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Cut Cords of Attachment DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE

Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT. Whenever you give yourself this quality self-healing, it’s like you receive a Personal Growth Trophy

Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT. One more first for the field of Energy Spirituality! Learn the latest about cutting cords. Plus a vigorous Q&A.

Because you deserve to hear straight talk from an expert at this energy healing specialty.

First of All, the Big Cut Cords of Attachment ANNOUNCEMENT

As of today, you can start taking my online workshop called “Cut Cords of Attachment WISELY.” That link gives you the official workshop description.  Plus where to sign up. Feast your eyes on the latest information.

Why is cutting cords of attachment an important Life Skill? (Meaning, a skill that — once learned — you can use for the rest of your life.)

Knowledge about that is one click away. Come learn about the many benefits that await you. Benefits to gain from attachment cord cutting. And gain from the only trademarked system in the U.S. for cutting cords of attachment.

Plus, at the new workshop description you can read what?

A full inventory of the workshop’s array of:

  • Video lectures
  • Audio lectures
  • Handouts and worksheets
  • Quizzes and assignments.
  • Forums

In short, you’ll learn what makes this a highly interactive online course. So you can learn this Energy Spirituality system at your own pace. Repeating and revisiting previous lessons as needed.

Forum-wise? Your teacher will be reading every contribution you make to each lesson’s Forum. Commenting as needed.

After 17 self-paced lessons, you’ll proceed to permanently remove cords of attachment in a quality way.

So, let the questions begin. I’ll lead off, supplying some of the questions I’ve received since beginning this blog in 2007.

Q. Why 2007? What Does that Have to Do with Cutting Cords of Attachment?

Cut Cords of Attachment by Rose Rosetree. Here’s a gorgeous cover for an authorized (but out of date) edition in the Czech Republic.

A. Back in 2007 I published the first book in America on how to cut cords of attachment. It was called “Cut Cords of Attachment with Energy Spirituality.”

Yes, in that same year, I launched the field of Energy Spirituality. Eventually there may be many others who aim to advance this way of helping people. So I often refer to my work as “Rosetree” Energy Spirituality.

Almost exactly 12 years ago, I also launched this blog.

Since then, Energy Spirituality has grown very fast. Consequently, after about 10 years I removed that first book from publication. (In some ways it was outdated. Already!) Now a simpler, better version is available. So far, as the how-to is available as eBook only: Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

Altogether, since 2007, I’ve been a leader at using this specialty. And, man oh man, have folks been asking me questions! So let’s continue.

Q. You Trademarked the System Called “12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.”

Nobody Else Has Done that Yet in America. Why Bother to Trademark?

A. I trademarked this system to maintain quality control.

Potentially, removing cords of attachment can bring you huge benefits for:

  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Even help for success and prosperity

However, results don’t come automatically from a Whatever Way to Cut Cords. For instance, let’s make an analogy to cars. This system is like a Lexus.

I’m not saying it’s the only system that will get you to The Land of Excellent Results. But this is a dependable, tested, rigorous, highly effective way to cut cords of attachment.

Other systems, even popular systems, are more like… Not meaning to sound disrespectful, but here goes… More like a little red wagon that carries the sign “Car.”

Seems like results are the point, right? 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment aims to get you significant results. Very personal results. And the same isn’t necessarily so with other ways to remove cords of attachment.

Q. Hold on. What ARE Cords of Attachment?

Cut Cords of Attachment by Rose Rosetree. Here’s the super-cute cover for an out-of-date but authorized edition in Japanese.

A. Whenever you pay attention to somebody new for at least 10 seconds…

And provided that this person is still alive at the time. (So no cords of attachment to Ben Franklin. Or Jane Austin. Or Frederick Douglass.)

Then you receive two energy structures. Automatically. Part of living here at the place I call “Earth School” what happens?

  • You get a spiritual tie.
  • And you get a cord of attachment.

Q. Both a Spiritual Tie AND a Cord of Attachment? What Makes Them Different?

A Spiritual Tie is at the Divine level. Made of etheric material. It’s sacred. And that Spiritual Tie stores a summary of every sweet thing in your relationship to the other person. Every. Sweet. Thing.

By contrast, a Cord of Attachment is at the Astral Level. Made of astral material. Ever-changing, it’s a work in progress. Since this tube of energy contains just room enough for a small number of “Cord Items.”

Thus, it records just one or two incidents between you and the Cordee. Only parts of those incidents.

Most interesting about your cord to Joe or Gladys?  Whatever incident is in there… usually changes over time. It changes in the direction of most upsetting to you!

Q. Did You Say Cords of Attachment Are ASTRAL? But Doreen Virtue Called them ETHERIC. Who’s right?

A. Just about everybody knows about the famous Doreen Virtue. Queen of New Age… until she renounced her work and became a spokeswoman for Christianity.

  • Indisputably, as America’s top psychic, Doreen had a lot going for her:
  • Clairvoyance. (And at a time when people still believed that aura reading meant “seeing the colours.” By now, many of us know better.)
  • Writing talent.

Plus she was a Hay House author during the New Age Years. In historical perspective, these years occurred 1980 – 12/21/12. Right before the Shift into the Age of Awakening.

So Doreen Virtue was the perfect candidate for top New Age healer. Rich and famous and sooooo influential. However, that didn’t mean that she had discernment about cords of attachment. Or appreciating the difference between Astral Vibrational Frequencies versus the Divine Vibrational Frequency. (Something essential to know, living now. And something that you can learn here.)

Q. Are You Saying that Discernment Was Lacking?

A. Exactly! At the tail end of the Age of Faith, it was like all of humanity was pregnant.

Collectively we were getting ready. Together preparing to give birth to the Age of Awakening. Therefore, millions — maybe billions — read Doreen’s work.

This was like pregnant women reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Very useful when pregnant. (Or in this case, reading Doreen’s huge collection of bestsellers during the New Age years.)

But not so helpful after you’ve had the baby.

Now that the thrill of the New Age years is over, we can all calm down. And use effective skills for energy healing. As you may know, I’ve developed many rigorous systems for Energy Spirituality energy reading, energy healing, Empath Empowerment®, and Enlightenment Coaching.

Q. I Don’t Get It. What’s Not Rigorous?

Doreen saw auras. She did healing with angels. And she’s got a far bigger reputation than you for cutting cords of attachment.

A. All true. Millions adored her. However, these are a few reasons why Doreen Virtue’s work wasn’t… well… quite on target.

  1. Her body of work shows a lack of understanding about this: Astral Beings (and vibrational frequencies) are different from the Divine.
  2. Our auras contain astral components (mostly). Plus Divine Gifts of the Soul.
  3. And Cords of Attachment are astral.
  4. Just as Spiritual Ties are etheric. Unintentionally Doreen might have confused her followers when she mixed up these two different things.
  5. Cutting “all your cords” at once was Doreen’s specialty. Pardon my saying… Clearly the sign of a complete amateur!
  6. Quality — and permanent — removal of cords of attachment require using a quality procedure. One method that works (not the only possible one, obviously) is the system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment. Where you permanently remove one cord of attachment at a time.
  7. Ever hear of Astral Ties? That’s completely different from either Spiritual Ties or Cords of Attachment. Long story short, I’m pretty sure that Doreen Virtue taught a not-great method for cutting astral ties. Although she believed, and she told her followers, that she was showing them how to cut cords of attachment.

Note: What if you’d like to gain clarity about astral ties. And even learn quality skills for removing them? I’d recommend the Spiritually Sparkling Collection of Workshops. Easy to start with the Free Intro!

Now Let’s Open up a Big Q&A about How to Cut Cords of Attachment

Currently this is my only up-to-date book available on this Energy Spirituality specialty. Now it’s the only authorized how-to for 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.  Recommended!

Let Our Learning Adventure Together Begin

Are all methods for cutting cords of attachment equally effective? Of course not.

Therefore, let’s have a go at developing good consumer’s discernment. Because discernment + knowledge + skills can help you enormously.

Accelerating both your personal growth and spiritual awakening. Improving your everyday quality of life. Helping yourself enormously.

How to Gain More Discernment about Energetic Cord-Cutting?

If you already have an expert to quote, find a sample of any length. Post it below as a COMMENT. (Add as much of personal perspective as you wish.)

Afterward, I’ll chunk up your comment. Publish it. And respond.

Of course, you’re also welcome to ask any questions you have… Concerning the new online workshop, “Cut Cords of Attachment WISELY.”

Especially fascinating may be your extra COMMENTS for discernment purposes. Quoting random sources online. Because you can find so many interesting websites and YouTube videos with different methods for cutting cords of attachment. Before you COMMENT with these quotes:

  1. Please check below first. Thus avoiding repeat discussion of the same person’s work. There are sooooooooo many “cord experts” to choose from.
  2. Choose one at a time. Knowing that this is going to be educational!
  3. Supply a quote of any length from that person. Feel free to make one long comment. (I’ll chunk it up later, changing nothing except for extra quotation marks, as needed.)
  4. Only fair! Provide the name of the writer, podcaster or vlogger.
  5. Add any questions or observations you have from your side.

Everybody who provides comments with quotes, please be patient. It may take me several days or longer to respond.

You see, I’ll wait to publish your quotes until I have a chance to respond. Makes those Q&As more readable, right?

Here Come Some Interesting Ways You Could Search on “Cords Experts.”

Just to get you started, might I recommend one of these links? Just to give you an idea of the popularity, I’ll also supply the number of hits. (Compiled on the day I first-drafted this article.)

  1. Learn to Cut Cords in Minutes 34,800,000 hits
  2. Angels Help You Cut Cords 17,400,000
  3. Remove Energy Cords 14,300,000
  4. Cut Cords Visualization  7,490,000 hits
  5. Attachment Cords Prayer  5,690,000 hits.
  6. Cut Cords of Attachment 4,800,000 hits
  7. How to Cut Cords with Your Twin Flame  3,610,000

All pretty shocking to me. Since back in 2007, right after I published my first book on this topic, guess how many? How many hits on “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

Just 3 hits, if memory serves.

Just as shocking? Right from the outset, 6 out of 7 of these popular topics just listed… can’t work. Give me a chance through your COMMENTS and I’ll explain why not.

“Cut Cords with your twin flame”? Really? Seems like I’ve got some teaching to do.

Might I Suggest? Please Avoid Bringing up Quotes from Quora

Granted, I’ve got some still to respond to in my queue. So I will. But please don’t bring any new comments from

Why not? Because anybody — and I do mean anybody — can comment. Due to the popularity of the opinion-sharing website, random excerpts come up well on search engines. Random excerpts from random people with random sense of responsibility.

Instead, it’s better to find quotations from somebody who runs a website. Or even a full-length article published on a website. Hopefully, an article by a person who is attempting to teach about how to cut cords of attachment.

Thanks, Blog-Buddies. All seven of those previous links can bring you loads of usable, interesting quotes.

Once those Comments Start Coming in, How about This?

I’ll Keep a Running List of People Discussed

  1. Melanie Beckler of
  2. Amanda Linette Merder’s blog: How to Cut Cords with Someone in Less Than Three Minutes.
  3. Rebecca from
  4. Dr. Katharina Johnson, European M.D., Medical Intuitive
  5. Nicole Lunan (Master Healer of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Relationship Coach)
  6. Tanaaz, writing at “How to Cut Etheric Cords: A Ritual You Need To Know”
  7. Helena Roman, Master Psychic and Medium at Sage Style
  8. Cyndi Dale

Also, coming up for discussion as my schedule permits

  • Sonti Panduranga Rao
  • Ebony F.

This ongoing list can help us to avoid duplication. Keep on commenting, Blog-Buddies.

Let’s bring in loads more discernment about cutting cords of attachment. Whether readers agree or disagree with my ideas, at least we’re discussing them here. Which is something I’ve been waiting to see on the internet for years. Maybe since 2007. 😉

Blog-Buddies, thank you for joining me on this great adventure. Bringing more spiritual truth into this world.

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  1. 501
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “This cord has the ability to share energy and transmit a high frequency of communication, which may explain why we often feel and connect telepathically to our partners thoughts and emotions.”

  2. 502
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “Most of us will intuitively know how strong our cord is with someone, but if you are unsure, a good measure is how strongly or how often you think or feel towards someone, especially if the thoughts are obsessive, manipulative or fearful.”

  3. 503
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “We are constantly creating cords with many people and even objects, but if you feel drawn back to an unhealthy relationship, or want to break negative patterns or addictions, or feel a strong psychic connection to someone that is draining your energy, a cord cutting ritual may be beneficial.”

  4. 504

    About this series of Comments, from #500 to #502… they certainly raise questions.

    Unfortunately, they’re not so much thought-provoking questions about the true nature of cords of attachment. Sigh!

  5. 505

    Instead, Tanaaz has raised questions like:

    * Is he joking?
    * Is he stoned?
    * Where on earth did he get these looney ideas? Does he just make them up for fun?

  6. 506

    Please don’t confuse yourself, Blog-Buddies, by trying to unscramble the word salad he’s supplied there.

    Perhaps I’ll be able to comment specifically on the method that follows. His “Cord Cutting Ritual.”

  7. 507

    Before continuing on that particular discernment saga, here’s some happy news. One of my Energy Spirituality clients, MICHAEL, moved into Enlightenment very recently.

    Here’s a link to the article I wrote, then published, right after his session of Enlightenment Validation.

  8. 508

    What’s the connection between our DISCERNMENT JAMBOREE about Cutting Cords of Attachment and helping to move somebody into Enlightenment?

    First of all, Enlightenment means using your full potential in life. And isn’t that also the purpose of any high-quality skills of Energy Healing?

  9. 509

    As this link will show you, many sophisticated skills for energy healing are available within the system I teach, Energy Spirituality.

    And all of them, indirectly, can help a person move forward on his or her path of spiritual awakening. Sometimes called “path of spiritual evolution.”

  10. 510

    Thus far, folks quoted for my comments to bring discernment about cutting cords of attachment…. Has a single other one been an Enlightenment Coach?

    (Or the equivalent, using a different name for this huge and sacred responsibility.)

  11. 511

    Personally, I think that’s a pity.

    So far we’ve seen hobbyists. Folks with a very casual approach. People who weren’t particular about the basic terms they were using. Or, even the methodologies they shared on the internet.

  12. 512

    As you’re reading this, one consumer tip might be this:

    How serious and professional is the “expert” on cutting cords of attachment? And what is the goal?

  13. 513

    My goal is to help people use their full potential. In life.

    And, along the way, to become better adjusted to human life. Not living in an astral fantasy land.

  14. 514
    Oscar Manuel says:

    The Cord Cutting Ritual (From Tanaaz)

    “-Find a quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed. Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths.

  15. 515

    Let the wild ride begin! Thanks to you, OSCAR MANUEL, sure, let’s bring discernment to bear on this technique for cutting cords of attachment from Tanaaz.

  16. 516

    I like that he’s supplying a specific procedure. My first published book was a cookbook. I took a long time, thoroughly developing each recipe. Testing it. Making sure it would work.

    For a recipe that involves one’s aura, the stakes are much higher. And the equivalent of burned food might be much harder to detect. Seems to me, any teacher of energy healing — whether Tanaaz or Rose Rosetree — needs very high standards. Otherwise we’re setting ourselves up for some really bad karma!

  17. 517

    Actually, Tanaaz doesn’t call this a procedure. Or a technique. He calls it a ritual.

    This makes me curious. When I think of rituals, I think of going to a religious service. With serious connotations of “worshiping God.”

  18. 518

    But cutting a cord of attachment isn’t religious, surely.

    As noted in the main article here, cords of attachment are astral structures. They aren’t Divine.

  19. 519

    If they were Divine they’d be perfect, inspiring, magnificent… and so cutting them would be a sort of desecration.

    Whereas astral cords of attachment? To me they’re more like poop. Informative poop. At least, in the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment, they’re tremendously informative. And very specific results happen for the client, depending on which cord of attachment is cut in a session.

  20. 520

    Well, I’ve checked with an online dictionary, Here’s the definition. Ritual means:

    1. an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite.
    2. a system or collection of religious or other rites.
    3. observance of set forms in public worship.
    4. a book of rites or ceremonies.

  21. 521

    To me, this brings up an interesting question about the sacredness of the procedure itself.

    As the Founder of Energy Spirituality, I’m used to co-creating with God. That’s the source of power for all the techniques that I use and teach. However, these doesn’t require religious-style reverence. Which aren’t needed, and might muddle our thinking. More, we do the steps of each procedure as the human beings we are, and with all due respect and responsibility.

  22. 522

    I like some the quote in Comment #514:

    “-Find a quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed.”

  23. 523

    That shows some respect for the process. Of course, most of the times I facilitate cutting cords of attachment for clients, it’s not a quiet place. There’s ongoing conversation, here and there.

    On the other hand, when I cut cords of attachment for myself, it’s going to be reasonably quiet. No phone calls. Nor checking texts, etc. Agreed, then.

  24. 524

    But then there’s this part of the first instruction from Tanaaz:

    “Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths.” Why? I wonder why? Will Tanaaz be asking people to do meditation? Or hypnosis? Or what?

  25. 525
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “-Once relaxed, close your eyes and call upon your spirit guides or angels to help guide you through the process.”

  26. 526

    Well, here’s our answer. Tanaaz asks people to perform an interior ritual.

    And what kind of ritual? Here my perspective is informed by the years from 1970 – 1986, when I was involved in teaching the Transcendental Meditation Program, learning a lot from my teacher at the time, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

  27. 527

    And, of course, in founding Energy Spirituality, I’ve developed more specific knowledge about what I now call “positioning your consciousness.”

    In this “ritual” from Tanaaz, he’s asking people to invite in what he calls “your spirit guides or angels.” IMHO, there are a couple of pretty serious problems with doing that:

  28. 528

    And before I get into some ideas that may seem very controversial to those of you who’ve been involved in New Age spirituality, or other modalities where “Ask for guidance from your spirit guides or angels” is like the catechism in the Catholic Church… in the sense that many people really, really, really believe that this is The Way.

    Please know, I’m not trying to attack you or insult you for what you’ve believed up to now. I’m simply here aiming to bring discernment. More clarity. Appropriate, surely, for a Discernment Jamboree.

  29. 529

    Problem #1 with doing healing along with spirit guides or angels.

    By definition, these are astral beings. Not Divine Beings. Look, I know that during the New Age years especially (the era of Doreen Virtue and Oprah) spiritual seekers were told that “Angels are God’s messengers.”

  30. 530

    Sounds sweet. Especially in a valentiney way, with pictures of rainbow light, etc.

    However, from the perspective of reliable energetic literacy, plenty of things become clear. And one of them is that astral beings, like these “guardian angels or spirits” who would show up just because you asked mentally, are not Divine Beings. Not remotely close.

  31. 531

    Problem #2 with doing healing along with spirit guides or angels.

    You’re living now, of course. Not in the New Age years toward the end of the Age of Faith. Know it or not, you’ve lived through the Shift into the Age of Awakening. Many things are different now. But Divine is still Divine. While astral is astral.

  32. 532

    In these early years of the Age of Awakening, many astral beings are targeting people, seeking to move them into extreme spiritual addiction.

    Based on extensive research, I’m convinced that it is no longer safe to do psychic work. And that definitely includes trusting spirit guides and angels.

  33. 533

    Problem #3 with doing healing along with spirit guides or angels.

    It’s quite likely that the discarnate beings you’d connect to in this “ritual” from Tanaaz, simply following this first step… would be lying to you. Not the spirit guides that were Divinely authorized to help you on your journey in this lifetime.

  34. 534

    From experience helping a minority of my clients, I’m convinced that you can no longer trust asking spirit guides or angels to help you. Lives have been destroyed for many trusting spiritual seekers. I’ve read the wrecks of their auras.

    What’s safer and better? Instead, you can learn skills to safely co-create with Divine Beings. Just be sure to learn reliable skills. Because…

  35. 535

    Opportunistic astral entities have no scruples about lying, such as saying, “I’m Jesus Christ” or “I’m the Buddha.”

  36. 536

    Yeah, that’s a downer. But some of the “Be positive all the time” culture out there in New Age circles really endangers people. And frustrates this teacher.

    To put it bluntly, this “only see the good” approach causes people to act more stupid than they need to be.

  37. 537

    If you’re reading this series of comments, please, take this problem of opportunistic entities seriously.

    (In “The New Strong,” I offer some simple ways to protect yourself energetically from them. Here’s a link to that book’s Table of Contents.)

  38. 538

    One more comment about this advice, so far, from Tanaaz. Did you notice? He recommends that you “call upon your spirit guides or angels to help guide you through the process.”

    Whose process is this supposed to be, exactly? The random astral beings are also allowed to guide you?

  39. 539

    Thanks, Tanaaz, for the great opportunity to bring up another point of discernment.

    When you use the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment ®, hey, that’s a procedure. And you co-create it with a Divine Being like God or Jesus or Athena. But they sure don’t “guide you through it.” Do you get how weird this idea is?

  40. 540

    Even when co-creating with a Divine Being, it’s not their job to do my human job. And that includes following a responsible procedure, being in charge of my human life. Appropriately asking a Divine Being to help. Not to guide me or change up the “procedure” etc.

  41. 541

    Ever hear the song “Jesus, Take the Wheel”? First times I heard it, I wept.

    Of course, the idea of surrendering to God is very appealing.

  42. 542

    But it isn’t Jesus’s job to steer a car. Jesus doesn’t have a human body.

    And if somebody today asks Jesus, or another Divine Being, to take them over in order to do something… that’s channeling. Sadly, in the Age of Awakening, it’s rare to find a channeler who isn’t living in extreme spiritual addiction. Sorry, but it’s true!

  43. 543
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “-Upon feeling the presence of your guides, recite the following mantra:”

  44. 544

    Interesting! Tanaaz is telling you to feel a special something.

    Unfortunately, this puts you at risk for getting seduced by what I call “astral flash.” AKA, “the romance of the astral.” Not a wise idea, Blog-Buddies.

  45. 545

    In case you’re wondering, here’s a NOWHERE.

    Nowhere in my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment are you supposed to feel the presence of astral beings. Or even of Divine Beings. You get to feel like your normal human self, which is pretty important imo. Sure beats the alternatives!

  46. 546

    “Dear Spirit Guides, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any etheric cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose…..”

  47. 547

    Oy veh! More problems.

    Like HEAL
    Then LET GO
    And following that, CUT??????

  48. 548

    Does that order sound backwards to you, too, Blog-Buddies?

  49. 549

    More probs:

    Cords of attachment are astral. They’re still not Divine-level, aka “etheric.” Technically, this, too is just plain wrong.

  50. 550

    More probs:

    “cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose…..” What high-sounding mumbo-jumbo!

  51. 551

    If you’re seeking a procedure that helps you to grow as a human person, might I suggest?

    You. Choose. Which. ONE. Cord of Attachment. To remove.

  52. 552

    Rather than passively leaving it up to someone… anyone… non-human, who happens to show up… to choose for you.

  53. 553

    Throwing in the bit about “serving my higher purpose…..” is exactly how certain new Energy Spirituality clients talk. When they’re devoutly repeating bits of New Age catechism… and are in spiritual addiction, floaty and relatively ineffective in life. (After you click on that link, please scroll down to the turquoise box.)

  54. 554

    Incidentally, here’s an Energy Spirituality view on the much-touted search for purpose.

    Search at this blog under “purpose” to find additional articles, if you like.

  55. 555
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive attention be released.”

  56. 556

    Since Tanaaz has already shown that he doesn’t understand basic facts about cords of attachment, not surprising that he’s just adding a bunch of New Age cliches, aka clickbait.

    If you’re used to this language, it could seem sweet and spiritual. To me, however, it’s like composing a tuna salad by combining some canned tuna, machine oil and, for crunch, random fall leaves from the front yard. Ick!

  57. 557
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.”

  58. 558

    Whether you’re asking God to help you accomplish something (which I definitely recommend, as you know by now) or you decide to take a whatever attitude and ask the nearest ghost or opportunistic entity to help you…

    Please don’t insult them by asking for something nonsensical. Like “Protect me from future attachments.”

  59. 559

    Since having emotional attachments is essential to human life. And personal growth. Likewise, spiritual evolution.

  60. 560

    As for preventing all future cords of attachment, that’s like asking:

    Help me to be human, but without the skin.

  61. 561

    By the time you read (or have read) the main post, you know more about cords of attachment than Tanaaz.

    For instance, you know that human beings get them throughout life, simply because of paying attention to another human being who’s alive… for a minimum of 10 seconds.

  62. 562
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “-You may need to repeat the mantra 2-3 times.”

  63. 563

    Golly, if you’re looking for results you might have to repeat this set of sentences way more than 2-3 times.

    You could even go for 10,000 times. These magical-seeming sentences still won’t work.

  64. 564

    Incidentally, I have a personal passion about mantras, due to my years as a TM teacher.

    A mantra is a sacred sound, used for connecting to the Divine.

  65. 565

    Rather than putting on airs and assuming that he has delivered a “mantra,” here are some more accurate terms:

    1. A collection of sentences.
    2. A collection of theories that don’t work, expressed in words.
    3. A highly irresponsible addition to advice that already could jeopardize the aura (and mental health) of a person following these instructions from Tanaaz.

  66. 566
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “You can also close your eyes and visualize the cords being released, as well as the healing light surrounding you.”

  67. 567

    Why do that? Extra busywork. Imagining or visualizing images has zero effect on cutting cords of attachment. They’re real.

    They’re astral objects. But they still count as real objects.

  68. 568

    That’s like having a mosquito bite and trying to visualize it away.

    A complete waste of time!

  69. 569

    And there’s more from Tanaaz, much more. Due to the persistent curiosity of wonderful OSCAR MANUEL.

    Let’s leave the next chunks to another day. Meanwhile, may you live well in human reality, Blog-Buddies.

  70. 570
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “(You can of course tweak this ritual to your liking, there is no right or wrong- it’s ALL about your intention.)”

  71. 571

    Geesh, the nerve!

    With Comment #270 Tanaaz abdicates his responsibility toward the people he’s supposedly teaching.

  72. 572

    Look, sometimes clients enlist my services to help create the unholy mess created by making up their own techniques for energy healing, or working with spirits.

  73. 573

    Or a client is finally ready (and willing, and sometimes even slightly desperate) to have me facilitate moving out the consequences of studying with a corrupted energy healer, psychic, or spiritual teacher.

  74. 574

    So I’ve seen first-hand the mess that people can create when they aren’t consciousness engineers. They aren’t otherwise qualified to teach anybody, or even to pretend to teach anybody.

    Karma is undoubtedly coming to Tanaaz from his encouragement to just make things up.

  75. 575

    As for his friendly belief that “there is no right or wrong” — what the heck is he talking about, the Outback Steakhouse?

  76. 576

    That chain has finally let go its famous slogan, “No rules, just right.”

    Now they’ve rebranded as “Bold at Steak.” Also nonsensical and, in its recreational way… maybe engaging.

  77. 577

    Even that restaurant chain needs to have rules, evidently.

    And diners could tell for themselves if over-ripe kiwis were tossed into the table’s breadbasket. While techniques to impact a person’s aura… don’t show their consequences immediately.

  78. 578

    And whatever credentials Tanaaz may have to teach people a method that they may believe is worth trying… the sure must not include Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

    Otherwise he’d rapidly gain a shiny, new sense of taking responsibility.

  79. 579

    That brief Comment #570 includes an impressively chockful collection of bad advice. Tanaaz’s culminating phrase in that quote may be the worst of all: “it’s ALL about your intention”

    Think about that for a moment. You know, with your brain engaged. Rather than sentimentality.

  80. 580

    Say that a Looney Tunes gun owner believes that people wearing purple shirts are really evil, and his intention is to clean up the world, making it safe for the Great Panda to come to earth and dwell among good people. so Mr. Looney Tunes takes out his semi-automatic rifle and guns down 50 people.

  81. 581

    At his trial, do you think it would be an effective defense to claim that he was only helping the Great Panda?

  82. 582

    Consumer Tip: Beware any teacher who encourages you to make things up. Or tells you that you don’t need skills or knowledge or discernment… if only your intention is good.

    Like, maybe, that your intention is to create a healing like some fabulously nourishing cotton candy! 😉

  83. 583
    Oscar Manuel says:

    I’m learning a lot for these comments, Rose! Thank you for the continuing education.

    Your background as a consciousness engineer is really shining here.

  84. 584
    Oscar Manuel says:

    There are some hard little nuggets of ignorance in the “expert” quotes. Sometimes it’s almost as if they’re under some kind of invisibility cloak, with how they’re hard to pin down.

    And how people (self included!) can gloss over them when reading or hearing them… simply because they’re popular in collective consciousness, or other factors (?).

  85. 585
    Oscar Manuel says:

    I feel that as I read your responses and explanations I am being innoculated against confusion and intellectual “blah.”

    (In addition to other things, like certain kinds of bad karma, irresponsibility, carelessness…. problems of astral entanglement… etc!)

  86. 586

    OSCAR MANUEL, thank you so much for your latest comments here. Most dazzling of the three (to me) is that Comment #584.

    Uncannily perceptive. Thank you for putting into words a klnd of oomph I feel when creating these DISCERNMENT JAMBOREES. It’s time to find those illusions and shine in the light of truth.

  87. 587

    Those entrenched illusions in Collective Consciousness remind me of finding discarded chewing gum under my seat at a movie theater.

    Unexpected. Hard. Grody old chewing gum.

  88. 588

    Quite a revolting idea! Yet there it would be.

    And there was nothing for it but to pop it off, holding a tissue, and throw that gross thing away.

  89. 589

    In my case, what’s the equivalent of holding a tissue, so I don’t get all germ-ed out?

    How I get to co-create along with a Divine Being.

  90. 590

    Thanks very much, OSCAR MANUEL, for all your contributions to our DISCERNMENT JAMBOREES, as well as this morning’s comments.

  91. 591

    Also, head’s up. Interesting that you referred in Comment #583 to my being a consciousness engineer!

    Just see what I post about that at this blog next week. 🙂

  92. 592
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “After the ritual is over, smudge your surroundings,

  93. 593
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “take a warm bath,

  94. 594
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “drink plenty of water

  95. 595
    Oscar Manuel says:

    “and relax in a peaceful or comfortable setting.”

  96. 596

    Now this is pretty fascinating, Blog-Buddies.

    Just recently, Tanaaz has outed himself as a technique teacher with zero standards. Somebody who’s fine with having his trusting students make up whatever they want. Because, to quote what was in Comment #570, “there is no right or wrong.”

  97. 597

    Whereas now he’s turning highly specific about precisely what kind of follow-up he recommends.

    Isn’t that a little odd?

  98. 598

    At least this all seems odd to me, this random array of feel-good activities.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, Step #12 of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® includes some follow-up instructions. One of which is to drink lots of water… for the time of the “energy bandage.” This is installed during an earlier step in the procedure. Quite different from, Drink up today. Tomorrow, whatever! Be sure to take a warm bath, etc.

  99. 599

    Incidentally, do you Blog-Buddies know what smudging actually does, energetically?

    Other than provide a pleasant, toasty, burningish smell.

  100. 600

    Here’s my understanding. Smudging in Native American traditions is a bit like burning camphor when performing a Hindu puja.

    It serves to send astral beings skittering away. Temporarily.

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