Deeper Perception Made Practical

Alternative Healing QUIZ. Completed.

Alternative Healing QUIZ. What’s beautiful, spiritual, and effective? Versus what seems beautiful, but maybe not not so effective. Or spiritual.

Alternative Healing QUIZ. Completed.

Seems like, many of us have the need to separate truth from fiction. Quite possibly, you too might be stuck in outdated expectations from the Oprah years. Like are you still avidly watching her show? Since it’s 1985 and Oprah’s the Queen of TV?

Or when did you you have your first rapturous intro. Maybe you remember how, back in the day, you thrilled the promise. Amazing potentials of the mind-body-spirit connection!

Absolutely, that was a thrill. Yet times have changed. And maybe you have, too.

Therefore, let’s use today’s article to complete our Wake Up Assessment.

In this article 5 of 5, yes! You could consider what you’ve doing a great big…

Wake Up Assessment about Holistic Healing.

So far, this series of articles has included these bold forays into Age of Awakening truth:

  1. Energy Healing Near Me. Quick Quiz!
  2. Human-Based Healing Professions (NOT Spirit-Reliant)
  3. Energy Healing Mind-Body-Spirit. BIG QUIZ
  4. HOLISTIC Healing, Energy Healing. Answers 1-4

What have you learned? Discernment! Since you’re reading to stop crushing on New Age. When “holistic” allegedly meant “effective.” And “of God.”

Bravely, we can continue exploring the truth. Completing this uncommonly long series of blog posts.

As a result, I hope that you’ll move forward as you deserve to: Accelerating your personal growth and spiritual awakening. Due to reassessing some fondly remembered ideals.

Specifically, What Are We Reassessing?

Alternative Healing, of course. And that Alternative Healing includes many modalities. Including mind-body-spirit approaches like:

  • Energy medicine (like Reiki)
  • Energy psychology (like biofeedback)
  • And energy spirituality (like “spiritual healing” and meditation)

What really works? Versus, what just feels good to believe?

Today could be the day that you clear out the closet of your assumptions. Seems like, most of us have collected quite a “wardrobe” of them.

Only here, what matters isn’t, “Does it spark joy?” But, rather, “Does this kind of healing deliver what it claims?”

Q5. Because Holistic Healing Comes from Spirit…. That’s Why It Heals Your Entire Mind-Body-Spirit.


Most noteworthy random quote: “At heart, we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and nurture others. Spirit, energy, thought, intention, skillful practice and belief are available to all people.”

Such a quick leap, from “at heart” to advertising on the internet! As if wishing to become “a healer” would make it so….

Seems to me, it’s high time that collective consciousness got more clarity about “spirit.” As in, “Holistic Healing comes from spirit.”

  • “Spirit” can mean Divine. But in practice?
  • Usually, though, “spirit” means astral. As in, energy healers who wind up working with discarnate spirits. When all those trusting healers do is ask “Spirit” to help them.
  • Due to vague requests like that, healers wind up working with Spirits, plural.

Personally, I’ve facilitated many clean-up sessions of Energy Spirituality. Co-creating with Divine help… to move out those astral entities. Since they’ve been playing around with my client’s aura. As a result of initiations that supposedly “came from spirit.” Yet, in reality, nothing to do with the Holy Spirit or God. Although the would-be healers believed that, wanted that.

Next we’ll expand upon that topic. Meanwhile, consider how popular this faulty promise remains in society:

Healing in Mind, Body, and Spirit 88,700,000 Google hits

Q6. All Holistic Healing Comes from the Same, Beautiful, Source


Most noteworthy random quote: “It is true if you believe it to be true.”

Also noteworthy, concerning the person who wrote that quote. Plus, Louise Hay published plenty more quotes like that. And she became a multi-multi millionaire, with countless grateful followers.

But did she help anyone for long? Besides, what kind of a world do some holistic dreamers live in?

  1. Super Simple Songs?
  2. Timmy Time?
  3. Tayo the Little Bus?

Honestly, I’ve encountered beliefs worthy of these toddler TV shows. Like, “Since Jesus loves me, He will help me heal.”

Let’s Live as God’s Grownups. Including When It Comes to Healing

Instead of this kind of childlike trust, we can bring discernment. Ideally, we’re talking health here, not some little hobby.

Even one session of Soul Thrill Aura Research® can convince you: Of course, all holistic healing is not equally effective.

  • Some works great.
  • While some might simply waste your money.
  • While some can really mess a person up.

Regardless, collective consciousness dreams on: “All healing is all the same, isn’t it?”

Same Source + Mind-Body-Spirit Healing. 65,500,000 Google hits

One Source + Mind-Body-Spirit Healing.  75,200,000 Google hits



Most noteworthy random quote: Healing Touch aims “to promote healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Let’s be clear. Energy medicine means energy-based techniques for healing. Not human-based techniques, like #2 in our series. A list of 10 healing professions that have remained stable. Meaning: Relatively dependable now. When only about 10% of the people you meet have a fast-growing consciousness lifestyle.

By contrast, what are examples of energy-based medicine systems are Reiki, Healing Touch, Eden Energy Medicine.

Physical results would make sense. But how about the other claims? If energy medicine systems work so well, how come we don’t see more practitioners using their full potential? More often, when I’ve researched them since the Shift into the Age of Awakening, ouch! Instead I’ve found folks in spiritual addiction. Or even extreme spiritual addiction.

Granted, the late Ethel Lombardi, founder of MariEL, was in Enlightenment. Some other energy medicine practitioners were as well. At least, before the Shift into the Age of Awakening.

Unfortunately, regarding these beautiful souls living today. So dedicated to being healers with energy medicine…. Very unfortunately, I’ve had to remove several from my Enlightenment Life List. Because astral spirits got involved in their auras. And that’s not compatible with Enlightenment.

Quite likely, these methods now come with a risk to your consciousness lifestyle. Whether as a client or as a student.

For sure, energy medicine can help the body part of mind-body-spirit. Realistically speaking,  please don’t expect more than that. Such as the pretty notion:

Energy Medicine Improves Your Emotional Health  98,800,000 Google hits

Q8. Any Energy MEDICINE Helps You Grow SPIRITUALLY


Most noteworthy random quote: “Healers may physically see or sense one or more entities during a session.”

Why would energy medicine help you to grow spiritually? Is it because of the great wisdom of astral beings who often come along for the ride?

Before and after the Shift into the Age of Awakening, I’ve read auras of many energy medicine practitioners. Even teachers.

Personally, I was saddened when they held themselves out as experts on spiritual growth. Because I read chakra databanks on them. Like “Connection to Spiritual Source.”

Consequently, I’m not sure they had the standing to present themselves as spiritual teachers. (Not pleasant for me to write. Nonetheless true.)

Equally troubling, in that spiritual context, I’ve known several energy medicine teachers. Protect, ecumenical.

Energy Medicine + Spiritual Growth.  23,200,000 Google hits

Q9. Automatically, Energy PSYCHOLOGY Can Heal Your PHYSICAL HEALTH


Most noteworthy random quote: From a pair of EFT healers, “I’ve witnessed countless clients make deep transformations with chronic conditions such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, IBS and chronic pain.”

Well, that’s lovely. More power to the energy healers and their clients. (Patients?) But countless? Honestly, countless?

Yes, it’s our turn now to consider another specialty within alternative healing: What is energy psychology? Simply put, an energy-based method to improve the mind part of mind-body-spirit.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, “Tapping”). Far as I know, that’s pretty much it.

Educate me, Blog-Buddies, if you’re familiar with other forms of energy psychology.

Meanwhile, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to conclude that tapping on meridians, plus speaking about energies, is tremendously helpful. Beyond the placebo effect.


Beyond that, sigh! I’ve read auras of the most famous promoter of EFT. Also, Gary Craig. And then the two women at the aforementioned pair of EFT healers. Much as I wish I found something different, what happened when I researched all four of their auras? All four in extreme spiritual addiction.

Furthermore, I’ve found something even more unsettling about certainly energy healers. Initially I noticed it with the aforementioned healer “John of God.” But since then I’ve noticed it in some other cases. (Not “countless” cases. Just through clients who came to me.)

It does seem to me that sometimes people who receive “miraculous physical healings” get something else. In addition, they get a lot of astral beings running their auras. You know, a bit like a Bernie Madoff-style Ponzi scheme.

With all due respect, I’d recommend avoiding these shortcuts to physical healing. For every good thing in life, we must pay the price. Sometimes folks aren’t honest in disclosing what that price will be. (Or else, they simply don’t know.)

Automatically, Energy PSYCHOLOGY Can Heal Your PHYSICAL HEALTH. 8,210,000 Google hits

Q10. Energy PSYCHOLOGY. Can this Holistic Healing Skill Help You to Grow SPIRITUALLY

FALSE. Much as people might wish to believe this.

Most noteworthy random quote, from an EFT Expert:  “The heart and soul blossom, we grow spiritually, and our light shines through into every part of our lives.”

Golly, what do people think helps a person to evolve spiritually?

Might it strain credulity to think like this? “I’m doing mind-body-spirit healing. So of course, my EFT expert is an Enlightenment Coach, In addition to all the other superpowers.”

Fact is, “Emotional Freedom” is a highly evocative name for a technique. Given that it’s an energy healing technique, all the more reason for people to believe it can cure all ills. But not so.

Thus far, I’m not even convinced that EFT helps with authentic emotional growth. Based on researching what big involvement with EFT did — and didn’t — accomplish for some of my clients. As show in pulling out Energetic Holograms, and other advanced techniques for precision energetic literacy.

Putting that aside, though, why would any form of psychology help a person to grow spiritually? Hey, take a look at the alphabetized version of my Enlightenment Life List. Notice many psychologists? Or psychiatrists? Or EFT Practitioners?

Of course, wishful thinking won’t keep true believers from assuming they’re not just removing all their emotional limitations. Beyond that, they’re evolving spiritually at a dizzying pace. Supposedly.

Energy Psychology + Spiritual Growth. 23,700,000 Google hits

Q11. About Age of Awakening Energy Skills:  ENERGY SPIRITUALITY.  Can It Heal Your PHYSICAL HEALTH?


Most noteworthy random quote: “According to [EFT developer] Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions and pain.”

However, here’s good news. EFT is not Energy Spirituality.

To begin, what is Energy Spirituality? And what is the version of it at this website, Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)?

Energy Spirituality helps people with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

Using energy healing techniques that work now, in the Age of Awakening. (Namely, co-creating with the Divine.)

From another perspective, it’s an energy-based method to improve the mind and spirit parts of mind-body-spirit.

And so far, only two people have websites that often use the term “Energy Spirituality.” That would be me, with this website. And also RES Practitioner Sandra Haering. Sometimes a search engine will turn up an article that I’ve published elsewhere. Annoyingly, you can also find articles that I’ve written. Only they’re plagiarized in their entirety (except for including my name). Yep, they’re at some pretty sketchy websites.

Anyway, I can comment here with full and accurate knowledge about Energy Spirituality. Most emphatically, we RES experts don’t claim to benefit physical health, period.

Nonetheless, that fact doesn’t keep down the number of hits on… word salad like this:

Energy Spirituality + Physical Health. 27,900,000 Google hits

Q12. Holistic Healing Newcomer, ENERGY SPIRITUALITY.  Can It Improve Your Mental Clarity?


Most noteworthy random quote (from this website):

Soul expression grows with every Personal Session of RES Energy READING. Or when you read any RES how-to book on energetic literacy skills. Face Reading Secrets®, too! And, of course, the RES workshops on energetic literacy… they also help you to grow a stronger sense of self, soul-based.

RES helps with personal growth and spiritual awakening, right? And not by tapping on yourself. Or having spirits help you as a Reiki channel.

Of course, Energy Spirituality can help you with:

For a laugh, check out the next link. See how many articles are actually about “Energy Spirituality” in any way. Funny old Google. Fact is, I was shocked recently to discover how few people have taken my lead yet, describing their work as Energy Spirituality. Usually it doesn’t take many years for copycats to do their thing. And I’ve published as the Founder of Energy Spirituality starting in 2006. Currently, I’m writing more about “Energy Spirituality” than “RES.” However, once the copycats emerge, I’ll go back to emphasizing the latter.

Again, if you click on this next link, see how many of the millions of hits — even on the first page — involve the field of “Energy Spirituality.”

Energy Spirituality + Mental Clarity. 19,300,000 Google hits

Q13. Automatically, Any Form of ALTERNATIVE Healing Can Do What? Help You to Use Your Full Potential


Most noteworthy random quote: Learn “how to establish a healthy relationship with spirits, different types of spirits… and honoring the spirits you work with.”

Of course, most alternative healing enthusiasts do not study witchcraft. (Like the previous quote.)

However, at this time, while we’re still in the early years of the Age of Awakening, here’s the blunt truth: Until people develop skills of discernment, they have more contact than they know… Sadly, they have contact with opportunistic astral entities.

Consequently, many energy-based methods of alternative healing are corrupted. Just as mainstream meditation techniques are often corrupted.

You might wish to learn about Enlightenment Coaching before assuming that most energy healing techniques help you to use your full potential. Unfortunately, the majority of them involve working with spirits… Whether the teachers come clean and tell you. Or they make vague claims about “Spirit.” (And, living now, trust my research on this. Working with “Spirit” gets you spiritual addiction. Or else extreme spiritual addiction. Nothing close to Enlightenment.)

Therefore, I find a certain irony in search results on:

Alternative Healing + Full Potential  71,200,000 Google hits

Q14. Everyone Is a Natural Expert at Energy Healing


Most noteworthy random quote: “All healing comes from God, plain and simple.”

Look, not to act like a spoilsport. But sickness and death also come from God.

If you wish to gain skills that work, skills that also keep you safe, go for it. Energy Spirituality is one such skill. And so are the 10 Human-Based Healing Professions — NOT Spirit-Reliant. As discussed in a previous article.

But beware becoming a “healer.” Likewise, I’d warn you against religious-based versions of healing. Like being “Slain in the Spirit.”

When Jesus taught, things were different. Humanity was deeply into the Age of Faith. Now it’s the Age of Awakening, and in these early years of it, entities have corrupted so many forms of energy healing. Whether sacred or secular.

Given that context, you’d think that precious few people would advise others to “just do it.” As in, “Go ahead, honey, and do it.”

And yet how many people enrich themselves by appealing to vanity? Sex sells. Well so does flattery.

Everyone Is a Natural Expert at Energy Healing. 20,800,000 Google hits

Q15. After You Learn Any Skills for Self-Healing, Go Forth and Heal Others


Most noteworthy random quote:

“Our thoughts are powerful. So strong that it’s often enough only to think of someone to send him a small stream of energy.”

Look, Blog-Buddies. If you’ve read this far into this article, thank you. You’re awesomely curious and thorough!

How about this? Why not share your views about this final bit of happy talk that, on reflection, may not be so great.

Please comment about any part of this article that has riled you up. Or taught you something new.

And, especially, please comment on this “Go forth and heal others” aspect of holistic healing. What think you?

Finally, one last search engine head-scratcher:

Once You Learn Energy Healing, Heal Others. 57,200,000 Google hits

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    You have given us blog buddies so much to think about Rose-thank you. My favourite of course is Q12.

    My soul expression has grown so much since discovering RES. Nothing compares to this for me. As far as “go forth and heal others”-sure if you can do with rigor and integrity and study under someone like yourself.

  2. 2

    ETHAN, you’re so welcome. And now you’ve led the way into conversation with your first-of-all comment.

    Isn’t it fascinating, how the emotional joy of learning something — back with Age of Faith values — made it seem “so easy”? Like: You experienced it. This felt good. So now you’re trained to give others the same experience.

  3. 3

    In reality, that’s how children play with their dolls and toys.

    Standards for adults, especially when living in the Age of Awakening, must be higher.

  4. 4
    Claudia says:

    I’m game to play. My favorite answer was #11.

    How honest of you to not need to claim that Energy Spirituality brings physical health! How refreshing!

  5. 5
    Claudia says:

    Trust me, I’ve known some major fans of Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, and other systems who were so sure that all the energy work that they did was helping them to grow. As in, grow emotionally. Or as in, grow spiritually.

  6. 6
    Claudia says:

    With all respect to how much faith they had, and how hard they worked, I didn’t notice any improvement in them whatsoever.

    Strangely, though, to them it was SOOOO obvious that, of course, they were fixing themselves up so beautifully.

  7. 7
    Claudia says:

    To me, it was obvious that, if anything, they were becoming more emotionally stuck than ever.

  8. 8
    Claudia says:

    As for their faith that “Spirit” was helping them to grow spiritually….

    Rose, you’ve brought me a lot of clarity that entities aren’t God’s messengers, and that co-creating with God requires more than a vague thought aimed skyward!

  9. 9

    Much appreciated comments, CLAUDIA. Personally, I wouldn’t presume to consider myself an expert on physical healing.

    Just look at the technical details in Acupuncturist THEODORE’S magnificent comments over at “Human Based Healing Professions”. Authentic emotional and spiritual growth are likewise complex. Specializing is smart.

  10. 10
    Theodore says:

    The idea that “everyone is a natural expert” at energy healing implies that it’s easy – that there’s very little to it.

  11. 11
    Theodore says:

    If people come to you with serious, complicated problems, you need a lot of training to properly assess and treat them.

    Few clients will fit perfectly into a textbook presentation. Can you tailor your work to meet their specific, individual needs?

  12. 12
    Theodore says:

    If, despite your best effort, the results aren’t what you expected – do you know what to do next?

    Can you correct any errors you might have made? Do you know what those errors were?

  13. 13
    Theodore says:

    By definition, effective treatment methods have power. Power causes problems when carelessly handled.

  14. 14
    Theodore says:

    A currently famous archetype in car enthusiast circles is the new Ford Mustang owner.

    Freshly equipped with prodigious power and enthusiasm, (but, often, limited skill), the dented panels become as inevitable as the rising of the sun.

  15. 15

    Theodore, I think these comments are extraordinary: Simple enough for us non-professionals at physical healing to appreciate.

    Masterful comments, really. Thank you so much.

  16. 16
    Theodore says:

    That’s very kind of you, Rose 🙂

  17. 17
    Living on Earth says:

    Being fresh out of a personal session with Rose today, I can once again attest to the effectiveness of RES, Q12. And the validity of these points from the post :

    “- Clearer thinking, due to less STUFF in your aura.

  18. 18
    Living on Earth says:

    – Better decision-making. Ditto.

    – And an emphasis on your own self-authority. Meaning, your own independence of thought.”

  19. 19
    Living on Earth says:

    I’m going through a big transitional period in my life. Which started with clear thinking of what I need to do/say in the objective reality to move forward as best as I can with the given situation.

  20. 20
    Living on Earth says:

    Even though the whole process has been quite challenging and very outside of my comfort zone, its also been very empowering to use my own self authority.

    Prove to myself that I can do it effectively.

  21. 21
    Living on Earth says:

    Along the way I started to feel a little off.

    All for the reasons I wasn’t sure of and somewhat to my better judgment in the moments of the caos, I brushed it off.

  22. 22
    Living on Earth says:

    Still myself but lost that extra ompth that was very powerful within me and was actually quite excited to start the new chapter in my life.

  23. 23
    Living on Earth says:

    Not until I had my personal session with Rose I realized what had happened and how to effectively resolve it.

    On the level of my aura as well as consciously grasping my particular situation.

  24. 24
    Living on Earth says:

    I’ve tried Reiki back in the day, as the receiver and the facilitator. To me the difference is as day and night.

  25. 25
    Living on Earth says:

    For starters, RES is very very personalized. Yes, the same techniques are used with everyone. But in researching and applying the best healing center piece which the client needs at that time brings tremendous, and in my case immediate results.

    My clear thinking and better decision making returned full force.

  26. 26
    Living on Earth says:

    Most other healing modalities follow a cookie cutter as one thing fixes all type solutions.

    Not only that approach doesn’t heal anything, it potentially can create a much more dangerous situations.

  27. 27
    Living on Earth says:

    I’m reminded today once again, how we live in such a different world now in comparison to pre 2012. And how so grateful I am for RES.

  28. 28

    LIVING ON EARTH, you’re so right. The world within the world — the quality of human consciousness — has changed so much with our new vibrational freedom.

    Thanks for all you’ve written here. So from the heart!

  29. 29

    And speaking of how the quality of human consciousness is tricky for many folks now, today I heard something so funny in session with my client Joe.

    Recently his favorite barber gave him a horrible haircut, spacing out and doing such a weird job.

  30. 30

    Of course, I commiserated with Joe. His awful haircut isn’t the funny part.

    No, that’s the haircut I got this summer, from my beloved hairdresser Gladys. For years, she’s been giving me super haircuts. Only this time, the process was short and spacey and… bottom line: It was the worst haircut I’ve had in 50 years.

  31. 31

    A few days later, I pulled out an energetic hologram of Gladys during that uncharacteristic haircut. Was she on drugs or what?

    Nope, just spacin’ out!!!!

  32. 32

    When I write about spiritual addiction, etc., these terms may seem very abstract. But when the results show up on your own personal hairstyle? Uh-oh!

    At least Gladys wasn’t my brain surgeon. 😉

  33. 33
    Jayme says:

    This is long, I’m sorry.

    With regard to your last head-scratcher: No and no and STAY AWAY FROM THESE ADVOCATES.

  34. 34
    Jayme says:

    Yes I’m yelling.

    That concept has been debilitating to many people, so debilitating as to erode their self esteem and paralyze their real life functionality in the real life world.

  35. 35
    Jayme says:

    In the same vein as Law of Attraction, it causes a constant feeling of failure in addition to a compulsive desire to try harder.

  36. 36
    Jayme says:

    If you follow that line of reasoning everyone is constantly messing with everyone all the time by THINKING, and it is imperative that you monitor your every thought (BEFORE you think it, which is impossible).

  37. 37
    Jayme says:

    You must always constantly practice your “protection” exercises, and do be discerning, because your mind control abilities are so strong.


  38. 38
    Jayme says:

    Then nothing good happens, you’re stuck in your head, and stuck in general.

  39. 39
    Jayme says:

    And if that were true why would there have to be any practitioners or teachers of this whatsoever?

    Only because it didn’t/doesn’t work. That’s the REAL “Secret.”

  40. 40
    Jayme says:

    It’s spiritual crack, don’t smoke it.

  41. 41

    JAYME, thank you for this courageous series of comments.

    As it happens, I wrote a book loaded with research to debunk Law of Attraction. “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” also contains a complete, realistic, system for setting goals to help a person humanly create more success.

  42. 42

    Incidentally, for any of you who like YouTube videos, here’s my book preview for that book with “10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity.”

    (If you like it, please give it a thumb’s up!)

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