay caramba!

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