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Orthorexia Aura. Does An Eating Disorder Show?

Orthorexia Aura. Maybe not showing in most aura photos. This one — taken of somebody without orthorexia — was taken after a Skilled Empath Merge. But maybe it can get you thinking. (See Comments #1-2 below.)

Orthorexia Aura. Does this eating disorder show in a person’s aura? Or appearance?

Actually, does any eating disorder show, aurically?

Like Me, Maybe You’re Curious. Is There Such a Thing as an Orthorexia Aura?

Or an Anorexic Aura?

By now you know about Jordan Younger’s aura. First, insights from Jordan’s Root Chakra databanks alone. Second, more kinds of mess going on. Involving other chakra databanks belonging to “The Blonde Vegan.” Spunkily rebranded later as “The Balanced Blonde.”

And, although the advice she sold as “The Blonde Vegan” had made herself ill already… Once again, the telegenic young woman — with no nutritional training — once again straining my personal credulity. Perhaps Jordan had the only qualification for giving nutritional advice. All that mattered to her fans! Relatability!!!

“Bravely,” Jordan re-launched her career as a new kind of nutrition expert.


Could Orthorexia Simply Be Obvious? Right on the Surface of Life

For instance, If You Saw Her in this Photo, Could You Guess that Jordan Had an Eating Disorder?

Sometimes common sense will tell you, “This person is way too thin.” Or you’ll wonder, “Huh?” And then, “All this clean eating, why? Besides, what’s the great thing it’s supposed to accomplish?”

And yet, orthorexia is becoming increasingly popular. And spotting folks with this problem is as hard as flagging anorexia. Usually, you can’t tell. For example, you might appreciate the perspective of recovering orthorexic, Anna Kilar. Highly articulate, this young woman! In the video at the previous link, you can learn how she hid her orthorexia. And also the problems she’s having in recovery.

Alternatively, you may already know and respect aura reading. At least, when done with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. (Which is, BTW, the minimum level of skill required for any aura reading articles published here, at my blog.) Hence the topic for this article: Can aura reading tell if somebody you know is orthorexic?

Sadly, this Orthorexia Topic is Somewhat Personal to Me

Blog-Buddies, let me tell you a story. This summer I had a session with Gladys. A couple of years before, we’d had a first session. Now she wasn’t doing better with personal growth or spiritual awakening. Seemed like, she was doing far worse. For example…

When I asked for an idea to help me create an intention, ouch! In a listless voice, Gladys said, “More energy.”

Of course, I had to explain at length what Energy Spirituality IS. Quite definitely, this isn’t New Age energy healing.  Which would be where to turn for fatigue. (Perhaps after consulting a physician!)

However, I’d just done a Skilled Empath Merge on Gladys. Therefore, what was screamingly evident to me? She was hungry-hungry-hungry.

Soon afterward, Gladys and I found a different intention. Something within the scope of Energy Spirituality-Type Energy HEALING.

Quickly, first, I took a moment to ask, “What do you typically eat for breakfast?”

Rather arrogantly, I thought, Gladys replied: “A few flax seeds and some slices of apple.”

“Please,” I suggested. “Have some complete protein for breakfast. And please question, altogether, how you are eating.”

Incidentally, Blog-Buddies, here’s a link to a brilliant Ted Talk about nutrition. I learned a lot from it, and maybe you will too.

What’s So Sad About Gladys and Me?

After helping Gladys as best I could, in that session, sigh! On a later occasion I researched her aura. By now, she’s in extreme spiritual addiction.

In retrospect, I could see it coming. Including how Gladys responded to every suggestion I made to her about paying attention to being human.

Maybe you Blog-Buddies, have similar stories. Plural. Yes, stories.

Don’t get me started on my list of friends and clients who “upgraded” to eating vegan, or raw. So proud of that! And then they wound up in extreme spiritual addiction. Like every single long-term vegan I researched for you at this post about veganism.

Instead, Let’s Get Practical, Now

Answering the Question, “What Is an Orthorexic Aura?”

Nope. There’s no such thing. At least not from an Energy Spirituality point of view.

RES helps people with emotional and spiritual growth. Using leading-edge energy techniques.

Specifically, “leading-edge” means skills involving energy that work NOW in the Age of Awakening.

Also, you’ll find a similar perspective you’ll find at the websites of:

Quite consistently, we’ll tell you that scope of work.

But What about All the Proud MBS Healers? Can’t They Fix Everything?

Granted, you’ll find many psychics and New Age energy healers who tell you something like this: “I work in body-mind-spirit. So when I give you a clearing, you’ll grow in your mind. And also become more spiritual.”

However, I don’t find that to be the case. Here’s a video I made about how an energy “clearing” is not an energy healing.

Another example: Check out the psychics and energy medicine healers at my Enlightenment Life List. They’re nominees. Not in Enlightenment.

Sad but true. Not progressing in personal growth or spiritual awakening. Instead, stuck in spiritual addiction or extreme spiritual addiction.

Talk about personal stories! I’ve known so many sweet-and-dedicated psychics. Also, energy healers, like Reiki channels, sweet people doing their best. And yet, in the early years of the Age of Awakening, these modalities don’t work so well any more.

At this time, I don’t know of a single psychic or New Age Energy Healer who is in Enlightenment. (If I’m mistaken, let me know in COMMENTS below, Blog-Buddies.)

Incidentally, SANDRA, LEO, ISABELLA and I are all on the Enlightenment Life List. (Quick reference resource? Check out the Alphabetical Enlightenment List.)

Currently, all of us RES Practitioners live in Enlightenment. Unlike New Age energy healers. Quite simply, it helps us to grow, being professionals at Energy Spirituality. In particular, Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

How about Spotting an Orthorexia Aura with Advanced Energetic Literacy?

Perhaps some of you have had a dream like this: “If I get good enough at energetic literacy, I could become a medical intuitive?”

Actually no. “Intuitive” is just today’s fancy word for “Psychic.” Which means that you learn how to receive information from spirits. (Spirits: Also known as discarnate entities. Or astral entities. Or ETs.)

Back in the Age of Faith? Sure! Especially during the New Age Years (right before the Shift on 12/21/12), sure! People had a grand time working at this lucrative specialty for psychics. But now it’s dangerous.

So Why Have I Written about “The Anorexic Ideal”?

Absolutely, for years I have sometimes flagged the pop culture adoration of extreme thinness. What I call “The Anorexic Ideal.

How come? While doing aura readings, sometimes I’ll find a tendency toward self-starvation. Usually when I’m researching the Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health. Or a related chakra databank. And it’s like that part of a person’s aura screams, “Feed me.”

You see, Blog-Buddies, I do research the Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health. Maybe, in session, I’ve done that for you. But it wasn’t ever as a medical intuitive. Or any professional specialty qualifying me to diagnose problems like orthorexia or anorexia.

Instead, when I research this chakra databank, guess what? Energetic literacy reveals how a person has consciousness regarding that aspect of life. Like, emotionally, what’s going on? And spiritually, how’s that person doing… regarding the state of health overall?

In short, energetic literacy skills deliver an emotional and spiritual perspective. On that chakra databank. Or any other databank.

Therefore, don’t turn to me if you fear that you’re tipping into orthorexia. Or if you’re worrying about a friend developing this kind of problem. Instead, seek help from qualified professionals.

Otherwise, Protect Yourself from Orthorexia

How? Protect yourself with self-knowledge. Which is why this Orthorexia Questionnaire can be a good place to start.

And what if you’re worrying about a friend? Have a conversation about “eating pure.” Honestly express your concerns to that friend. And maybe invite your friend to take the aforementioned Orthorexia Questionnaire.

Overall, I recommend this food-attitude: Don’t paint yourself into a corner, diet-wise.

Cows eat “clean.” Horses eat “clean.” But their bodies are different. Maybe their responsibilities in life, too. 😉

Please don’t try to eat purely in order to gain spiritual awakening.

For sure, as an Enlightenment Coach, I’ve helped some folks move into Enlightenment. Obviously, I’ve helped many more progress rapidly toward Enlightenment. Not a single one of them, to my knowledge, has pursued an extreme diet. And you don’t have to do that to yourself, either.

In Conclusion

Hey, you know what? I don’t have a final conclusion about orthorexia. Or an ultimate solution to pop culture’s love affair with The Anorexic Ideal.

But I am mighty curious about your reactions to today’s article. Especially to that YouTube link I gave you to my favorite Ted Talk yet. It has helped me eat better. As someone who began studying nutrition in 1968. Published a nutritionally-oriented cookbook. And even worked, for a while, as a writer for Prevention Health Books. Even if you already know a lot about feeding yourself properly, that video may help you, too.

Comment away, with any reactions — or questions — or stories. Join this ongoing conversation.

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  1. 1

    Incidentally, Blog-Buddies, what’s the picture at the top of this post? It’s an aura photograph, taken with excellent equipment. That photo shows me, right after doing a Skilled Empath Merge with a Malachite Crystal.

    If a one-minute Skilled Empath Merge changes my aura (or anyone’s), just imagine the impact of trying heroically hard… for months or years… to eat a super-clean, impossibly “pure” diet.

  2. 2

    Incidentally, at the top of this post, there’s that aura photo of me after doing a Skilled Empath Merge. For comparison, you’ll find an aura photo of me taken on the same afternoon. Only that aura photograph showed my aura before I began doing any Skilled Empath Merges.

    See anything different?

  3. 3
    Liane says:

    There’s a huge difference in the color(s) of your aura photos, Rose – from the regular one at the Skilled Empath Merge blog post…
    To the one here, after you did a skilled empath merge, as shown in this article.

    Plus, your face in the after is pure joy : )

  4. 4
    Liane says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the TED Talk.

    Good timing. Most of the time I eat using the 80/20 guideline, but I’d never heard of the beta cells in our pancreas having so much to do with Everything!

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    Orthorexia. I don’t even know what to say about this modern-day problem.

    One more thing… or rather, too much of a good thing, at the expense of our body. Not to mention our aura.

  6. 6

    LIANE, thanks for all you’ve written here.

    That TED talk has really helped me. I’m glad you watched it and learned from it.

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