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Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT + Q&As

Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT. Whenever you give yourself this quality self-healing, it’s like you receive a Personal Growth Trophy

Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT. One more first for the field of Energy Spirituality! Learn the latest about cutting cords. Plus a vigorous Q&A.

Because you deserve to hear straight talk from an expert at this energy healing specialty.

First of All, the Big Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT

As of today, you can start taking my online workshop called “Cut Cords of Attachment WISELY.” That link gives you the official workshop description.  Plus where to sign up. Feast your eyes on the latest information.

Why is cutting cords of attachment an important Life Skill? (Meaning, a skill that — once learned — you can use for the rest of your life.)

Knowledge about that is one click away. Come learn about the many benefits that await you. Benefits to gain from attachment cord cutting. And gain from the only trademarked system in the U.S. for cutting cords of attachment.

Plus, at the new workshop description you can read what?

A full inventory of the workshop’s array of:

  • Video lectures
  • Audio lectures
  • Handouts and worksheets
  • Quizzes and assignments.
  • Forums

In short, you’ll learn what makes this a highly interactive online course. So you can learn this Energy Spirituality system at your own pace. Repeating and revisiting previous lessons as needed.

Forum-wise? Your teacher will be reading every contribution you make to each lesson’s Forum. Commenting as needed.

After 17 self-paced lessons, you’ll proceed to permanently remove cords of attachment in a quality way.

So, let the questions begin. I’ll lead off, supplying some of the questions I’ve received since beginning this blog in 2007.

Q. Why 2007? What Does that Have to Do with Cutting Cords of Attachment?

Cut Cords of Attachment by Rose Rosetree. Here’s a gorgeous cover for an authorized (but out of date) edition in the Czech Republic.

A. Back in 2007 I published the first book in America on how to cut cords of attachment. It was called “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality.”

Yes, in that same year, I launched the field of Energy Spirituality. Eventually there may be many others who aim to advance this way of helping people. So I often refer to my work as “Rosetree” Energy Spirituality.

Almost exactly 12 years ago, I also launched this blog.

Since then, Energy Spirituality has grown very fast. Consequently, after about 10 years I removed that first book from publication. (In some ways it was outdated. Already!) Now a simpler, better version is available. So far, as the how-to is available as eBook only: Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

Altogether, since 2007, I’ve been a leader at using this specialty. And, man oh man, have folks been asking me questions! So let’s continue.

Q. You Trademarked the System Called “12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.”

Nobody Else Has Done that Yet in America. Why Bother to Trademark?

A. I trademarked this system to maintain quality control.

Potentially, removing cords of attachment can bring you huge benefits for:

  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Even help for success and prosperity

However, results don’t come automatically from a Whatever Way to Cut Cords. For instance, let’s make an analogy to cars. This system is like a Lexus.

I’m not saying it’s the only system that will get you to The Land of Excellent Results. But this is a dependable, tested, rigorous, highly effective way to cut cords of attachment.

Other systems, even popular systems, are more like… Not meaning to sound disrespectful, but here goes… More like a little red wagon that carries the sign “Car.”

Seems like results are the point, right? 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment aims to get you significant results. Very personal results. And the same isn’t necessarily so with other ways to remove cords of attachment.

Q. Hold on. What ARE Cords of Attachment?

Cut Cords of Attachment by Rose Rosetree. Here’s the super-cute cover for an out-of-date but authorized edition in Japanese.

A. Whenever you pay attention to somebody new for at least 10 seconds…

And provided that this person is still alive at the time. (So no cords of attachment to Ben Franklin. Or Jane Austin. Or Frederick Douglass.)

Then you receive two energy structures. Automatically. Part of living here at the place I call “Earth School” what happens?

  • You get a spiritual tie.
  • And you get a cord of attachment.

Q. Both a Spiritual Tie AND a Cord of Attachment? What Makes Them Different?

A Spiritual Tie is at the Divine level. Made of etheric material. It’s sacred. And that Spiritual Tie stores a summary of every sweet thing in your relationship to the other person. Every. Sweet. Thing.

By contrast, a Cord of Attachment is at the Astral Level. Made of astral material. Ever-changing, it’s a work in progress. Since this tube of energy contains just room enough for a small number of “Cord Items.”

Thus, it records just one or two incidents between you and the Cordee. Only parts of those incidents.

Most interesting about your cord to Joe or Gladys?  Whatever incident is in there… usually changes over time. It changes in the direction of most upsetting to you!

Q. Did You Say Cords of Attachment Are ASTRAL? But Doreen Virtue Called them ETHERIC. Who’s right?

A. Just about everybody knows about the famous Doreen Virtue. Queen of New Age… until she renounced her work and became a spokeswoman for Christianity.

  • Indisputably, as America’s top psychic, Doreen had a lot going for her:
  • Clairvoyance. (And at a time when people still believed that aura reading meant “seeing the colours.” By now, many of us know better.)
  • Writing talent.

Plus she was a Hay House author during the New Age Years. In historical perspective, these years occurred 1980 – 12/21/12. Right before the Shift into the Age of Awakening.

So Doreen Virtue was the perfect candidate for top New Age healer. Rich and famous and sooooo influential. However, that didn’t mean that she had discernment about cords of attachment. Or appreciating the difference between Astral Vibrational Frequencies versus the Divine Vibrational Frequency. (Something essential to know, living now. And something that you can learn here.)

Q. Are You Saying that Discernment Was Lacking?

A. Exactly! At the tail end of the Age of Faith, it was like all of humanity was pregnant. Collectively we were getting ready. Together preparing to give birth to the Age of Awakening. Therefore, millions — maybe billions — read Doreen’s work.

This was like pregnant women reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Very useful when pregnant. (Or in this case, reading Doreen’s huge collection of bestsellers during the New Age years.)

But not so helpful after you’ve had the baby.

Now that the thrill of the New Age years is over, we can all calm down. And use effective skills for energy healing. As you may know, I’ve developed many rigorous systems for Energy Spirituality energy reading, energy healing, Empath Empowerment®, and Enlightenment Coaching.

Q. I Don’t Get It. What’s Not Rigorous?

Doreen saw auras. She did healing with angels. And she’s got a far bigger reputation than you for cutting cords of attachment.

A. All true. Millions adored her. However, these are a few reasons why Doreen Virtue’s work wasn’t… well… quite on target.

  1. Her body of work shows a lack of understanding about this: Astral Beings (and vibrational frequencies) are different from the Divine.
  2. Our auras contain astral components (mostly). Plus Divine Gifts of the Soul.
  3. And Cords of Attachment are astral.
  4. Just as Spiritual Ties are etheric. Unintentionally Doreen might have confused her followers when she mixed up these two different things.
  5. Cutting “all your cords” at once was Doreen’s specialty. Pardon my saying… Clearly the sign of a complete amateur!
  6. Quality — and permanent — removal of cords of attachment require using a quality procedure. One method that works (not the only possible one, obviously) is the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment. Where you permanently remove one cord of attachment at a time.
  7. Ever hear of Astral Ties? That’s completely different from either Spiritual Ties or Cords of Attachment. Long story short, I’m pretty sure that Doreen Virtue taught a not-great method for cutting astral ties. Although she believed, and she told her followers, that she was showing them how to cut cords of attachment.

Note: What if you’d like to gain clarity about astral ties. And even learn quality skills for removing them? I’d recommend the Spiritually Sparkling Collection of Workshops. Easy to start with the Free Intro!

Now Let’s Open up This Blogpost Q&A about How to Cut Cords of Attachment

Currently this is my only up-to-date book available on this Energy Spirituality specialty. Now it’s the only authorized how-to for 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.  Recommended!

Let Our Learning Adventure Together Begin

Are all methods for cutting cords of attachment equally effective? Of course not.

Therefore, let’s have a go at developing good consumer’s discernment. Because discernment + knowledge + skills can help you enormously.

Accelerating both your personal growth and spiritual awakening. Improving your everyday quality of life. Helping yourself enormously.

How to Gain More Discernment about Energetic Cord-Cutting?

If you already have an expert to quote, find a sample of any length. Post it below as a COMMENT. (Add as much of personal perspective as you wish.)

Afterward, I’ll chunk up your comment. Publish it. And respond.

Of course, you’re also welcome to ask any questions you have… Concerning the new online workshop, “Cut Cords of Attachment WISELY.”

Especially fascinating may be your extra COMMENTS for discernment purposes. Quoting random sources online. Because you can find so many interesting websites and YouTube videos with different methods for cutting cords of attachment. Before you COMMENT with these quotes:

  1. Please check below first. Thus avoiding repeat discussion of the same person’s work. There are sooooooooo many “cord experts” to choose from.
  2. Choose one at a time. Knowing that this is going to be educational!
  3. Supply a quote of any length from that person. Feel free to make one long comment. (I’ll chunk it up later, changing nothing except for extra quotation marks, as needed.)
  4. Only fair! Provide the name of the writer, podcaster or vlogger.
  5. Add any questions or observations you have from your side.

Everybody who provides comments with quotes, please be patient. It may take me several days or longer to respond.

You see, I’ll wait to publish your quotes until I have a chance to respond. Makes those Q&As more readable, right?

Here Come Some Interesting Ways You Could Search on “Cords Experts.”

Just to get you started, might I recommend one of these links? Just to give you an idea of the popularity, I’ll also supply the number of hits. (Compiled on the day I first-drafted this article.)

  1. Learn to Cut Cords in Minutes 34,800,000 hits
  2. Angels Help You Cut Cords 17,400,000
  3. Remove Energy Cords 14,300,000
  4. Cut Cords Visualization  7,490,000 hits
  5. Attachment Cords Prayer  5,690,000 hits.
  6. Cut Cords of Attachment 4,800,000 hits
  7. How to Cut Cords with Your Twin Flame  3,610,000

All pretty shocking to me. Since back in 2007, right after I published my first book on this topic, guess how many? How many hits on “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

Just 3 hits, if memory serves.

Just as shocking? Right from the outset, 6 out of 7 of these popular topics just listed… can’t work. Give me a chance through your COMMENTS and I’ll explain why not.

“Cut Cords with your twin flame”? Really? Seems like I’ve got some teaching to do.

Once those Comments Start Coming in, How about This?

I’ll Keep a Running List of People Discussed

  1. Melanie Beckler of
  2. Amanda Linette Merder’s blog: How to Cut Cords with Someone in Less Than Three Minutes.
  3. Rebecca from
  4. Dr. Katharina Johnson, European M.D., Medical Intuitive
  5. Nicole Lunan (Master Healer of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Relationship Coach).

Also, coming up for discussion as time permits

  • Tanaaz, writing at “How to Cut Etheric Cords: A Ritual You Need To Know”
  • Helena Roman, Master Psychic and Medium at Sage Style
  • Cyndi Dale

This ongoing list can help us to avoid duplication. Keep on commenting, Blog-Buddies.

Let’s bring in loads more discernment about cutting cords of attachment. Whether readers agree or disagree with my ideas, at least we’re discussing them here. Which is something I’ve been waiting to see on the internet for years. Maybe since 2007. 😉

Blog-Buddies, thank you for joining me on this great adventure. Bringing more spiritual truth into this world.

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  1. 301

    Good news about cutting cords of attachment #4.

    Removing your cord of attachment to Joe can free you up for new relationships, better relationships because you’ve grown as a person. Cutting even a minor cord of attachment can fast track your personal growth. (Gee, no wonder it’s a technique of Energy Spirituality!)

  2. 302

    Good news about cutting cords of attachment #5.

    Cords of attachment don’t take up room in your heart. Or your sink. Or your favorite mobile phone. You can avoid thinking like that, and snap! Like that! Instantly you can dump a really pathetic, weird illusion.

  3. 303

    Honestly, there’s a lot of weird s*** that people invent about cords of attachment.

    I sure wish they’d stop.

  4. 304

    Good news about cutting cords of attachment #6.

    About living in the present — yes, you’ll likely do that better after cutting your cord of attachment to Joe. Because whatever cord items you’ve got in that cord? They repeat at least once daily, and often more than once.

  5. 305

    However, cords of attachment are hardly the only reason why a person might feel stuck in the past.

    Think about it!

  6. 306
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Symptoms of Negative Cording: [OSCAR, I’m going to number the list you’ve supplied of interesting “symptoms” from this novelistic guide to cutting cords of attachment. (Although her website suggests, mainly she’s a conspiracy theorist.)]

    1. Unable to stop thinking or obsessing about a person

  7. 307
    Oscar Manuel says:

    2. Frequent conversations in your mind with a person

    3. Frequently remembering what they said in the past, feeling their ongoing judgment or criticism

  8. 308
    Oscar Manuel says:

    4. Arguments, sometimes daily in your mind with someone (these can be actual psychic arguments)

    5. Constant memories or emotions that arise – i.e. we used to watch that show together

  9. 309
    Oscar Manuel says:

    6. Temptation to go back to a relationship that does not serve you

    7. Stalking another online through social networking, watching them compulsively

  10. 310
    Oscar Manuel says:

    8. Unable to sleep, or endless processing of the past

    9. Deep feelings of sadness, anger, and depression around the past

  11. 311
    Oscar Manuel says:

    10. Feelings of wanting to get revenge, or constantly aware of unfair treatment

    11. Crying a whole lot, an emotional wreck

  12. 312
    Oscar Manuel says:

    12. Turning down other offers and invitations, stuck in the past, feeling uninterested

  13. 313

    Oops, here’s a problem. Nicole Lunan may be highly qualified as a “Master Healer of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Relationship Coach” — but she’s sure wrong about Items 1-12.

    None of them is specific to cutting cords of attachment, is it? Haven’t you ever had a tough day and one or more of these problems happened? Heck, the culprit could even be a disappointing fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie.

  14. 314

    Besides blaming multifarious life problems on cords of attachment, I find this list excessive in another way as well. Everything is SOOOOOO FLAMINGLY INTENSE.
    As in such a hugely big deal, so life-and-death-ish, like a bad made for TV movie.

    Note: If a prospective client aims to make a session appointment with me and describes being in crisis, big drama, etc., I ask for that client to get back to more-or-less normal before making that appointment. Booking a phone session of Energy Spirituality is not like going to a psychiatric emergency room.

  15. 315

    By contrast, today I facilitated cutting a cord of attachment for one of my clients. Note: Just one session, out of five session hours. Because Energy Spirituality includes a huge number of Session Centerpieces for helping clients.

    To see what I mean, follow this link and then click, in turn, on all seven of the colorful boxes that show up.

  16. 316

    Over-simplifying… and then exaggerating… is not worthy (imo) of anybody holding herself or himself out as an expert at cutting cords of attachment.

  17. 317

    Anyway, my client Joe’s session was drama-free, and also powerfully helpful.

    Toward the end, we went into detail about a number of significant, specific improvements in life that he will most likely experience: His personal “logical consequences” from cutting that particular cord of attachment.

  18. 318

    But let’s be clear: Joe wasn’t suffering from a single one of those symptoms from 1-12 set forth by Nicole.

    In fact, the cord of attachment that I facilitated removing for Joe, with Divine help, was to a cordee whom my client met at age 11… and hadn’t spoken to in many years.

  19. 319

    Blog-Buddies, by now I’ve facilitated cutting thousands of cords of attachment. Removing them one at a time, using the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

    In case you haven’t seen this description, you might find this link to be a good summary of what really happens, at least when using this particular method for permanently removing cords of attachment. (Just be sure to scroll down to the crimson box with tabs. That’s where you’ll find the goodies.)

  20. 320

    Perhaps my sample size is a bit larger than Ms. Lunan’s. So, maybe you’re wondering: Why haven’t I come up with my own “List of Symptoms.”

    First of all, because I’m not a doctor. (Is she?) Physicians treat diseases and their symptoms.

  21. 321

    Next, cords of attachment are not a disease. (You know, those illnesses that have symptoms.)

    In my view, that horrifying-symptom-drama version of things? To me, that’s kind of a tail over teakettle way of understanding cords of attachment.

  22. 322

    Even worse, I think this horrifying symptom approach is even irresponsible. Causing people to blame a host of problems on cords of attachment? Then frightening them into using a procedure… .

    And I don’t have to imagine how ineffective and confusing Nicole’s “solution” is going to be, since I’ve peeked at the full set of OSCAR’S set of excerpts to come.
    !Ay caramba!

  23. 323

    No doubt Nicole Lunan has her own views about what’s responsible, when it comes to helping her peeps. I can only tell you about my approach, and how seriously I approach taking responsibility for my clients and students. So let’s talk cords, shall we?

    For my first book on cutting cords of attachment, published in 2006, I spent 3 1/2 years writing it and rewriting it.

  24. 324

    The title was, “Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality”

    About 10 years later, I viewed some of the unforeseen problems that had begun in the early years of the Age of Awakening. As a result, I took the drastic step of removing the paperbacks and eBook edition from sale.

  25. 325

    Instead I developed and published “Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing” — releasing it as an eBook.

    In response to widespread consciousness lifestyle problems that had developed in the population at large, this book was designed like the new online CORDS workshop: Now, simply offering a way to use this amazing skill set for self-healing.

  26. 326

    If you make use of either resource — the new online workshop or the eBook — you’ll never find scare tactics like those offered by Nicole Lunan. Instead you’ll find a systematic way of learning a really valuable procedure.

    Incidentally, you won’t find me making long, vague lists of “symptoms” about any problem-solving within the ever-growing range of Energy Spirituality skills.

  27. 327

    And when it comes to training RES Apprentices and Practitioners, I don’t give them a list of “symptoms,” either. Instead, I cultivate their ability to discern (in consciousness) among a wide range of energetic problems.

    Since, hello, this is Energy Spirituality! Skills for helping people in the Age of Awakening. Skills that involve consciousness, discernment, Divine co-creation… and a level head. (Quite the opposite of the romance novelist approach in quotes we’ve been reading about frantic, victimey Rachel.)

  28. 328

    Every form of STUFF in Energy Spirituality is distinctive in the following ways:

    * The form of STUFF has distinctive characteristics, namely how one can perceive it in a client’s aura.
    * It has a name. (Generally, since I got there first, I got to name it. Fine with me. I like naming things.)

  29. 329

    * How does the client get that particular kind of STUFF? Hello, the way a person gets that form of STUFF is unique and specific as well.

    * Why is that form of STUFF a problem? Also specific to that form of STUFF!

  30. 330

    * As for how to permanently and effectively remove that form of STUFF? Usually there’s just one dedicated method. Such as 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.

    The big exception, so far, is Vibrational Re-Positioning®. (For details, skip down to the colorful box at that link I just gave you.)

  31. 331

    Off the top of my head, I can think of four different RES ways to do Vibrational Re-Positioning and remove the related STUFF, Energetic Subroutines.

    In future years, there may well be more. But you get the point. These energy healing skills are precision skills. Although I’m glad to learn from colleagues, so far Nicole has not convinced me that she has much to teach me.

  32. 332

    A non-doctor publicly listing 12 “symptoms.” Moreover, according to this rather experienced facilitator of removing cords of attachment, not one of Nicole’s symptoms is true!

    Hmmm, not a way to win my respect. Or, perhaps, yours. Although it sure is interesting, doing this Discernment Jamboree about cords of attachment, then comparing and contrasting the wide range of ideas on the internet.

  33. 333
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “Rachel sat down with a pen and paper and began to write down the names of the people she wished to severe chords with.

  34. 334
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “The first name that popped into her mind was her first boyfriend, Jackson.

  35. 335
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “She then called Jackson’s name into the cold night sky, summoning his energy.

  36. 336
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “She brought her attention to her body to feel where the chord was located. “

  37. 337

    Now we’re in for it, aiming to bring discernment to a method for cutting cords of attachment, offered by — lest we forget — a Master Healer of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Relationship Coach.

    Some of you may already know where I stand on the pretty high aspirations (and mostly unfulfilled promises) of healing mind-body-spirit. If not, you’re invited to check out this recent post, plus related for which you can find links at that same url.

  38. 338

    Also, I’ll freely admit that I haven’t studied Wicca or white magic or black magic or shamanic work or other systems that might be a foundation for the “method” fictionally described here.

    For our Discernment Jamboree I’m going to bring perspective about what I know. Both perspective on human reality. Perspective on co-creating with the Divine to facilitate cutting cords of attachment (and other Energy Spirituality skills). Period.

  39. 339

    That said, I’ll start bringing perspective to Comment #333.

    Bad spelling, really bad spelling, does not increase my respect for the fictionalizing advice giver. Just gotta say that.

  40. 340

    Random list making is not an intelligent way to begin cutting cords of attachment. Period.

    For sure, when I teach people how to cut cords of attachment, we start with a clear understanding of what cords of attachment are, how a person gets them, what they do, and other ideas — providing more detail than in the main article here. Because ignorance and outright superstition would distort any serious attempt to permanently remove a cord of attachment.

  41. 341

    Continuing with Nicole Lunan’s quote in Comment #334, note the “popped into her mind.”

    Much is made of popping in psychic development and other astral-based work. Me? I’m not a fan.

  42. 342

    Why don’t I favor “popping” as valuable for facilitating a quality energy healing?

    First, God gave each of us a conscious mind. Using that is preferable to sanctifying random thoughts as special. Imagine if you were in the operating room as the patient of a real surgeon (not a pretend one, who circulated lists of wrong-headed symptoms).

  43. 343

    Would the surgery be extra effective if a nurse, Joe, blindfolded the surgeon, Gladys?

    Because then Surgeon Gladys could lurch forward with her scalpel and cut whatever popped into her mind. Seemingly, synchronicity fans would be overjoyed. Of course, the surgery patient — you, in this example — might soon be dead!

  44. 344

    Second, I think it’s important to note that we’re all living in the early years of the Age of Awakening. Truly, this is a wild time, much like the Wild West as depicted in classic movies.

    These days, who are the varmints and outlaws?

  45. 345

    Astral entities and extra-terrestrial entities (ETs). At this time in history, they’re free to roam the earth and interfere in people’s lives.

    When they can manage it, they even begin to use people as puppets, engaging with some people long-term until they fall into with the consciousness lifestyle called “extreme spiritual addiction.”

  46. 346

    One way to (unintentionally) encourage this loss of personal power and sense of self is…

    Hey, you probably guessed it…

  47. 347

    To treat random thoughts that “pop into one’s mind” like precious jewels.

    Where do those popping thoughts come from? Sometimes it’s one’s subconscious mind. But these days, sorry! It’s a whisper from an opportunistic astral being, seeking influence over a person’s mind and aura.

  48. 348

    Please don’t live in fear of this, Blog-Buddies. Just use those brains that God gave you.

    Avoid studying psychic development, New Age energy healing, and other methods where the teachers are either in spiritual addiction or — sigh, more commonly, today — in extreme spiritual addiction. Pretty simple, huh?

  49. 349

    So, to my thinking, that Comment #334 and then the missing piece to Nicole’s instructions… this begins to be actively dangerous.

    What missing piece? Nicole goes straight from the random thought of “Jackson” to choosing his as a candidate for cutting cords of attachment.

  50. 350

    How foolish is that!

    By contrast, in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment, what happens long before selecting which cord of attachment to cut? You’re co-creating with God or Jesus, Kwan Yin or Athena or St. Germain — the Divine Being of your choice.

  51. 351

    And then you learn, step by step, what to do… in order to co-create effectively and safely and systematically.

    By contrast, the idea in Comment #334 is to choose a random idea — whether from the subconscious mind or from an opportunistic discarnate being — and then rush into following up on cutting that particular cord of attachment.

  52. 352

    Very unwise. Particularly now, in the Age of Awakening.

    In this context, Blog-Buddies, I’d encourage you to read this article on why not to cut your cord of attachment to Trump, or other people in extreme spiritual addiction.

  53. 353

    Then we get to the notion in Comment #335 where calling a person’s name, into the cold night sky, will “summon him.” Allegedly.

    Is this supposed to work if the night sky is warmish? What if you spell really badly and mispronounce that person’s name? So many questions!

  54. 354

    But if you’re a normally functioning human being — not under the influence of recreational drugs, nor in spiritual addiction, nor in extreme spiritual addiction, nor you have a very tenuous connection to objective reality — if you’re a normalish human being, then fear not.

    You can call out names, regardless of the temperature the sky. Yodel if you like. Nobody is being summoned.

  55. 355

    As for the method for locating a cord of attachment… advocated in Nicole’s comment quoted here as #336?

    Preposterous! And the alleged astral “summoning” that precedes excellent archer accuracy for locating a cord of attachment in your body, huh? Summoning, IMHO, doesn’t make that method less preposterous. (Is the summoned Jackson supposed to show up and gently touch the spot on Rachel’s body? Or what?)

  56. 356

    Well, that’s all for now. I need a break from this.

    And maybe you do too, Blog-Buddies. Hey, today I posted a face reading of Kate McKinnon from “Saturday Night Live.” However you make contact with reality and can find the occasional much-needed laugh, I say, go for it!

  57. 357
    Oscar Manuel says:

    Thank you, Rose, for these thorough comments, even if a bit tiresome to go into some of the ridiculousness of it.

    I wondered what you would have to say about the “romance novel” style of writing about cords of attachment, and your responses are very educational. I found it an odd combination – teaching (supposedly) practical energy healing skills through a romance novel?

  58. 358
    Oscar Manuel says:

    I do want to note that the conspiracy website this was posted on is not the author’s website.

    It’s a website that hosts articles from many different authors, one of them Nicole Lunan, many of them conspiracy theorists.

  59. 359
    Oscar Manuel says:

    I’m going to think about some of these comments a bit more before I post anything else. In the meantime, thank you for your responses here, Rose.

  60. 360
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “Place your hand over your heart or wherever else you feel the attachment lives and say, ‘I release the emotional attachment to (full name).’”

  61. 361
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “Repeat until you feel the attachment release, and close.”

  62. 362

    Yes, OSCAR, I’ve taken some time as well before continuing with this part of our Discernment Jamboree about cutting cords of attachment. Regarding your Comment #357, especially:

    “I found it an odd combination – teaching (supposedly) practical energy healing skills through a romance novel?”

  63. 363

    Seems to me, it’s a revealing combination. Since novels in general, and romance novels in particular, specialize in stories about people’s feelings, with drama a non-optional requirement. The more drama the better.

    Many shamans and psychics emphasize a kind of alternate reality. Such as these rainbow-filled websites. Just look at these links to get the feeling of other-worldliness, mixed with visuals that aim to stir emotions… in the manner, actually, of romance novels.

  64. 364

    * Wow, glittery!

    * And so thrilling, with all those orbs!

  65. 365

    * Such Romance of the Astral, with star power, in pastels.

    * Wow, these psychics must be super-special. They GLOW!

  66. 366

    * And if you think romance novelists are the only ones who can take you out of humdrum routine, how about this website that glorifies shamanism?

    * And here’s one final sample of another website’s shamanic worldview, not altogether different from romance novels.

  67. 367

    You get the idea, I hope. There’s demand. And, therefore, big money in this.

    Big money in the most famous romance novels. Big money in Hay House astral systems for psychic development, channeling, and mediumship. A very big, yearning audience — often wishing to simply be swept away!

  68. 368

    So I think that romance novel style, in all its appeal to the imagination and near-operatic emotions… is quite an excellent fit for somebody with aspirations like Nicole.

  69. 369

    The “technique” chunks that I’ve commented upon so far, and will continue to describe with an eye toward discernment — this kind of appeal speaks to some people.

    Perhaps my dogged pursuit of discernment may inspire some of these folks to try something new, something with a better chance of producing results in reality. Rather than providing a pretty-pretty story about escaping from “bad” energies.

  70. 370

    Comment #358 is important, OSCAR. Thanks for providing that useful information.

    I apologize for the assumption I made before that this was her website. On the other hand, probably Ms. Lunan has consented to be there.

  71. 371

    If you think of playing “Where’s Waldo” but with a romance-writing energy healer, where better a place to make an appearance than a drama-filled website for people who feel frightened, acted upon by huge forces they’re powerless to control?

    What a great fan base for Lunan’s evocative description of, in essence, “Do some whatevery things, and believe, and hope for rescue.”

  72. 372

    Back to the Lunan method, let’s start with this part of your quote, Oscar, in Comment #360: “Place your hand over your heart or wherever else you feel the attachment lives”

    Granted, it’s quite personal, isn’t it? What’s a living, breathing being? To some folks, it could be a stuffed animal, pink, a really believable unicorn! And who am I to say no?

  73. 373

    However, I can speak from my own experience. Cords of attachment are not living in people.

    Beyond creepy, in its science fictioney way! Glad to say, again just from my perspective, using the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, this “where the attachment lives” business is just plain goofy! Don’t believe it for a minute, Blog-Buddies.

  74. 374

    And then the rest of this sentence which could win some kind of award for romance novel meets conspiracy website meets astral porn:

    ““Place your hand over your heart or wherever else you feel the attachment lives.”

  75. 375

    Cords of attachment are not necessarily attached to a person’s heart. Maybe Nicole has a fabulous sense of humor, and she’s just kidding?

  76. 376

    Today I made an unsuccessful attempt to take a selfie for my Facebook page. I wanted to show my sticker for “I voted” in today’s election here in Northern Virginia.

    But I didn’t have enough hands. Because one hand held my phone. Another pressed CLICK to take the selfie. And I really needed to point to my upper chest to show the tiny little “I voted sticker.”

  77. 377

    The resulting selfie was quite a failure, though funny.

    Point is, if I can’t generate an extra hand at will — only temporarily, mind you, to advance my selfie collection — why would a cord of attachment spread from the heart area to other places as well? Nicole seems to be talking about imagination running amok.

  78. 378

    Then we get to the rest of this horrifying sentence (from my perspective, since Nicole is supposedly describing how to cut a cord of attachment):

    “and say, ‘I release the emotional attachment to (full name).’”

  79. 379

    Not to ruin anybody’s healing fantasy, let me point out a few things:

    1. If you’re aiming to remove a cord of attachment, don’t call it an “emotional attachment.” Since that’s something completely different.

  80. 380

    At your favorite pizza parlor, if you mean to order your favorite kind pizza, would you tell the waiter, “Please bring me a dripping umbrella?”

  81. 381

    But no worries, in a way. Since this preposterous statement isn’t an order, unless somebody’s a true believer or stoned, etc.

    2. Evidently the person like fictional Rachel just cuts the cord all on her own, because she’s asking. (Hey, this character must be very special!)

  82. 382

    Doing any energy healing, Blog-Buddies, one of the most important considerations is how the healing is sourced.

    Might I recommend? Only co-create with the Divine, and facilitate this while using a skill set that works properly, going step by step. (Including information that works effectively for co-creating with a Divine Being.)

  83. 383

    This next part could be considered comical, depending on your degree of body awareness:

    “Repeat until you feel the attachment release, and close.” What do you to to feel this, practice on strong sensations of tears as they drip from the eyes of flower fairies?

  84. 384

    Seriously, in my experience, the only Energy Spirituality clients who have had this sort of acute super-awareness of their bodies as energy (rather than human) weren’t doing very well with their consciousness lifestyle.

  85. 385

    Blog-Buddies, there’s more — there’s much more to come — from the purple prose of Nicole Lunan. But let’s give ourselves a break and return to experience of reality.

    Reality for humans who have no need for conspiracy websites… or squinting really hard in the attempt to feel of their cords of attachment… “close.”

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