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Enlightenment Validation. DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE

Enlightenment Validation. What is that, exactly? And do all Enlightenment Coaches do the same thing?

Do you often see Enlightenment Teachers with a specific method for Enlightenment Validation? Or is it more that they catch a vibe? Or “just know” through their Cosmic Knowingness?

Well, this Enlightenment Coach does something rigorous. Informative. And highly specific.

So today I’ll tell you why and how I do Enlightenment Validation. First of all, though, let’s begin with this question.

What Makes a Good Enlightenment Coach?

Seems to me, that’s a great consumer question. Important to think about:

Since the age of the great world gurus is over.

And it’s easy for any self-proclaimed expert to advertise online. “I’m an Enlightenment teacher.” Even folks not remotely close to Self-Realization.

Therefore, you might — or might not — be shocked. Simply by reading comments at this interactive article about Enlightenment Teachers.

Besides we live in 2019. Not 10,000 years ago. And, whether you know it or not? Currently you’re living in the Age of Awakening. Which has changed so many things. Even brought humanity a second kind of Enlightenment. Amazing or what?

Thus, Smart Spiritual Seekers Don’t Choose Any Random Enlightenment Teacher. Like “Find an Enlightenment Coach in My Neighborhood.”

Instead, we can do so much better. For starters, we live at a time where, to some extent, hello! We must become our own gurus.

Beyond that, it’s unlikely that we’ll attain Enlightenment… Without any skilled help whatsoever. Or maintain it, in today’s challenging world. (In the early years of the Age of Awakening.)

Definitely, spiritual seekers can benefit immensely from Enlightenment Coaching. For example, by:

Basically, living now, we may seek advice or help only occasionally. Rather than the traditional model.

Nonetheless, please know this: Choosing to avoid qualified Enlightenment Teachers is a dead end.

Surely you’ve heard of spiritual teachers who made a difference. Versus the blind leading the blind. Such as the autobiography of one of the first Enlightenment Teachers. He came to the West so long ago.  Back then, you’d never freelance. Seeking Enlightenment, you dedicated your whole life to that. Living in an ashram, monastery, or convent. Constantly under the watchful eye of your spiritual adviser. Quite a lifelong commitment!

By Contrast, with Today’s Enlightenment Coaching

It’s fine to choose our teachers a la carte. Even 100 years ago, did folks have a “Retreat Guru”? You know, for those special occasions of learning?

Of course not.

For all these reasons and more, the quality of Enlightenment Coaching matters. Most particularly, you can’t do your own Enlightenment Validation. That requires a skilled Enlightenment Teacher.

Yesterday I Blogged about the Latest Enlightenment Validation

Lighting up Our Informal Energy Spirituality Community

And since yesterday’s post went live, what happened? As usual, others in Enlightenment added COMMENTS of congratulations.

Of course, they know how life changing it is to gain Enlightenment. Because they are among the growing number of people I’ve helped to move into Enlightenment.

CONSUMER TIP: Before you start to trust an Enlightenment Coach, do you ask to see such a list?

Does one exist? Or does that spiritual teacher prefer to supply vague claims of helping countless people to “awaken.”

Spiritual awakening is not the same thing as Enlightenment. In my opinion, anyway. That’s one of many reasons I do Enlightenment Validation.

Why Else Do I Facilitate Enlightenment Validation?

Hey, do you know the saying “There’s an app for that”?

As the Founder of Energy Spirituality, I’ve got a related motto: “There’s a skill set for that.” Like the 10 leading-edge trademarks within Energy Spirituality. And like the system I’ve co-created with Divine help in order to validate Enlightenment. (Or tell if somebody is nowhere close.)

Maybe you know, I maintain a Spiritual Enlightenment Life List here at this blog. Started it in July 2010.

Here’s a video where I describe WHY I do it. How this list is a free service that I offer. You’re welcome to nominate public figures you think might be, wow! Self-Realized, Self-Actualized, God-Realized. Or, simply put, in Enlightenment.

Quite a serious responsibility to run that list. Incidentally, you might find it interesting that in recent years other teachers of spiritual development have started posting their own Spiritual Enlightenment Lists. 

In our COMMENTS section, feel free to choose one and provide a link. Then I’ll comment further. Providing discernment as best I can. Do others describe any particular skill set for choosing their Enlightenment selections? Might be interesting!

Also, when was that Enlightenment List first posted? Was it after or before July 2010? I think it’s a good thing if I’ve inspired my fellow Enlightenment Teachers to do that.

This Enlightenment Coach Has a Very Specific Procedure for Enlightenment Validation

Indispensable is reading that person’s aura. Whether in person or from a photo. (That’s Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. See a video explaining it here.)

Equally indispensable is enough skill at reading auras to research specific chakra databanks. Did you know? Many Enlightenment Experts can’t do that yet?

In addition, this important research requires skill at discerning nuances within chakra databanks. Concerning how the person relates to the Divine.

Also indispensable, for this Enlightenment Teacher, at least? Knowing about today’s different consciousness lifestyles. Sadly, without this discernment, people may mistake:

However, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours gaining skills of discernment. Therefore, I have definite criteria. Somewhat complex criteria. Since I’m serious about distinguishing: Which people are authentically in Enlightenment? Yes, authentically.

Sadly, I’ve researched many popular Enlightenment Coaches. Rather than being in Enlightenment, sigh! Instead, many live in extreme spiritual addiction.

CONSUMER TIP: Maybe you’d like to search your fave expert’s website. Or ask directly: “How do you tell somebody is in Enlightenment?” And does that method of yours include reading chakra databanks?

Also, “Have you heard of spiritual addiction? And extreme spiritual addiction? How do you protect your students from having these problems?”

Maybe you’re wondering, about Enlightenment Validation. Precisely which chakra databanks do I read? I’d like to keep that private. And here’s the main reason why…

Helping Clients and Students with Enlightenment Validation, I Keep the Process Secret

Rigorously going through my procedure, I don’t say what I’m doing. At least, until the procedure is complete.

Even from the first chakra databank in the series, there can be a deal-breaker. “Nope, this person isn’t in Enlightenment.” Any deal-breaker and I stop doing the procedure.

If I’m with one of my Energy Spirituality clients, that’s different from doing research for the Spiritual Enlightenment Life List. So far, there haven’t been deal-breakers.

In which case, it’s a joy to complete the Enlightenment Validation. I’ll announce something like this, “Congratulations! I’ve just done Enlightenment Validation. And so I can now tell you that you’re in Enlightenment.”

Examples of Enlightenment Validation from this Enlightenment Coach

Curious to learn more specifics? Read some very human stories? Then you might enjoy these blog posts:

  1. Engineer Jesse’s Enlightenment Validation
  2. Tatiana’s Enlightenment Validation
  3. Age of Awakening Enlightenment Begins in India
  4. Enlightenment Validation for a Client from Turkey
  5. Validating Enlightenment for an Attorney
  6. Enlightenment Validation for a Therapist
  7. Pediatrician Katie’s Enlightenment Validation

Enlightenment Experts I’ll Start Researching

Matthais Poehm with his “List of Enlightened People and Masters.”

In Conclusion

Questions, anyone? Comments of any kind?

It couldn’t be easier to comment at this blog. Just give me a day (or sometimes more) to put through your comments. Since this is definitely a monitored blog. No wonder it’s always fun to read comments here. Never weird!

Seems to me, if you’re seeking Enlightenment, you deserve better than weird.

Enlightenment Validation Day for Rose in 2012

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  1. 1

    Nice Touch, Guys Department.

    Today FB told me which was the most popular photo of mine on FB in all of 2012. it was a picture my husband took on the day I moved into Enlightenment. I’ll go ahead and place it at the bottom of today’s post.

  2. 2
    Carl says:

    Your website is so packed with services and unique ways of doing things, sometimes it’s overwhelming to somebody like me.

    I like it when you fill in the blanks about what some of your services actually are, like this idea of Enlightenment Coaching.

  3. 3
    Carl says:

    And I very much like the idea of you giving examples for comparison. Do others have standards at all for their Lists?

    I hope many of us contribute urls about this. I’m game to start.

  4. 4
    Carl says:

    So here is a highly ranked “List of Enlightened People and Masters.”
    [NOTE FROM ROSE: At one browser, I could access this website without a warning. But at another browser, Firefox, I got “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead. Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.”]

    This comes to us at this website, [SO I’ve removed this link.]
    Courtesy of Matthais Poehm.

  5. 5
    Carl says:

    He writes: The term “enlightenment” is equaled here with the term “awakening” or “realization”. I am aware that there is a difference between an “enlightened” and an “awakened” person. The level of realization of the enlightened person is not taken into account. Everyone, who through his public statement believably documents being most of the time without an “I”, is introduced in this list as an enlightened person.

  6. 6
    Carl says:

    Yes, publicly making statements without using the letter “I” seems to be his sole criterion.

  7. 7
    Carl says:

    In case you are interested in reading the aura of Herr Poehm, you can find his image at this YouTube video at his website

  8. 8
    Carl says:

    Maybe this is also of interest. “The fourth person on this list of the Enlightened is Eli Jaxon Bear, Gangaji’s husband. It is controversial to what an extend he is enlightened.”

    Here is his photo: [Blog monitor Rose removed this link also.]
    I wonder, what is the point of having a list of the Enlightened and Masters if you’re also saying he probably isn’t “to what an extent” in Enlighenment?

  9. 9

    Thanks, CARL. So, Poehm is not in Enlightenment.

    That’s research for starters. He’s nowhere close. No need to open up his links, which are potential hazards. (That, in itself, isn’t a great look for an Enlightenment expert, is it?)

  10. 10

    Regarding your Comment #4, Carl, immediately I note a lack of rigor in the scope of Poehm’s list: The Enlightened + Masters.

    Many an Enlightenment Coach or Enlightenment Teacher or “Master” isn’t in Enlightenment at all. While some who are can’t necessarily teach well. Just because people teach, what does that mean? Better to check out the website and then the aura of the expert, right?

  11. 11

    Then, in Comment 5, comes this interesting notion: “I am aware that there is a difference between an ‘enlightened’ and an ‘awakened’ person. The level of realization of the enlightened person is not taken into account.”

    Good gracious! Talk about admitting to having no standards.

  12. 12

    By contrast, this Enlightenment Coach makes a very big distinction between “awakened” and in “Enlightenment.” As in, the former category of people? They’re not yet in Enlightenment, often very-very far from it.

    For instance, in personal sessions I typically help folks blissed out from an “awakening experience” avoid not hopping straight into spiritual addiction. See this article, as well.

  13. 13

    And yes, CARL, regarding your Comments #5-6, another wow! It’s absolutely stunning to me that — evidently with a straight face — this Enlightenment “expert” considers how people spell the pronoun “I” ungrammatically, or simply avoid using it — that this is his big basis for deciding who is in Enlightenment.

  14. 14

    Thanks, CARL, for getting this conversation off to a good start.

    Will we find others who make Enlightenment Lists to have other criteria. Or does the blogosphere just have two extremes, the rigor and skills of Enlightenment Validation versus doing a content analysis of writings from “experts.”

  15. 15
    Christine says:

    Rose, I’ve been reading your List for years. Of course, though, you wouldn’t be the only Enlightenment teacher to publish a list.

    Would you please comment on the very, very short list from Brian T. Stephens?

  16. 16
    Christine says:

    He declares that “An enlightened teacher is a person who recognizes their oneness with the infinite and who has been given the responsibility of helping others to attain liberation.”

  17. 17
    Christine says:

    Also, “Keep in mind that that there are only fifty-six liberated souls alive on the planet at any one time. And forty-eight of them are unknown to the public and do not have the responsibility of being a spiritual teacher.”

    If Brian explains how he know all this, I missed it.

  18. 18
    Christine says:

    Although he doesn’t explain much at all, far as I can tell, “It is common to find a list of enlightened teachers on someone’s website. But most people have not advanced far enough along the spiritual path to ascertain another person’s spiritual state. The best they can do is guess. They assume that just because a lot of people believe someone is enlightened that it must be true.”

  19. 19
    Christine says:

    In case you’re interested in Brian’s own state of consciousness, I found his photo at his website.

  20. 20

    Wow, CHRISTINE, I dropped the ball on following up on this. About two months have passed since you made these wonderful comments.

    And I do plan to respond within 24 hours. But first I’ve got something timely to share with all of you who wonder about validating Enlightenment.

  21. 21

    Blog-Buddies who are reading this article, and the DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE COMMENTS…

    I think your interest marks you as uncommonly sophisticated. Most meditators, for instance, don’t have anybody down the line who is going to validate Enlightenment for them, do they?

  22. 22

    So how do they think they will know if they’ve reached the goal of their spiritual practice?

    And who can help them keep growing after they’ve moved into Enlightenment. Granted, that isn’t a practical consideration for people in Traditional Enlightenment. But people in Age of Awakening Enlightenment definitely can keep evolving. Growing faster than ever, in the human directions they choose.

  23. 23

    Last night, after validating Enlightenment for my client MICHAEL, I commemorated this in a blog post.

    And all day, Blog-Buddies have been sharing beautiful stories of how they’ve been evolving since moving into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

  24. 24

    Accordingly, I’m curious if any of you have studied with a spiritual teacher who also, as appropriate, validates Enlightenment.

    Here’s the result of a search on “Validating Enlightenment.”

  25. 25

    Likewise, the result of a search on “Enlightenment Validation.”

  26. 26

    It’s an honor to show up on those searches. Really just a small showing from many blog posts that I’ve done of this kind.

    But here’s what strikes me as oh-so-strange….

  27. 27

    What about all the speakers at nonduality retreats?
    And the celebrity Enlightenment experts?
    And the big seminar givers who supposedly move people toward or into Enlightenment?

  28. 28

    When and how are they validating Enlightenment?

    Surely they don’t believe that this is the student’s responsibility!!!!

  29. 29

    Because many people will have an experience of spiritual awakening. And later, bless their hearts, these good people interpret that one experience as meaning they’re now in Enlightenment.

    Not true. Plus, if they don’t get informed help from somebody like me pretty soon, they may rapidly move into spiritual addiction.

  30. 30

    Are other serious Enlightenment coaches just doing something different?

    Surely others are writing about it? OR MAYBE NOT. Because it doesn’t pay big bucks. Or for whatever other reasons, they’re not doing it. Any COMMENTS, Blog-Buddies?

  31. 31
    Ethan says:

    Hi Rose, when I was part of a new age group progress was measured by how many retreats you did, there was no aura reading to track progress.

    Those who had gone to the top retreats and levels were assumed “enlightened”.

  32. 32
    Ethan says:

    There were stage 1 energetic literacy comments like “wow you are really changing”.

    I was assuming I was having spiritual awakening experiences along the way. Once I found RES I realized I was in spiritual addiction.

  33. 33

    ETHAN, of course! Although this (sacrilege! fraud!) never occurred to me, it must happen a lot.

    Purchasing Enlightenment (supposedly) as though buying a pair of fancy socks!

  34. 34
    Ethan says:

    Yes that is a good way to put it.

    I was disappointed at the time because I didn’t have the funds to do the top level retreat. I felt that without that I was at a dead end spiritually and there was some comparing to those that had done it and not measuring up.

  35. 35

    ETHAN, take heart now, anyway. You know that personal sessions of Energy Spirituality bring results, helping you to progress toward Enlightenment.

    And those human-type results are consistent with moving toward Enlightenment.

  36. 36

    Likewise, you know that Energy Spirituality workshops can give you a big boost forward.

    Most notably, so far, after taking the in-person workshop on “The New Strong,” within a few months, four workshop participants moved into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

  37. 37

    Besides that, ETHAN, you know that any time you’re in one of my workshops or personal sessions, in the background I’m going to notice if you’ve moved into Enlightenment.

    In fact, just this year, I validated Enlightenment for a Energy Spirituality student… during one of my in-person workshops.

  38. 38

    Beyond my input, ETHAN, you can learn some pretty good skills for discerning anyone’s consciousness lifestyle. (Including your own.)

    Just develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, including the skills for easy reading auras from regular photogaphs.

  39. 39

    Once you have those skills, you can research consciousness lifestyles all you wish. Including this excellent free resource at my blog, offering you plenty of pix of public figures in Spiritual Enlightenment… or not.

  40. 40

    To be clear, it takes a lot more training to become a professional, ethical Enlightenment Coach.

    But you can develop your skills. And, by reading your own aura from time to time, you’ll get a sense of your personal progress.

  41. 41

    Certainly, what I’m offering gives you a practical alternative to buying your way into a high-priced workshop that seemingly “guarantees” a higher state of consciousness.

    Incidentally, if you can answer this question. Asked just because I’m way curious….

  42. 42

    When you were studying spiritual development and more advanced workshops were supposed to move everybody forward into Enlightenment — every time I think about this, what a revolting idea.

    Reminds me of Catholic leaders selling indulgences during the Middle Ages!

  43. 43

    That said, am I gathering correctly that you knew people who advanced into the highest workshop level and were, therefore, supposed to be living in Enlightenment?

    If so, were they sweet and honorable people? Knowing them over a long period of time, did they seem to be gaining personal growth? (Which imo is one of the side effects of spiritual evolution.)

  44. 44

    Now, as promised, CHRISTINE, I’ll start responding to your accidentally neglected comments here. Starting with your question in Comment #15.

    I’m clicking now on that very, very short list from Brian D. Stephens.

  45. 45

    Even before commenting on the quotes you’ve supplied, CHRISTINE, I’m not surprised at this view.

    Mr. Stephens views people in Enlightenment as spiritual superheroes. Evidently the more famous, the better.

  46. 46

    Except that there was no internet in 1800, he could have published a very similar list back then.

    Old-fashioned thinking, in every way.

  47. 47

    According to Enlightenment expert Stephens, the only worthy teachers of Enlightenment are either world saviors, avatars, or realized souls.

    And I do agree that an Enlightenment Teacher has the job requirement of, personally, living in Enlightenment. What Stephens calls a “realized soul.”

  48. 48

    Yet, from reading this article further, Stephens doesn’t explain in this article how he discerns who is a realized soul.

    Instead, he thanks Mother Meera, Meher Baba for teaching him how to tell who’s in Enlightenment. A tricky topic indeed! CHRISTINE you probably know that another DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE that’s quite lively at this blog right now involves separating out illusions from truth when it comes to the tricky job of discerning who’s in Enlightenment.

  49. 49

    Now I’m fresh from researching both of Stephens’ teachers about Enlightenment, Mother Meera and Meher Baba. Researching here, at my Spiritual Enlightenment Life List. Comments #3381 – 3391.

    Neither one is in Enlightenment, not by a long shot. Sorry about that. Clearly, that hasn’t kept them from inspiring Mr. Stephens. Evidently, whatever skills or beliefs he’s acquired about discerning who’s in Enlightenment? May not be terribly precise.

  50. 50

    Sadly, Stephens credits these two spiritual teachers for educating him about how to tell if somebody’s in Enlightenment… when neither of them is. And btw, neither of them was renowned for teaching energetic literacy, either.

    Oops. So I’m not convinced that this devotee really has the standing to continue promulgating their standards, well meant but (understandably) flawed.

  51. 51

    Continuing with your questions, CHRISTINE, let’s now amble over to your Comment #16. Where you quoted Stephens. I’ll comment on this sentence bit by bit.

    “An enlightened teacher…”

  52. 52

    I like very much that Mr. Stephens is explaining his basis for listing people in Enlightenment. I wish more people displayed that much rigor. I strive to.

    However, right away there’s a problem, in my view. Technically, it’s wrong to call people “enlightened.”

  53. 53

    By now that word means all sorts of things that have zilch to do with a state of consciousness — and Enlightenment IS a state of consciousness, of course.


  54. 54

    * Enlightened parent. 12 million hits on Google today. Example: Ellen F. Gottlieb’s techniques intended to guide and teach parents how to raise their children more mindfully.

    * Enlightened despot. 255,000 hits on Google today. Example: Napoleon Bonaparte

  55. 55

    * Enlightened ice cream. 6,960,000 hits on Google today. Example: Vegetarian, veggie-friendly, Marshmallow Peanut Butter Halo Top ice cream.

  56. 56

    In short, “enlightened” is a common adjective.

    And today, when people use this word it may have no connection with a person who has achieved a magnificent state of consciousness.

  57. 57

    Although you may find some instances when I’ve used that term at my blog, please remember that I’ve been blogging since 2007, long before becoming an Enlightenment Coach myself. Over the years, I haven’t just moved into Enlightenment. I’ve gained more rigor.

    You’ll find that it has been a while since I carelessly used the term “enlightened.” Instead, I refer to a person in Enlightenment, signifying a state of consciousness.

  58. 58

    Consumer Tip, Blog-Buddies: It can help you to notice whether an Enlightenment Teacher — or person who lists people in Enlightenment — knows enough to use the term “in Enlightenment.”

    That more correct language doesn’t guarantee that the so-called “expert” is really an expert. But calling people “enlightened” might be one of the reasons to disqualify a so-called expert. (Unless that writer isn’t a native English speaker.)

  59. 59

    Continuing with that very interesting sentence flagged by CHRISTINE, “An enlightened teacher is a person who recognizes their oneness with the infinite….” [plus one other requirement that we’ll get to in a bit.]

  60. 60

    Blog-Buddies, this spiritual teacher doesn’t consider that bolded idea in the previous comment to be either necessary or [when combined with Stevens’ second requirement that follows] sufficient.

    A Teaching Tale can start this next ball o’ knowledge rolling.

  61. 61

    Around 1977, I lived in New York City as a part-time and fully committed teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. By that time, I’d spent countless hours — starting in 1969 — listening to lectures by my guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Watching his VHS videos. Reading his books. And dedicating my life to being a spiritual teacher.

  62. 62

    Incidentally, you can get a feeling of my commitment by reading about how I read poetry to Maharishi, causing him to weep, etc., in my memoir, “Bigger than All the Night Sky.”

    If anything, compared to when I graduated as a TM initiator in 1971, I was way more committed. By then, I’d learned a great deal from him about the nuances of Enlightenment.

  63. 63

    At the time, I rented a room in an apartment, sharing it with my roommate Zola.

    She was a “strong meditator.” One day she confided in me that for several days she had been — to use the language of Brian T. Stephens, experiencing her “oneness with the Infinite.”

  64. 64

    Due to my education from Maharishi, I recognized that immediately. Shared some of Maharishi’s wisdom about that experience. Related what was going on to… moving forward toward Enlightenment.

    I was being of service to Zola, not bragging but sincerely desiring to help her understand better what was going on with this new experience.

  65. 65

    Well, Zola sent me a look of utter contempt. (Not incompatible with witnessing experience from the perspective of Oneness, btw.)

    Then she said, “You know what I’m talking about, theoretically. But you’re not speaking from personal experience. I can tell.”

  66. 66

    “Of course not,” I told her. “I was just trying to help you.”

    You see, Blog-Buddies, I recognized Zola’s oneness with the infinite. I just didn’t experience it.

  67. 67

    Incidentally, what followed? Zola tossed me a sneer, turned on her heel, and proceeded to walk away.

    Double-incidentally, consciousness snobbery was a well-established part of TM culture back then. Probably now as well. By contrast, Enlightenment (and other) conversations at this website reveal the culture that I hope will become typical for today’s spiritual teachers. Communicating like good people, not experts at one-upmanship.

  68. 68

    Back at Mr. Stephens’s idea, perhaps you take my point about the first problem with stipulating that a spiritual teacher must be able to recognize their “their oneness with the infinite.”

    Experiencing is a different matter entirely. No doubt if Stephens had moved into Enlightenment, he would have understand this distinction to be a very, very big deal.

  69. 69

    Seems to me, there’s a much bigger problem with his “oneness with the infinite” requirement.

    Brian D. Stephens isn’t just publishing his ideas via the internet. He’s writing NOW. And, as of December 21, 2012, something has happened with huge implications for spiritual teaching, Enlightenment Coaching, etc. The Shift into the Age of Awakening!

  70. 70

    And by now, whether he knows it or not, a whole new kind of Enlightenment is available: Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

  71. 71

    Can I validate both kinds, Traditional Enlightenment and the new kind? Definitely.

    I do that routinely at my Spiritual Enlightenment Life List, a huge research project that can help you in practical ways (thanks to all the free readings I contribute on your behalf). It’s also such a fascinating chance to dispel illusions about who’s in Enlightenment. Versus who’s not.

  72. 72

    Also, as an Enlightenment Coach I’ve validated Traditional Enlightenment. Granted, usually my clients and students move into Age of Awakening Enlightenment. That’s their soul’s choice.

    Yet here’s an example of Validation of Traditional Enlightenment for a Blog-Buddy who was active here for many years.

  73. 73

    Based on my experience, those of us in Age of Awakening Enlightenment don’t usually experience “oneness with the infinite.” Because it’s a different flavor of Enlightenment.

    For the last couple of years I’ve been giving in-person workshops to help folks understand both kinds of Enlightenment. And it’s quite possible that, among the new workshops I plan to announce on Dec. 9, of this year, there might be my most advanced one yet.

  74. 74

    Meanwhile, what if you’d like to learn in some detail about what it’s like, living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment?

    I’d recommend this rather extensive (over 2-hour) interview that I did with Rick Archer’s website “Buddha at the Gas Pump.” Quite some time ago! Still, I was in my first year of Enlightenment, and Rick asked me some excellent questions. Just note that I hadn’t yet settled on the name “Age of Awakening Enlightenment.” Back then, I called it “Householder Enlightenment.”

  75. 75

    Then let’s get to the second requirement cited by Mr. Stephens, necessary for an authentic spiritual teacher:

    “An enlightened teacher is a person who recognizes their oneness with the infinite and who has been given the responsibility of helping others to attain liberation.”

  76. 76

    Well, I’m not sure about that second requirement either. Who is to say, “has been given the responsibility”?

    I do agree that Enlightenment Coaching, and every one of my specialties that you can read about here at this website, is the gravest responsibility. As well as the most joyful.

  77. 77

    After a couple of Thanksgiving Day hours up here in my office, blogging away, I went downstairs to get some water and bumped into my husband, Mitch.

    There in the kitchen, I expressed my gratitude for this day. And told him something like this:

  78. 78

    “I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than commenting away at my blog. I’m so glad that I get to write every day, and write as much as I want.”

    He could tell that I meant it. And, not for the first time, he kindly refrained from saying, “I’ve got one very strange wife.” 😉

  79. 79

    Point is, who’s to say that a person has been “given” the chance to help others as a spiritual teacher?

    And who’s to say that everybody who serves as a spiritual teacher can really help people to advance?

  80. 80

    Might I suggest, it seems a bit presumptuous for Brian D. Stephens to be so sure that he knows the will of omniscient God. Or can tell who gets to help whom. And how. And how much.

    What role does free will play in all this? So many magnificent mysteries surround the profession of “spiritual teacher.”

  81. 81

    Personally, I don’t think that it’s my remit to understand who gets to do this kind of work, and so forth. That’s beyond my comprehension.

    Instead, I think that Brian D. came closer to the truth (or what’s true for me) when he suggested that it would be good for Enlightenment Coaches to, personally, be in Enlightenment.

  82. 82

    And I’m very glad that researching people’s consciousness lifestyles IS something practical, and human, I can contribute to the field of spiritual teaching.

    This YouTube video shares more of my motivation in daring to maintain an “Enlightenment Life List.” You might enjoy it, so here’s a link.

  83. 83

    And I’m aiming to complete this chunk o’ discernment tomorrow, CHRISTINE. Starting with your Comment #17.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Isn’t it amazing that, part time, we could be learning about Enlightenment? Choosing for ourselves what is helpful! And maybe even moving into Enlightenment. Yet that’s life on earth now. Lucky us!

  84. 84

    Phew, this day has flown by, Blog-Buddies (including CHRISTINE).

    Tomorrow I hope to progress further, starting with that Comment #17.

  85. 85

    And here we be, hooray! About this idea: “Keep in mind that that there are only fifty-six liberated souls alive on the planet at any one time. And forty-eight of them are unknown to the public and do not have the responsibility of being a spiritual teacher.”

    That’s sure not the experience of this Enlightenment coach. Witness the hundreds of people, many of them well known to the public and powerfully influential, at my Spiritual Enlightenment Life List.

  86. 86

    Regarding Stephens’s quote that you cited in your Comment #18, CHRISTINE, ” “It is common to find a list of enlightened teachers on someone’s website. But most people have not advanced far enough along the spiritual path to ascertain another person’s spiritual state. The best they can do is guess. They assume that just because a lot of people believe someone is enlightened that it must be true.”

  87. 87

    Is it that common to find a spiritual teacher who lists people in Enlightenment?

    So far, this DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE is the least populated of all four of my DISCERNMENT JAMBOREES so far. (You can find all three others on the current list of “15 Most Popular Posts” here at my website.)

  88. 88

    With all respect to the sincerity of Mr. Stephens, he might as well have been describing himself.

  89. 89

    At this juncture, I’ll bring up a website that many people assume is a listing of people in Enlightenment, Rick Archer’s website “Buddha at the Gas Pump.”

    Yes, he interviewed me there. And yes, according to the criteria I use for validating Enlightenment, by the time of that interview I was in Enlightenment.

  90. 90

    But it’s worth noting that Rick always played it safe with this popular website. He’s dubbed it, “Conversations with ‘Ordinary’ Spiritually Awakening People.”

    Rick was an old buddy of mine from TM days. (We first met at the Poland Springs TM Course in 1969.)

  91. 91

    We chatted at one point, outside the interview. This is the gist of what I remember.

    “Rick, how do you tell who’s in Enlightenment?”

  92. 92

    He answered, “I have no way of knowing. When I interview them, some turn out to be duds.”

    “I could help you to tell. Rick, I could teach you aura reading skills, so that you could find out for yourself. Or else, if you want, you can run interview candidates by me and I’ll volunteer to tell you how I think they’re doing, regarding their state of consciousness.”

  93. 93

    He wasn’t interested.

    I don’t blame Rick. Since both of us studied for years with Maharishi. And our former guru was clear about what (Traditional) Enlightenment was. And I never pretended to have that. Because I didn’t. (Plus, I’m not into pretending.)

  94. 94

    For a while after my batgap interview, I researched auras of others who were accorded the privilege of an interview.

    Some were in Traditional Enlightenment. However, others were in spiritual addiction, according to my research). Unfortunately, even worse, by now many are in extreme spiritual addiction. Rick’s so influential. I really wish he’d been interested in listening to me. But that’s (free-will) life!

  95. 95

    Finally, CHRISTINE, I am definitely interested in proposing Brian Stephens for my Spiritual Enlightenment Life List, using the photo you supplied.

  96. 96
    Liane says:

    This has been so interesting! For one man to presume to know exactly how many people are in enlightenment at ay given time….. An old saying comes to mind. If he thinks he knows everything, how will he know he doesn’t?

    Reminds me of a certain religion who believe there are only 144,000 available spots in heaven. The rest of those who believe get to spend eternity on paradise earth.

  97. 97

    LIANE, isn’t that something! Proudly publishing his list, as if all these stats are a done deal? Yes, I also found that interesting.

    The fact that Stephens’s article ranks so high on search engines suggests what? That most people find ideas like his appealing? (Not that I really want to go there, speculating on how people respond to such a limited, limiting, “that’s all settled now” version of self-actualization.)

  98. 98

    Completing this section of our DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE, over at the Spiritual Enlightenment Life List I’ve researched nominee Brian D. Stephens.

    According to my research, he’s in spiritual addiction. Commonly, people with that consciousness lifestyle feel high. And may believe they’re in Enlightenment. They’re not.

  99. 99
    Christine says:

    Thank you so much for this discernment about the claims of Brian D. Stephens.

    At a time when many are seeking spiritual awakening or Enlightenment, I think it’s very important for us to gain clarity like this. I hope more folks at this blog will add their comments as well, giving you more teaching opportunities. And giving the rest of us, and our friends, valuable learning opportunities.

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