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Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. BIG QUIZ

Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. Taking this quiz might help you make sense of today’s bustling healing marketplace.

Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. What, a second quiz?

Funnily enough, yes. This is a more in-depth quiz about something that concerns you greatly.

  • Just in case you’re healthy, and plan to keep living that way.
  • Sadly, also if a health problem is limiting your quality of life.

Either way, you probably know a lot about Energy Healing. But how current is that knowledge? That matters.

Meet this Refreshing Series of Articles (Knowledge-Refreshing!)

Although most of us know so much about energy healing, much of that knowledge is outdated.

So I’ve developed a series of articles to help.

What was in our last blog post? A Quick Quiz on Energy Healing Near You. Yes, a super-short quiz to start you thinking.

Before that? 10 Human-Based Healing Professions.

By contrast, today’s article is almost entirely a quiz. Please answer TRUE or FALSE.

Play along with me here and you go through a free process of transformation. Thanks to this blog post and the two that follow.

Find out: Is my knowledge of energy healing as up to date as I think? Or could I be stuck in the past?

Maybe you’ll boldly comment below with your answers. Adding some of the reasons for your choices.

Later I’ll write a pair follow-up article with my answers. Definitely giving you my reasons for each answer. Preview: Some of them may shock you. But helpfully, I’m hoping. 🙂

Quiz Yourself. Are You Up-to-Date?

Mind-Body-Spirit Improvement through Energy Healing?

Q1. Healing Your Entire Mind-Body-Spirit… Is THE GOAL of Holistic Healing

Or, to put this question another way:

  • To qualify as holistic, energy healing must improve mind, body, and spirit.
  • Therefore, you can expect that all energy healing… is truly holistic in nature.

Note: “Holistic healing” became popular during the New Age Years. (Between 1980 and the Shift into the Age of Awakening.)

Q2. Mind-Body-Spirit Healing… Went Seriously Mainstream in 2015.

Clearly, holistic — or alternative — healing has gone seriously mainstream. But when?

Q3. ALL Energy Healing… Directly Impacts Mind-Body-Spirit.

What has experience taught you about this, Blog-Buddies? Like, what’s your first reaction?

Q4. Energy Healing Comes from Spirit.

This blog post might give you a clue. Why am I asking about this? Although you may already have an strong opinion on this question. Even without reading the article I just linked to!

Q5. Because Energy Healing Comes from Spirit…. That’s Why It Heals Your Entire Mind-Body-Spirit.

Millions of people believe that. Do you?

Q6. All Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Comes from the Same, Beautiful, Source

Plenty of passion can be part of this belief. Incidentally, who gave the interview at this link I just offered? Eric Pearl. Widely known as “The world’s most renowned energy healer.”

Quite possibly, some of you may remember this: Previously somebody nominated him for my Enlightenment Life List. Accordingly, what was the outcome?

Maybe the renowned healer lives in Enlightenment? Quite far from it, actually. Since, in recent years, he’s moved into extreme spiritual addiction.)

You see, Blog-Buddies. Many of the hopeful promises healers gave us? Sure they could have aroused a passion for healing. Especially during the decades before the Age of Awakening started.

Sadly, many of those promises haven’t worked out. Which is one of my reasons why I hope you’ll take this entire quiz, thinking about what is NOW true for you.


Don’t you know Reiki healers. Or Pranic Healers, etc.? And for those you know with serious involvement, hmmm.

Due to that involvement, don’t they believe in holistic healing? Maybe even believing the full promise of Mind-Body-Spirit: Namely, that using their hands (as in Reiki, for instance), wow! Somehow this could helps them tremendously with all personal growth. Including emotional growth.

For example, if you study Reiki Level 2, what do you learn? Partly, you’re authorized to have a conversation with another person’s subconscious mind. And, then, as a “Reiki channel,” gently asking questions, so easy! Automatically you can bring emotional healing.

Kind of like an energy therapist.


Likewise, enthusiasts at different BODY-emphasizing forms of Mind-Body-Spirit… Many are true believers. Due to the holistic nature of their energy healing… It will solve all problems. Such as bringing spiritual awakening.

Do you believe that to be true? Why — or why not?


Mainly, energy psychology means tapping. A.k.a. “Emotional Freedom Technique.”

Back in the day, many of you Blog-Buddies may have tried it. I did. Perhaps twice, in total.

Did you find impressive results from tapping? Experts with academic credentials have worked hard top make their case. That this MIND-emphasizing form of Mind-Body-Spirit can heal physical ailments.

What think you?

Q10. Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. Energy PSYCHOLOGY Can Help You to Grow SPIRITUALLY

Again, many tapping enthusiasts have great expectations. Namely, that this MIND-emphasizing form of Mind-Body-Spirit  do what? Help tappers to grow spiritually.

Q11. ENERGY SPIRITUALITY Can Heal Your Physical Health

Aha, how fast did you recognize this name? Yep, this website is Energy Spirituality central.

Usually I call my work Rosetree Energy Spirituality. (Since folks haven’t started copying that name yet. As with names like Empath Empowerment® and Face Reading Secrets®.) Definitely, all my work still counts as Energy Spirituality.

Have you seen many articles here about physical healing? Like, due to the mind-body connection, I can set your broken bones. Due to powerful emotional growth when we talk on the phone?

Q12. Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. ENERGY SPIRITUALITY Can Improve Your Mental Clarity

Another chance to use common sense about RES. By definition, what does Energy Spirituality accomplish:

Simply put, RES helps people grow emotionally. And spiritually. Using energy healing skills that work now. In the Age of Awakening!

Just in case this helps, here are two clues to your answer for Q12.

Q13. Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. Any Form of ALTERNATIVE Healing Can What? Help You to Use Your Full Potential

If true, that would include Ayurveda, holistic healing from 10,000 years ago.

Also, self-taught energy healers. Including certain new RES clients. Quite sure, unfortunately, that they were Divinely blessed. (Yet their auras proclaimed spiritual addiction.) And actively “helping their clients to use their full potential in life.”

Q14. Everyone Is a Natural Expert at Energy Healing

Two very helpful mentors to me at one time:

  • Both Susan Kingsley Rowe
  • And Rev. AlixSandra Parness

Back during the New Age Years, they self-published a book with this title: “Everyone Is a Healer.”

Clue: Notwithstanding my support of self-publishers, these books didn’t help me. Instead, they both had worked to develop expert skills. Using those to help me.

Q15. After You Learn Any Skills for Self-Healing? Go Forth and Heal Others

Maybe that idea applied to followers of Jesus, back in New Testament days. Weren’t they taught to go forth and heal others?

One way or another, this idea has gained huge traction in Collective Consciousness. But does it really apply to mind-body-spirit?

Back to my personal example of studying Reiki. Absolutely, I loved all three of my Reiki Masters. And I believed in Reiki for years.

But I never thought to do it professionally. Personally, I knew that I was an amateur. Although, in two weekend workshops, what did the teachers promise? You could hang out your shingle as a Reiki pro. Go forth and heal others!

Have you ever studied with a mind-body-spirit healer who told you to do that? And did you?

For Your Easy Reference, Blog Series Overview

#1. Energy Healing Near Me. Quick Quiz!

#2. Human-Based Healing Professions (NOT Spirit-Reliant)

#3. Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. BIG QUIZ

#4.  HOLISTIC Healing, Energy Healing. Answers 1-4

#5. Holistic Healing Quiz Completion

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  1. 1

    Hey, Blog-Buddies. I guess it’s time for me to give an example of responding to one or more of these Quiz Questions.

    Whether you comment on just one (as I’ll be doing here), or you share your reactions to all 15 Quiz Questions, please write short chunks — ideally, just 2-3 sentences each. Then create a new comment. Because that’s the commenting style at this blog.

  2. 2

    For me, Quiz Question #3 is the biggest deal. Whether it’s my colleagues – teachers of different mbs systems – or the folks who study with them, what have I found for years?

    One holy (but vague) mess.

  3. 3

    So many energy healers, and medical intuitives, seem to believe that if they “heal the body” they’ll automatically improve emotional and/or spiritual growth.

  4. 4

    Back in the days of cognizing the Vedas, some 10,000 years ago, that may have been true enough. Since the concept of human individuality didn’t fully arise until a century before the Age of Awakening.

    But for those of us living now, standards for authentic emotional and spiritual growth are far higher.

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    Responding to qestion #6, “All mind-body-spirit healing comes from the same, beautiful source.” I’ve moved on from wanting to believe this is true.

    I’ve grown up with RES, and now my only spiritual source is a form of the Divine. Chosen with purpose and wisdom. No longer placing myself at the mercy of whatever spirit is available at the moment.

  6. 6

    LIANE, all this is so beautifully put. If only there were truth in describing many mind-body-spirit systems for healing. No doubt you remember, as I do, vague references to “Spirit” and “Energy.”

    As though these were tactful, inclusive, or truly cool ways of saying God.

  7. 7

    And wasn’t it such a Age of Faith thing, invoking the name of “Spirit” and then assuming you didn’t have to learn much
    So long as you believed
    Plus you were all-positive, only positive.

  8. 8
    Liane says:

    Totally agree with your comments 6 and 7. Age of Faith was a time of believing in miracles (if only you prayed long and hard enough), keeping things positive. Always positive.

  9. 9
    Liane says:

    But ‘Spirit’ was (for me) a New Age thing as well. No matter what god you believed in, it’s the same god for everyone. And it wasn’t until my entry into New Age that I heard the term mind-body-spirit.

    All clashing with my Evangelical Christian beliefs. (confusing times!)

  10. 10
    Liane says:

    Now I know mind-body-spirit are all separate, not one long hyphenated word.

    And ‘Spirit’ is real, only not with a capitol S, and not from a beautiful source.

  11. 11

    And after the confusions are sorted out, LIANE
    And the hypocracies lose their power;
    As people like us gain energetic literacy
    (And, for some of us, even Enlightenment)…

  12. 12

    A new game can begin on earth, an Age of Awakening game, where we can become God’s grownup humans.

    I hope that our Collective Consciousness will dare to keep learning, as you did, LIANE, even when the process made you uncomfortable.

  13. 13

    Celebrating your courage, in the quest for clarity, I’ve got the next post available in this bold exploration we’re doing together.

    Especially because — as you noted, LIANE — mind and body and spirit are separate words, at least for us humans.

  14. 14
    Julie says:

    False for question 6. In contrast to what is promised.

    Like with Reiki, which is stated to be always for one’s best and highest good.

    That sounds lovely but isn’t, due to being sourced in the astral and not from God.

  15. 15
    Julie says:

    Also false to question 5. I realize now how impossibly big a claim it is, that Reiki could be directed toward any area of life one wants to improve.

    And it would “clear blocks” in that area.

  16. 16

    Pretty interesting, right?

    In hindsight (however long it takes to develop enough hindsight), the sweet strivings of Reiki workshop takers may seem a lot like kindergarten. We can wake up to discernment time, now!

  17. 17
    Theodore says:

    I’d like to speak to question 7 for a bit.

  18. 18
    Theodore says:

    The Chinese herbal materia medica (list & descriptions of herbs) I have in my office has 19 chapters and 1311 pages.

  19. 19
    Theodore says:

    Of these 19 chapters, 17 are dedicated to herbs that treat different categories of physical ailment, via the energetic anatomy known as the Zang-Fu (Organs) and Meridians (Jing-Luo).

  20. 20
    Theodore says:

    Only 1 chapter, 52 pages long, describes “Substances That Calm The Spirit”. (The remaining chapter is dedicated to “Obsolete Substances”).

  21. 21
    Theodore says:

    Sometimes, there can be a limited physical-energy component to an emotional disturbance. For instance, there can be a state we call “heat affecting the Heart” which can contribute to anxiety and irritability, among other things.

  22. 22
    Theodore says:

    However, chinese medicine can only influence a client’s emotional state to the degree that their emotional state is being caused by things that chinese medicine can influence. As we saw from the materia medica, this non-physical sphere of influence is limited.

  23. 23
    Theodore says:

    It is important to use the correct tools, the tools that are specific to the issue at hand.

  24. 24
    Theodore says:

    It does concern me to see practitioners making broad claims to effectiveness in treating the entire person, when their credentials only show them to be equipped to treat a limited set of systems.

  25. 25

    THEODORE, thank you so much for this. I especially appreciate your Comment #22 — plus how you laid the groundwork for that — and then where you went afterward.

    Yes, thank you.

  26. 26
    Theodore says:

    Thank you, Rose, for prompting discussion on these issues of discernment. It is much needed.

  27. 27

    You’re welcome, THEODORE. As professionals in Acupuncture and Energy Spirituality, we have skin in this game.

    But really, all of us Blog-Buddies do. If we can get some leading-edge clarity about mind-body-spirit NOW, unlike our first impressions back in the Age of Faith, perhaps that leadership can trickle down into Collective Consciousness.

  28. 28

    Because, really, it’s time for us to wake up and get used to living in the Age of Awakening. Each of us equipped with our new vibrational freedom of consciousness.

    When we use that vibrational freedom well, and combine it with discernment about various modalities for personal growth, we can let go some activities, continue with others, maybe start learning some new ones.

  29. 29
    Gabrielle says:

    Theodore’s comments #22 and 23 struck me as very practical, yet profound.

    It seems it could be applied to many a modality or service one provides to others.

  30. 30
    Gabrielle says:

    When we look at the scope for a particular type of work, we can come up with some reasonable expectations for results and not think one thing (or skill or person) will fix all.

    And thus the reason there are specialties in the world. This blog post definitely speaks to that and serves as a reminder.

  31. 31

    GABRIELLE, I’m loling in recognition. Of course, that’s the reason for specialties in the world!

    Yet it’s understandable that, in the passionate recognition of energies during the New Age years, millions of us blurred distinction in a kind of infatuated haze.

  32. 32
    Theodore says:

    Thank you, Gabrielle!

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