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Feldenkrais Skilled Empath Merge. Inspiration!

Feldenkrais Skilled Empath Merge. How Moshe Feldenkrais embodied “Work is love made visible.”

Feldenkrais Skilled Empath Merge. Genius isn’t a word I use lightly. But it just might apply to this brilliant, innovative teacher. Likewise, the work he pioneered in the 1930s.

Individual-specific movement mastery and pain prevention — that’s how I think of Feldenkrais! Work that lives on to this day!

And what better way to learn about Moshe Feldenkrais than Skilled Empath Merge?

A Feldenkrais Practitioner Won Our Latest Contest

KIM THOMPSON won this contest along with two other Blog-Buddies. Who are the other contest winners? Just keep reading this blog regularly to read find their blog posts. ‘Cause they’re comin’ in weeks to follow.

Back to today, though, here’s KIM’s prize. And which contest are we talking about here? Being Somebody Wonderful. See her superb Comments #132 – 142. What a great nomination!

In part, that was an educational contest, not just a chance for three folks to win a free celebrity reading. Even reading those comments now, today — after the contest is closed — you can win. Because you can gain considerable clarity about Skilled Empath Merge. (Incidentally, that just-mentioned article can also tell you a lot.)

Specific to that contest, it’s a powerful immersion in empath knowledge. Have you ever seen discussion of this elsewhere on the internet?

What can — or can’t — you learn from a Skilled Empath Merge?

And how can you use your consciousness to become empowered as an empath?

Also, “Empath Empowerment” isn’t just a slogan. Though many people use it that way. Empath Empowerment® is a unique system for helping empaths. (Actually, the only trademarked system in America for empaths.)

Until you read our back-and-forths at that contest blog post, who knows? Precious few people today even know about Skilled Empath Merge. Let alone, what’s realistic to expect?

  • Sometimes wishing for the moon.
  • Other times, not sure what to wish for at all.
  • No wonder Blog-Buddies and this Empath Coach had such a lively exchange of ideas.
  • For all you empaths who are curious about how much you will be able to learn, once you gain that skill… Definitely, I recommend reading our fabulous back-and-forth comments here.

Answering KIM’S Questions about Moshe Feldenkrais

Gems from KIM’s comments at the contest include these points:

  • Moshe used non-habitual movement cues and gentle touch to help people cultivate free will, autonomy and self-authority.
  • Feldenkrais said, “The object of this learning is to remove outside authority from your inner life”
  • Note: Self-authority is also central to my system of Energy Spirituality. Begun in 1986. Whereas, I gather, Feldenkrais understood and used this concept so long ago. Like when he gave his first training in 1969,

Here’s the photograph I’ll use for doing a Skilled Empath Merge on Feldenkrais.

Perhaps some of you Blog-Buddies would like to do one before reading what follows. Also big fun…. You might wish to do an aura reading, using Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Either way, unless you’ve had advanced training, you’ll need to see every body part related to a chakra or chakra databank. So this Feldenkrais picture might make a good supplement.

For a Feldenkrais Skilled Empath Merge or Aura Reading, Start Here

Just for fun, here’s a preview of chakra databanks that you might wish to research:

  1. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power
  2. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power
  3. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source
  4. Root Chakra Databank for Connecting to My Social Group (The Tribe)

Have fun, Blog-Buddies! I sure know I will. And thanks, KIM for a chance to learn more about this great man.

#1. Feldenkrais Skilled Empath Merge. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

KIM’S related question was, “How did he handle power?” In my experience, it takes this chakra databank plus the next one to answer that question. Here goes.

Well, hello God! By the time of this photograph, God has definitely taken up big-deal residence in this man. So I’ll be commenting about Enlightenment at the conclusion of this article. Happy surprise! (Maybe not that big a surprise, actually.)

Second useful thing to know about using power for Moshe Feldenkrais? To him, what matters is life. As in the Jewish toast, L’Chaim!

As in, being alive. Feeling alive. Doing and saying things for life.

And, golly, exploring power for Feldenkrais during this Skilled Empath Merge, hello again! I experience another sacred value of Judaism: Tikkun Olam:

  1. This is a Hebrew expression for mending the world.
  2. And bringing social justice into the world.
  3. Or, as I personally care about living it, bringing truth into human life. (Yes, as a non-observant Jew, I don’t often think about official Judaism. But there it is, so important to me. Therefore, as a skilled empath, I could recognize this in Moshe Feldenkrais.)
  4. Also, if you haven’t already known this, “Moshe” is the Biblical Hebrew name for Moses.

Incidentally, that Point #3 spilled the beans on something you might not have thought about.

Why Self-Authority Matters. And Why YOU Matter.

Whenever Using RES Energy READING Skills

Why is every aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge distinctive? Because your excellent skills allow you to co-create with God, finding out what’s true for you.

Or to put it another way. (At least, italicize it in a different way.) Because your excellent skills allow you to co-create with God, finding out what’s true for you. Meaningful for YOU.

Why could I spot Tikkun Olam? Because I have some knowledge of what it is. Happily dwelling right in my subconscious mind!

By contrast, other Blog-Buddies have different kinds of knowledge. Happily dwelling in their subconscious minds.

Co-creating with the Divine is baked into the system of Empath Empowerment. Also, baked into the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. So whatever you discover becomes a joint collaboration between your choice of Divine Being… And YOU. Specifically, every word and concept in your subconscious mind.

Of course, we can’t recognize what we don’t know. And that’s why each skilled empath and person with good energetic literacy can contribute uniquely.

In our COMMENTS section below, you might want to note whether or not you think this is a big deal. Or even good.

I’d love to discuss that with you, Blog-Buddies. And how appropriate, discussing this topic! Given that today’s article celebrates a master of self-authority regarding physical movement.

The great Moshe Feldenkrais empowered his patients to find their own beneficial ways to move freely. Rather than being stuck in movement ruts. Like unhelpful, pain-inducing habits.

#2. Feldenkrais Skilled Empath Merge. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power

Sharing power means love in action.

Also, to Moshe Feldenkrais, how to describe the essence of his service on earth? That’s what we might call sharing power. Or collaborating.

Furthermore, sharing power is sacred to him.

Imagine this, Blog-Buddies, to get more of the idea. Imagine if you belonged to a religion that didn’t include worshiping people.  (Not even the mighty Moses, from the Jewish Bible.)

  • Think, for a moment, of all the sacred pictures you’ve seen.
  • Whether of Jesus.
  • Or images of the Holy Spirit.
  • Glorious images of Buddha. And Buddhas, plural. Including sacred images that are pretty obligatory if you’re involved in Pure Land Buddhism.
  • Magnificent paintings of Krishna, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and other Divine Beings from Hinduism. (Just last week, a friend who’s a monk emailed me a gorgeous picture of Lord Krishna. Celebrating Krishna’s birthday.)

Overall, you get the picture, right? And apologies if I didn’t include, in this short list, the kind of sacred painting that’s you find most meaningful.

Here’s the point. Pack all that love and adoration — as if no sacred pictures existed — and transfer it into human beings. When bringing the Feldenkrais Method into the world, that’s exactly what Moshe Feldenkrais did.

Incidentally, that’s the #1 thing it means to me, being Jewish.

Work is love made visible. And, for Dr. Feldenkrais, so was accomplishing things along with other people. Also known as “sharing power.”

Let’s Pause Here to Discuss

Because Part 2 is coming. First, though, please share your reaction so far. Or even your own aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge!

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  1. 1
    Anonymously Anonymous says:

    Delighted to see this post, Rose.

    I am a long-time major fan of Feldenkrais. It is a very unusual and very powerful healing modality.

  2. 2

    Yes, many of my Energy Spirituality clients have told me that Feldenkrais has helped them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 3
    Zaybe says:

    Planning to read this man’s aura soon (tomorrow?). Therefore haven’t read the main post yet – but I will!

  4. 4
    Sylvia says:

    What a delightful and inspiring post! I’m looking forward to Part 2!

  5. 5
    Jnana says:

    Just taking the 5 minutes to say how much I have enjoyed this and the past few blog posts. And the comments as well.

    Waiting for things to get less hectic so I can comment some more.

  6. 6
    Zaybe says:

    So… here’s my stab at reading Moshe Feldenkreis’s aura.

    Solar Plexus chakra databank for Using Power: 80ft
    I found a quality of tremendous joy here and a sense of Using Power like having a purring machine in the background (note: this was my interpretation, not my initial perception).

  7. 7
    Zaybe says:

    Solar Plexus chakra databank for Sharing Power: 80ft

    Great joy in teaching others about sharing power (just by his auric modelling alone). A fabulous, fun game to play, for him – I mean, the quality was joyful and playful, not earnest or serious.

  8. 8
    Zaybe says:

    Third Eye chakra databank for Connection to Spiritual Source: very large.
    Beautiful, harmonious, taken for granted.

  9. 9
    Zaybe says:

    Root chakra databank for connecting to my social group (the Tribe): very large.

    Here I found a strong quality of universalism, humanitarianism. It reminded me of descriptions I have read in the past about the zodiac sign of Aquarius! Loving all in a very independent way. Hope that makes sense!

  10. 10
    Zaybe says:

    In conclusion, wow, what an inspriing and interesting man! I am going to read the main post now….

  11. 11

    ZAYBE, thank you for these insights. And also for daring to use your Stage 3 Energetic Literacy skills in public.

    You’re like an early word literacy leader, daring to read your Gutenberg bible even though you’re not a member of the clergy.

  12. 12

    Yes, I’ve just published the conclusion of Skilled Empath Merge-type research into Moshe Feldenkrais.

    Including a list of his empath gifts. Come see!

  13. 13
    Living on Earth says:

    Responding to your quote Rose “Of course, we can’t recognize what we don’t know. And that’s why each skilled empath and person with good energetic literacy can contribute uniquely.”

    I think its a very big deal!

  14. 14
    Living on Earth says:

    In the sense that we don’t need to mold into any one way of being but mastering our own self authority and individuality.

  15. 15
    Living on Earth says:

    I love the fact that Skilled Empath Merges allow me to have my own version of the experience that’s unique to me.

  16. 16
    Living on Earth says:

    Its equally amazing that Moshe Feldenkrais has discovered and successfully executed these concepts in an era when mostly the opposite was the popular way of being.

  17. 17

    Thanks especially for your perceptive Comments #121-122, LIVING ON EARTH.

    Written by a Skilled Empath, for sure. Moreover one who has learned how to do Skilled Empath Merges, a.k.a. “The biggest fun you can have with your clothes on.”

  18. 18
    Lindsey says:

    Oh what a beauty!

    Thank you so much Rose and Kim for taking the time to share about Moshe Feldenkrais! He’s on my list for my next Skilled Empath Merge for certain and on my list for people to read about.

  19. 19
    Lindsey says:

    I had never heard of him before.

    I really appreciate this post and the concluding post as well! Nice job Rose!

  20. 20

    LINDSEY, you’re welcome. I sure hope you know this:

    All of you with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy have a standing invitation to publish your aura readings here. Including just sending an aura reading on ANYONE. Just include a link to the photo you used and include at least three chakra databanks in your research. I can turn that into a GUEST POST.

  21. 21

    And one more important thing for you to know, if you’re actively reading auras these days.

    Although in articles like this one I suggest that you do your own research before reading my articles, golly! That’s only to support some of you who are still pretty new to using your self-authority — trusting yourself when reading auras. Fact is, if you’ve learned to read auras from regular photos, you have good skills to ensure accuracy. So go for it. And please share here.

  22. 22
    Kim says:

    Thank you, Rose.

    Perhaps related to your observation of Tikkun Olam is this comment I heard from someone who trained directly with Moshe. She said that he encouraged people to give credit when they were sharing something they learned from someone else.

  23. 23
    Kim says:

    I can’t remember the exact phrasing she used to recount his explanation, but it had to do with bringing more integrity and truth into the social sphere.

  24. 24
    Kim says:

    And you are absolutely right on that he encouraged people to find their own beneficial ways to move freely — not being stuck and not adhering to some recipe that someone else cooked up and then tried to apply to a broad sweep of the population.

  25. 25

    More wisdom from KIM. Thank you.

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