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Trump Aura. Energy Spirituality Perspective

Trump Aura Reading 2019 — Energy Spirituality perspective concludes this two-part series.

Trump Aura Reading continues to bring an Energy Spirituality perspective. That means using energetic literacy skills. Not a psychic reading. Nor New Age energy reading. But today’s energetic literacy skills.

Read and then feel free to comment below. What leaps out at you, as I describe Trump’s energies and SUBCONSCIOUS state of mind?

First of All, Some Background on the Field of Energy Spirituality

Funny thing about that. Which words will you find at the top of every single page of my website? “Energy Spirituality”

Yet could it be? Many of you skip over those words. Maybe you’re even not sure what they mean. Understandable, so let’s pause to consider this.

Why Is Energy Spirituality Unique for Giving You a Depth Aura Reading?

Because Energy Spirituality includes techniques for reading auras that are current. Working now, in the Age of Awakening.

By contrast, have you noticed. Usually other aura readers and energy readers are stuck. Whether they know it or not.

Stuck doing techniques that come from the Age of Faith? That is, originating some time between ancient Shamanic work and the New Age Years (from 1980 until the Shift into the Age of Awakening, 12/21/12). Yet now, could be, those revered techniques just might be obsolete.

Clearly, some beautiful psychics and Holistic Healers are beginning to reconsider their work. Why?

Explanation #1. What Works Best Now?

Usually I explain it in terms of the difference in effectiveness. Like riffing on traditions used for centuries or longer. Versus using skills from now. Such as these Energy Spirituality techniques, as taught in online workshops. (Right at this website.)

Explanation #2. Aura Reading Shows the Big Difference

Typically, I explain the difference in terms of skill at energetic literacy. Also known as “aura reading.”

  • Regarding that skill, most psychics and New Age Energy Healers satisfy themselves with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. (Due to the Romance of the Astral, this seems extra-zesty to them and their clients.) And that includes big-name Hay House authors.
  • While occasionally one of these sweet folks working with “energies” manage to do Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.
  • Because working with spirits can only get one so far. Whereas Energy Spirituality skills involve co-creating with the Divine. So you can easily learn Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Or higher.
  • And, of course, that’s what I’ll be using in this Part Two of my 2019 aura reading of Trump.

But there’s an additional difference. I think I’ll add that in our COMMENTS section.

Probably you’d like to get straight to Part 2 of this Aura Reading. (In case you missed it, here’s a link to Part 1.) Me too. So let’s go!

#5. Trump Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for USING Power

Saying and doing things to get what you want.

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon.


Full of entities, sure. But is there anything notable about this particular chakra databank, rather than the usual ETs+astral-entities jazz?

Actually, yes. The part of this databank that’s still Trump’s flatlines at 1/8 inch. In short, utter shutdown. As for the quality, the man doesn’t care at all if entities use him as their puppet. “Amoral” doesn’t begin to do justice to Trump’s passive indifference to ethics. All that matters, to him, is grabbing more power.

#6. Trump Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for SHARING Power

Interest in cooperating with others, including leadership style.

Uh-oh! Just to get this thought off my chest before I resume the aura research… Sharing power is one of the most important things that a U.S. president can do. And yet here’s a man who already shares power routinely, giving nearly all of it to the entities who run him. So horrible! Okay, now I’m letting go of all that. Back to usin’ my skills.

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon. Surprising?


Within that distorted chakra databank, filled with discarnate spirits, Trump maintains 18 feet of his own interesting self. Quite lively still!

Until I researched this chakra databank, I had forgotten that the man is above all a showman. Maybe like some of you other Truth Seekers, I’ve never watched even one episode of “The Apprentice.” Easy! I’ve got a loathing for hucksters.

Yet showmanship is the great public delight of this American president. He adores:

  • Using trickery.
  • And misleading people through (what he would consider) his ample charm.

Being president doesn’t interest Trump nearly as much as flaunting this showmanship. No wonder he gives so many campaign rallies to thrill his hat-wearing followers….

#7. Trump Aura. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Willingness to seek – and find, and care about – your true feelings.

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon once again!


All but 1/8” here is under the influence of astral beings. And how about that teensy Trump part of the aura real estate? It’s sheer indifference. Quite the opposite of being a Truth Seeker, don’t you think?

#8. Trump Aura. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Style of telling the truth; caring about telling other people the truth.

Symbolic Size

Entities’ Score: Out to the moon

Trump’s Score: 1/8 inch. Shut-down.


What’s happening in this chakra databank might be the most distinctive and important news from the entire aura reading.

To put it simply, several gangs of discarnate spirits run Trump – and they’re having a ball. Since he has no verbal integrity whatsoever, even that last remaining bit of Trump ego positively delights in what happens. Because who knows which words will come out of his mouth?

Yes, my research suggests that several different groups of entities take turns supplying the words that Trump speaks. And to them it’s hilarious, just as he appears to find it amusing.

Incidentally, I’ve read hundreds of auras of people who are also in Extreme Spiritual Addiction. So far, Trump’s the only one who juggles multiple groups of entities. Everybody else with this problem lives in service to one particular group of discarnate beings, promoting its own particular agenda.

#9. Trump Aura. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Personal interest in the Divine, and degree of energetic connection.

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Total shut-down.


Laughter and sneering. Entities who run Trump rejoice in expressing sentiments like this one, “God, we’ve made you into a nothing.”

#10. Trump Aura. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Psychic Guidance

Relationship to astral beings, such as spirit guides, ghosts, Extra-Terrestrial entities.

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon. Of course!


Given that this chakra databank involves receiving guidance from spirits, Trump’s aura shows total comfort in doing whatever those spirits want. To Truth Seekers like us, that would be a spiritual nightmare. But in his case? More like the entities enjoy what’s happening. While the 1/8 inch left of pure Trump likes it too.

For these opportunistic beings, running the president of the U.S. constitutes kind of a triumph. However, from my perspective, their pathetic attempts to manipulate human beings aren’t going to win. Not by a long shot.

In Conclusion

Not only don’t most people have enough energetic literacy to tell that Trump is now a puppet. Many are struggling to make sense out of his changing positions.

Really, though, it’s this simple: Different groups of entities, who run our president, have different agendas for influencing human beings. When they take turns running him, they’ll take positions differently from the group that was in charge minutes ago.

Overall, seems to me, playing around like this a big joke to all the groups of entities involved. Because what do they have in common? All of them enjoy chaos. In particular, they find it good sport… to weaken the humans who earnestly try to figure out Trump’s mismatched positions.

So Where Do You Go From Here?

Truth Seeker, today you’ve read a lot of aura-level truth: Insights into what runs our president’s subconscious mind and aura.

For now, let’s conclude this article with a couple of practical points:

  1. Have you been trying to figure out Trump? Stop wasting your time. Although many people with a psychological bent may find it reassuring to analyze the heck out of him… with all respect, they can’t possible figure him out. Because Trump’s being run by astral beings – astral, not human – and several different groups of them, actually. (As described in Chakra Databank #8 in this reading.)
  2. Please don’t fear that Trump’s disgusting state of consciousness – extreme spiritual addiction – is contagious.
  3. Most important, don’t live in fear of Trump’s energies. Instead, live in pursuit of your own human power, integrity, and happiness.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Wow! This blog post had me open mouthed with shock, especially #8. However it makes total sense.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    And I love your conclusion–to stop trying to figure Trump out.

    It baffles and frustrates me to observe three of my coworkers continually trying to do this kind of psychological analysis of him.

  3. 3

    KYLIE, thank you for your commenting leadership, yet again.

  4. 4

    Regarding that Explanation #3. I promised you’all.

    Psychic work is dangerous now in terms of consciousness lifestyle. The psychics are taking orders from spirits, asking them for guidance, or channeling them. Before the Shift into the Age of Awakening, that worked okay.

  5. 5

    And it’s the same for energy healing. Whether Reiki or Janet Mentgen’s Healing Touch or Eden Energy Medicine. These three come to mind because I studied all of them. (Only as a hobbyist. I understood that my life work involved emotional growth and spiritual awakening, Energy Spirituality-style.)

    Vaguely, teachers would say, “Work with Spirit. Or whatever you want to call it.”

  6. 6

    Tragically, after 12/21/12, things started to change. Due to the opportunistic astral entities that I wrote about (and offered help regarding) in “The New Strongg.”

    Psychics and energy healers, holistic healers whom I deeply loved — so many of them moved into extreme spiritual addiction. Because working with energies from spirits, or transmitting their information in psychic readings — doing this can add up, choice after choice, into living in extreme spiritual addiction.

  7. 7

    Of course, there are other ways of moving into that consciousness lifestyle. Seeking power, wealth, or fame at all costs can do it too.

    Exhibit A is Puppet Man Trump.

  8. 8
    Christine P says:

    So studying any form of Energy Medicine even as a hobbyist, and only one oneself, would no longer be advised?

    I am asking because I used to do the Daily Energy Routine until I found out (from this blog) that many teachers have moved into extreme spiritual addiction.

  9. 9

    CHRISITINE, that question depends on what you’ve been studying. Also when you learned whatever it was.

    With Eden Energy Medicine (which it sounds like you’re asking about), might I suggest? You could use the Daily Energy Routine if you learned it before 2012. And you could consult Donna’s first book on “Energy Medicine.” Just avoid the newer videos and books and teachings.

  10. 10

    Also based on my experience with clients, what if you’ve been doing Janet Mentgen’s beautiful system of Healing Touch? If you learned techniques like “Pain Drain” before the Shift into the Age of Awakening, keep using them. Beautiful skills.

    Otherwise, sadly, don’t. Your teacher might be among those in extreme spiritual addiction.

  11. 11

    As for Reiki, if you received attunements to become a Reiki channel, did you know? Unfortunately, for many “Masters,” Reiki lost its integrity after Diane Stein published her (stunningly out-of-integrity) book “Essential Reiki” in 1995.

    Because so many folks received something way different from — and worse than — what they bargained for, when it comes to Reiki I’d strongly recommend a session of Energy Spirituality-Type Energy HEALING. Recommend this for any of you who took Reiki since 1995. (Even if you don’t do it any longer.) Let me know right at the start, that’s why you’re having the session.

  12. 12

    Of course, that leaves many initiations, attunements, and workshops on New Age energy work that you might have taken. Might I suggest? Stop doing anything you’ve learned with initiations, transmissions, or attunements. And, before you continue, I’d again recommend a personal session with me.

    And please don’t think it protects you, energetically, that you stopped doing it. Sad to say, you could be recycling astral energies every day of your life, until this thing you received is expertly removed.

  13. 13

    Since you asked, CHRISTINE. Not the most comfortable subject for me to write about.

    However, I have facilitated many sessions where I used one or another Energy Spirituality Healing Centerpiece in order to free up my client. Consequently, my client’s life improved. That’s the point here, not to criticize anybody.

  14. 14

    I don’t watch or listen to Trump on the news anymore (he’s muted, and I turn away). He can make my mood go south very quickly.

    Thanks, Rose, for a preferable focus: “Instead, live in pursuit of your own human power, integrity, and happiness.”

  15. 15

    SANDRA HAERING, thanks for your wise perspective. Some of you Blog-Buddies may not yet have read “Avoid Political Hypnosis,” which is related to SANDRA’S first sentence here. You might find this article to be helpfu.

    In addition, I’ve written a LOT of articles here about Donald J. Trump. Here’s a link that will show them to you.

  16. 16
    Patricia says:

    Dearest Rose,🌹

    I’ve shared your Trump YouTube 2016 videos many times. Excellent! No need to try and figure out his motives after watching those!

  17. 17
    Patricia says:

    I wish you had uploaded the 2019 aura readings of him.

    I wondered why there was nothing after your videos of the 2016 election candidates.

  18. 18
    Patricia says:

    Will he win again in 2020? 😫

    How will this nightmare end?

  19. 19
    Patricia says:

    Can anything turn him to Divine Light?

  20. 20
    Patricia says:

    What can we do to end the chaos and suffering?

    Much love,

  21. 21

    PATRICIA, welcome to my blog. And thank you for this detailed and powerfully written set of comments.

    As is the style here, they’re chunked up for easy response. For sure, your thoughts and questions deserve that. 🙂

  22. 22

    Thanks for referring others to that YouTube video I’ve done on Trump. Now, perhaps, you might refer them to my blog.

    For many reasons, this is where my emphasis lies. Many times a week you’ll find thought-provoking guest posts and, also, articles by this founder of Energy Spirituality.

  23. 23

    Another advantage, from your perspective, PATRICIA, is that this is an educational blog. You can ask your questions here and share your views.

  24. 24

    Plus, such a relief! You can read comments here without flinching.

    Why? Because this blog is monitored. (By contrast, no comments are allowed on my YouTube videos. Some people may enjoy the rough and disrespectful exchanges there, but I sure don’t.)

  25. 25

    Responding to your Comment #17, the videos stopped because the consultant who shot them for me, as well as helping with online workshop development and other responsibilities, parted ways with my company.

    I haven’t replaced him. Although it’s fun watching YouTube videos, they’re not as good a way to educate people as my books, online workshops, in-person workshops. All of which provide powerful ways to make life better.

  26. 26

    The 10 trademarked systems of Rosetree Energy Spirituality can’t be reduced to a tweet, nor to a video that people casually click onto.

    Besides, this blog attracts curious, smart, thoughtful readers — people like you — not coincidentally, you’re the ones I prefer to reach and respond to.

  27. 27

    Regarding your Comment #18, PATRICIA, I am not a psychic. Here’s one article about why not. And here’s another. (Move into the comments and you’ll learn quite a few specifics.)

    Energy Spirituality is neither psychic work nor psychological work.

  28. 28

    Regarding your Comment #19, my research suggests that most consciousness lifestyles can shift. For instance, I’ve helped hundreds of clients to overcome spiritual addiction. But extreme spiritual addiction is the great exception.

    I doubt that anyone with that lifestyle will get out of that puppet-like form of existence. Not for the rest of this lifetime.

  29. 29

    However, that’s just the story of this lifetime. PATRICIA, I’ve had considerable experience with past-life regression. And that leads me to expect that after any human incarnation, the soul goes through a Life Review and then goes to an appropriate heaven.

    If we choose to return to Earth School, we get karma from choices we’ve made, etc. Whether we choose to return or not, we’re still immortal souls.

  30. 30

    Personally, I find this very consoling. Because I’ve lost many friends I deeply loved, and many more whom I’ve cared about a lot; they’ve moved into extreme spiritual addiction. It’s a terrible kind of grief; one I hope you never experience.

    I look on these people as casualties in the early years of the Age of Awakening. (Learn more about all this, and how to THRIVE now, in “The New Strong.“)

  31. 31

    And really, regarding your Comment #20, I think the best all of us can do — individually and collectively — is to use that book’s Program for Easy Vibrational Balance.

    Whether through “The New Strong” how-to book or my online workshops… or through any other method that would produce the same benefits. (Not that I’ve seen any yet, nowhere close. But who knows what wonderful discoveries my colleagues in personal growth will make?)

  32. 32
    Paula Tourville says:

    I can not express my thanks enough for the clarity and confirmation I so needed to find this evening .

  33. 33

    Paula Tourville, welcome to my blog. I’m so touched by you here.

    That’s why I’m here to bring more truth, love, and power into people’s lives. Come back, please. Browse more and comment morel

  34. 34
    Cloud says:

    How did he get in touch with these beings?

    He doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. Is it a subconscious pack?

  35. 35

    CLOUD, we’ve got good news and bad news in response to your Comment #34.

    The good news is, it considerably more polite than your comment from yesterday. I didn’t publish that one because it was extremely rude. This one is a bit better.

  36. 36

    I’d like to coach you a little, if I may, about how people communicate at my personal blog. If you look at other comments here — and there are thousands of you to choose from.

    For example, you might start with friendly conversation starters like these:

  37. 37

    * Hello, Rose.
    * Thank you for this article.
    * I enjoyed this article. Now I have a question.

  38. 38

    You see, CLOUD, I am not a search engine. I’m a human being, who runs a service-oriented blog. For free, actually. And one thing I need in order to publish (and respond to) questions from readers like you, is being treated as a human being.

    Look, I know many of my younger blog readers are used to texting. But this is a blog. Not a place to send informal texts, as if you knew me as somebody you know socially. Instead, please use your manners for conversations with a teacher, since that’s what I am.

  39. 39

    I actually thought about five times since yesterday, how I was considering emailing you and giving you the kind of pointer I just did in these Comments #35-38.

    But some people are simply rude in how they comment. Sometimes purposely rude. Other times more like your proposed comment yesterday. In the past I took time to email and then the person “thanked me” with insults. So I didn’t, this time. I’m really glad you came back on your own.

  40. 40

    Also, I’ll add this. I’m a person, too. Sometimes I have come up really short in the Manners Dept. I consider myself fortunate that I received a bit of kindly-meant coaching from Bobby in Miami, Sylvine in Towson, Kaori-san in Tokyo, Molly in Manhattan, and a sweet British lady I hardly knew who sent a most helpful email before the first of my five (so-far) teaching trips to London. I’ve named these folks because I’m tremendously grateful to them; they told me what I didn’t know.

  41. 41

    CLOUD, and others who might be reading with a personal interest, I’m writing to you in a similar spirit of helpfulness.

  42. 42

    Now, back to your question, CLOUD…. and the “bad” news. I’m going to refer you to this blog post. Rather than writing it all over again, in response to your question and your theory.

    Hint: Moving into Extreme Spiritual Addiction isn’t about whether a person smokes, etc. Settle on in and keep learning. I’m glad you’re here. 🙂

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