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September 2019 Treats. Workshop + Expo

September 2019 Treats. If I were blowing bubbles for making wishes, I couldn’t be getting better ones than what you’ll read about in this post.

September 2019 Treats. Three big treats are coming this month, Rosetree ENERGY SPIRITUALITY treats.

Could you use a little more fun?

Could you use a LOT more fun?

Then I’ve got some good news for you.

#1. September 2019 Treats: The All-New Enlightenment Workshop

Do you have any idea what’s included in the final Energy Spirituality workshop for 2019?

It’s Spiritual Clarity on Your Enlightenment Path. Next weekend!

Perhaps you’ve read the description at that last link. Clearly, this will be an in-person workshop, one-time offered. And back when I first planned it and sketched it all out… Even then it was a powerful workshop.

We might even call it THE In-Person Workshop about Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Because who else even knows much about Age of Awakening Enlightenment? Let alone has helped 39 people attain it. And countless more to make huge progress in personal growth and spiritual awakening. (Even if they haven’t yet crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.)

This workshop will be offered at a time when nobody else is giving Enlightenment Workshops that even acknowledge this new kind of Enlightenment. Although it’s been the new game in town since 12/21/12.

Think I’m kidding about the “nobody else” part? Check out this search I just did on Google. And then, maybe, google “age of awakening enlightenment workshops”… 10 years from now.

Meanwhile, What Other Kinds of Enlightenment Workshop Can You Attend?

Loads to choose from! Like workshops from “Retreat Guru,” Charles A. Francis: A man whose work I’ve been writing about extensively at a popular new blog post: “What Enlightenment Looks Like.” (Might make you think. Might also make you laugh.)

Especially popular, Nonduality Teachers are constantly offering retreats. Aiming for a spiritual contagion, where people just sit together. Listening to the silence. And awaken each other.

  • Sadly, as you can read at the aforementioned blog post on Enlightenment, huh? What gives with that? Do people really catch a higher state of consciousness, just ’cause the Teachers and Gurus are so super-special?
  • Or is it more likely that folks will leave with a problem. Sigh! Namely, a problem with their consciousness lifestyle.

So What Extra Can I Tell You about #1  Among our September 2019 Treats?

While fine-tuning the workshop that I’d planned six months earlier, hello! Co-creating away, inspiration struck. Consequently, I added a little something to what I already planned. (This you can read about at my Enlightenment Workshop description. Along with the other link I’ve supplied earlier in this post.)

So, what’s new? I’ve co-created six different Technique Time explorations. Powerful techniques that are especially helpful for accelerating Enlightenment. Available to use during the workshop and back at home, too.

And that’s not even the whole workshop. That’s on top of all the other topics, boundary smashers, worksheets. Also coming: A brand new way to peel away certain illusions. Quite some collection of illusion smashers! Yes, that’s a recent addition to the workshop as well.

So, please take a look at the details I’ve given you here. Take a look, even if you’re just a little bit curious.

Granted, a full group has already signed up.

  • Some already in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.
  • Others moving forward on their spiritual paths. And, to be technical, they’re not yet in Enlightenment.
  • This workshop was designed for them all. Specifically for moving forward on each person’s unique Enlightenment Path.

If you’d like to join us, register as soon as possible. I’ll be offering this in person workshop one time only. If it calls you, might I recommend? Go for it.

#2. September 2019 Treats: Pathways Expo Includes Guess What?

Twice a year, Lou DeSabla throws a big party. It’s the Natural Living Expo. A.K.A. The top mind-body-spirit expo in the Washington, D.C. area. Among the 130 booths you can visit that day? There’s the booth called:

Age of Awakening with Rose Rosetree, #123

Nothing else like this booth is at the Expo! And not just because you can learn loads from talking to our service-oriented Expo booth helpers. (Like learning what the Age of Awakening actually is. Just in case you’re not sure.)

Besides that, what can you do at the Expo? So many ways how we can help you!

  1. Get aura readings.
  2. Buy how-to books
  3. Or just talk with an expert in order to answer YOUR questions about anything included in Energy Spirituality.
  4. Such as learning RES Energy READING Skills
  5. and Energy HEALING Skills
  6. Empath Empowerment®,
  7. And Enlightenment Coaching.

Notably, RES Practitioner LEO and Apprentice GABRIELLE Will Give a Workshop

In order to attend this workshop, your Admission Fee is teensy. (And this coupon can make it even teensier.)

Yes, apart from visiting all the booths, you can take your pick from 54 workshops. And here’s the scoop on one of them:

$$$Make More Money. Aura Readings.$$$

LEO WATTS main speaker, GABRIELLE introducing.
3:00 p.m.

Can you live with purpose so that you also make more money?

Cut through the clutter of “Supposed to’s.” Learn how to become more successful financially… by discovering the role of your soul in making work choices.

Sample aura readings are included in this lecture-demonstration. Dynamic workshop presenter Leo Watts is an RES Practitioner who trained with Rose Rosetree, Pathways “Energetic Literacy” Columnist.

Sunday September 29, 2019. 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Note: I won’t be attending. But GABRIELLE, LEO, and their magnificent, knowledgeable staff will take good care of you.

#3. September 2019 Treats: Aiming to Announce It on September 25

What will I tell you about this treat right now? Only this:

I’m super-excited about it.

And have been working on it night and day. Because I just can’t stand NOT having it available.

Also, I promise you. In the little world of Rosetree Energy Spirituality… it’s a big deal.

One Treat Minus, Just for this Month

Something has to give, Blog-Buddies. What with that day-and-night.

Plus,what with the huge surge of comments this month and last month. Mostly written by me in response to questions from you Blog-Buddies.

Hey, have you noticed all those comments on just two blog posts? Yes, two new articles have surged onto our Top 15 Posts List:

  1. Currently at #3: What Enlightenment Looks Like
  2. And currently at #4. Skilled Empath Merges Matter. Here’s Why.

I know. Amazing, right?

So, here’s what has to give: The usual monthly issue of “Reading Life Deeper.” Instead of publishing a September Issue, I’ll give you a September-October Issue. Publishing it in October, haha!

Why not? That’s an unconventional choice. Since usually one would publish a two-month issue in the earlier month.

But hey, I know the writer and publisher. And this Rose Rosetree person tells me it’s okay. Because none of us want her to explode from overwork.

Excited, Anyone, about our September Treats?

Questions. Comments. Stories. I’m open to all of it.

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  1. 1
    Daisy says:

    Thank you for doing so much to help us, Rose.

    I am looking forward to all three treats.

  2. 2

    Sweet,DAISY! Thanks for coming forward.

  3. 3

    It’s occurring to me that we have something else to look forward to this month, here at the blog. At the rate of commenting here, we’ll likely twirl and gallop past 53,000 comments this month.

    As you may have noticed, we’ve got something going on now in addition to the usual comments here. You’re always, always welcome to share your thoughts on the topics at a post, to tell your stories or share your reactions or simply ask a question.

  4. 4

    These comments make it a pleasure for me to open up this blog every day, in order to be of service to you.

    But something is going on now that may continue for the foreseeable future. I’ve been adding discernment-type posts, where I compare my Energy Spirituality approach to other ways of helping people, usually ideas that are (so far) way more mainstream.

  5. 5

    Our first two discernment articles just kind of happened, recently:

    First came “Skilled Empath Merges Matter. Here’s Why.” It has turned into a fascinating conversation where comments from you Blog-Buddies include quotes from other people who teach empaths. Feel free to read some comments, get into the swing of things, and then find somebody new to ask about, adding to the flow of discernment for us all.

  6. 6

    Next, on the topic of Enlightenment Coaching, I’m still responding to a great series of quotes brought forward by one of our Blog-Buddies. Because it’s fascinating, the different perspectives out in the world about “What Does Enlightenment Look Like?

    Besides the usual comments, here you can participate in a kind of Q&A. You ask, I respond. And then all of us learn. Once again, you can get into the swing of things by reading comments. Also, later today I plan to add to the main post… at the end… a list of the people’s approaches already discussed, so you have only about a zillion others to choose from.

  7. 7
    Living on Earth says:

    Oh how so very exciting Rose 🙂

    How I wish I was there for all of it. I’m giddy with the thought that it might translate to a future online workshop someday.

  8. 8
    Living on Earth says:

    So an idea occurred to me. The workshop which Leo and Gabrielle provide, can they record it and make it available online as well? Maybe even for the same fee at this blog? Or as a part of an online related workshop?

    I’d so love to “meet” with both and hear what they have to say, even if its through an online platform.

  9. 9

    What a delightful idea, LIVING ON EARTH. Just so you know, this is an introductory level workshop.

    Although making a video recording wouldn’t be feasible in the badly lit, bustling environment of a Pathways Expo, I think that it would be very appropriate for LEO and GABRIELLE to make a sound recording. If they do make one, I’ll make it available — for free — at this blog.

  10. 10
    Leo Watts says:

    Hi Living on Earth,

    I believe I will be able to make a sound recording. I am not an expert sound engineer, but I think I have the technical capabilities to pull it off.

  11. 11
    Leo Watts says:

    I would be happy to share it on the blog, so you and other Blog-Buddies can give it a listen. Thanks for your interest.

    Best wishes, as always, Leo.

  12. 12
    Living on Earth says:


    Thank you both Rose and Leo for looking into it. The distance doesn’t always allow me , and I’m sure many other blog buddies, to attend to the workshops and/or the Expo.

  13. 13
    Living on Earth says:

    So this sounds like a great addition to be able to participate at your great work!

  14. 14

    Awesome, LEO. That will be the first Expo talk ever recorded on Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    And thanks so much for the idea, LIVING ON EARTH. Your inspiration has inspired LEO and me.

  15. 15

    A little work flow update, Blog-Buddies. It has been days I posted a new article. Which of us wants me to do that more, you or me? Probably both of us.

    However, I’ve got 13 unanswered comments still waiting at my Blog Monitor’s In-Box. So I’m planning to use my blog time for today by responding to as many of these as I can. You see, I want to clear the way for you to comment and know that I’ll respond with the more normal Quick Response Time.

  16. 16

    Incidentally, I’m not saying that your comments will have to wait at the end of the line. I continue to give Quick Response Time to new ones, like any from you Blog-Buddies.

    It’s the waiting-so-long comments that I also wish to make live, then respond to.

  17. 17

    Very exciting! For those of you who are local to Metro D.C., come to the Pathways Expo this Sunday, if you can.

    Cheer on RES Apprentice GABRIELLE and RES Practitioner LEO as they give a powerful talk.

  18. 18

    Besides them, we’ve got such a great team of volunteers to treat you to the Age of Awakening Expo booth. \

    We’re talkin: 3 RES Apprentices. Plus one RES Practitioner. And also 7 folks in Enlightenment — including the Mystery Woman Gladys, awaiting her name change, who moved into Enlightenment during the final Energy Spirituality workshop of 2019.

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