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Enlightenment Validation – How Enlightenment Coaches Decide

Enlightenment Validation. What is that, exactly? And do all Enlightenment Coaches do the same thing?

Do you often see Enlightenment Teachers with a specific method for Enlightenment Validation? Or is it more that they catch a vibe? Or “just know” through their Cosmic Knowingness?

Well, this Enlightenment Coach does something rigorous. Informative. And highly specific.

So today I’ll tell you why and how I do Enlightenment Validation. First of all, though, let’s begin with this question.

What Makes a Good Enlightenment Coach?

Seems to me, that’s a great consumer question. Important to think about:

Since the age of the great world gurus is over.

And it’s easy for any self-proclaimed expert to advertise online. “I’m an Enlightenment teacher.” Even folks not remotely close to Self-Realization.

Therefore, you might — or might not — be shocked. Simply by reading comments at this interactive article about Enlightenment Teachers.

Besides we live in 2019. Not 10,000 years ago. And, whether you know it or not? Currently you’re living in the Age of Awakening. Which has changed so many things. Even brought humanity a second kind of Enlightenment. Amazing or what?

Thus, Smart Spiritual Seekers Don’t Choose Any Random Enlightenment Teacher. Like “Find an Enlightenment Coach in My Neighborhood.”

Instead, we can do so much better. For starters, we live at a time where, to some extent, hello! We must become our own gurus.

Beyond that, it’s unlikely that we’ll attain Enlightenment… Without any skilled help whatsoever. Or maintain it, in today’s challenging world. (In the early years of the Age of Awakening.)

Definitely, spiritual seekers can benefit immensely from Enlightenment Coaching. For example, by:

Basically, living now, we may seek advice or help only occasionally. Rather than the traditional model.

Nonetheless, please know this: Choosing to avoid qualified Enlightenment Teachers is a dead end.

Surely you’ve heard of spiritual teachers who made a difference. Versus the blind leading the blind. Such as the autobiography of one of the first Enlightenment Teachers. He came to the West so long ago.  Back then, you’d never freelance. Seeking Enlightenment, you dedicated your whole life to that. Living in an ashram, monastery, or convent. Constantly under the watchful eye of your spiritual adviser. Quite a lifelong commitment!

By Contrast, with Today’s Enlightenment Coaching

It’s fine to choose our teachers a la carte. Even 100 years ago, did folks have a “Retreat Guru”? You know, for those special occasions of learning?

Of course not.

For all these reasons and more, the quality of Enlightenment Coaching matters. Most particularly, you can’t do your own Enlightenment Validation. That requires a skilled Enlightenment Teacher.

Yesterday I Blogged about the Latest Enlightenment Validation

Lighting up Our Informal Energy Spirituality Community

And since yesterday’s post went live, what happened? As usual, others in Enlightenment added COMMENTS of congratulations.

Of course, they know how life changing it is to gain Enlightenment. Because they are among the growing number of people I’ve helped to move into Enlightenment.

CONSUMER TIP: Before you start to trust an Enlightenment Coach, do you ask to see such a list?

Does one exist? Or does that spiritual teacher prefer to supply vague claims of helping countless people to “awaken.”

Spiritual awakening is not the same thing as Enlightenment. In my opinion, anyway. That’s one of many reasons I do Enlightenment Validation.

Why Else Do I Facilitate Enlightenment Validation?

Hey, do you know the saying “There’s an app for that”?

As the Founder of Energy Spirituality, I’ve got a related motto: “There’s a skill set for that.” Like the 10 leading-edge trademarks within Energy Spirituality. And like the system I’ve co-created with Divine help in order to validate Enlightenment. (Or tell if somebody is nowhere close.)

Maybe you know, I maintain a Spiritual Enlightenment Life List here at this blog. Started it in July 2010.

Here’s a video where I describe WHY I do it. How this list is a free service that I offer. You’re welcome to nominate public figures you think might be, wow! Self-Realized, Self-Actualized, God-Realized. Or, simply put, in Enlightenment.

Quite a serious responsibility to run that list. Incidentally, you might find it interesting that in recent years other teachers of spiritual development have started posting their own Spiritual Enlightenment Lists. 

In our COMMENTS section, feel free to choose one and provide a link. Then I’ll comment further. Providing discernment as best I can. Do others describe any particular skill set for choosing their Enlightenment selections? Might be interesting!

Also, when was that Enlightenment List first posted? Was it after or before July 2010? I think it’s a good thing if I’ve inspired my fellow Enlightenment Teachers to do that.

This Enlightenment Coach Has a Very Specific Procedure for Enlightenment Validation

Indispensable is reading that person’s aura. Whether in person or from a photo. (That’s Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. See a video explaining it here.)

Equally indispensable is enough skill at reading auras to research specific chakra databanks. Did you know? Many Enlightenment Experts can’t do that yet?

In addition, this important research requires skill at discerning nuances within chakra databanks. Concerning how the person relates to the Divine.

Also indispensable, for this Enlightenment Teacher, at least? Knowing about today’s different consciousness lifestyles. Sadly, without this discernment, people may mistake:

However, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours gaining skills of discernment. Therefore, I have definite criteria. Somewhat complex criteria. Since I’m serious about distinguishing: Which people are authentically in Enlightenment? Yes, authentically.

Sadly, I’ve researched many popular Enlightenment Coaches. Rather than being in Enlightenment, sigh! Instead, many live in extreme spiritual addiction.

CONSUMER TIP: Maybe you’d like to search your fave expert’s website. Or ask directly: “How do you tell somebody is in Enlightenment?” And does that method of yours include reading chakra databanks?

Also, “Have you heard of spiritual addiction? And extreme spiritual addiction? How do you protect your students from having these problems?”

Maybe you’re wondering, about Enlightenment Validation. Precisely which chakra databanks do I read? I’d like to keep that private. And here’s the main reason why…

Helping Clients and Students with Enlightenment Validation, I Keep the Process Secret

Rigorously going through my procedure, I don’t say what I’m doing. At least, until the procedure is complete.

Even from the first chakra databank in the series, there can be a deal-breaker. “Nope, this person isn’t in Enlightenment.” Any deal-breaker and I stop doing the procedure.

If I’m with one of my Energy Spirituality clients, that’s different from doing research for the Spiritual Enlightenment Life List. So far, there haven’t been deal-breakers.

In which case, it’s a joy to complete the Enlightenment Validation. I’ll announce something like this, “Congratulations! I’ve just done Enlightenment Validation. And so I can now tell you that you’re in Enlightenment.”

Examples of Enlightenment Validation from this Enlightenment Coach

Curious to learn more specifics? Read some very human stories? Then you might enjoy these blog posts:

  1. Engineer Jesse’s Enlightenment Validation
  2. Tatiana’s Enlightenment Validation
  3. Age of Awakening Enlightenment Begins in India
  4. Enlightenment Validation for a Client from Turkey
  5. Validating Enlightenment for an Attorney
  6. Enlightenment Validation for a Therapist
  7. Pediatrician Katie’s Enlightenment Validation

Enlightenment Experts I’ll Start Researching

Matthais Poehm with his “List of Enlightened People and Masters.”

In Conclusion

Questions, anyone? Comments of any kind?

It couldn’t be easier to comment at this blog. Just give me a day (or sometimes more) to put through your comments. Since this is definitely a monitored blog. No wonder it’s always fun to read comments here. Never weird!

Seems to me, if you’re seeking Enlightenment, you deserve better than weird.

Enlightenment Validation Day for Rose in 2012

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  1. 1

    Nice Touch, Guys Department.

    Today FB told me which was the most popular photo of mine on FB in all of 2012. it was a picture my husband took on the day I moved into Enlightenment. I’ll go ahead and place it at the bottom of today’s post.

  2. 2
    Carl says:

    Your website is so packed with services and unique ways of doing things, sometimes it’s overwhelming to somebody like me.

    I like it when you fill in the blanks about what some of your services actually are, like this idea of Enlightenment Coaching.

  3. 3
    Carl says:

    And I very much like the idea of you giving examples for comparison. Do others have standards at all for their Lists?

    I hope many of us contribute urls about this. I’m game to start.

  4. 4
    Carl says:

    So here is a highly ranked “List of Enlightened People and Masters.”
    [NOTE FROM ROSE: At one browser, I could access this website without a warning. But at another browser, Firefox, I got “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead. Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.”]

    This comes to us at this website, [SO I’ve removed this link.]
    Courtesy of Matthais Poehm.

  5. 5
    Carl says:

    He writes: The term “enlightenment” is equaled here with the term “awakening” or “realization”. I am aware that there is a difference between an “enlightened” and an “awakened” person. The level of realization of the enlightened person is not taken into account. Everyone, who through his public statement believably documents being most of the time without an “I”, is introduced in this list as an enlightened person.

  6. 6
    Carl says:

    Yes, publicly making statements without using the letter “I” seems to be his sole criterion.

  7. 7
    Carl says:

    In case you are interested in reading the aura of Herr Poehm, you can find his image at this YouTube video at his website

  8. 8
    Carl says:

    Maybe this is also of interest. “The fourth person on this list of the Enlightened is Eli Jaxon Bear, Gangaji’s husband. It is controversial to what an extend he is enlightened.”

    Here is his photo: [Blog monitor Rose removed this link also.]
    I wonder, what is the point of having a list of the Enlightened and Masters if you’re also saying he probably isn’t “to what an extent” in Enlighenment?

  9. 9

    Thanks, CARL. So, Poehm is not in Enlightenment.

    That’s research for starters. He’s nowhere close. No need to open up his links, which are potential hazards. (That, in itself, isn’t a great look for an Enlightenment expert, is it?)

  10. 10

    Regarding your Comment #4, Carl, immediately I note a lack of rigor in the scope of Poehm’s list: The Enlightened + Masters.

    Many an Enlightenment Coach or Enlightenment Teacher or “Master” isn’t in Enlightenment at all. While some who are can’t necessarily teach well. Just because people teach, what does that mean? Better to check out the website and then the aura of the expert, right?

  11. 11

    Then, in Comment 5, comes this interesting notion: “I am aware that there is a difference between an ‘enlightened’ and an ‘awakened’ person. The level of realization of the enlightened person is not taken into account.”

    Good gracious! Talk about admitting to having no standards.

  12. 12

    By contrast, this Enlightenment Coach makes a very big distinction between “awakened” and in “Enlightenment.” As in, the former category of people? They’re not yet in Enlightenment, often very-very far from it.

    For instance, in personal sessions I typically help folks blissed out from an “awakening experience” avoid not hopping straight into spiritual addiction. See this article, as well.

  13. 13

    And yes, CARL, regarding your Comments #5-6, another wow! It’s absolutely stunning to me that — evidently with a straight face — this Enlightenment “expert” considers how people spell the pronoun “I” ungrammatically, or simply avoid using it — that this is his big basis for deciding who is in Enlightenment.

  14. 14

    Thanks, CARL, for getting this conversation off to a good start.

    Will we find others who make Enlightenment Lists to have other criteria. Or does the blogosphere just have two extremes, the rigor and skills of Enlightenment Validation versus doing a content analysis of writings from “experts.”

  15. 15
    Christine says:

    Rose, I’ve been reading your List for years. Of course, though, you wouldn’t be the only Enlightenment teacher to publish a list.

    Would you please comment on the very, very short list from Brian T. Stephens?

  16. 16
    Christine says:

    He declares that “An enlightened teacher is a person who recognizes their oneness with the infinite and who has been given the responsibility of helping others to attain liberation.”

  17. 17
    Christine says:

    Also, “Keep in mind that that there are only fifty-six liberated souls alive on the planet at any one time. And forty-eight of them are unknown to the public and do not have the responsibility of being a spiritual teacher.”

    If Brian explains how he know all this, I missed it.

  18. 18
    Christine says:

    Although he doesn’t explain much at all, far as I can tell, “It is common to find a list of enlightened teachers on someone’s website. But most people have not advanced far enough along the spiritual path to ascertain another person’s spiritual state. The best they can do is guess. They assume that just because a lot of people believe someone is enlightened that it must be true.”

  19. 19
    Christine says:

    In case you’re interested in Brian’s own state of consciousness, I found his photo at his website.

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